Theodore Roosevelt, 1903

"Let us speak courteously, deal fairly, and keep ourselves armed and ready." - Theodore Roosevelt, 1903

Politics 101

Connor Brewer Had The Guts To Stand Alone

California's Pot Growing Partnership

Calaveras County -- The Changes Are Not Good

Calaveras County -- Don't Move Here

America's White Elephant

Look To The Left, Not Sarah Palin!

Yes There Is A Difference!

Top 25 List of Liberal Stupidity

Why Do Democrats Love Socialism?

Condoleezza Rice speech at the 2012 Republican National Convention

Dennis Prager's "A Speech Every American High School Principal Should Give"

What has America become?

Martha Cothren Teaches Her Students "Freedom Is Not Free"
Let's Talk About The "Stars & Bars" -- The Confederate Battle Flag

New York Times crops George W. Bush out of Selma march photo

Are You Ready For Jay Leno's Questions?

Republican 2014 Win Is About Governance Of The Nation

Attack of the Insensitive Rodeo Clowns?

Voters to Uncle Sam: "Leave me alone!"

It's called Cockfighting

My Solution To Repeal And Replace ObamaCare

Shouldn't "Income Equality" mean "Skill Equality"?

The Wrong Impression Of Today's America

George Washington Banned From NAACP Rally

Mental Heath And Losing Your Constitutional Rights


Reasons The Feds Want To Seize Our Property

Bundy Ranch Destruction & Harry Reid Calls Us "Domestic Terrorists"

Rancher Cliven Bundy vs The United States Government

EPA "Abuse of Authority" challenged by State of Wyoming

Our Government Is Violating Our Privacy

House Investigates EPA Bosses using Phony Names & Secret E-mail Accounts

Obama's EPA Working With Environmental Extremist Groups

New Agriculture Labor Rules Just More Regulation Nation

"Just Following Orders" Is Not A Defense

California's Politically Correct Laws

Federal Gov't to Charge Public $1,500 to photograph Public Lands

Did the NSA target Conservatives as Terrorists?

IRS Openly Criminal - And We Should Be Worried!

The IRS Wants To Know What's In Your Prayers

2014 Veterans Spending Bill -- Another Look At What Republicans Blocked

Obama's New Power Grab: An Assault On Property Rights

Poster Child for Obama's Legacy of Racism

Is President Obama an Enemy of the United States?

Obama Confesses He Spends Most of His Mornings Watching ESPN

Is Obama Crooked, Incompetent and Stupid?

Obama's Agenda To Cut Off Seniors After Mid-Term Elections

Another Key ObamaCare Architect On How ObamaCare Became Law -- Calls Americans Stupid

Michelle Obama's Rewrite Of Barack's Biography

Oprah calls Obama's Critics Racists and says Death Is The Answer

A Vindictive Obama Now Wants You To Feel Pain

Obama's Lawlessness -- Grounds For Impeachment

I Hate Obama Because He's Black?

It's Not About Hate Or Race - It's About Obama

4 in 5 Americans Face Near-poverty, No Work Under Obama

Obama Attacks American Business With Stupid Remarks

Obama Hatred For America Is Getting Old

Obama's Dark Vision of America

Obama Gives Businesses $3000 Incentive To Hire Illegal Aliens Before Americans

Obama's American Citizen "Kill Policy"

Obama OK With "Target Killing" Americans Here?

ObamaCare Big Brother Data Sharing


Obama's Commissars & The United States Air Force

Obama Funding Gay Instruction For Marines

Factual and Attributable to Barrack Obama

George W Bush and the Ft. Hood Terrorist Attack

VFW Finds Consequences To Its Actions

American Sniper - Much More Than A Movie

American Deserter -- The Movie

U.S. Army Charges Bowe Bergdahl with Desertion

Veterans Being Refused Service

U.S. Army decides Fort Hood victims will receive Purple Heart

Why No Purple Hearts for Fort Hood Victims?

Veterans Choice Program May Get Fixed

Vets Die While The VA Plays Games With Their Lives

Our Government Is Screwing Our Troops

Mexican Incursions Across the Border

AAFMAA - Insuring American Troops Since The Little Big Horn

Law Professor says Care Packages for Our Troops "Shameful"

Tom Cruise compares Acting to Fighing in Afghanistan


Brian Terry Used Bean Bags Instead Of Bullets Before Being Killed!

