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RANDOM SHOTS! Drunk in Seattle, Global Warming Guru "Alarmist," George Zimmerman, and Much More!


Taking Away Our Liberties

To many in America, at the heart of this next election is the question of the loss of American Liberty.

Like it or not, our freedom, our liberty, will not be taken from us in one swift action by the government - but instead piece by piece through regulations and restrictions and demands from the State.

Right now, Americans are fighting mad about over-regulation coming from the Federal, State and Local governments. It's effecting every American, even local farms are in a fight to stop growing regulation.

In Haverhill, Massachusetts, family farmer Marlene Stasinos is having to jump through hoops just to raise a few pigs for her family.

The Stasinos family have been farming in and around Haverhill for three generations, but she says backyard farming is under attack. Their farm has been a farm for over 200 years.

“It's tough to grow local when the regulations stop you,” she said.

Last year, Stasinos and her husband Chris were raising eight pigs on her 139-acre hay farm. Then the local City of Haverhill Board of Health stepped in.

"They told us no," she recalls. "We couldn’t believe it."

She says the board told her her barn was too close to the road and too close to her home.

"This barn has been here for 200 years," she said, pointing out that for most of that time, it housed livestock. "They used to build barns close to the main road to make it easier to get the meat to market."
As insane as it sounds, the City of Haverhill has rules that require livestock be kept more than 100 feet from a home and more than 300 feet from a property line.

City of Haverhill, Ma, Board of Health, Stabling Regulations

"If every farm in Haverhill followed those rules," Marlene Stasinos said. "There would be no farms left."

She says local rules and regulations make growing local untenable.

"Unfortunately, it's going to put us out of business," she said. "We are not going to be able to continue farming if the regulations keep squeezing us."

Hogwash, says attorney Arthur Aidala, who says regulations are necessary whenever you’re raising animals.

"These are animals people are going to eat and people are living right next to," he says, and like a true beurucrat goes on to say, "You have to regulate them."

Yes, he said, "people are living right next to [the pigs]!

Why worry about who lives next to 8 pigs housed in a barn located on 139 acres? Why not allow 8 pigs on 139 acres?

That's right, the Stasinos family have 139 acres. So no, this isn't some city lot in the middle of town - this is in a rural area zoned for agriculture. And yes, they are raising only 8 pigs!

"No one is saying they can't raise the pigs," countered Aidala, "what we are saying is if you are going to raise the pigs, we want you to maintain certain standards so that everyone's health and safety is secure.”

Peter Carbone of the City of Haverhill Board of Health agrees. Sounding like Obama, he says, "This is a work in progress." He also says that the city of 60,000 is debating the issue, "There could possibly be a vote in May.”

The Stasinos, and other farming families, have gotten some help lately. The City of Haverhill, and pointedly Peter Carbone, have come under fire from farming groups throughout Massachusetts who say if Haverhill’s rules are adopted by other towns -  it will be the end of local farming in Massachusetts all together.

"First they get rid of pigs," said Rich Bonnano, president of the Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation, "then they're going to come after chickens, then maybe beef."

Rich Bonnano says the City of Haverhill set its rules with no idea about what it takes to raise animals. He says the town and other towns like it will end up with no local food.

"It's an attack on the buy local movement," Bonnano said.

Peter Carbone says he is just concerned about people’s health and safety. It sounds like he's just trying to justify his position by coming up with nonsense like bothering family farmers.
“Pigs aren't a risk to anybody's health,” counters Stasinos, who says, “over-regulation is the real health problem.”

“We won’t be able to grow food if they keep over-regulating us,” she said.

The irony is that Haverhill started out as a farming community, and per the 2010 census about 7.0% of families and 9.1% of the population were below the poverty line, including 12.3% of those under age 18 and 10.0% of those age 65 or over.

Since almost 10% of the population in below the poverty line, I can't help but wonder how town lawmakers can make it harder for its people to raise their own food - and still sleep at night?

Congress to charge Attorney General Eric Holder with Contempt

House GOP leaders said Friday they are pursuing a plan to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. and the Justice Department in contempt for “stonewalling” them over information regarding the administration’s failed Fast and Furious gun-tracking program.

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa confirmed to Fox News that House Speaker John Boehner gave him and others on his House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform the authority to drafted a contempt of Congress resolution.

“We have a few other options (but) to a great extent we’ve been stonewalled by the Justice Department,” said Issa, R-Calif.

The news of the document and the extended meeting in Boehner’s office was reported first by The Los Angeles Times.

“We have issued a subpoena,” Utah GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, a member of the oversight committee, said earlier on Fox News. “We have bent over backwards to be patient and take time. (Holder) is leading us down a path where we have no other choice.”

The resolution, if approved by the GOP-led House, could force Holder to release thousands of pages of documents related to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ program.

Holder and other Justice Department officials say they are cooperating with Congress’ investigators.

The Fast and Furious program was run by the ATF’s Phoenix office from 2009 until early 2011. It allowed illegal gun purchases with the expectation of tracking the weapons to Mexican Drug Cartel leaders. However, of the thousands of guns the feds smuggled into Mexico, hundreds of guns disappeared and eventually turning up at crime scenes all over Mexico.

"The Justice Department has not fully cooperated with the investigation into gun-walking that occurred in Operation Fast and Furious.The House Oversight Committee continues to make necessary preparations to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt if the Justice Department refuses to change course and stop blocking access to critical documents," a House Oversight Committee spokesperson said.

"While the committee continues to move toward consideration of contempt, it is important to note that the next step in the process of contempt must be made by the Oversight committee Reports, based on anonymous sources, that decisions for consideration of contempt on the House floor have already been made are inaccurate.”

It is import for people to remember that both President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder refuse to take responsibility for the gun running operation.

At this time, Obama can be proud of the fact that no one is being held accountable for the deaths - of both Mexicans and Americans - that have resulted from the criminal act of allowing any guns to leave this country and enter another.

Since we know what and where it was done, why hasn't the News Media asked Obama to explain who is being held responsible for this? And ask, why did his administration OK this criminal act?


Global Warming Guru says "I made a mistake!"

British Environmental, the man that most in the Global Warming movement called a "Guru," James Lovelock admits he was an "Alarmist" about Climate Change in the past.

James Lovelock, the maverick scientist who became a guru to the environmental movement with his “Gaia” theory of the Earth as a single organism, has admitted to being “alarmist” about climate change and says other environmental commentators such as Al Gore were too.

Lovelock, 92, is writing a new book in which he will say climate change is still happening, but not as quickly as he once feared.

He previously painted some of the direst visions of the effects of climate change. In 2006, in an article in the U.K.’s Independent newspaper, he wrote that "before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable."

