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Hollywood Democrat Queers Jeer Republicans ...

At Liberal Love Fest Called Emmy Night!

Yes, I know I have already posted this in a RANDOM SHOTS article. And yes, I know you've written saying how much you like it. I can't thank you enough for that.

So again, I'd like to thank you for the many letters. And since I have gotten many letters asking me to reprint it on its own, I'm doing just that to oblige you. So with pleasure, I am re-posting this on its own as per your request.  Again, thanks for reading my blog.

Let's talk about being queer!

Though I really enjoyed Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes, when I think of Sherlock Holmes, the movies starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce come to mind.

Besides the suspense, the language, the British accents, were always fun to listen to. In fact, it was from those old movies that I first heard the word "Queer."

I learned from those old Holmes and Watson movies that "queer" meant strange, or not normal as in "a queer situation." I learned that the word "queer" meant odd or strange behavior, a questionable attitude or character, suspicious actions, "very queer behavior."

Of course during college, I had a Criminal Justice teacher who would call counterfeit money - "queer notes."

Because I grew up in Hawaii in a very Blue Collar family, we referred to homosexuals as Mahus. The word mahu (mah-who) is the traditional word for a male who assumes female roles in his daily life.

I didn't hear the term "queer" to refer to homosexuals until I first arrived in California in 1972. Like many others, I remember hearing one guy call another guy "queer." It didn't make any sense right away, until later when I saw for myself that the guy labeled "queer" really did in fact act strange.

Over the years, I've referred to strange behavior as acting queer. And yes, I know real well that the homosexual community has put their copyright on the term "queer". But I don't see how they can.

Sure I call homosexuals "queer" just as I call them "gay" and even "mahus" at times. But homosexuals aren't the only strange acting folks in the Democrat party. There's a lot of queer behavior in that party.

Queer behavior is strange behavior. Acting queer is not the norm. Having a queer attitude is not OK. And yes, people recognize queers for what they are: strange people.

The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards on Sunday night brought out droves of Hollywood's small screen "stars", if there really is such a thing.

And yes, for the most part, they are a queer lot! It was a Democrat liberal love fest, as queer as the day is long!

Host Jimmy Kimmel set the stage for every queer there. Fakes all, in a business of make believe, the telecast ended up focusing as much on their own hypocrisy as it did on Presidential Politics.

Forget the fact that they were supposedly there competing for awards for best TV shows etc etc etc, they wanted to use their time at the microphone to make their liberal politics known.

They all did the same thing, one by one, the queer group that they are, all marched to the microphone to tell their audience how they loathed Republicans, Conservatives, Middle-America, Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney.

And no, it doesn't matter that Sarah Palin is not running for office. They just hate her guts.

The news said that Jimmy Kimmel "peppered the show with a handful of somewhat predictable political jokes."

"Are any of you voting for Mitt Romney? Oh good, only 40 Republicans, and the rest godless liberal homosexuals... Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chick-fil-A sandwich on the snack table at 'Glee," he said, throwing in a jab at Republican supporter Kelsey Grammer, and comparing the PBS series on English aristocrats "Downtown Abbey" to what life was like for Mitt Romney growing up.

Both winners and presenters, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Stephen Colbert and Julianne Moore, who won Outstanding Actress for her portrayal of Sarah Palin in the HBO movie "Game Change," also used their moment in the limelight to put forth their own personal political hatred for anything Conservative and Republican.

"I feel so validated since Sarah Palin gave me a big thumbs down," Moore told the audience. "Game Change" won four Emmys in total. Of course, queer Hollywood would never say how much of a flop it was.

"Game Change" director Jay Roach avoided the fact that this little film was all promotion and no audience. And of course there was no mention how the movie has been met with criticism by Sarah Palin and aids for the McCain-Palin ticket.

The "Game Change" liberals conveniently leave out how the truth was not presented in the film, or how former Alaska governor Sarah Palin called the trashy movie "Hollywood lies."

While accepting the Outstanding Movie statue on behalf of the film, of which he was credited as producer, ultra-left Tom Hanks decided to make cracks about America's Founding Fathers.

