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Aboard a Whaling Ship, 1850

A story by Henry T. Cheever, Rev., 
Written in 1853.
"Thar She Blows!"

"The boat spun after him with almost the swiftness of a top..."

"For the first time in our now ten weeks' passage from the Hawaiian Islands, on this New Zealand Cruising Ground, we heard, day before yesterday, that life-kindling sound to a weary whaleman, THERE SHE BLOWS! The usual questions and orders from the deck quickly followed.

'Where away?'

'Two points on the weather bow!'

'How far off?'

'A mile and a half!'

'Keep your eye on her!'

'Sing out when we head right!'

It turned out that three whales were descried from aloft in different parts, and in a short time, when we were deemed near enough, the captain gave orders to 'Stand by and lower' for one a little more than half a mile to windward.

Three boats' crews pulled merrily away, glad of something to stir their blood, and with eager hope to obtain the oily material wherewith to fill their ship and make good their 'lay.' The whale was going leisurely to windward, blowing every now and again two or three times, then 'turning tail,' 'up flukes,' and sinking. The boats 'headed' after him, keeping a distance of nearly one-quarter of a mile from each other, to scatter (as it is called) their chances.

Fortunately, as the oarsmen were 'hove up,' that is, had their oars a-peak, about the place where they expected the whale would next appear, the huge creature rose hard by the captain's boat, and all the harpooner in the bow had to do was to plunge his two keen cold irons, which are always secured to one tow-line, into the monster's blubber-sides. This he did so well as to hit the 'fish's life' at once, and make him spout blood forthwith. It was the first notice the poor fellow had of the proximity of his powerful captors, and the sudden piercing of the barbed harpoons to his very vitals made him caper and run most furiously.

The boat spun after him with almost the swiftness of a top, now diving through the seas and tossing the spray, and then lying still while the whale sounded; anon in swift motion again when the game rose, for the space of an hour. During this time another boat 'got fast' to him with its harpoons, and the captain's cruel lance had several times struck his vitals. He was killed, as whalemen call it, that is, mortally wounded, an hour before he went into 'his flurry,' and was really dead or turned up on his back.

The loose boat then came to the ship for a hawser to fasten round his flukes; which being done, the captain left his irons in the carcass and pulled for the ship, in order to beat to windward, and, after getting alongside, to 'cut him in.' This done, and the mammoth carcass secured to the ship by a chain round the bitts, they proceeded to reeve the huge blocks that are always made fast for the purpose to the fore and main mast head, and to fasten the cutting-in tackle. 

he captain and two mates then went over the sides on steps well secured, and having each a breast-rope to steady them and lean upon. The cooper then passed them the long-handled spades, which he was all the time grinding and whetting, and they fell lustily to work chopping off the blubber.

Soon after we had finished cutting in, about eight o'clock in the evening, the wind increased almost to a gale, making it impossible to try out that night. But to-day, while the ship is lying to, the business has begun in good earnest; the blubber-men cutting up in the blubberroom; others pitching it on deck; others forking it over to the side of the 'try-works;' two men standing by a 'horse' with a mincing knife to cleave the pieces into many parts for the more easy trying out, as the rind of a joint of pork is cut by the cook for roasting: the boatsteerers and one of the mates are pitching it into the kettles, feeding the fires with the scraps, and bailing the boiling fluid into copper tanks, from which it is the duty of another to dip into casks.

The whale now taken proves to be a cow whale, forty-five feet long and twenty-five round, and it will yield between seventy and eighty barrels of right whale oil. This is about the ordinary size of the New Zealand whale, a mere dwarf in comparison with that of the northwest, which sometimes yields, it is said, three hundred barrels, ordinarily one hundred and fifty, or one hundred and eighty."

-- end of the article.

According to Eyewitness to History: In the days before the discovery of petroleum, whale oil supplied the fuel for the lamps that illuminated the nights in American homes. In addition, the whale was the source of a boney substance called baleen used in women's corsets, hairbrushes, buggy whips, collar stays, and various other products.