Yup, I'd say that that was like yelling Fire in a crowded theatre for no reason.

But now, the professor has a different story as he openly admitted in a telephone interview with MSNBC - believe it or not - that he now thinks he had been "extrapolating too far."

His new book reflect his new opinion that global warming has not occurred as he had expected.

"The problem is we don’t know what the climate is doing. We thought we knew 20 years ago. That led to some alarmist books – mine included – because it looked clear-cut, but it hasn’t happened," Lovelock said.

"The climate is doing its usual tricks. There’s nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now," he said.

"The world has not warmed up very much since the millennium. Twelve years is a reasonable time… it (the temperature) has stayed almost constant, whereas it should have been rising - carbon dioxide is rising, no question about that," he added.

He pointed to Gore’s "An Inconvenient Truth" and Tim Flannery’s "The Weather Makers" as other examples of being unwarranted "alarmists."

In 2007, Time magazine named Lovelock as one of 13 leaders and visionaries in an article on “Heroes of the Environment,” which also included Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev and Robert Redford.

"Jim Lovelock has no university, no research institute, no students. His almost unparalleled influence in environmental science is based instead on a particular way of seeing things,” Oliver Morton, of the journal Nature wrote in Time.

“Humble, stubborn, charming, visionary, proud and generous, his ideas about Gaia have started a change in the conception of biology that may serve as a vital complement to the revolution that brought us the structures of DNA and proteins and the genetic code."

Lovelock also won the U.K.’s Geological Society’s Wollaston Medal in 2006. In a posting on its website, the society said it was “rare to be able to say that the recipient has opened up a whole new field of Earth science study” – referring to the Gaia theory of the planet as single complex system.

However Lovelock, who works alone at his home in Devon, England, has fallen out with the green movement in the past, particularly after saying countries should build nuclear power stations to help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions caused by coal and oil.

Many in the Global Warming Industry won't admit that they made a mistake. Many outside of the self-serving Environmental movement believe it is a well organized swindle, completely intentional on their part to do nothing but rake in the dollars with bogus scams like making people and companies buy "Carbon Credits".

All just a Con Artist's dream!


State of California May Allow Others - Besides Doctors  - to Perform Abortions

Believe it or not, this might sound fabricated - but it's not!

Because of a study in which non-physicians performed more than 8,000 abortions, liberal California lawmakers are now proposing a bill that would allow people who are not doctors to terminate pregnancies.

The Los Angeles Times reported this last week that the measure would significantly expand the number of abortion providers by allowing Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Midwives, and Physician Assistants to perform the most common first-trimester abortion procedure.

The bill’s supporters, including Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California, say the results of a five-year study by the University of California at San Francisco prove that non-physicians can perform abortions as safely as medical doctors.

Tracy Weitz, an associate professor who led the state-authorized study, said 41 midwives, nurse practitioners, and medical assistants performed more than 8,000 first-trimester abortions, which she described as "medically very simple with very rare complications."

Carol Tobias, president of the National Right to Life Committee, said she was surprised abortion advocates would support a bill "lessening the medical requirements for someone who can do an abortion."

"That does nothing to promote safety or protect women's health," she said.
According to the Times, Carol Tobias also said the bill shows that "California is out of step with the rest of the country," compared to what other states are doing to impose tougher restrictions on abortions.

It's typical for the leftist who run the State of California to first argue that women who want abortions should be able to do so in hospitals legally, and now they reverse themselves and want to make back-alley abortions acceptable.

The twisted logic of the liberal mind is an assault to the senses of sane men and women.


9mm Kel-Tec PF-9
 Why did George Zimmerman carry a gun?

Well, unlike what you might hear in the Liberal News Media - no, it wasn't to shoot saintly black teenagers!

Fact is, George Zimmerman and his wife began carrying handguns after repeated encounters with an extremely scary pit bull.

The volunteer neighborhood watch Captain continued carrying a weapon as he did his job to secure a gated community in Sanford, Florida, as a string of burglaries had many neighbors frightened for their safety.

The Zimmerman's both took firearms training courses and got handguns and concealed carry permits in late 2009 after a pit bull named Big Boi menaced Shellie Zimmerman near their home. That's a full three years before George Zimmerman's was attacked by Trayvon Martin.

Reports indicate that Big Boi later went for a dog owned by Zimmerman's mother-in-law, prompting the Zimmermans to contact Seminole County Animal Services and to buy pepper spray.

After a third encounter with the dog, Zimmerman called authorities and an officer who came to the house advised him to take up arms.

"Don't use pepper spray," the officer told the Zimmermans, according to a friend who relayed the conversation to Reuters who reported this sequence of events. "It'll take two or three seconds to take effect, but a quarter-second for the dog to jump you. Get a gun."

That November, Reuters reported, the Zimmermans heeded that advice and bought two guns in early December.

George Zimmerman selected a lightweight Kel-Tec PF-9 which is a  9mm.pistol. It is not clear if that was the same gun that killed Martin on February 26th after he was attacked by the teenager.

Zimmerman, 28, who claims he acted in self-defense after Martin attacked him, has been charged with second-degree murder. After being released from jail on $150,000 bail, he has gone into hiding fearing for his life.

The Liberal News Media, and Black politicians like Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama, have drummed up a desire for vengeance within the Black community. And yes, there are those in the Black community who have a lynch mob mentality and are already threatening riots in the streets if they don't get what they want in the way of a death penalty conviction. 


Energy Independence means Dig, Drill, Discover, and Deregulate .... 
or Lose the Election!

President Barack Obama’s horrible Energy Policies are so unpopular with the American people that those policies may be all it takes to give Mitt Romney a victory in November's Presidential Election, says Republican Congressman Representative Morgan Griffith.

"In my district, we just got another rate increase request from one of the power companies," said the Virginia congressman who sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee. "People are starting to realize that a lot of this is caused by Obama polices and they’re not happy about it."

But it is not just the cost of energy that is affected by the White House’s energy policies, jobs are disappearing too, he said.

Griffith, whose district in extreme southwest Virginia includes much of the state’s coal mining industry, is proposing a "4-D Solution" to the country’s energy woes: Dig, Drill, Discover, and Deregulation.

"A big part of what’s happening out here is we’re not allowed to dig and discover the things that we can use and we also have regulations that are causing energy prices to go up," he said.

Representative Griffith and millions of other Americans are not very happy with Obama for his stated goal of pushing energy prices up.  And yes, Obama thinks his wit, mocking others, sly comments, and a smile will make people forget it's his fault that we're in this horrible situation.

A situation that's forcing Americans to make choices between buying gas for their cars to get to work, or pay their mortgage on time, or even buy food for their children.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, then-candidate Obama talked up his Cap and Trade Proposal, telling the San Francisco Chronicle "Because I’m capping greenhouse gases, coal power plants, you know, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money. They will pass that money on to consumers."