Hanks said that he wanted to thank "our Founding Fathers for the process they came up with that has provided not only us and HBO and all the comedy series here a plethora of material, seems to just go on and on."

In my opinion, Tom Hanks is a queer bird. I mean, doesn't anyone else find it queer that Tom Hanks' "plethora of material" only ridicules Conservatives and Republicans? But then again, what should I accept from a queer group as those from Hollywood.

It's no wonder very few see Hollywood in the same light as it did years ago when they were pro-American.

It's no wonder most see Tom Hanks and others as all living in some queer place that many now refer to as "Hollyweird."

In addition to "Game Change," the other winner in the Liberal Love Fest was another politically-themed show, the national security Showtime thriller "Homeland." I know many of my readers are shocked that another hate America film would win an award, but honestly - look at those queer people who are voting.

And no, it wasn't just in front of the camera. Backstage, our so-called "stars" and wannabe important queer acting Hollyweird types got their chance to speak of their liberal political opinions. As if anyone gives a shit!

Louis-Dreyfus talked of how the current political climate influenced her role in some film that no one saw.

The creator of "Modern Family," Steve Levitan noted his hope for "all political candidates to support marriage equality."

Claire Danes spoke enthusiastically about President Obama's affection for her show "Homeland." Ultra-violent "Breaking Bad" lead actor winner Damian Lewis detailed his "insightful" political views on the "polarization" of the political landscape and the impact of 9/11.

Weak minds and queer behavior!

Strange, very queer indeed, but no one mentioned how Obama has done nothing to help the economy or stop the EPA's assault on farms and the coal industry and small businesses across the nation?

Not one liberal talked about Obama through incentives has encouraged American companies to leave America and relocate in poorer nations?

Not one liberal actor or producer or director asked people to stop the attacks on Christians here and abroad, or why Obama finds the time to appear on "The View" and David Letterman yet not find time to meet with the Prime Minister of Israel?

It is very queer that some of those in Hollywood, did not take the time to condemn their own industry for its prolific violence and immorality, or their incessant attacks on Christianity?

Why is it that not one self-rightious liberal there talked about Obama encouraging Muslim radicals?

Why can't ultra-left guys like Tom Hanks find the cojones to condemn Muslim violence, or the Muslim world's queer behavior of abusing their women, or even criticize Obama skipping out on his own National Security Intel Briefings?

No, not one liberal at the Democrat Love Fest got up there to use their microphone time to condemn Hollywood for advocating the use of drugs and random senseless violence that is responsible for inspiring the Aurora Colorado mass murderer.

Hollywood is a whorehouse, and most of those there that night are whores and pimps. They compromise any sort of principle for personal gain, even if that means sucking up to the political left in America.

If not, then why didn't any of those so-called "stars" and other libs care about the real problems that America is facing right now.

Why aren't these wannabe intellectuals talking about Obama spending SIX TRILLION DOLLARS in 3 years and America has nothing to show for it?

And no, I don't think giving $10 Billion to Brazil to explore for oil, or Stimulus Fund contract to China is OK? But the liberals at the Emmys must have, because after all, it wasn't mentioned at all.

Where are these liberals on Fast & Furious and how Obama's Justice Department armed the Mexican Drug Cartels with over 2,000 weapons and is directly responsible for hundreds of murders?

How come no one there talked about the National Security Intelligence leaks from the Obama White House, or the global instability brought on by a lack of leadership from the White House?

Strange isn't it that no one Hollywood liberal, including that ultra-left poster boy Tom Hanks, mentioned the rise in poverty or the huge increase in food stamps or the high number of businesses that are closing after almost 4 years of Obama?

Not one liberal at the Emmy Awards stood up and asked why Obama has given $1.5 Billion of taxpayer money to Egypt for no reason, or why Obama and Hillary Clinton attacked a YouTube film and took its director into custody?

I would think that that would hit home? But then again, it just shows that Hollywood has no loyalty - not even to other film makers.

Instead of focusing on the real issues, Hollyweird is worried about gay marriage and pushing a liberal agenda that is against everything that most of America believes in.

And yes, American ain't buying what Hollywood is selling.