During the 19th century, whaling was a lucrative business and it made many East Coast seaports rich. Ports such as New Bedford, Massachusetts, and Nantucket thrived as their whaling ships roamed the seas of the world on voyages lasting up to four years. These special-purpose vessels were fast, rugged and versatile. Not only did they carry the equipment necessary for hunting and killing their prey, but the technology for processing, storing and preserving their catch until their return to port. They were the forerunners of today's factory ships

For the whaleman, it was a rough and dangerous life. Once a whale was sighted, the crew took to their whaleboats in pursuit with the immediate objective of harpooning their prey. If the harpooner successfully speared a victim, the whaleboat and its crew were treated to what was called a "Nantucket Sleigh Ride" as the whale dragged its hunters through the sea in an attempt to escape. After two to three hours of this rollercoaster ride, the whale would tire, be finished off and hauled to the mother ship. Here it was cut up and its blubber boiled down to yield its precious oil.

The author, Reverend Henry T. Cheever, was a missionary who, in 1850, was a passenger aboard the Commodore Preble, a whaling ship out of Boston, and recorded the experience of a whale hunt. 

Reverend Cheever's account appeared in Cheever, Henry T., The Whale and His Captors (1853); Stackpole, Edouard, A., The Sea-Hunters, The New England Whalemen During Two Centuries 1635-1835 (1953).

"Aboard a Whaling Ship, 1850," is from EyeWitness to History, (2004).

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Charles Eugene "Chip" Roy is a Great American

This is very good. 

Charles Eugene "Chip" Roy is an American attorney and politician serving as the U.S. representative for Texas's 21st congressional district. A member of the Republican Party, Roy took office on January 3, 2019. 

He does very well at handling those who want to neuter our 2nd Amendment and defund our police. 

Tom Correa


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America's Greatest Presidential Cover-Up 1919

President Woodrow Wilson

Since some of you have written to ask if it is possible that President Joe Biden could be a lot more ill than we are being led to believe, let's talk about America's greatest presidential cover-up and President Woodrow Wilson in 1919. Wilson suffered a couple of severe strokes while in office. And no, instead of turning over control of the presidency to the Vice President, his handlers and his second wife refused to do that. In fact, President Wilson remained in office, even though he was at one point considered completely incapacitated.

How long did he remain in the White House after his strokes? His first stroke was not that long after taking office. His last stroke, the one that put him out of commission, took place in 1919. He was kept in the Oval Office, even though he was incapacitated for over a year. Yes, all the way up until the end of his presidency in 1921.

Historians note that Wilson had a history of cerebrovascular disorders before entering the White House.
In fact, unknown to the public at the time, Wilson was a professor at Princeton when he suffered his first stroke in 1896. Wilson's first stroke created lasting medical problems, which included ongoing numbness in his fingers, a great deal of weakness and loss of dexterity in his right hand, and off-and-on pain down his right arm. That was 16 years before entering the White House.

When Wilson had his strokes while president, he was still relatively functional for a while. Of course, because of his problems with his right hand from his previous stroke, and then his left arm, Wilson was limited as far as writing was concerned. 

In 1910, Wilson was elected Governor of New Jersey. Then in 1912, Wilson was elected President of the United States. The president's physician was Dr. Cary Grayson. He was recommended for the position by President William Taft since Grayson served as a part of Taft's White House medical staff.

Researchers report that Woodrow Wilson had his first stroke in 1896, another stroke in 1902, again in 1906, again in 1913, in 1915, and two in 1919. In fact, Wilson was only in office less than a year before he had his first stroke while in office. Woodrow Wilson's first wife Ellen reportedly took charge of his care. She reportedly consulted with several experts at the time. 

In August of 1914, Ellen Wilson died of Bright's Disease, which is a kidney ailment. While President Wilson is said to have become depressed and despondent over his first wife's death, I find it interesting that just five months later, he remarried his second wife Edith. Some say she was his mistress before Ellen died.

During the summer of 1915, Wilson became ill and was found to have the "warning signs of an impending stroke." Most believe that he had a stroke at that time. Some say Wilson was in a state of denial, while others say he was covering up his condition. 

Then right after World War I, Wilson was on a public speaking tour when he collapsed. That was at 10pm on September 25, 1919. He had earlier that night given a speech pushing for the creation of the League of Nations in Pueblo, Colorado. We know that his staff rushed him to Washington D.C. the next day. The day they were traveling back to Washington, his private secretary Joseph Tumulty put out a statement cancelling the remainder of the President's speaking tour because the President was "suffering from a nervous reaction in his digestive organs."