He said this as if this is OK! And yes, as my wife says, it's amazing that anyone voted for him knowing that he said such a thing.

Griffith called Obama "a true believer that we shouldn’t be using any of the fossil fuels: oil, natural gas, or coal."

"He’s staked out a position on that and, except for natural gas, he’s going to stick with that position."

He said the only reason the president is not gunning for natural gas already is due to fears about his re-election prospects. "He realized if he didn’t have something to turn to besides algae, he was going to be in deep trouble ."

But if Obama beats Romney in November, natural gas will be his next target, Griffith predicted. "After the election, when he feels more flexible, natural gas will be in the sights of his attempts to drive up those costs of fossil fuels."

Griffith said Obama's refusal to give the green light to the Keystone XL pipeline is just one part of the president's assault on American energy. "It is the easiest one for folks to understand," he said.

"Obviously that has an impact on our energy," he said. "People understand that he’s not in favor of using North American resources to help us with our energy needs."

But stringent new regulations aimed at reducing emissions from power plants are hurting just as badly, Griffith added, saying a new coal-powered plant in his district is so clean it will cut emissions by 95 percent — but that is still not good enough for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

"Plans for future coal-fired power plants are all being scrapped as we look across the board," added the freshman House member. "Everyone who’s got one on the table has got to be thinking about whether or not they’re going to go forward."

As far as gasoline is concerned, Griffith believes prices have probably peaked and may even start to come down, but that has more to do with international events than Obama’s policies.

"I'd be much more comfortable if we were drilling for our own oil and we had become energy independent, but this president doesn’t have any intent of going that direction," he said. "He wants to rely on Brazil or the Saudis and I’d rather rely on Americans."

"We’ll have to see what the prices do. If they start to go back up in late summer, it will have an impact on the presidential election, as those people who are in the middle of it and are just trying to survive, realize that this president’s policies are a complete failure."

Like millions of Americans, I believe that "Dig, Drill, Discover, and Deregulation" is the only way out of us being held hostage by foreign oil and the Democrat Party.

I'm hoping that Obama gets a Pink Slip in November and is shown the door as a result of his arrogance and unwillingness to CHANGE!


Feds Out Of Control: EPA Official Uses Word "Crucify" When Talking About It's Methods

For a great example of the sort of attitude that one of the most power hungry agencies in the United States Federal Government has these days, here a story about a top administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who has apologized for using the word "crucify" when describing the agency's enforcement policies.

Besides actually using the word "Crucify," he had to apologize for saying the EPA makes examples of people and firms in the oil and gas industry.

EPA Region 6 administrator Al Armendariz issued a written apology Wednesday after video surfaced of him at a meeting in Texas in May 2010. 

Armendariz was answering a question about EPA enforcement. Instead of keeping it some what professional, he didn't even come close to keeping it professional in his answer.

The video shows him saying that in the Middle Ages, the Romans would enter a troublesome town, "take the first five guys they saw and crucify them." Then the town would be "really easy to manage for the next few years."

He then said "the EPA similarly makes examples of oil and gas companies" not complying with the law.

If this is what's going on in the EPA, if this is their attitude, than there should be a Congressional Investigation into their practices immediately.
  • The Border Patrol is finding agents taking cash for running guns and looking the other way as drugs and people flow across our Southern border.
  • The GSA is spending money like no body's business and taking pictures of each other in the act of doing it. 
  • The Secret Service is out whoring around in Foreign Capitals - great examples of America there.
  • The EPA is talking like they are the supreme power in the land.
  • Obama wants the IRS to be the watchdog over a person's healthcare choice and actually fine Americans who don't buy into Obama Care.
Friends, the Federal Government is completely out of control. It needs to be reined in quickly, if not, I fear big trouble will follow.


Drunk In Seattle!

In Washington state, some folks don't go in for trendy special style coffees made from goat droppings.

Instead, beer is their drink of choice. And folks, according to a brew-master friend who lives in Washington, there are well over 60 breweries there.

Of course, problems are sometimes associated with beer just as with any alcohol beverage. Like anyone, I can recall some very interesting problems when I was drinking more than I should. And yes, looking back to those days, I have to admit that some situations that I'd gotten myself into were a lot funnier than others.

But trust me when I say that I never topped this man in Seattle, Washington, who called the Police to report his car stolen.

Seattle police arrested a "highly intoxicated" man Saturday after he reported his car stolen, only for officers to find him sitting in the passenger seat when they responded to the 911 call. Imagine that!

The man was facing charges of making a false police report, The Seattle Times reported.

According to the Seattle Police Department, the man made the call just after midnight, claiming his 2009 Audi had been stolen and that he gave chase but the thief drove away.

When police arrived at the scene, they quickly found the car - and yes, the man was sitting in it.

Police said he made the call because he did not want his friend, who he felt was also inebriated, to drive his Audi. It was not clear to the Police or anyone else with a few brain cells still in tact exactly how reporting his car as stolen would prevent the friend from taking the wheel.

The car was being driven by the friend when police found them. And according to police, the man was right about the condition of his friend, who was subsequently arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

One unconfirmed report said that the Police noted the OBAMA 2012 bumper sticker on the Audi and immediately understood what kind of jackass would call the Police when he's sitting in his own car!

Story by Tom Correa

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

RANDOM SHOTS! Sofia Vergara, Available U.S. Oil, Bank of America Now Anti-Gun, Jon Stewart Hates Christians, and More!


Bank of America now has Anti-Gun Policy and Political Agenda

Some speculate that it's because of its close ties to the Obama White House. Some say it's because they want to get on the good side of the Obama administration in their second term. Some believe that Bank of America's last bailout was bigger than ever, and they may need another.

For whichever reason, Bank of America now has an Anti-Gun Political Agenda.

Case and point, the new Bank of America Anti-Gun Policy was revealed recently when the McMillan Fiberglass Stocks, McMillan Firearms Manufacturing and McMillan Group International - who have been collectively banking with Bank of America for 12 years - were told by Bank of America to take their business somewhere else!

The reason: It is an American firearms manufacturer.

That's right, Bank of America is now joining the Anti-Gun Lobby with a Political Agenda in place. And yes, they have started by telling firearms companies that their business is no longer welcome.

Though, according to Operations Director Kelly McMillan, his company has never been late on a payment and has never bounced a check - and the debt outstanding on its line of credit is at 61 percent - at Bank of America's request, the McMillan group of companies would soon be paying off its credit line and closing its accounts.

On Facebook, McMillan described a meeting at his office with Ray Fox, a Bank of America Business Banking Senior Vice President. What was originally scheduled as an "account analysis" meeting, quickly became a political brawl.