Obama Targeting American Citizen George Zimmerman

Obama Has No Compassion For The Zimmermans

George Zimmerman's Actions & Character

George Zimmerman found Not Guilty - Let The Riots Begin!

I Support George Zimmerman

Obama Criminal Indictment - Part One
Obama Criminal Indictment - Part Two
Obama Criminal Indictment - Part Three


DRILL NOW - Oil Is More Than Just Gasoline

Oil Is More Than Just Fuel - And We Don't Need Obama

Oil & Gas Industry: Facts & Trivia - Part One
Oil & Gas Industry: Facts & Trivia - Part Two
DRILL NOW - PART TWO - Price of Gas Under President George W. Bush
DRILL NOW - PART THREE - Obama Working for Foreign Oil?
DRILL NOW - PART FOUR - American Oil Companies
Under Obama, Oil and Gas Production in Decline on Federal Lands by 40%

Fracking - Let's Talk About It

It's Not Fracking - It's Old Tanks!

Prosperity-Sucking Environmentalists Fear Fracking In Fairfield, Illinois

Obama's Keystone XL Pipeline Dilemma

Obama Keystone XL Policy Creating Outrage - Not Jobs

Stop Obama's War On Coal

Gas Over $6 A Gallon In California Very Soon

Five Reasons why Keystone XL benefits the U.S.


Let's Discuss What Muslims Want

Democrats Responsible For Oregon Terrorist Attack On Christians

NBC's Brian Williams caught in Lie and Apologizes

NBC's Brian Williams guilty of Stolen Valor?

A Democrat's "Agnostic" Stand On Smuggling Illegal Guns

The Democrat Party Supports Gay Predators & Male Rape

Democrats Cheat, Lie, and Even Threaten Fellow Democrats in 2014

Fact: Democrats Tried To Impeach George W. Bush

It's All About Control - by Augusta Chronicle

Do Liberals Want To Suspend The U.S. Constitution?

Demented Senator Wants To Kill The Bill of Rights

Sandra Fluke - Might Have A Problem?

Some of America's Great Banned Books - Part One
Some of America's Great Banned Books - Part Two
Can't Sell Mistletoe, But Begging Is OK In Oregon

Melissa and the Freedom of Speech

Just Americans Talking Politics

We Need Term Limits


Let's Educate Uneducated Democrats

Slavery In America - Trivia You Won't Believe - Part One

Civil Rights: The Democrat's Big Lie Revealed

Democrat Party Legacy of Racism & Segregation: Part One
Democrat Party Legacy of Racism & Segregation: Part Two
Democrat Party Legacy of Racism & Segregation: Part Three
Democrat Party Legacy of Racism & Segregation: Part Four
Liberal Racism

Why should anyone honor Trayvon Martin?

Black Attacks On Whites Increasing Because Of Trayvon Martin

Today Everything and Everyone is Racist -- Including Mark Twain?

Black Attacks On Whites Increasing Because Of Trayvon Martin

Calling Someone A "Curly-Haired Nigger" Is Bigotry!

Legal Immigrants vs Illegal Aliens


War On Christians - "So Help Me God!"
Federal Government 2013 War On Christians - Part One
Federal Government 2013 War On Christians - Part Two
Federal Government 2013 War On Christians - Part Three
Federal Government 2013 War On Christians - Part Four
Federal Government 2013 War On Christians - Part Five
Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo: NOT The Cowboy Way

Obama Attacks Catholic-Americans!

The Muslim Faith

Let's Deport Anti-American Muslims


Oregon Principal Humiliates 6-Year-Old For Being 1 Minute Late

Common Core Creator Stuns Audience

School Gun Policy Hysterics?

So Where Does California Rank In Education - And Why?

American Indian Graduate Fined for Wearing Eagle Feather at Graduation

California Bill Will Sexually Brainwash Kids

Arizona Schools being funded by Radical Islam?

Obama Says Christian Schools Encourage “Fear” And “Division”

Schools Persucuting Christians Who Oppose Homosexuality

California To Pass “Gender Bill”

California lawmaker pulls son from class over transgender law


The United Nations is Not a Government -- They Have No Authority

U.N. "Small Arms Treaty" Will Disarm Americans

More Evidence of Global Warming Data Fixed?

Regarding Calling Today's Global Warming A Scam

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