As the president's train sped back to Washington, all aboard knew that Presiden Wilson had suffered another stroke. While he could still walk and was even seen tipping his hat while making his way through Washington's Union Station, it was at this point that Wilson's true condition was covered-up.

Now enters America's First Woman President and the Great Cover-Up of 1919

According to the White House website on First Families, "Edith Bolling Galt Wilson was the second wife of the 28th President, Woodrow Wilson. She served as First Lady from 1915 to 1921. After the President suffered a severe stroke, she pre-screened all matters of state, functionally running the Executive branch of government for the remainder of Wilson's second term."

So how did that take place? Well, with the help of the President's private physician, Dr. Grayson, who by then was elevated to the post of Surgeon General, First Lady Edith Wilson took control of the White House. That was the case from September 28th when they returned to Washington after that speaking engagement in Colorado. Then, on the morning of October 2nd, 1919, Edith woke to find her husband, the President, unconscious.

During the night, President Woodrow Wilson suffered a massive stroke that left him blind in his left eye and his left side completely paralyzed. After being examined by Dr. Grayson, the doctor is said to have emerged from the president's bedroom with a horrible diagnosis. An extremely shocked Grayson reported, "My God, the president is paralyzed."

The First Lady and Dr. Grayson actually briefed the entire Cabinet and the president's political advisors together. During their discussion, it is said that the question of succession came up. Some say Edith had instructed Grayson not to sign an official notice of what took place. According to that story, when asked later to sign an official notice of disability, Grayson refused to sign anything that would effectively end the Wilson administration.

So, while there is disagreement about whose idea it was to withhold that information from the public, some say it was the First Lady, and others say it was Dr. Grayson and the president's senior political advisors, we do know that both they and the rest of the Wilson Cabinet worked in concert to deceive the American public regarding the extent of the President's actual medical incapacitation.

As for President Wilson, he finished his term in office through the actions of a cabal of actors all united with the intent of deceiving the public. Edith Wilson published her memoirs in 1939, and she called her actions after her husband became completely incapacitated "her stewardship." In her memoir, she stated emphatically that her husband's doctors, senior political advisors, and his entire Cabinet supported the cover-up. She supposedly just went along with the deception.

In 1921, both the President and First Lady left the White House and retired to a comfortable home in Washington. President Woodrow Wilson died there three years later. His second wife Edith died in 1961.

When asked my opinion about this by readers who want to know if this could ever happen again? My answer is simply this, probably. But really, I think it all depends on the amount of cooperation that the culprits get from the news media and inside the administration. I really believe that that's the only way such a cover-up would be perpetrated today. 

That's just how I see it.

Tom Correa

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The U.S. Constitution Is Always Under Attack

We must all beware of a Federal Government that has zero respect for the Constitution of the United States. We live in an age when we are being bombarded with outright lies and misleading information.

Sadly though, there are hidden threats found among those lies. For example, we are lied to by our government to such an extent that they have lost almost all credibility. Part and parcel of their lies is to vilify our Constitution by making it the cause of our problems -- as well as making it the item that's presenting us with limitations to finding working solutions to some of our problems today. 

That has taken place when politicians attack the Constitution itself, attack and demean its framers, and accuse the Bill of Rights of being antiquated and useless today. By making claims that are not true, some in Congress hope to fuel a desire of some on the Left to repeal the 2nd Amendment altogether. Those enemies of America repeat their claim that we would all have a safer America if we would only repeal the 2nd Amendment. They shout their hatred for gun rights and our need for self-protection while pushing the lie that there would be no school shootings or any other mass killings if the 2nd Amendment was repealed. 

Let's remember that attacks on our Constitution began even before it was ratified. Read some of "The Federalist Papers," and you'll see how much opposition there was to the adoption of the Bill of Rights.

While I'd like to say that the attacks on our Constitution have been solely political by power-hungry politicians, they haven't been. The federal government and the fights between the three branches of our government have sometimes acted out in ways that can only be called assaults on our Constitution.

The concept of our Constitution goes beyond a written formula for a fledgling nation to use while attempting to form a government. For most of us, those of us who are proud to be Americans, we believe that the Constitution of the United States encompasses our fundamental principles. It contains instructions to the government, warnings to the government, and of course, it contains limitations to the federal government. But, it also tells the government, that we, the citizens of the United States of America, have a right to live life as we please. Our Constitution tells the government how Americans see our freedoms. As for its "spirit," the Supreme Court has upheld several statutes stating that the Constitution enables laws to be "in accordance with the spirit of the Constitution."