Kelly McMillan, said that the Bank of America Vice President "spent 5 minutes talking about how McMillan has changed in the last 5 years and have become more of a firearms manufacturer than a supplier of accessories."

"At this point I interrupted him," McMillan said, and asked, "Can I possibly save you some time so that you don’t waste your breath? What you are going to tell me is that because we are in the firearms manufacturing business - you no longer what my business."

Bank of America Business Banking Senior Vice President simply replied, "That is correct."

McMillan said he now plans to move his company’s account to "a more Second Amendment-friendly bank" as soon as it can be done.

He recalls telling the Bank of America executive that he planned to tell the National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and his other gun-loving friends "that Bank of America is not firearms-industry-friendly."

"You have to do what you must" was the Bank of America representative's reply, then said. "We have to assess the risk of doing business with a firearms related industry."

The McMillan group of companies may have the last laugh: It is considering no longer accepting Bank of America credit cards for purchases.

As for me, I will boycott Bank of America and every other company that is Anti-Second Amendment. To me, being Anti-Gun is being Anti-Second Amendment - and being Anti-Second Amendment is Anti-American at it worse.

Because of that, I'm letting as many friends and relatives know about this. So far, my wife and friends who have an account with Bank of America have said that they are now considering closing their accounts.

I recommend every American boycott Bank of America, and any other companies that does not support the Constitution or the rights of American citizens.

I absolutely refuse to do business with companies like Bank of America who refuse to do business with American firearms manufacturers - and subsequently American citizens who exercise our rights under the United States Constitution to keep and bear arms.

I refuse to do business with anyone or any company who has joined the Anti-Second Amendment movement.

Whether I boycott the movies of Hollywood types who are part of the Anti-Gun Agenda, or I boycott corporations who have joined the Anti-Gun ilk, I do not want to give a single dime to those who want to take away my rights.

That's just the way I am!


Grandma Kicks Butt In Shootout!

Police in Georgia say a grandmother foiled a robbery attempt by two armed men by getting into a shootout with them, injuring one man.

Lulu Campbell just dropped off her grandson at her daughter's house early Saturday morning when someone demanded money outside her car, the whole time threatening to shoot her. Then, believe it or not, Campbell says the man shot at her - but missed!

Bad move on the assailant's part because the 57-year-old Grandma fired back - striking him in the chest.

Her truck sustained eight bullet holes in the hood, one in the grill. Both front side windows were also destroyed.

The second man fled after she shot at him. Campbell, who owns convenience stores and gas stations, is always armed.

Police say 32 year old Brenton Lance Spencer has been hospitalized and was charged with aggravated assault and attempted armed robbery.

Lulu Campbell is reported to have said she'd do it again if messed with!

This old gal is someone who I can definitely respect. She's does the job that needs to get done!


Jon Stewart's Anti-Christian Attitude Is No Joke

A writer recently penned:

"The Daily Show starring Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report starring Stephen Colbert, presents young people with a false, cynical view of important political, cultural, and religious issues and events of the day. Stewart, Colbert, and their writers use ridicule, sarcastic cynicism, and sometimes even obscenity to mock their more conservative political and cultural opponents, including traditional Christianity and Christian leaders."

He couldn't be more right!

Media Research Center (MRC), a media watchdog group, is challenging political satirist Jon Stewart to be an "equal opportunity bigot."

Stewart offended millions of American Christians by placing the Nativity across female genitals in a picture shown on his show. The Daily Show host Jon Stewart ran the lewd photo of a woman with the Nativity scene because he was trying to make some sick political point about Christians and Conservatives.

In response, Media Research Center (MRC) president Brent Bozell went on Twitter to dare Stewart to desecrate either the Koran or the Torah in the same way that he offended millions of Christians by using the Nativity scene in such a crude fashion.

The MRC's Dan Gainor asserts that his group is certainly not for the desecration of any faith, but says Bozell's challenge was made knowing that Stewart's type of comedy applies only to anti-Christian bigotry.

"This is classic Jon Stewart: will attack Christians, will make fun of something that's Christian," Gainor offers. "And then you look at that network - Comedy Central is one that has run and hid from possibly even vaguely offending Muslims."

Gainor believes the liberal media's attacks on Christians during the early part of 2012 have been unprecedented. "Just this year has probably been the worst, most anti-Christian year in media I think quite possibly ever," he decides.

Yes it's happening, and it seems to be getting worse every time I look at what's being reported in today's news.


U.S. has 26% of World Oil Supply

The report said that Republican Senators are accusing President Obama of pushing a "less-than-honest" claim about the scarcity of domestic oil, after a U.S. Geological Survey study showed the United States might actually hold a quarter of the world's untapped oil supply.

Obama enjoys using a much different statistic in speeches.

He said recently, as he has before, that the problem is we use more than 20 percent of the world's oil and we only have 2 percent of the world's oil reserves.

That is a lie!

A new U.S. Geological Survey just released paints a seemingly different picture. The analysis showed the world outside of the U.S. holds 565 billion barrels of undiscovered conventional oil - it was the first such study in 12 years.

The study did not address U.S. resources, but a prior analysis by the Energy Information Administration pegged the country's supply at 198 billion barrels. That works out to 26 percent of the world supply.
Sens. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, say "the 2 percent stat is becoming obsolete."

"Well, there goes President Obama's favorite talking point," Inhofe said in a statement.

"The president's own administration has released a report which reveals that the United States has 26 percent of the world's technically recoverable conventional oil resources, and that's not including our enormous oil shale, tight oil and heavy oil resources. This report from the U.S. Geological Survey is vindication for anyone who thought that President Obama's claims - are less than honest."

"President Obama's claims are less than honest" is the way politicians say "Obama is lying again!"


Kansas City Homeowners Fight Back ... With Guns!

A report out of Kansas City, Missouri, recently talked about there being two Home Invasions in three days. Now some homeowners in the area are fed up with the violence and lack of respect. They are now fighting back.

On April 9th, a Kansas City woman, who was scared for her life, shot and killed a 17-year-old armed intruder. She says he forced his way inside her home near 58th and Garfield, pointed a gun at her head and put her in a closet.

The young man died Monday afternoon after a woman says she shot him in self-defense after he put a gun to her head and locked her in a closet.

Police say two young men, in their teens knocked on the woman’s door and asked to see a man. When the woman at the house in the 5800 block of Garfield told the men he wasn’t there, police say the men forced their way in, pointed a gun at the woman’s head, and put her in a closet.

While they rummaged through her house, the woman, who is in her 20s says she found the gun that she hides in the closet. She stepped out of the closet and shot one of the men. He stumbled out of the house, into the yard, and collapsed in the front yard, where a neighbor found him.

