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Regarding Wild Bill Hickok - And Others!

Friends, I get a lot of e-mail regarding all of my articles. And honestly, that's great!

I've gotten praises and thanks for writing about some things, while at the same time I've gotten threats and ridicule from people who don't like reading other things.

Thankfully, I do have that say so on what gets printed in the comment sections of the articles. Some comments are pretty raw.

Some Muslim readers are angry that I take their faith to task. I've questioned why those who are not so-called "Radical Islamists" are so quiet when it comes to condemning Muslim Terrorist?

And yes, the Muslim community in America, and around the world, is still silent on the actions of those blood thirsty bastards who killed thousands of Americans on 9-11.

They hate the fact that I've called the Muslim religion a faith built on a lust for blood and killing of the innocent. 

I find it interesting that a few Muslims have wrote saying that they hate parts of their own religion - but that's for another post at another time.

Liberals write wishing me all sorts of harm.

They are mad that I can't see the supposed greatness of Barack Hussein Obama. They hate that I've written about how I, and many other Americans, see his policies taking America down the road of Socialism and government control - tyranny.

Many write saying that they hate the fact that I point out that Christian Americans are being persecuted for our religious beliefs.

They are angry that I've written about what I see as a White House administration made up of an out of control Liberal Atheists who are using the power of the government to attack Christians -- and those who disagree with them. 

I do see government as being bend on controlling our lives through the use of Political Correctness and over regulation.

Some of the e-mail I get is from people not happy with what I've written about this or that Old West figure.

Some say they are distant family members, and no, I really didn't know that so many Earp and Hickok relatives were still alive.

Many say that they don't like the way I portray their great-great-great-uncle twice removed the way I do.

Or worse, some have to say that Hickok was a family member married to a 6th cousin or an Aunt that was married to and so on.

Others just hate the fact that I've taken a look at the real records of these people, like Hickok, with the eye of a fact finder instead of that of a "Fan".

I've received one letter lately that has really gotten me thinking. It came to me as a comment on my blog pertaining to Wild Bill Hickok.

Old West: Wild Bill Hickok - Frontier Hero or Bushwhacking Coward?

Here is the e-mail I received:

"In my opinion Sir, the only liar here is you! You offer no evidence whatsoever for your allegations against Hickok. You sound like someone who might be a bit jealous of another man's exploits and courage because you lack both. Hard to believe a man who was admired by some of the most famous men of the Old West, including Bill Cody and George Custer was just a liar and braggart. Are you sure you're not related to the victims of this particular event or are you just an uninformed idiot?"

At first, no, I really wasn't going to address this young man. You see, to me, his letter was mild and did not contain anything that I haven't heard before.

He had his shorts in a twist over the fact that I wasn't simply publishing the same fictitious story that others had for years. No surprise there.

He didn't care that it included a link to go to Court Documents. No, instead he decided that arrest records and such from the legitimate source was not good enough for him.

Then he decided to call me and "uninformed idiot"!

Friends, that's when it becomes personal.

First, I laughed about it. Then I made a joke about it by saying, "I guess being an uniformed idiot is better than being an informed idiot?" 

The later being a real idiot because he knows better - yet he's still an idiot.

I can't help but wonder what more he wants for evidence, since I did give him the Court Documentation when James Butler Hickok was known as "Duck Bill" was charged with murder.

I was going to write him back and tell him that my sources come from our extensive Library up here in the hills. The nearest being a small Library in West Point with a few hundred books.

I figured that would twist his panties even more than they already are!

A friend suggested that I write the young man and tell him that since I could only get part of my information from our little library, and of course a comic book shop 27 miles away, that I had to simply make up the rest to fill in the blanks!

Maybe I should have written him to inform him that I simply made the whole thing up using my creative license?

Maybe I should have written him that it came to me one night while watching an episode of CSI, Cold Case, or Criminal Minds?

No, I don't think so!

What jerks my chain a little is that the person writing me has really no idea of the long hours of reading that I do.

He has no idea of the county records, courthouse transcripts, newspaper articles, books, websites, and other sources that I've gone to - just to get the facts right!

I read just to make sure that I get my articles right. And yes, while gathering information, I sometimes shake my head in disbelief when stumbling on real true, historically accurate facts that go against the legend.

When it comes to writing, no matter what the subject is, I come from the Marine Corps school of report writing. Yes, it's a lot like Dragnet, "Just the facts!" 

When I worked in Security, and later in the Inspection Industry, that's what was called for on reports - "Just the facts!" 

Before retiring, I had the opportunity to travel all over our great nation. From one coast to the other, many places in between, big and small, city and town, township and village, berg and metropolis, and the whole time - yes, I've drank up American History like a drunk who can't get enough booze!

And yes, I've loved it! 

I've been to a TVA power plant at Widow's Creek, Alabama, and while there I had the opportunity to explore an incredible family graveyard just outside the nearby small town of Bridgeport, Alabama. 

Its first graves were set there before our Declaration of Independence was written. It is a capsule of all of America's History - one death at a time. The headstones tell us that.

I've had the chance to visit where the Tea Party took place in Boston, to see Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, and I've visited Manitowoc Wisconsin where many World War II Submarines were built.

Yes, Submarines in Wisconsin!  During World War II, the U.S.Navy actually built many of their Subs in Wisconsin. To prove it, the Wisconsin Maritime Museum in Manitowoc has a World War II Sub in the back of their building. Imagine that!

