Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Glencoe's American Legion Needs Your Donations

Dear Friends,

I don't usually ask for things on here, other than maybe my asking all to be aware of some of the shenanigans that are going on in our government, but now my American Legion post needs help. And yes, I'm now asking you for donations.

Because I've made reference to where I live over the years, many of my regular readers know that my wife and I live in Glencoe, California. We have a population of 189. And yes, as I've said many times before, we are definitely "Rural America."

We are located up the mountain about 17 miles from the city of Jackson where our shopping and conveniences are located. In Glencoe, besides our small population, we only have our Post Office and our American Legion post. Our legion post is officially known as American Legion Calaveras Post 376.

Our American Legion Post here in Glencoe, California, is our community center. Besides being a place for our Veterans, our post is also a place where many folks from Glencoe and the surrounding communities of Railroad Flat, West Point, Wilseyville, and Mokelumne Hill come to enjoy our family atmosphere and inexpensive meals and events.

Last September, 2015, Calaveras County was ravaged by the Butte Fire. All toll folks in Calaveras County lost over 585 homes and it lay waste to over 70,000 acres.

When the first started, knowing that since I'm our post's 2nd Vice Commander and have been designated the representative for our post in emergencies, I immediately contacted Calaveras County to let them know that I can open our post at a moment's notice. I was informed to standby as the fire was in fact heading toward Glencoe.

The next afternoon, though designated by Calaveras County as an Emergency Command Center for our community, county emergency services informed me that our post would not be used because we do not have auxiliary power for lights, phones, computers, or to run our well for water for bathrooms. And yes, our area was going on its second day without power.

Friends, I realized right there and then that we should have been able to be there for our community. We should have been able to provide needed services to feed those in our community who had already been displaced by the Butte Fire. We should have been able to make our post a rallying point for the entire area, a place for the Red Cross and all other services, a place to get food and water.

Knowing that if we had a generator to provide power to our building so that we could have brought emergency services to our needy neighbors and hungry firefighters and other volunteer, we are now taking donations to fix this problem and become an Emergency Command Post in the future.

We need donations for an emergency generator in case we experience another long term emergency as we did during the Butte Fire last September (2015) here in Calaveras County.

Because we need to purchase a 20 kw Generac generator, with an automatic transfer switch, to accomplish our mission of being ready in the future, we are trying to raise the $7,750.00 to cover the cost of the generator and its installation.

While we have presently raised $3210.00 in our Generator Fund, we need your help to obtain our goal. All donations received go directly to getting our post a generator. If we meet our goal of raising the need funds, any money over the amount we need for the purchase and installation of the generator will go into a Veterans Relief Fund for vets and their families which are in need and a Scholarship Fund to help local children with educational needs.

American Legion Calaveras Post 376 is a California 501(c)(19) Corporation, Non-Profit #02068710, IRS #94-6011579, and all donations are tax deductible.

Any donation by your organization is appreciated. If you would like to send a donation, please make your check payable to the American Legion Post 376.

Mail to:
American Legion Calaveras Post 376
2769 Upper Dorray Rd.
Glencoe, CA 95232

Big or small, $1 or $5, I cannot tell you just how much I appreciate any donation for our post.

Thank you and God bless you.
Tom Correa

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