Police have identified the young man as 17-year-old Trevor Garms of Kansas City, Missouri.

"There was some bloody clothes and he was just shakin’ terribly shaking," said Liz Randle. "And I said, 'Oh. He done got shot,' and his clothes - they came down below his waist - and he was really, really looking awfully bad."

The woman told police the other man, who was dressed in an orange shirt, ran from the scene.
Police say charges are not likely since it appears the woman acted in self-defense.

"Uh yeah. I'd have got him. He come up on your house, he deserve to get shot," said Albert Jordan, another neighbor.

Early Wednesday morning, a similar frightening situation, in Raytown.

Police say two men, one armed with a rifle, the other with a handgun, burst inside a couple’s home and demanded money - then asked for a man, who didn’t live there.

When the home invaders ran before cops arrived, the male homeowner, fired shots at the fleeing pair, who got away. It’s not known if either man was hit. Police are still looking for both men.

"We’re very fed up," said neighborhood watch Captain Dayna Schroeder. "We constantly watch. We take note of whose around."

Schroeder put a mini-surveillance camera in her front yard to watch out for the bad guys.

Back in the Kansas City neighborhood, where the woman says she shot the young intruder in self-defense, Michelle Robinson, a mother of four your children, says she'd pull a pistol to protect her family.

"We're tired of the violence. We're tired of the violence. We're tired of the killings. We're tired of the break-ins, things have got to change," she said.

And yes, it sounds like they're bringing in change by standing up for themselves - and with gun in hand if need be!


Why isn't the beating of a White American at the hands of a Black American considered a "Hate Crime"?

Police have arrested Terry Rawls in the beating of a Matthew Owens. It is a case with very little interest on the side of the News Media because it is a White-Alabama, a Ccaucasin- American, being beaten by a mob of Black-Americans, African-Americans.

Matthew Owens

Terry Rawls, 44, has been arrested and was charged with first-degree assault. Rawls and victim Matthew Owens - but now Chad Tucker, a spokesman for the Mobile County District Attorney's Office is trying to play the act down by saying that it had been an ongoing feud dating back to 2009.

Terry Rawls

Matthew Owens, of Mobile, Alabama, was attacked by a group of 20 Blacks at about 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

It took place after Owens told a group of Black teenagers to stop playing basketball in the middle of Delmar Drive. This is according to Ashley Rains, public information officer for the Mobile Police Department.

After the teenagers left the area, a group of angry Black adults armed with weapons including baseball bats, paint cans and other weapons returned and confronted Owens in his front yard - where upon he was attacked and beaten with the intent to kill him.

Matthew Owens' sister, Ashley Parker, told WKRG that she witnessed the attack and that there were as many as 20 Black assailants. Parker said she overheard one of them say, "Now that's justice for Trayvon."

Of course the Trayvon comment is about Trayvon Martin, who was the 17 year old who attacked a Neighborhood Watch Captain George Zimmerman for no apparent reason.

Zimmerman who found himself overpowered by the younger taller youth felt he was in mortal danger when Trayvon Martin was slamming his head into the concrete sidewalk. Zimmerman used deadly force to defend himself and killed his attacker by shooting him.

After a political firestorm fueled by liberal activist, false reports on NBC and other new outlets, Black politicians, Black civil rights activists, and Black-supremacist, seized the tragic event to use it as an opportunity to agitate hatred for whites.

George Zimmerman, who has received death threats and has had a $10,000 Bounty placed on his head by the militant group The New Black Panthers, was charged with second-degree murder in Martin's death.

Zimmerman has made bail, but because he fears for his life - has now had to go into hiding as he awaits his trial.

Black-Americans have already called for Zimmerman's conviction, and some see no satisfactory conviction of Zimmerman as nothing but an excuse that the Black community will need to riot and destroy whole neighborhoods that they live in. Simply because they see anything other then a death penalty conviction as another sign of "racism" in the justice system.

As ridiculous as it sounds, Police Departments across the nation have voiced concern that riots will take place like those that occurred after the O.J.Simpson trial - if anything less than a death penalty conviction for Zimmerman is had.


Beautiful Sofia Vergara refused entry into New York City Nightclub

Years ago, when I was trying to learn Spanish, I used to watch a some of the shows on Univisión - the Spanish language television network.

It was the mid-1990s, and that was when I first saw the very beautiful, very funny, Sofia Vergara.

From 1995 to 1998, she co-hosts along with Fernando Fiore of Fuera de serie ("Out of the Ordinary" or "Over-the-Top"), a travel series that sent her to exotic places around the world. It was telecast on the international Univisión Spanish-language television network, and it made her a star in the Latin American market.

It also gave Vergara television exposure in the United States via the Univisión stations here. She co-hosted the Univisión show A que no te atreves ("I Dare You"), and she appeared as a guest star in the season-four opening of the HBO series Entourage.

Besides runway and catalog modeling work, Sofia Vergara also did independent projects, and she was photographed for posters and swimsuit calendars in 1998, 2000, and 2002.

Besides being one of the most attractive women in entertainment today, she is known for her hard work drive and determination to succeed - attributes that all Americans should admire and respect. 

She has been a wonderful addition to American television. She reminds me of a Latin version of Lucille Ball because her comedic timing is just perfect. With her expressions and messing around with the English language in the same way that Desi Arnaz used to do so back in the 50's on I Love Lucy with his Latina accent - Sofia is wonderful. She's a hoot!

Sofia Vergara was voted #1 on's Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2012 List. did ask the question, "Why is Sofia Vergara #1?

Their reply, "When it comes to Colombian imports, none are more in demand than Sofia Vergara these days. The jaw-dropping Modern Family star is one of our favorite things about one of our favorite comedies. Vergara shows off the best cleavage on network TV, and we've never been more jealous of Ed O'Neill. But despite her obvious assets, Vergara's also one very funny woman, lampooning stereotypes with her perfect timing."

So yes, I could hardly believe it when I'd heard that the very beautiful actress Sofia Vergara was refused entry into a New York nightclub all because she did not have an identification to prove that she was indeed 21 years of age.

This is my favoite picture of Sofia: She is simply stunning!

Since she is 39 years old, I guess her being carded was a sort of compliment - if it was weren't for the fact that it became a real problem that ended up with her leaving after being kept out of a party with friends.

You would think that being one of the most famous faces on television is supposed to be a guaranteed passport into the hottest nightspots. But the fact is that the very talented and extremely funny "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara was refused entry to a trendy New York club because she couldn't prove she was over 21 years of age by a Doorman who had no idea who she was.

And to make matters worse, he wouldn't take the word of others there.

