Friday, December 28, 2012

Life In Rural Californa!

On Friday, December 28, 2012, I posted this message on our American Legion Post's website. I'm posting it here to give you a flavor of how life is here in Glencoe, California, population 189.

As the Second Vice Commander for Calaveras Post 376, American Legion, here in Glencoe, I'm responsible for the bar, the kitchen, the building, the morale of our members, the welcoming feeling of our post.

I've been told that I run the place, but I see it more as a team effort. And yes, since we only have a U.S. Post Office and an American Legion Post in Glencoe, our Veterans Club is a huge part of our community. We act as our Community Hall and focal point when folks get together here.

My job is to help keep it safe and trouble free, while at the same time making sure it is fun and family friendly for everyone who walks in the doors. Here is my message to our post:

Happy New Year

Well, Santa was here at the Legion last Friday. And yes, it appeared that everyone had a good time that night.

This years Santa even had stuffed Teddy Bear to hand out. And for you folks who have asked where all of those stuffed Teddy Bears came from, well they came from none other than our Service Officer Jeff Wilson.

It was his idea, he donated them, and they were a big hit with the kids that night. All in all, it was a great night for all.

We tried something different and served Open Faced Turkey Sandwiches that night instead of hamburgers and a second choice -- and I was told that it went over real well.

In the future, we are changing up the menu a little to offer a few different choices for Second Choice through the year. We've introduced BLT Sandwiches and soon we're going to try out some extra-large Stuffed Potatoes as well.

I am looking into getting the Newsletter started again with a menu or Second Choices and list of Special Events, so please watch for that in the near future.

As for Christmas, I'm hoping that your Christmas was filled with family, fun, and great surprises.

We were slated to be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but Chris Zahniser said he wanted to open - so to the pleasure of a few of our friends, he did just that!

From what I've been told, it seems like they all had quite a party here on both days. And that's great, after all, if Chris is willing to open - it's great that he wasn't sitting here alone waiting for folks to come in.

I know that I've said it before, but I'm a big believer in that it is really important to make sure that those who are volunteering to help know how much they are appreciated. It is great having volunteers like Chris. He is such a great friend, and a wonderful asset to the post.

People like Chris for so many real good reasons. But mainly, well, he is just a nice guy. He has a great sense of humor and he knows how to give and take with friends.

And that's another important point, we have a lot of fun here. Maybe it's because we have such a small community here? Maybe its the fact that many of the folks who come in here go back a long ways knowing each other? Then again, maybe it's the fact that folks here are always ready and willing to reach out to shake a hand of a newcomer to the area, make them feel at home and included?

I've seen it. It happens just like that. Someone new walks in, and they are welcomed and treated like an old friend. That's rare in many places, but not here.

For me, I just think this is a friendly caring place to live. Caring? Absolutely.

A great example of that took place last month, Steve Gill and Paul Tadlock had some problems getting their firewood in and stacked for the winter. So a few of the guys got together to take care of that to where they are fixed up just fine.

Of course, you've heard me talk about Chris - but there are certainly others who keep this place running and open for our community. As someone said to me recently, we are our community.

And yes, I agree - we certainly are. Our American Legion Post is the center of what goes on in Glencoe. It is our place to celebrate life in the form of Christmas and birthdays, just as it is ours on Memorial Day or at memorial services for remembering those we've lost.

We are very fortunate to have a good group of friends here at the post.

Right after Paul Tadlock went to the hospital and subsequently had heart surgery, I was told to take his name off the schedule for bartender on Wednesday nights. I was really more worried about Paul than I was about his shift here at the post. Come to find out, Paul had a 5 way heart by-pass surgery.

His shift was taken cared of when Chris jumped in an took a few days, then I did for a day or two, but now we have Debbie Schmidt filling that spot.

Debbie not only volunteers to tend bar on Wednesdays, but also tends bar here on Saturdays from 1pm to 5pm - or longer, depending on her. And yes, for all of you who enjoy our Breakfasts on the first Sunday of the Month, you can thank Debbie for volunteering to help make our breakfasts a big hit. She is simply a great gal!

Paul came into the post last night and is looking great. He has given a great deal to our post in the form of 1st Vice for a few years, then as Post Commander for 6 years, and at one point doing more than just one Officer position at once.

Paul is a great guy who is always willing to volunteer to help out the post. Though he is taking some time off right now, I'm sure that I can wrangle Paul into helping us out in the future if needed. He's not the kind of guy to just sit around and not stay busy. And yes, he is still a very important part of our post.

And since we're talking about important people, let's talk about Jerry Combs. Everyone who knows Jerry knows full well that he volunteers more of his time than any four people put together.

Whether it's here at the Legion or the VFW Post in West Point, or some other organization, Jerry is the man who everyone looks to for help cooking meals for special events or bartending - or whatever else needs done.

Jerry's volunteered at the Legion for more years than anyone else in the area. Whether its bartendering, or cooking, or helping organize, Jerry has always been there for us. And yes, everyone is still talking about his Corned Beef Dinner that he prepared last year. It was simply too good to be true.

Recently, Jerry has allowed Terry Avalon to step in and bartend on Friday nights. Folks are asking me if Jerry is no longer bartending at the Legion, so I am here to say that that is just not the case. He is just taking off a day here and there. The man has truly earned some time off. He has volunteered for more than 15 years.

He and Terry are working out Friday nights, so don't be surprised if you come in and see Jerry behind the bar. And just the same, don't be surprised to see Terry. Terry is a wonderful friend and a super gal.

Volunteers keep our post going. All of us here, whether we're members or not, have a stake in keeping our post running. As I said before, our American Legion Post 376 in Glencoe is our community center. Besides it being a Veteran's club, it is the heart of our little town.

To me, within our post, we are absolutely blessed to have great friends and wonderful volunteers to make the post a go. We are truly blessed to have what we do.

And yes, as Second Vice Commander, I'd like to thank, Jerry Combs, Chris Zahniser, Terry Avalon, Debbie Schimdt, Steve Duman, Neil Steen, all of the great gals of our wonderful Post Auxiliary, and of course our Post Officers, for making our post run so well.

I want to take this time to wish all of you a Happy New Year.

There is a wonderful spirit of goodwill and fellowship that exists between folks up in these parts. And no, we are not just a bunch of folks living in the mountains who don't know their neighbors like the folks in the city.

Fact is, we are friends, neighbors, and community. And yes, I hope to see you all at the post to enjoy the fun, the jokes and the laughter, and of course the camaraderie.

And no, I don't care what you all say about my new one eyed horse - he's just what I was looking for!

So again, I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!

Your Second Vice,
Tom Correa

As you can see, California is not all city folks like those found in San Francisco or Los Angeles. We do have a Rural California.

Granted our lives are a bit slower and easier to handle because of the lack of stress and congestion, but our interests are the same. We love America and work for better lives.

So for you, our readers of the American Cowboy Chronicles, my wife and I want to thank all of you for visiting our blog and for visiting our advertisers. Your visits are a great sense of inspiration for us to put out more of what you want to see.

So yes, we are very grateful for your visits. And with that, we want to take this time to wish all of you a very wonderful, prosperous, Happy New Year!

May God Bless You All!

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