Friends, we have a Constitution that has been attacked at tested many times over our history as a nation. For example, the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 provided our nation with our first real tests of the limits of freedom of speech and the press. The Sedition Act was a set of four laws that made it a crime for American citizens to "print, utter, or publish...any false, scandalous, and malicious writing" about the federal government. Thankfully, it was repealed. It was not in the spirit of our Constitution. 

As for presidents testing their ability to violate our Constitution? It is still believed by some Constitutional scholars that President Thomas Jefferson violated the Constitution when he authorized the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. And during the Civil War, President Abe Lincoln was accused of violating our Constitution when he took it upon himself to call for enlistments without seeking Congressional authority. And no, that wasn't the only time that he was accused of infringing on the rights of Americans. 

Joe Biden has said, "The Constitution is not absolute" and "the 2nd Amendment has always limited what Americans can own in the way of guns." We should be concerned when politicians, especially a president, fail to see the importance of our Constitution as an "absolute." Yes, especially since politicians have tried attacking our Constitution for their own gains over the years. 

Take into consideration, for example, President Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus during the Civil War. Called the "Great Writ" in law, habeas corpus is a fundamental right in the Constitution that protects all of us against unlawful and indefinite imprisonment. Habeas corpus has historically been vital to safeguarding American and preserving our individual freedom against arbitrary executive power.

President Lincoln suspended the "writ of habeas corpus" to give military authorities the necessary power to silence dissenters and rebels. His action was declared "un-Constitutional." He did so without the authority to do so. That was seen as a clear-cut case of violating the Constitution to fit his needs. And no, he wasn't the last president to violate the Constitution to meet his own agenda.

Of course, sometimes we, the citizens of the United States of America, forget the basic reason for creating our Constitution. We also forget the fact that the same reason why our Constitution exists is also the very same reason why politicians have relentlessly attacked it from its creation. That reason is simply that our Constitution is an operating manual for the federal government that limits government powers to stop the abuse of power of those in office. The Constitution is all about limiting government overreach. 

So no, no one should be surprised if Joe Biden sees the Constitution as an impediment to his governing. Frankly, no one should be surprised that a career politician like Joe Biden would say something totally un-American as "The Constitution is not absolute." After all, the Constitution limits what he can get away with.

And as for his statement, "the Second Amendment was never absolute." Biden should remember the words of the Second Amendment, as it states, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." This is important since the 2nd Amendment is the only Amendment that uses such language as "shall not be infringed." 

And by the way, what we, the citizens of the United States of America, sometimes forget is that the language in the 2nd Amendment is not directed at us. It is directed directly at the federal government as a warning. It tells Joe Biden and politicians like him who want to infringe on our right to bear arms, don't. 

Americans don't have to justify why we need whatever firearm we want to own. That's our private business. The government has no right according to the Constitution to ask why we want to own a gun, or what we are going to use it for. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, which means "shall not be violated by the government." 

Beware of a federal government that has zero respect for the Constitution. If for some reason, out of some ill-advised notion, those in power feel they can violate and possibly repeal the 2nd Amendment of our Bill of Rights, then they will try it. And if they are actually successful, then they will not see anything stopping them from violating and possibly repealing any of our other rights as spelled out in our Bill of Rights. 

This is why citizens must be vigilant of what those in power are doing. 

Tom Correa

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1895 -- 8th Grade Final Exam & Answers -- Subject Biology

A Completed 8th Grade Final Exam 
Salina, Kansas, 1895

Here is a completed 8th Grade Final Exam -- Subject: Biology 

Biology (Time, 45 minutes) 