Want evidence of that? Well, the politically-charged telecast - which aired on ABC - was not embraced by all those outside the Tinseltown bubble.

"If I wanted to hear vapid people talking about politics, I would read half my friends' Facebook walls," tweeted one. Another wrote that the Kimmel's political hate speech was "unnecessary."

One commented that the political chatter during an awards show was "just non-sense," and another noted that "Hollywood is delusional" in response to the proclamation by Kevin Costner that night.

In what was an unbelievable statement, Costner, who won an award for lead actor in a TV movie/miniseries for his role History's "Hatfields and McCoys," said that "everyone talks about politics, but it's so freaking hard to get films made about politics."

That was a very odd comment, an absolute queer statement to make, since several of this year's Emmys nominees from "Game Change" to "Homeland" to "Veep" to his own film were based on political themes.

Costner's comment sparked one viewer to tweet, "It is hard to make movies about politics? Then why are there 40,000,000 of them?"

Politics aside, the Emmy ceremony was widely panned by reviewers and industry watchers. called it "hideous" and Kimmel's hosting performance "bad".

The Chicago Tribune referred to the show as being "far from a ringing endorsement of Hollywood's ability to produce anything but an eye-rolling awards show."

There is one thing that I find really interesting about all of their awful behavior. Its about the business end of making films.

Why would anyone selling a product, in this case wanting to get people to watch your film, go out of their way to offend as many people as possible in the process?

Why offend the vast majority of Americans outside of Hollywood if you need them as viewers?

The answer probably rests in their very strange way of thinking. It's probably the same reasoning they use when they make shows that insult and attack most Americans, specifically Christians and Conservatives.

It most likely goes straight to their queer behavior of not caring if they make television shows that people are not going to watch.

It's probably the same reason that Hollywood and its liberals like Tom Hanks think they can stick their finger in your eye. They figure they have a captured audience and we will watch what they put out no matter what.

But honestly, that's queer thinking on their part.

Story by Tom Correa

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  1. The words "queer" and "gay" sure have evolved overtime. Those words used to mean "strange" and "happy". Now they're just words that refer to homosexuals that governor Ron Desantis doesn't want us to say. Excuse me? But isn't the very thing you DON'T want us to say the thing you just said. You said, "DON'T say gay." But what did you do just now? You said gay! That's like the game Riley and Huey played with Grandpa Freeman on "The Boondocks" where they try to get him to say "No Homo" and every time he says he WON'T say it, he says it! As for the Sherlock Holmes films, I didn't know they even used that word "queer" until you mentioned it Tom. See, I learn something new every day. I think it was the film, "Tower Of London" where Holmes used that word. I think he said something along the lines of, "My, Watson, this establishment is a bit queer". He wasn't talking about a gay bar in the homophobic sense. He was talking about how strange the location was. Because that's what the word meant at the time. And the movie took place in 1899 where terms such as "queer" and "gay" were being used differently from today. For example, all the Westerns I've watched have used the words "queer" or "gay" but in a different meaning. This was long before "Brokeback Mountain" so bear with me. They would say things all the time such as, "Hey Burt, that fella acts a might queer". Or the bartender would tell a saloon girl, "Hey, Lilly, come on. We're gonna have us a gay old time!" They didn't tell Marshal Dillon or Cheyenne Bodie things like, "Did you know Sitting Bull's brother was queer?" or "Hey, do you think this outfit is too gay?" That would have offended the censors. But nowadays, the damn PC culture wants to cancel us faster than Alec Baldwin's failed attempt at the Western movie "Rust". But that's as far as I'm going on that. As for who can play and who SHOULD play Sherlock Holmes, all I can say is "Always hire a British guy". Don't ever let Americans play Sherlock Holmes. Unless it's me or Joaquin Phoenix then it's okay. Because I can do a British accent. And as for Joaquin Phoenix? Well, he LOOKS like Sherlock Holmes. So in retrospect, yes. Different words have different meanings overtime. And another thing, screw you Desantis. I'll say whatever the Hell I want. Because I know they're. here. And I know they're queer. But I'm used to it. Nah nanny boo boo. Stick your head in doo doo.


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