Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's Deport Anti-American Muslims


If Muslims come to America and hate us, our traditions, and see it impossible to honor those who have died so that Americans can live free, then I believe it is time to rescind the rights and privileges of those people -- and deport them.

Anti-American Muslims, why are they here?! How did they get here?! Who is responsible for letting them in? And honestly, why don't they leave?!

Better yet, why aren't they being deported?

Why should anyone be allowed to come to the United States, even the anti-American city of San Francisco, if they hate others here, our people, or our traditions?

Why do we allow anyone in our borders who want to CHANGE our society into the tyrannical places they came from?

Whether they are anti-American Muslims, or pedophile Muslims, or Communists who want to bring down our system of government, or murderers from across our Southern border, why do we allow them to come here if they liked the way they lived somewhere else?

Why not leave them there, or sent them back, to enjoy their filth and slavery?!

If they enjoyed being slaves to the state as in the case of Communists, or slaves to their religion such as Muslims, why bother leaving their Slave Masters?

Why leave there to come here, and then actually want to make this place just like the very place they fled?

Are Muslims stupid, or just sadists?

Like Communists who arrive here with a hatred for Americans, Muslims who hate Americans should be deported!

They should be sent back to live in the slave state ruled by Sharia Law which they came from.

Let's start with deporting anyone who belongs to CAIR who were born somewhere else!

Why? Well, it seems that CAIR officials question whether American troops merit honor.

Yes, no kidding, some Muslim living in America questions whether American troops deserve being honored on Memorial Day.

So are Muslims all extremely stupid, or is there another reason for their complete lack of sensitivity to those around them who may have lost someone serving in our armed forces?

Yes, especially someone who may have died while trying to liberate those ungrateful bastards in the Muslim world?

See, this is where I draw the line! And yes, there is a line that people here from foreign lands should not cross.

When it comes to coming here to our country, being afforded all of the benefits of a free society, worshipping as they please, speaking their mind even if it is filled with mush, being involved with our democratic process and voting, being involved with  government, not having to kiss the ass of some Muslim cleric, all of the things that they did not have where they came from -- then I say they should respect us and our culture!

And yes, that's especially true when it comes to honoring our fallen who have fought and died to give all of us a society not enslaved by religious crazies such as in the Muslim world, or Leftists, Socialists, or Communists.

Now to head off some email comments about how I want get rid of all Liberals, Communists, Socialists, Muslims, Atheists or anyone else that I believe hates America, that's not the case.

If you are any one of the above, and are a citizen, you have the right to be a dumbass and the jerk that your parents probably helped you to become.

If you're a citizen who was born and bred an American and is still an ungrateful ass, then that's on you. There is no changing a person who would hate America and our fallen troops if they have reaped the benefits of being an American since birth.

You're just the sorry individual you are. And yes, you are most likely an Obama supporter -- and that's another subject altogether.

But, if you are here from another country, are applying for citizenship or have become a naturalized citizen, here on some sort of work or student visa,  and have decided for some ignorant reason to show such anal retentive disrespect toward the United States and other Americans  -- especially if you're trying to heap disrespect on our Veterans and our fallen heroes -- then you should be deported immediately!

Yes, send you back to where you came from!

So now, who's first?

Well, lt's deport Zahra Billoo and Dawud Walid!

As stated on the website, The Counter Jihad Report:

Virtually all Americans come together on Memorial Day to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the country’s freedom and safety.

Two Council on American-Islamic Relations’ officials spent the holiday weekend differently: Questioning whether U.S. troops deserve to be honored and tweeting that the country was “established upon white supremacy.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group labeled by the Justice Department as a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity and unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorism-financing trial, disingenuously claims that it is a moderate organization.

Yet, on May 23, Zahra Billoo, the radical executive-director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, tweeted that she “struggles with Memorial Day each year” about whether to honor American soldiers who died in wars:

She also quoted another CAIR official, Dawud Walid, the executive-director of CAIR’s Michigan chapter, as questioning whether they should honor American soldiers that died in “unjust” wars and occupations.

That’s a direct insult to American soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan and those that have returned from Iraq, as CAIR officials consistently describe those wars with that terminology.

Billoo did, however, find one “soldier” she felt comfortably honoring.

On May 26, she promoted an article from the anti-Semitic and anti-American Nation of Islam that asked for help for a “black liberation soldier” named Imam Jamil al-Amin:

Al-Amin was a member of the Black Panthers terrorist group and was convicted of murdering a police officer in 2000.

He is also anti-American, stating “if America doesn’t come around, we’re gonna burn it down,” and “I say violence is necessary. It is as American as cherry pie.”

Al-Amin also said, “When we begin to look critically at the Constitution of the United States . . . we see that in its main essence it is diametrically opposed to what Allah has commanded.”

-- end article.

So yes, for me, I want to see Zahra Billoo and Dawud Walid deported!

I want them to take their hate for America somewhere where they cannot reap the harvest laid before them while cursing those who provide their freedoms.

And yes, sorry to say, maybe Zahra Billoo would like to try to say such things in the Muslim world where the animals there would cut off her nose of stone her to death for even attempting free speech?

As stupid as she is, maybe being stoned is a Muslim cultural tradition Zehra Billoo would enjoy.

So now, send your best hate mail and threats.

Your hate just doesn't matter because I won't back down from the fact that that's just how I see it.

If you don't like America, if you find that you cannot honor American troops who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom -- then go to Hell or back to the place you came from!

Tom Correa
American Cowboy Chronicles

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