The very beautiful 39-year-old Sofia was stopped by the Doorman on her way into an after show party for the opening night of the Broadway musical Ghost: the Musical.

The actress, who recently hosted Saturday Night Live, was asked to show some form of ID to prove she was aged over 21. When she explained that she did not have any with her, the Doorman refused to allow her into the Ava Lounge at the Dream Midtown Hotel in New York.

A friend is reported to have pleaded with the Doorman, even asking him, "Please. You know who this is, right?" But no dice, the Doorman shook his head and refused to allow her into the party.

Without further hassle, Sofia reportedly just said to heck with it and left without making a fuss. And yes, I can't help but wonder if that Doorman is looking for a new place to work.

The former Colombian model turned actress has become one of the most recognisable TV stars in the last two years thanks to her role on the hit comedy "Modern Family."

And just for the record, Sofia Vergara has been a working Mom since she was 20 years old. Her son Manolo Gonzalez-Ripoll Vergara is now 19 years old.

The almost 40 year old actress and her 19 year old son can both be seen here in a Got Milk ad.

Back in the stone ages when I was doing security work, I remember dealing with event and clubs that had celebrities and sports figures show up. Usually, we had a list of the who's who that might show up. We knew that we were the face of the event or club because we were the first people that our guests met when they arrived.

In all the years of doing security work, at all of the different levels of security, it never ceased to amaze me how the small bit of information would help me do my job.

Knowing that he'd be dealing with celebrities, I think that Doorman should have spent a little less time in the gym and more time doing his homework. Fact is, some celebrities just aren't as nice as Sofia Vergara. Some will raise a Hell and work their damnedest to get you fired.

But I don't think the Doorman at the Ava Lounge at the Dream Midtown Hotel in New York will really have to worry about that in the future - he probably won't be working around  celebs again.

Sofia Vergara and her son Manolo

Story by Tom Correa

Monday, April 23, 2012

Remington Arms Takes On NBC's Anti-Gun Agenda

Remington Arms Company, LLC, headquartered in Madison, North Carolina, designs, produces and sells sporting goods products for the hunting and shooting sports markets, as well as military, government and law enforcement markets.

Remington was founded in 1816 in upstate New York, and yes, the Company is one of America's oldest continuously operating firearms manufacturers.

Remington is the only U.S. manufacturer of both firearms and ammunition products. And yes, it has been producing both going back to the mid-1800s.

Remington is one of the largest domestic producers of shotguns and rifles. Remington Arms Company had revenues in 2004 of approximately $393 Million and it distributes its products throughout America as well as in over 55 foreign countries.

Though this American Company has been a huge part of American History in so many ways, that has not
stopped NBC and the Anti-Second Amendment Movement from attacking Remington Arms.

But friends, Remington is not taking it lying down and is standing strong against NBC's Anti-Gun Political Agenda.

It's true, Remington Arms is standing its ground against NBC, which has been going after the firearms manufacturer for what it deems are flaws that allow Remingtons to be fired without the trigger being pulled.

Despite the fact that Remington and the one lone plaintiff who had a problem came to an agreement, NBC keeps pressing the issue in an attempt to falsely say that Remington is hiding something.

First it was in 2010, NBC made false accusations against Remington for its Model 700. accusations that were ultimately proven complete untrue. Now again NBC is on their Anti-Gun bandwagon.

As recently as on April 11, 2012, Brian Williams again used NBC’s powerful media influence to spread its Anti-Gun Agenda. This time with the claim that the Model 870, Model 1100 and other Remington firearms have a design flaw.

But wait, before NBC aired its latest thinly veiled Anti-Gun Agenda attack, Remington came out with this statement:

"In yet another unwarranted attack on Remington and the firearms industry, NBC will soon air a report about Remington Arms and several of Remington's most popular shotguns and rifles.

In this upcoming story, NBC is using the same producer and reporter who, in 2010, attempted to denigrate our Company and the Model 700, the most popular bolt-­action rifle in the world.

Now they are at it again, only this time they have set their sights on the most popular shotguns in the world, the Remington Models 870 and 1100.

First, they went after 5 Million lawfully owned firearms.

Now, they’re going after over 20 Million firearms.

Gun owners and shooters are all too familiar with NBC’s long history of Anti-Gun reporting.

The Network proved its proclivity for sensational reporting and its aggressive Anti-Gun Agenda in its baseless attack on the Model 700, and its suggestion that the Consumer Product Safety Commission should control the firearms industry.

The previous CNBC story was based on rumors, unsubstantiated claims and misstatements, rather than factual evidence of the reliability and performance of the more than five million Model 700 bolt-­action rifles produced over 50 years.

The misinformation and sensational allegations were clearly addressed by Remington in a point-­by-point rebuttal, to which CNBC never bothered to respond.

We expect the same disregard for the facts and Anti-­Gun sentiment to be repeated in the upcoming NBC story.

Unfortunately, NBC continues to push the agendas of plaintiffs' attorneys and Anti-Gunners, relying on their clearly biased assertions, and upon paid so-­called "experts."

These "experts" have been repeatedly hired by plaintiff’s attorneys to testify against Remington, as well as at least 16 other firearms manufacturers, to suit their own personal and economic agendas.

Model 870 and 1100 owners know the truth.

These shotguns are used extensively under the most demanding conditions.

Tens of billions of rounds have been fired through these firearms, which are valued for their performance and durability by tens of Millions of hunters, shooters, law enforcement and military personnel who have relied on these firearms for over 60 years.

The experiences of these users stand as a sophisticated and time-­tested proof, to the quality and reliability of these firearm platforms.

The facts show that the Model 870 and 1100 are two of the most reliable shotguns ever produced.

Despite the efforts of plaintiffs' attorneys to drum up business against these popular firearms, no litigation is pending against the trigger mechanisms of these firearms and only one such lawsuit has been filed in the last seven years.

When contacted by NBC about this story, Remington provided the Network with a vast amount of information about the true facts of these iconic American firearms and the so-­called "expert" witnesses employed by plaintiffs' attorneys.

Given NBC's long standing relationship with plaintiffs' attorneys and their paid experts, Remington is not surprised that NBC has once again chosen to ignore the facts to push the Network's Anti-­Gun Agenda.

In light of NBC’s inherent bias, Remington declined to participate in an on-­‐camera interview, which would have exposed Remington to NBC’s questionable editing processes.

No biased and sensational media story can diminish the pride that Remington employees take in our Company and its products.

It is disappointing that NBC continues to choose sensationalism over American industry.

Remington's parent company employs nearly 3,000 proud Americans across 11 states, producing firearms and ammunition, 99% of which are Made in the USA.

