Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bad Cops, M16s, Shotguns, & Kids On A Roof?

Dear Readers,

As most of you know, I respect and admire good police officers and absolutely hate bad cops!

A few days ago, a headline out of Florida said that a few bad cops held kids at gunpoint for climbing on a school roof, one of those over a walkway, then actually roughed them up before arresting them.

Now, I understand that we have a lot of problems with kids on drugs, teenage pregnancy, a higher than normal crime rate among teenagers.

I really do understand that we have seen a lot of teenage murderers, especially among the black community where violence both black on black and black on white crime has skyrocketed in recent years.

The whole "gangsta" influence on young people is out of control.

And I agree, gangs seem everywhere. The inner-cities have become pits of violence never seen before - with schools more like prisons and kids acting like convicts than ever before. 

So yes, I really do understand how the public educational system in America has failed, how politicians have been more interested in lining their own pockets with graft and payoffs, how high prices and rents have wiped out any sense of getting ahead - especially in urban America. 

And yes, I understand how police departments have had to resort to tougher and tougher attitudes dealing with the lawlessness. 

I really do understand how a police officer can become jaded and cynical and tired of the swinging doors for the real bad ass offenders, while those with lesser crimes are "made examples of" to a community that doesn't give a shit one way or the other. 

I understand how officers don't want to take any chances anymore, and almost every call is handled as a potentially risky encounter.

I can understand the attitude that is creeping into our society - the us against them attitude. 

But seriously, what happened to good old fashion common sense?    

Note the above officers. Note that there is one officer with a riot control shield and another - yes, the bald Bozo with the glasses - locked and loaded pointing his 12 gauge shotgun on a child.

Two were teens and one was twelve. And yes, it sounds like they were real scary criminal types by the way the police responded. 
But what did they do?

Write threatening letters to the White House warning President Obama not to back his step-brother and the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria? No!

Write the head of the NSA and tell them to pass along his letter to Santa - to Santa - and stop examining it for threats to the United States? No!

How about setting off a bomb, or beat they neighbor, or some other real crime? Nope!

He and two other boys climbed on a school roof! Yup, that's it. They climbed up on one of the roofs that cover a walkway at a school there.

That's was enough for the Bald Bozo to level his 12 gauge at the boy. Imagine that!

That's all it took for that real sharp man to decide that he needed his 12 gauge from his police car.

In fact, that was enough for the police in Southwest Florida to draw their SWAT gear, pull their M16s, grab their 12 gauge shotguns, and respond as if these little boys were Muslim Terrorists heading to blow up a Nuclear Power plant.

One of the three middle schoolers climbed onto his own school roof after classes one day.

Guess what? They were screwing around and being harmless kids!

But wait, the Florida police didn't take it that way.

They obviously don't have enough real crime going on in Florida. They had to scare the crap out of a few kids because they felt like it.

And no, I have no idea what made these police officers do such a asinine thing!

The kids never expected that police officers with M16 rifles in their wannabe military tactical uniforms would arrive screaming at them and telling them to surrender or else.

Reports say that when the police arrived, they began screaming at the boys to get down.

One officer pointed a shotgun at them and another retrieved his M16 and targeted the children.

Queer Law Enforcement?

When the families of the boys arrived, believe it or not the parents were threatened with arrest as well for trying to calm the situation down.

What is with that? Is that queer behaviour or what? Queer meaning very strange!

And how about the queer Mike Riley who sees nothing wrong with pointing fully automatic M16 rifles and 12 gauge shotguns at children?

Take a look at this statement that was made when Port Charlotte Middle School in Southwest Florida tried to justify the tremendous police response.

"I don't care if they're in kindergarten or if they're seniors in high school, they know the rules," said Mike Riley, Charlotte County Public Schools Spokesperson.

"Now, when that kid went there, they knew they shouldn't have done that. They had to know."

The amazing Mr Riley says if they weren't punished, they'd give the wrong impression to other students.

Shit, with logic like that, why not really beat the crap out of one of the 11 or 12 year olds to make your point stick even that much better.

Yes, with logic like that, this Mike Riley guy is the sort of jerk that should not be around kids of any age.

The queer statement coming from Mr Riley should tell a lot about the man: Such as how he should be somewhere doing something else - maybe somewhere where he does not have to use maturity or common sense with people.

The next day, reports out of Charlotte County, Florida, said that the three Southwest Florida families were accusing Charlotte County deputies of brutality against their children.

This comes after the kids were arrested for trespassing at Port Charlotte middle school over the weekend.

Oh, did I forget to mention that. Yes, the three children were arrested for trespassing and now face fines for climbing on a roof.

The parents of three kids want to make one thing clear, they aren't against punishment for their kids for breaking the school rules.