I've stood in awe in the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park, and listened as I was told how it was built. And yes, I've been to the Empire State Building in New York City and was shocked to find out that it only took a few years to build. 

In Puget Sound, many times I've ridden the ferry from Seattle to Bremerton where the U.S. Navy does ship repairs. I'm always taken by the sight of bald eagles among the gray skies.

When I spent some time visiting friends in Monterey Bay here in California, I found it amazing to learn some of the history about ship wrecks along the California coast.  It was the same feeling that I had standing in Fort Pulaski just outside beautiful Savannah, Georgia, and finding out about the first use of rifled-cannons and the taking and re-taking of that fort.

Just over a year ago, I was in Iolani Palace on Oahu and talked history with a docent there. And yes, I've written about some of the fascinating things that I have learned. One fact is that U.S. Marines helped put one of Hawaii's most beloved Kings on his throne - and to say that he was disliked when he first became King would be an understatement. 

These days, even in Hawaii, most all are knowledgeable that U.S. Marines were there at the Palace when Queen Liliuokalani was overthrown by a coup made up of many members of her own cabinet. The Marines are remembered for being there, even if they didn't do a thing other than be present.

And yes, a few friends who are pretty steeped in Hawaiian history were absolutely shocked to learn about that forgotten bit of historical fact - that is was American Marines who restored order in a riotous Honolulu and ensured King Kalakaua, "The Merrie Monarch," was to take the throne.

What's worse is that there is one fact that is almost completely forgotten about the Marines landing in Hawaii in 1874.

It is the fact that, while in the process restoring order and ensuring King Kalakaua's ascension to the throne, American Marines were wounded in the process of doing so - and as far as I know, there has never been a thanks from the Hawaiian people for the help from the United States!

Friends, I've loved learning about what is the truth about American History. And though some things seem quirky and unbelievable, and yes, some things go against what has been written about, the truth is what I've found. The truth is what I've printed here.

I can tell you this.  I don't like reading what some so-call "Historians" write.  And yes, as far as I'm concerned some Old West Historians can be the worse.

After just a few lines, or say a paragraph or two, I can usually tell if the writer is going to give me an accurate account - or if he's just another "Fan" regurgitating the same old familiar line that was handed down from Dime Novelist who didn't care about the truth.

Fact is that most of the Dime Novelists of the 19th Century were wonderful at their craft. They told tall tales to sell books! That was their craft, and yes friends, they were good at it!

To me, many so-called Historians today act as if they are "Fans" instead of objective writers.

And when it comes to some writers out there, to me, it seems that their sense of reporting the truth is skewed and inaccurate.

To me, their work is usually filled with a noticeable "love" and admiration for the individual that they are writing about.  

I see their writing in the same way that News Reporters write for say the New York Times these days, their writing is in fact biased and skewed to support the Liberal Left agenda in America.

Take for example the picture they paint of Obama. They see and report a president that can do no wrong even when he's screwing the nation.

Unless it goes against their agenda, Liberal Reporters write "positive" about their own. They write like "Fans" of Democrats and other Liberals because they are "Fans." 

It's nothing new. It has been going on for years. I remember sitting in on a Journalism Course in College many years ago after I had left the Marine Corps and decided to return to school. Where I was used to giving the facts, the teacher made is plain that he didn't want "just the facts" there.

He wanted opinions! And yes, he wanted opinions with a Liberal Bias. 

He wanted a slanted view of what, who, when, where, and how things took place.

I remember saying that it goes against the grain to tell others how to think about a certain incident, that they should get the news and decide what to think for themselves.

He said that that is what makes an article interesting - and that sells papers.  

In my writing about historical figures of the Old West, do I try to leave out the adjectives that describe a man's character? Sometimes. But other times I just can't.

What he doesn't understand is that unlike most "fans" of Hickok, I've been there to see where he hid behind the blanket and abushed an unarmed man.

I've been to the Rock Creek Station in Nebraska. I've seen first hand where the murders took place.

I know for a fact, that contrary to James Butler Hickok's own story about him being an Army Scout visiting the station - that he was indeed just a 24 year-old stock tender at the time - and he murdered men who were not armed.

Did I hear first hand from people there at the Rock Creek Station Historical Site that that 24-year-old Stock Tender by the name of James Butler Hickok was indeed called "Duck Bill" because of his large nose?

Yes, and just as I said earlier, in fact the County Court Records have Hickok listed as such.

After seeing the murder scene and being explained what took place, do I think that Hickok was a cold-blooded murderer and a back-shooter? You bet I do!

Why? Simply because evidence shows he was. 

What evidence?

Well, while in Nebraska, I visited Rock Creek Station where James Butler Hickok killed an unarmed David McCanles by shooting him from behind a blanket used as a curtain in 1861, and I read the eye-witness first hand testimony of David McCanles 12 year-old son Monroe who survived by out running the murderous bunch.

It was there at Rock Creek Station that I learned the truth about one of my boy-hood heroes.

If you don't believe me, than go to other sites like say the Legends of America website;

Read what they have to say about James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok and the cold-blooded murders he and his bunch committed at Rock Creek Station in Nebraska.

For me, whether it's Billy the Kid, Wild Bill Hickok, or Charles Manson, I don't glorify horrible crimes and make heroes out of cold-blooded killers.

I let there "fans" do that!

If that young man who wrote me can look deeper into the life of his hero, "Wild Bill," and maybe try to be objective about what he finds - then maybe he'll ask himself, who's the real "uninformed idiot"?

And yes, that's the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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