Hunters and shooters pump approximately $25 Billion annually into the U.S. economy, supporting close to 600,000 domestic jobs, in addition to contributing approximately $2.9 Billion annually directly to wildlife and habitat conservation.

These agenda-­‐driven, sensational stories should be a warning to all lawful and responsible hunters, shooters and gun-owners to remain vigilant and steadfast in defense of our Second Amendment freedoms and the right of all Americans to safely hunt, shoot and protect ourselves and our families."

U.S. Marine in training
armed with a Remington Model 870 Shotgun

After NBC's Anti-Gun report which tried to again assault Remington Arms and its products, Remington came out and responded to say it like it is.

And yes, many agree that it is much more than NBC's so-called concern about gun safety that makes them use the very same witnesses and very same reporters and producers to do their "hit piece" on Remington. It is very apparent that NBC has an Anti-Gun Political Agenda. And though they may try to disguise it, they can't hide their true intentions. It's just too obvious.

Remington's response to the April 11, 2012, NBC attack:

"NBC continues to attack Remington and the firearms industry through sensational and factually inaccurate reporting. On April 11, 2012, Brian Williams again demonstrated NBC’s anti-gun agenda with the claim that the Model 870, Model 1100 and other Remington firearms have a design flaw.

That claim is demonstrably false and Remington stands fully behind the safety and reliability of the most popular shotguns in the world.

It wasn’t enough for NBC to attack over 20 million Remington firearms; they also called the Second Amendment into question by suggesting that there is a need for increased government regulation of firearms.

Model 870 and 1100 owners know the truth – these shotguns are used extensively under the most demanding conditions. Tens of billions of rounds have been fired through these firearms, which are valued for their performance and durability by millions of hunters, shooters, law enforcement and military personnel who have relied on Remington.

As the basis for its attacks, NBC continues to rely upon paid 'experts' who have been repeatedly hired by plaintiff’s attorneys to testify against Remington and at least 16 other firearms manufacturers.

The facts show that the Model 870 and 1100 are two of the most reliable shotguns ever produced – only one lawsuit has been filed in the last seven years and no litigation is pending against the trigger mechanisms of these firearms.

Deceptively editing and ignoring readily available documents and video evidence to drive NBC’s agenda is an all too familiar tactic. Remington stands by the reliability and safety of its firearms and will fully respond to
NBC’s attempt to disparage these iconic American products."

For me, I've had extensive experience with Remington Arms. I've owned a Model 870, a Model 1187, and a Model 740 Bushmaster for years - and yes, I can swear by their reliability.

Back in 2010, we at the American Legion in Glencoe were going to buy a Remington Model 700 rifle to raffle off. As everyone knows, non-profit organizations like the American Legion tries to raise needed funds through raffles and special events.

In 1962, Remington introduced the Model 700 bolt-action sniper rifle.

The rifle instantly became one of Remington's most successful firearms, and quickly lent itself to developments of many sub-variants, including the Remington 700 BDL, Remington 700PSS for police and law enforcement agencies which later renamed 700P, is very popular among law enforcement agencies, and of course the military M24 SWS which was the USA Army standard sniper rifle between 1988–2010 and still serves among other armed forces around the world, such as the IDF.

Other firearms companies designed and manufactured sniper rifles based on the reliable and accurate Remington Model 700 action.

While we, at the Legion, talked about raffling off a Model 700 rifle, one member who is really not very knowledgeable about firearms at all advised us about the NBC report which said the Remington Arms Model 700 was unsafe.

To many of us who know the history and reputation of the Remington Model 700, we figured that this NBC report must obviously be misleading for some reason - and knowing the liberal bias of NBC, it didn't surprise many of us when we talked about it. It is not unusual for the liberal controlled News Media to attack American firearms manufacturers.

Because that uninformed member believed that NBC report, which is commonly known as a "hit piece," we did not raffle off that rifle. Instead, someone very knowledgeable about firearms bought it from us. He made out because the rifle is truly a great rifle.

My example demonstrates what can take place when someone, even an Air Force Veteran who doesn't know much about guns in general, believes what they see on television.

And of course, that goes to the matter of honor and responsibility!

NBC has unlimited access to steer public opinion. With their power comes responsibility. It has a responsibility to not yell "fire" in a crowded theater. It has a responsibility to get its facts right. It owes the public, its consumer, a sense of understanding right and wrong when reporting something to the public.

Unlike makers of prescription medications which are held to FDA standards, unlike cattle producers which have to meet USDA standards, unlike our nation's airlines which have to meet FAA standards, the News Media does not have to meet any standards of any organization. The News Media is not regulated, so content is whatever they want it to be.

Because of that, we the American people, the public, their consumers, only have their promise of "self-regulation" and their sense of honor to do the right thing and report honest, true, factually, and responsibly.

To do a report with a political agenda in mind is using its capabilities as nothing less than a malicious and criminal propaganda machine.

And yes, NBC just proves beyond question that the Liberal Media is definitely complicit in the Anti-Gun Agenda.

Story by Tom Correa

Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Billion Dollars Is A Lot Of Money!

It is! One Billion Dollars is a great deal of money.

If you have a PH.D., then you already have a leg up on everyone else. Just gather together 278 of your PH.D. type friends and add up all the money that all of you will make during the 40 or so years of your career - and there it is - One Billion Dollars.

Of course if you don’t have a PH.D and consider yourself just an "average" guy, then you will have to work a little harder, a little longer, or maybe just round up an another 590 of your "average" guy friends and again add up all the money that all of you will make during the 40 or so years of your career - and there it is - One Billion Dollars.

If you’re female you will need another 768 girlfriends to reach One Billion Dollars over the course of your accumulated lifetimes.

Of course if you are in the unfortunate position of living below the poverty line, then it will take an entire regiment of folks who are also in the same boat to come up with One Billion Dollars in a lifetime.

When relating to Federal spending, we ultimately have to relate to taxes. So here is the amount of people required to support One Billion Dollars in Federal spending.

That, my friends, is a lot of people!

To get a rough idea of how many Taxpayers would have to take their entire life's eanings to make One Billion Dollars.

Imagine the entire life's eanings of 103,424 people. That's all of the Oregon Ducks fans at the Autzen Stadium combined them with the Indiana Hoosiers at Bloomington's Memorial Stadium. That's how many Taxpayers would be needed to make One Billion Dollars.

How about looking at it like this.

Bloomington Memorial Stadium

Autzen Stadium

Yes, that's a lot of people!

The the car in the picture is a Maybach Landaulet. It costs a Million Dollars. One Billion Dollars will buy you a thousand Maybach Landaulets.

The Le Grand Bleu yacht above costs $90 Million. Some yachts cost as much as $200 million or more.You can buy ten $100 million yachts with One Billion Dollars.