What they are fighting is the way the children were allegedly treated by law enforcement.

Thank God For Cell Phone Videos

If anyone knows me, they'd know that with my history that I have supported law enforcement through thick and thin.

But come on! Drawing down with M16s and shotguns on 3 small kids?

That's beneath any law enforcement agency that hires grown ups as officers.

And yes, they cops can't dispute it because it was all recorded. The parents and their lawyers have watched the cell phone videos of the boys.

Mirna Espinal tells us it's the tail end of an earlier scene that sent chills down her spine.

"I frantically ran across the police officers where threatening to put us under custody for wanting to know what was going on with our children," she said.

Her child, Josmir, along with two of his friends, was being arrested by Charlotte County deputies.

"I saw some of the police officers laughing at me," said Josmir.

"Like I deserved this, like I was a horrible person, a criminal. They were just laughing, laughing at all of us."

The charge was trespassing on Port Charlotte Middle School grounds.

"I think this was an innocent mistake that went too far because they have power and they though they were going to get away with it," Mirna said.

The Espinals say the three families were at a get-together Saturday near the school.

Joshua Polit was one of the other boys arrested.

In an exclusive interview, he admits the trio jumped the school's fence to gain access to the school roof.

"We had fun, but we didn't realize what we were doing was wrong," he said.

Joshua says the boys were practicing a sport called "parkour," but they didn't get much time in before they say all hell broke loose.

"One guy came chasing after me and he pushed me to the ground and handcuffed me," he said.

Joshua mother came after hearing her son scream for help.

"I thought that was horrible, it was a horrible scene to see your kids treated that way," said mom Gricel Polit.

The families say they watched in terror as a deputy not only pointed a riffle at the boys as stated in the report, but allegedly used enough force in the arrest that it left 12-year-old Josmir with bruises.

"Obviously, they are not adults, why are still treating my son and the kids they way that you are. They proceeded to tell me to shut my mouth for lack of better words," said dad Jose Espinal.

Only Josmir attends school in Charlotte County. He'll have to attend a school district hearing after the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office finishes their investigation.

Why, I don't know, but the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office is declining to comment at this time.

You thing they know they better beef up the training of their officers.

Parents of the three children are filing a complaint with the agency.

Now What?

Well, please understand this. I believe in nipping bad things in the bud. I believe in getting rid of bad cops whenever we get the chance.

With unemployment so high, there are a lot of smarter more mature people who want to be police officers out there.

So subsequently, I'd like to see all of the officers involved in this horribly handled situation fired. Yup, fired!

You see, these are the types of cops that give good cops a bad name.

These are the types that break the rules to satisfy some sort of sick feeling of power. These are the types of cops that will get an innocent person killed.

That is why I say fire them, especially the Bozo who thought it really necessary to pull a shotgun on an unarmed child!

If for some reason the streets of Charlotte County are that dangerous that they have to treat three little kids the way they did - and then treat the parents the way they did as well - then things are really lawless in Charlotte County.

It's sad to see such an abuse of power. It's sad to see these types of cops with so much authority working on any department.  It's sad, and it is absolutely scary.

Americans from all over the United States, urban and rural counties, have lost a lot of trust and respect for law enforcement over the years - and this is why: Bad cops are being film all over the place. 

The reason is that we now live in a time when their piss poor behavior can be taped and reported for everyone to see.

Because of cameras and videos, the days of even slugging and thumping bad guys - real bad guys - are gone.

But honestly, doing a bone-head stunt like drawing your weapon on a little kid  - especially with your shotgun - that is something that never should have been done period.

Now, before I get letters saying that I have a poor outlook on law enforcement.

Please understand that I worked in Corrections and as an MP in the Marine Corps, and with civilian law enforcement for many years. I've known good and bad cops all my life.

It's been my experience that there is no room for cops who use piss poor judgement!

Police Professionalism is a Big Deal!

And yes, I really believe that there is no room on any department today for unprofessionalism when comes to dealing with the innocents in the public.

There should be no room on any department for bad cops who can't judge how much force is needed at any one time for a given situation.

Experience and common sense says not to shoot.

While that 30 year old example is corny, its accurate. Experience teaches us that we do not live in a one size fits all world.

Sometimes we really do have to use reason and evaluate the situation before pointing a shotgun at a small kid because he broke a few fairly minor school rules such as climbing on a roof.

They were plainly screwing around being where they were not supposed to be. They are children. The amount of force displayed was totally asinine!

While we citizens employ police officers to keep us safe, we do so with the hope that that officer can use common sense, intelligence, experience, maturity, and reason in the commission of their duties.

If not, get rid of them before they get some innocent citizen hurt or killed.

Story by Tom Correa


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