1. Where are the saliva, gastric juice, and bile secreted? What is the use of each in digestion? 
a.) Saliva is secreted in the mouth by the salivary glands. Saliva is a somewhat alkaline fluid that moistens the mouth, softens food, and aids in digestion. The submaxillary glands are located around the mouth under the lower jaw, the sublingual glands are located beneath the tongue, and the parotid glands are found in front of each ear. The buccal glands, in the cheeks near the front of the mouth, also secrete saliva. 
b.) Gastric juice is a thin, strongly acidic (pH varying from 1 to 3), almost colorless liquid secreted by the glands in the lining of the stomach. Its essential constituents are the digestive enzymes pepsin and rennin, hydrochloric acid, and mucus. Pepsin converts proteins into simpler, more easily absorbed substances; it is aided in this by hydrochloric acid, which provides the acid environment in which pepsin is most effective. Rennin aids the digestion of milk proteins. Mucus secreted by the gastric glands helps protect the stomach lining from the action of gastric juice. Gastric secretion is stimulated by a number of hormones and chemical substances, by the presence of food in the stomach, and by a number of psychological factors, such as the smell of a favorite food. 
c.) Bile is a yellowish-brown or green fluid secreted by the liver in the bile duct. This liquid carries away waste from the processes of the liver and helps in the digestive process. 

2. How does nutrition reach the circulation? 

Nutrients reach the circulation by absorbtion thru the intestinal walls. The main purpose of the intestines it to take the partially digested food from the stomach and convert it into energy. The small intestine is about 20 feet long. The small intestine is divided into three sections, the duodenum, the jejunum and ileum. The small intestinal glands secrete intestinal juices that helps with the digestive process. The liver dumps bile into the small intestine through the bile duct. The pancreas secretes pancreatic enzymes into the small intestine. Bile and the pancreatic enzymes break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates. This partially digested mixture empties into the large intestine through an opening the ileocecal valve. The large intestine is about 4 1/2 feet long. The large intestine is divided into six parts. They are the cecum, ascending colon, transverse colon, descending colon, sigmoid colon, and the rectum. The large intestines main purpose is to further digest the food, releasing nutrients into the blood and to absorb fluids. 

3. What is the function of the liver? Of the kidneys? 
a.) The liver is the center for the storage of vitamins and nutrients which were disolved and digested in the intestines. The nutrients are carried to the liver by two large veins. Blood passes through the liver at a rate of about 1 1/2 quarts per minute. At any given time the liver contains about 10% of all the blood in your body. The liver is divided into two main parts called lobes. The liver is protected by the bottom part of the ribs on the right side of your chest and the liver weighs between 3 and 4 pounds.The liver also works to make bile. Bile is used to break down fats in the small intestine. The bile is stored in the gall bladder until it is needed to help digest the food you eat. If you eat a real fatty food your body will need more bile to help digest those fats than it would need in comparison to a salad or some fruit. 
b.) The kidneys are bean-shaped organs, each about the size of a fist. They are located near the middle of the lower back, just below the rib cage. The kidneys are sophisticated trash collectors. Every day, the kidneys process about 200 quarts of blood to sift out about 2 quarts of waste products and extra water. The waste and extra water become urine, which flows to the bladder through tubes called ureters. The bladder stores urine until you go to the bathroom. The wastes in the blood come from the normal breakdown of active muscle and from the food we eat. Our body uses the food for energy and self-repair. After our body has taken what it needs from the food, waste is sent to the blood. If our kidneys did not remove these wastes, the wastes would build up in the blood and damage our body.

4. How would you stop the flow of blood from an artery in the case of laceration? 
If the laceration is in an arm or a leg, I would apply a tourniquet around the limb between the laceration and the heart, tightening it until the flow was stopped, loosening the tourniquet every 10 minutes to let blood pass to nourish the cells beyond the tourniquet, at the same time applying pressure over the laceration with a cloth pad to staunch the loss of blood. 
A laceration of the arteries of the neck obviously cannot be tourniqueted, so the only thing that can be done is to apply pressure with a cloth pad. Loss of blood and oxygen to the brain can quickly lead to death.

5. Give some general directions that you think would be beneficial to preserve the human body in a state of health.
a.) Regular meals of a variety of foods, both animal and vegetable. I like a lot of vegetables and fruits. b.) Regular Exercise, which I get a lot of on the farm every day. Regular exercise keeps the muscles, heart and lungs in good tone. 
c.) Regular Rest of from 7 to 8 hours sleep a night 
d.) Regular personal hygiene, brushing teeth, washing skin and hair with good soap, etc. everyday. We usually get one good bath a week at home, heating well water on the stove, but in summer we swim in the river every day, and wash there. 
e.) Regular times of ease, prayer and meditation each day also help me to think about and solve the problems of the day. God sometimes gives me answers to problems that I can't solve by myself, and teaches me to ask for help with things I don't know, from my parents and my teacher, and others that do know. It is great fun learning things that I don't know!

