Random Shots

Random Shots are posts where I take shots at Current Events and some of the things in the News these days. 

They are the things that I really believe are an interest to folks out here in rural America and folks in the cities. They are also things that might have taken place and have not gotten the attention that other bigger stories have.

Sometimes what the media focuses on is much different than what we want to focus on. I really don't like the media telling me what is important and what isn't. I just want them to give me the News.

My taking a few Random Shots at this or that started when people wrote asking my opinion about things going on around us. I am very flattered that my readers want to know my take on things that really effect us all.  

I hope that you my reader will not just get my opinion, but more importantly will be able to look at something from a different point of view. 

Like many of you, I'm sick and tired of the mainstream media telling me the News after they have instilled their slant. 

So yes, you may find that many of the stories is me translating a News article from a Liberal Bias to a more straight on common sense look at things.

And yes, as annoying as it may be to the liberals out there who assume that we are all ignorant and uneducated, we really can think for ourselves. 

RANDOM SHOTS: Wisconsin Police Want To Search Homes For Guns, NY Times Reporter Wants Protection, North Dakota Students & Americanism, and More

RANDOM SHOTS - Religious Freedom Under Attack In Our Military, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Defeat Means America Wins, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Is Fox News Turning Left? Liberal Media Throws Up Diversions, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Guns Banned In California, Lincoln Screenwriter Admits Changed History In Film, California Dumbing Down Kids, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Church Donations Refused By Wounded Warrior Project, Majority Of Americans Feel Threatened By Our Government, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Great American Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.; Eric Holder starts Gun-Ownership Data Sharing and Collection; and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - January 2013 School Shooting The Media Won’t Report, and More

RANDOM SHOTS - Gun Control, Al Gore Sells Out To Radical Muslims, Unions Want It All, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Details Of Fiscal Cliff Fix, Republican Lawmakers Don't Want Obama Raise, And More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Sandra Bullock, NYC Newpaper Gives Addresses Of Gun Owners, Ranchers At Odds On Border, Chinese Forced Labor Camps, Rural Vote Went To Romney, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Attacks On School Children In U.S. & China, Slain Border Patrol Agent's Family Sues Feds, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Gun Rights Victory, Obama Adviser Praises Chinese Communism, Michigan Approves Right-To-Work Law, Obama Incites Instead Of Unites, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - ObamaCare Tax To Start January 1st, USDA Says Rural America Less Relevant, California School District Owes $1 Billion In Loans, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Oyster Farmer Under Attack, AARP Backsteps, Obama Has MSNBC Advisors, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Load Your Guns, Cox Suckered, Big "E" Retired, Angry Sandy Victims, And More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Atheist Attacks, ObamaCare Goes To Court Again, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Sandra Fluke, Obama and the Fiscal Cliff, ObamaCare, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Don't Ignore The Signs, Sandy Victims Angry Over Latest Insult, Union Comment Response, and much more!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama's Gone Mad Wants $1.6 Trillion New Taxes, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Philly's Black Or Brainless Vote, ObamaCare, 6.6 Million Voters Don't Show Up, And More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Layoffs Result Of Obama Re-Election, Sandy Victims Get No Help & Obama Goes On Vacation, and more!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Wins & America Loses - Election Day 2012

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama urges voters to take "Revenge," Jeeps In China, Voting Machines Fixed For Obama, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Republicans Must Vote, Madonna and Kelly Clarkson Should Shut Up, and Much More

RANDOM SHOTS - Texas To Arrest U.N. Election Observers, Palin accuses Obama of "Shuck & Jive", and Much More

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Supporters Threaten To Kill Romney, CNN's Soledad O’Brien, Eva Longoria's Vulger Tweet, The Classless View, and More

RANDOM SHOTS - Romney Angry At High Gas Prices; Homeland Security Turns Into Big Brother; Romney Crowds; and More

RANDOM SHOTS - Paul Ryan versus Joe Biden, Another Solyndra, Gay Boy Boy Scouts, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Gas Highest In History, Obama Getting Foreign Money, Layoffs Due To Chevy Volt Sales, Miss Dash, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Brings Knife To Gunfight, We Need To Vote, And Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Finds Out Al Qaeda Not Dead, Guns Sales Explode As Election Nears, Obama Wants Federal Holiday For Prophet Mohammed, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Californians Escape California, Pastors Pledge To Defy Obama's IRS, Hollywood's Queer Democrats, And More!

RANDOM SHOTS - ObamaCare Tax Penalties For 6 Million Middle Class Americans, Fast and Furious Report, And More!

RANDOM SHOTS - $5 to $6 A Gallon Gas Coming Soon, Obama Admin Cover-up Of Deaths In Middle-east, Wal-Mart, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Screw 'Em, Libyan President Disagrees With Obama Over YouTube Video, Google Stands Up To Obama, And Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama is America's Biggest Threat, How to be a Liberal Democrat, Obama Cabinet Member Violates Federal Laws. and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Remember 9/11, Biden Big Liar, Obama Getting Ready For Second Term, Democrat Convention Dictatorship Revealed, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! I'm Sick Of Obama and Democrats Blaming Bush, Obama Angry With America, ICE Chief Resigns, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - More Media Double Standard, Paul Ryan Tags Obama, "2016" A Big Hit, Ron Paul, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Toby Keith's Great Bar & Grill, The National Hotel, Democrats Behaving Badly, Payoffs, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Behind The Times, The EPA Ethanol Mandate, Food Up, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Angela Prattis Is Wonderful, Obama Is A Liar, And Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - "Fast and Furious" Goes To Court, Bob Hoskins Retires, Railroads, The EPA, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Obama Protected Occupy Protesters, Zimmerman Trial, Harry Reid a Child Molester, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - The Sikh Temple Massacre, Obama-era-tax increase, Obama Endangering Public Safety, Granny Shots Five, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Hollywood Is Responsible For Aurora Movie Massacre, U.N. Arms Treaty Fails, Coffee Is A Wonder Drug, And Much More!

