Monday, June 27, 2016

Radical Christians vs Radical Muslims: The Simple Answer

Dear Friends,

After getting emails asking me about this subject, I decided to simply go with what I've seen during my life when it comes to what both religions do. Not their beliefs but what they actually do. And yes, based on what they actually do as Christians and Muslims, there are stark differences when we boil it down as to how each "religion" treats other people.

Yes, there you have it. After boiling down the actions of "Radical" Christians versus that of "Radical" Muslims, what I put in the above picture is what I came up with.

And while I know there are some who are going to say that this is too simple an answer when looking at the differences, it is what I found to be the key differences between Christians and Muslims. The key differences in each is how each religion treats their people, their fellow man and woman, as demonstrated to the world.

While a "Radical" Christian is one who, at the worse according to Liberals, actively protests Abortion Clinics and killing of innocent children, or protest Planned Parenthood for the selling of the parts of dead babies, Muslims routinely slaughter the innocent worldwide.  Yes, while Christians demonstrate passion for their fellow man and woman, Muslims demonstrate hate and an overwhelming desire to kill us all.

And frankly, while I know someone will write saying that I'm anti-Muslim, I don't believe my recognition of what they do should be described as some sort of hate on my part. Especially, when I haven't said anything that Muslims have not shown me to be true.

If I am "anti" anything, I'm "anti" behavior that vicious Muslims have show to do daily around the world. Yes, this is what I and the world have learned daily since 9/11 after each senseless Muslim terrorist attack where massacre after massacre takes place. Yes, this is what we have learned by watching Muslims behead and crucify Christians, burn their own alive, and rape children because their so-called religion says its OK to do so.

And yes, I am against  other Muslims who condone through their support and/or their silence. Fore this is what they show us after every Muslim terrorist attack such as what took place in Orlando, Florida, where Muslims organizations came out in support of the terrorist's wife who is also wanted as a co-conspirator in that attack.
And while this is the shortest blog post that you will see from me, I hope this helps you understand why I refuse to coddle those who want us either converted to Islam or dead. I refuse to bow down to Political Correctness or the Obama White House which condones and defends and makes excuses for murderous Muslims and their attacks on the innocent.

And yes, that's just the way I see things.
Tom Correa

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