--- end of 1895 8th Grade Final Exam and Answers 

Time to take this exam: 45 Minutes

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Democrats, $6 Gas & $25 Alfalfa In 2022

It is getting harder and harder to put up with the stupidity of Democrats in an era when we have President Biden who can only read a teleprompter, not think for himself, and not see the harm that he is doing to our nation. 

We live in an era when Democrats want to eliminate the word "Mother" and substitute it with the phrase "Birthing Person." This is a time when Democrats see nothing wrong with allowing Drag Queens in elementary schools, allowing doctors to kill babies at birth, and allowing teachers to indoctrinate very young children in ways that are directly against the wishes of parents. It is an era when lunatic Democrats have found a way to get the President of the United States to halt domestic drilling for oil. 

To Democrats, those are all positives that our nation should embrace. And as ludicrous as it sounds, Democrats cannot fathom why Americans see them as out of touch, perverted and dangerous to our society.

Democrats don't see America as a land of good people. They see America as a land of slavery, racism, and lack of opportunity. They see America as a nation that needs a totalitarian Centralized Government in the form of an all-powerful federal government. They see Americans as children who need to be regulated and cared for. They refuse to see the goodness of individual liberty, the need for our assurances to safeguard us against government tyranny as stipulated in the Bill of Rights, or the greatness of our founding principles.

Democrats want to destroy America. That is not a secret as more and more Democrat politicians and their supporters have come forward to say that we need to dissolve our Constitution and deny basic freedoms to those who oppose them. In the same way that the Nazis destroyed the independence of the press in Germany with a series of draconian laws, Democrats are using draconian Environmental protection policies to limit our output of domestic oil. They understand that oil is the life-blood of our nation, and that's why they are attacking America's oil industry.  

It does not matter to Democrats that our oil industry provides 2.5 million high-paying American jobs, that the oil industry supports 11.3 million other American jobs, or that our oil industry accounts for about 8% of the American economy. In fact, on February 8th, 2020, Biden told a rally that he wanted to "get rid of fossil fuels." Before that, in 2020 during a Democrat debate, Biden emphatically promised his supporters that he would wage war on American energy dominance. In fact, he said, "No more subsidies for fossil fuel energy, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period." To give his Democrat supporters what they want, during Biden's first few days in office, he signed executive orders to shut down our oil industry. 

Because we are under attack, America has gone from a self-reliant oil producer with energy independence to now being forced to rely on other nations for our energy needs. And more so, by stopping the production of American oil, we are now facing shortages in raw materials that enable American manufacturing to produce the thousands of petroleum products that we use every day.

What have Democrats accomplished? Nothing good for America! 

Their domestic policies are responsible for Americans paying an average of $6 a gallon of gasoline and almost $7 a gallon of diesel fuel. This has increased the price of goods and food, and placed a hardship on blue-collar Americans. No, wealthy celebrities don't feel the pain that we do. They don't see anything wrong with the Democrat policies that have us paying so much at the pump. Wealthy Democrats can afford to pay more. 

Of course, Democrats can't see the big picture. They mostly live in cities and mainly see Americans as being urban people. Democrats don't understand what it takes for a farmer to grow food. In fact, I believe most Democrats have no idea of the hardship that they are placing on our agriculture producers because of their Environmental policies. I really believe they don't care what hardship others face. 

Democrat policies are the reason that people are having to plant their own gardens and work harder than before. Their policies are the reason that people are now having to sacrifice and go with less. Democrat policies are the reason that I paid $25 for a bale of alfalfa today. And while the Rescue Horses that I have are not even the slightest concern of wealthy Democrats who are always professing to be so caring, I blame Democrats for my having to look at the possibility of getting rid of the few Rescue Horses that I care for. Because of Democrats, I can't afford to feed the few Rescue Horses that I have. No, not at $25 a bale because fuel prices are so high. 

Am I angry about this? You damn right I am. I am very angry about that. I'm angry because this does not need to happen to us. We are a nation that sits on some of the world's largest oil reserves. And now, because of Biden and his Democrat friends, because of their insane Environmental policies, American agriculture can't afford to produce our food. 

Biden and his Democrat friends think this is not serious. Some of them even laugh about it while lying about who is responsible for this disaster. Well, I hope they pay in November. As for me, I will vote for any Republican who is against their policies. 

Tom Correa