The jet is a Gulfstream G550. You can pick one up for around $40 Million for the base model. For $60 Million, you can buy a top-of-the-line variation. One Billion Dollars will buy you 25 of these.

A home such as this would be available for about $8 Million. With One Billion Dollars, you can buy 125 houses like the one pictured - and that is not out of the question in some parts of our country.

It's real evident that Millions of Dollars here and Millions there, and sooner or later - there are Billions of Dollars spent.

In 2011, a Council of Economic Advisers report claims that the Obama $666 Billion Stimulus Package "raised employment relative to what it otherwise would have been by between 2.4 million and 3.6 million jobs."

That means the Obama Stimulus Package cost Taxpayers more than $183,000 per job - and possibly as much as $278,000 per job.

And to make matters worse, another report says that no one really knows where most of the Billions of Dollars in the Obama Stimulus Package went to. No kidding, no one can explain this!

President Obama's White House employs 454 people with an annual cost of $37,121,463. But these figures, which come from the White House, might be false and lower than accurate.

The man in the picture is Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, and he has cost the American Taxpayers almost One Million Dollars all by himself - actually $860,000 for fiscal year 2012.

That's right, it has been reported that Taxpayers shell out an average of an extra $20,000 a week to allow Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to return to his beautiful California Walnut Farm on the weekends - almost every weekend.

Since becoming Secretary of Defense in July of 2011, Leon Panetta has flown home to spend time at his walnut farm in Monterey, California, 27 times - according to the Pentagon.

Panetta is required by post-9/11 department rules to travel on a military plane with communications equipment, which Defense officials have estimated costs something on the order of $32,000 for each round trip to Monterey and back. The rules require Panetta to compensate the taxpayers for the cost of a commercial plane ticket: about $630.

Of course, $630 wouldn’t get Panetta a private ride on a jet that leaves and returns at times of his choosing, but the Secretary says he "has no choice."

It’s harder to make that argument, though, when you are the one calling for deep cuts in Defense spending and also issue the orders that cause a soldier making $20,000 a year to uproot his family to the other side of the country or separate from them entirely. A Private being shipped to Ft. Bliss doesn’t get to spend his weekends at home, so why should the Secretary of Defense be so special?

The estimated cost for all of Panetta's trips is about $860,000!

Yes, almost One Million Dollars!

Panetta, the cost and nature of whose travels in more than two years as President Obama’s Director of the CIA are classified, faced questions from reporters this last week about the costs related to his desire to fly home every other week to see his family and look after his Walnut Farm.

But today, the questions will come from members of the House Armed Services Committee as Panetta appears for an already scheduled hearing on the state of the civil war in Syria.

This is a very unhappy time for Leon Panetta to be before the House. Not only are his travel expenses rankling deficit hawks, but lawmakers very much want to know about the involvement of elite military members in the prostitution scandal stemming from Obama’s visit to Colombia last week.

The sex scandal questions, though, will be easier for Panetta to answer. He can say that "appropriate steps are being taken" and that "offenders will be punished for any involvement" in the 21-hooker salute that reportedly took place at a resort hotel ahead of Obama’s visit.

Being a career politician is tough work for a jet setting Democrat who crosses the nation at a cost of almost One Billion Dollars to Taxpayers. Explaining why Democrats who are supposed to be the champions of the poor actually allow this sort of bullshit to take place is not going to be easy.

Obama wanted Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense because of his experience as a budget cutter, especially his work cutting Defense spending as Bill Clinton’s Budget Director. Obama has envisioned the chance to spend on his domestic priorities a peace dividend from the end of the ground wars in Iraq and, eventually, Afghanistan.

The Obamas like spending Taxpayer money. Their New York City "Date Night" cost Taxpayers at a quarter of a Million Dollars.

The First Lady's European vacation to Spain in 2010 had one New York Daily News writer trash Michelle Obama as a "modern day Marie Antoinette" for taking such a glitzy vacation while most of the country is struggling to make ends meet.

Michelle Obama's entourage and 40 of her friends stayed at the luxury Hotel Villa Padierna, a Ritz-Carlton property often described as one of the world's top 10 hotels. Rates range between $500 and $2,500 a night. That trip alone cost American Taxpayers $375,000.

First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to South Africa and Botswana in June of 2011 cost Taxpayers well over half a Million dollars, possibly in the range of $700,000 or $800,000, according to an analysis by White House Dossier.

Last Christmas, the President that says he wasn't born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth yet went to of the most expensive private schools hawaii while going up - then went to two of the nation's most expensive Universities which no one has said how he paid for that - cost the Taxpayers $4 Million Dollars for his vacation in Hawaii in 2011. 

GSA Federal Employee Hank Terlaje at work

The Obama administration's GSA scandal has revealed that they spent almost One Million Dollars, actually $823,000 on a "conference" in Las Vegas.

So all in all, it's not that strange for the Obama administration to have a Secretary of Defense that cost the American Taxpayer almost One Million Dollars - just so that he can get to and from Washington D.C. and California to his check his walnuts.

Leon Panetta's proposed cuts and calls for "a much smaller military" have not gone over well with most Republicans and some Democrats in Congress. But hey, the man seems to have no hesitation about using Defense Funding for his own benefit.

All of this adds up over time and Billions are wastefully spent. And yes, contrary to what Obama says - it's a lot of money!

So now, the most important question that someone needs to answer - really shouldn't be directed at Leon Panetta, but instead at President Obama to answer without the use of teleprompters and speech writers.

The question is this:  Can the President of the United States explain why no other qualified person, who could serve as Secretary of Defense and who would relocate to the Washington metro area for the job, be found for the job?

And a second question, if Obama hasn't already shut you out: Why are Leon Panetta's services worth an extra $20,000 a week in average travel costs?

While Barack Hussein Obama may not have to answer those questions, Secretary Panetta can expect to hear these kinds of questions from the Armed Services Committee which members include Rep. Allen West of Florida and Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

One statement from Panetta tells us a lot about how he feels about spending so much of the Taxpayer's money and not relocating to Washington D.C. permanently.

"I regret that it does — you know, that it does add costs that the taxpayer has to pick up. A taxpayer would have to pick up those costs with any secretary of state or secretary of defense," said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta at an April 16 press conference at the Pentagon while defending his frequent flights to California.

Leon Panetta is 73 years old, and like most of the Democrats who have spent a lifetime in politics - he is extremely wealthy. He should ask himself, can America really afford a Secretary of Defense that cost almost One Million Taxpayer Dollars?

Maybe, just maybe, Secretary Panetta's conscious would steer his thoughts in the direction of accepting the idea that its a much better deal for all of us if he just stays home in Monterey and checks his walnuts on a daily basis - instead of just the weekends?

Story by Tom Correa