Tuesday, March 19, 2019

I'm Not Sorry To See Some Folks Go

Dear Friends,

I have received a lot of hate mail recently dealing with my last two posts, Has The News Always Been Bias? and Kansas Rancher Educates Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While some people are telling me to stick to writing about Old West history and leave the politics to others, they obviously don't realize that my blog has always been about others things besides Old West history.

Below is a letter to my readers that I first shared 5 or 6 years ago that states my position regarding what's posted here. It seems that I have to post this letter every so often to inform folks of the policy of this blog. Please understand that I don't want to lose readers. But at the same time, this blog has always been about celebrating Conservatism, the goodness of America, and the need for more real Christian values today. Frankly, I will not change that because someone threatens to stop reading my blog. 

My letter to my readers:

Dear Friends,

I've received a few complaints about my Conservative posts. One reader in particular told me he was "unfollowing" my blog because I wrote an article taking on the Liberal Media's hate for President Trump. In that post, I simply addressed their bias and state why their motives now make it so that no one should trust them.

Granted that my love of American History, specifically my love of the Old West, has overshadowed my articles on horses, guns, and civics, among other things, but my blog is also about celebrating and defending American values. That includes supporting fairness and addressing wrongs at any level.

When I first started The American Cowboy Chronicles, I wanted to write about the places where I've visited. I wanted to write about the history and wonder of our nation. Yes, things that I've seen first hand over the years. My wife and I believe that my blog should be used to celebrate and defend our unique American culture, traditions, heritage, our country lifestyle, and all that makes us proud Americans. It's the reason that I write about the Old West. That period speaks to who we are as Americans, who we are as a nation, where our values come from.

For that individual who said he was "unfollowing" my blog because of my support for President Trump, I'm not sorry if my pride in America and Conservative ideals like fairness and patriotism offends you. I am sorry that my wanting an America where being impartial and being just, an America without favoritism, prejudice or discrimination offends you. I'm sorry for you because I don't understand how such things as looking after Americans first and stopping the hate could possibly bother you.

It's OK that you don't follow my blog if you hate America. Since that's the case, I'm not sorry to see you go. It's really OK. While my blog, The American Cowboy Chronicles, is about cowboys, horses, guns, and the Old West, it's also about my love for America. I love her and will defend her. Yes, even if that means losing readers.

While I wrote that letter years ago, it still stands. And as for those who write me attacking my support of President Donald Trump on Facebook, allow me to explain something to you. As a young adult, I enlisted in the Marine Corps when Richard Nixon was in office. I served on active duty under Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter. I served in the Marine Reserves under Ronald Reagan. Point is, I've seen a lot of administrations come and go.

Of all of the presidents that I have seen in my adult lifetime, President Donald Trump is the only president who is willing to address the hard problems facing our nation with complete disregard for political ramifications. President Trump's focus is on caring for Americans. And frankly, that is refreshing since most presidents seem to care more about bettering the lives of others in other nations  while the number of Americans at the poverty level here at home increases. President Trump puts the needs of Americans first before that of others in the world. God Bless him for that!

He is not a politician and is hated by the Left who want to take our nation down a road which is disastrous for all of us. Through decades of over-regulation by career politicians who think it's their job to meddle with our lives, it has been reported (actually in 2014) that there were over 800,000 federal and state laws governing us and every aspect of our nation's economy. Those rules and regulations come from a government that believes it should dictate to Americans how we should live while it has killed businesses, including ranches and farms, and has made millions of Americans dependent of the government programs. The end goal of the Left is to rule over us. Yes, the Left appears to want a nation where we work for the government instead of the government working for us.

The Left wants a nation that is not rooted in Christian values or a Republic, but instead wants one that is atheistic and totalitarian in its governing. By his reducing over-regulation and making businesses want to stay here instead of leaving to avoid over-taxation and the thousands of overlapping rules from overlapping government agencies, President Trump is rebuilding our nation's economy, putting people back to work, reestablishing a sense of Americanism, all while fighting the Left's desire for a dictatorial government which requires our complete subservience to the state. That's why I support President Trump 100%. And no, I'm not sorry if you don't like that.

A last note, as for the person who wrote me to say that my blog will be one of the first things to get shut down when America becomes a Socialist nation. You make me laugh. While it is a fact that Socialists do like controlling the press and enslaving people no differently than their Communist brethren, I'm just a very small fish in an ocean of free press that will turn on you once everyone truly understands what's at stake.

In the mean time, the Democrat controlled mainstream media embraces Socialism. But I really believe that once they too find out what people like you want, and they too find themselves threatened by such people as yourself, they will stop supporting you and start speaking the truth of who you are. Socialism and Communism means slavery and control. These are the complete opposite ideals of Capitalism and Americanism.

One of the incredible ironies taking place today is that people are so ignorant of who the modern slave-masters are. Socialism and Communism are realities that most around the world have freed themselves from, is actually despised throughout the world, yet for some stupid reason is gaining popularity here. 

While I hate to lose readers, this is America and we are all free to read what we choose. I find it interesting that in a time when so many young people are gravitating to the label Socialism, they have absolutely no idea what Socialism is really about. They have no idea that in a true Socialist society, the government would tell them to shut up and get in line. Maybe that's what it will take for them to truly understand that what they want is to be slaves to the state. Yes, nothing is more anti-American than that.

It goes against the American ethos. It goes against who we are as a people. And I will fight that.

Tom Correa


  1. Keep standing up for what is right, sir!

  2. No need to apologize Sir. The heard is thinning itself. Carry On.

  3. don't stop what you are doing, maybe some on the left will finally understand.

  4. Semper Fi Marine

  5. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Thanks for all you do for your readers. I like your stated goals that were in the letter. I agree with everything you bring up. Keep up the good work.

  6. My friend if someone doesn't stand up for what's right who will? I believe in what you said and agree. I look at America today as compared to when I was a child I honestly don't recognize her. It is a sad fact that Americans have basically put their heads in the sand and just hope it goes away. Ain't gonna happen.

  7. You are on the right track, keep it up!


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