Random Shots - Folks Following My Blog, Republican Rep Mike Kelly, USDA Meatless Bull, NYC's Mayor At It Again, Australian Married Couple At Olympics, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Guns Sales Jump in Colorado, Keystone XL Pipeline, Hawaii Man Defends Self Against Raging Bull, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - The Role Of Government, 71 year-old Cafe Patron Shoots Robbers, Dem Congresswoman Says Unemployment Number Too Low, Obama Birth Cert Fraud, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Americans Want To Know, Racoons Attack, Liberal Love Fest For Obama, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - About Slavery, Teachers Union Bosses Make Big Bucks, Border Patrol Closes Stations, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Mr Obama "Leave Brad Pitt's Mom Alone," ObamaCare Rising Cost, Chicago War Zone, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Democrat Wants Islam In American Schools, Morgan Freeman's Way Out There, Black Teen Gets Life for Murder of Two British Tourist, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Black Racist Hate Crime, Homeland Security Instructions Border Patrol To "Run Away" And "Hide", and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Zimmerman Passed Lie Detector Tests, Boston Angry At Obama, Kenny Chesney Look-a-like, and Much More

RANDOM SHOTS - Gun Sales Up Thanks To Obama, Bad Choice Awards, Air Force Religion Policy Questioned, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - George Zimmerman Police Report Released, Air Force Breast Feeders Reprimanded, NBC Fruad Again, and More

Random Shots - Molester Beaten to Death, IRS to use Million for Obamacare, SF Bicyclist Charged with Manslaughter, USS Enterprise, and More!

Random Shots - World Less Thrilled With Obama, Anal Educators in New York, Obama Fraud, and Much More!

Random Shots - Florida Sues To Take Dead People Off Voter Rolls, Brits Cut Army Strength, Texas Dad Kills Daughter's Molester, and More!

Random Shots - Obama's America's Goat Herder, Bill Press Is A Fool, Armed EPA Agents, And More!

Random Shots - Obama's Fixing Job Numbers, Holder Has Amnesia, California Whales, And More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Walker Kicks Butt, Holder In Contempt, Joe Biden Is Rich, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Judge Revokes Zimmerman Bond, Chicago Goes Kill Crazy, Unemployment Is Worse, and More!

Random Shots! Honor Student Jailed, Chris Hayes, New Black Panthers Party, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Local News, Obama a Statist, Awake, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Liberal Media Bias, Obama related to Elvis and Wild Bill Hickok, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS - Ione's Rendezvous Primitive Arms, Obama, Van Jones, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Obama Inserts Himself In History, Obama wanted Wright to Shut Up, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Obama Panders For Millions, Biden Still Blaming Bush, And Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Les In Alaska, "Bow-Tying White Boys," Vengeful Dentist, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Drunk in Seattle, Global Warming Guru "Alarmist," George Zimmerman, and Much More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Sofia Vergara, Available U.S. Oil, Bank of America Now Anti-Gun, Jon Stewart Hates Christians, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Obama & Hugo Chavez, George Washington, Disabled MMA Fireman, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Washington Hypocricy, Border Patrol Running Guns, Texas Needs Skilled Workers, Oklahoma Govr takes on Dems over Oil, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Judges Battle Obama, Grandmothers with Guns, Hawaii Nuts, Viagra, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Obama Warns Supreme Court, Tiger Woods, California Hooker, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Obama Subpoenas, Democrat Rule, Marines Disarm, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Oil Is More Than Gasoline, Trayvon Is At Fault, Teachers Cheat, $26 Hot Dog, and More

RANDOM SHOTS! High Gas Prices, Hanks, De Niro, Houston, Going Broke, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Rosie O'Donnel, Fast & Furious Never Happened? 9/11 Suspects on Hunger Strike, Bobbleheads, Sheriff Joe, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Voter ID Laws, Hawaii's Most Wanted, Union Award For China, and More!

RANDOM SHOTS! Tom Hanks Loves Obama, Greedy Lottery Winner, and More

Random Shots! Gitmo Soccer Classic, Big Reward, Israel Suspicious, and more Aliens?

Random Shots! Gas Prices, IRS Threats, Forced To Join Union, and More!

Random Shots! Cruise Ship Passengers Robbed, Obama Not Welcome, and More!

Random Shots - Gas Prices, Kids Lunches, and More!

Random Shots - 4th Best President? Sean Penn? Dipsticks!

Random Shots - A Purple Squirrel, Drunk Indians, and More!

Random Shots - The Actress Might Be Nuts!!

More Random Shots - Kenya or Hawaii, What's True?!

Random Shots - San Francisco Sheriff Arrested!

Random Shots - I like Jack Daniel's!

More Random Shots - I'm part of the 16%

Random Shots - Obama's $4 Million Vacation!

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