Friday, February 27, 2015

Is President Obama an Enemy of the United States?

Many have written asking me whether or not I think President Obama is indeed an enemy of the United States?

Before we dive into that, let's talk about a recent report which states that Saudi Arabia, the Middle East’s biggest economy and the world’s largest oil producer, is running out of its oil.

Besides bogus Muslim charities here and in Europe collecting money to fund Islamic terrorism, in particular ISIS, it is well known that among the OPEC nations funding Muslim Terrorism is Saudi Arabia.

Yes, the biggest donor for Muslims waging Jihad against the West has been the same people who funded the 9-11-2001 attack -- none other than Saudi Arabia according to none other than the 9-11 Commission. Of course, besides funding Muslim terrorist cells, and yes even Environmentalist Groups here, Saudi Arabia has also been funding the building of Mosques throughout Europe and the United States. But now, that might be coming to an end as experts estimate that the wells will run dry as early as 2030.

Oil revenue for Saudi Arabia reached $312 Billion this year and accounts for almost half the economy and 90 percent of their export revenue. It also makes the kingdom the Persian Gulf’s economic powerhouse among the OPEC nations.

This news, news that Saudi Arabia might run out of oil to sell in a mere 15 years from now, is expected to raise a number of problems for the economies of nations dependent on the Saudi black gold.

Thankfully, in spite of the Obama unwillingness to assist American Oil, estimates are favorable for our oil production into the next century -- even without drilling on Federal lands which the Obama administration is stopping us from using.

Our shale-oil boom will help the United States overtake Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer by 2020, that is according to the International Energy Agency back in 2012. 

Now with the news that the Saudi cash cow may die as soon as 2030, the bad news for countries unfriendly to the United States could be their eating crow real soon. But more importantly, the 2030 estimate means that the Saudis, and OPEC in general, will have a lot less money to spread the building of Mosques and funding terrorism -- which they consistently deny, but even the 9-11 Commission stated that they are in fact doing using covert methods no different than organized crime. 

Will there economic collapse transform energy supplies as well as politics? You bet it will. And frankly, it may make diplomacy easier knowing that they don't have the money to support those wanting to kill us. 

So now after reading this to my wife, she asked about reports about President Obama authorizing $770 Million for the creation, repair and maintenance, of Mosques in Europe? 

While this program was started to help refurbish cultural landmarks in different parts of the world, the Obama administration has used these funds to bankroll mostly Mosques in Europe. And yes, those are the very same Mosques which have been linked to anti-American and anti-British propaganda, hate propaganda meant to recruit killers. Yes, I hate Radical Muslims.

So yes, I see Obama as aiding our enemies which includes those who are visiting those Mosques which preach the need to kill us. Remember they see our death and destruction as something great and noble. And yes, Obama is refurbishing their meeting places with our Taxpayer dollars. 

Even the Egyptian government is furious with Obama for meeting in the White House recently with the emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, who is known to support ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood which Egypt kicked out of their country.

The Egyptians say that the Obama Administration has once again turned its back on moderate Arabs and Muslims by endorsing those who support and fund Islamic terrorist groups. The Egyptian condemnations of Qatar are also directed at the Obama Administration, which seems to be losing one Arab ally after the other because of its perceived support for Qatar and its proxy, the Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, the same Muslim Brotherhood that is welcome in the White House and is helping Muslim Valerie Jarrett steer Obama's foreign policy toward ISIS and other Radical Islamist.

My King James Bible says, in Matthew 10:36, "And a man's foes shall be they of his own household."

Many here and in the Muslim world see the closed door meeting between Obama and Muslims, including some who are known members of the Muslim Brotherhood, as more proof of his continued support of Islamic radical groups.

But how about more proof?

Recently Obama's Muslim sympathetic administration made public U.S. military war plans. Specifically those plans to wage war against ISIS in the re-taking of Mosul in Iraq which is supposedly to begin soon.

And by the way, by his administration doing such a treasonous act as aiding those we are about to attack, the Obama administration has put the lives of American troops as well as Coalition troops in mortal danger.

Yes, while the good news is that the Saudis will run out of oil and money to fund the needs of terrorist groups wanting to kill Americans, we have a President in the White House right now who is doing everything in his power to enable them to grow stronger.

Why would he do it you ask?

Well, frankly, knowing how he has surrounded himself with Muslim advisers, knowing how he has called the Muslim terrorist attack in Fort Hood "workplace violence," knowing his reluctance in calling a spade a spade and call the Boston Marathon Bombing an act of "Muslim terrorism", knowing he and his White House absolutely refuse to acknowledge that ISIS is in fact a "Radical Muslim" terrorist group, I agree with former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani who stated "I do not believe that the president loves America."

In fact, I agree with Mayor Giuliani's entire statement, "I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn't love you. He doesn't love me. He wasn't brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up, through love of this country."

I agree 100% in what Mayor Giuliani said. I also believe President proves Matthew 10:36 correct in that we will find foes in our own household.

While I absolutely do not wish him any harm in any way shape or form, I believe his actions and policies are that not of a friend of America. A friend and alley does not work to enable our enemies, or try to change America into a Socialist state.

As for impeachment over his support of Radical Muslims, for his Socialist views, or because he does not love America? Sorry to say, none are enough to impeach a president -- no matter what harm he does to this country by way of his executive orders and socialist policies. 

Yes, his being unpatriotic and stupid, his being uncaring and a pathological liar, his being a Socialist and a sympathizer for Muslims waging Jihad, his being lazy and sitting around the White House watching ESPN until Noon every day (by his own account), his acting like a dictator and issuing edict after edict instead of using the legislative process, all of these are not impeachable offenses. 

Because of the fact that he is not committing "high crimes or misdemeanors", we must fight him in the courts and through legislation at every turn. Vigilance is what we must do to ensure he does not destroy America before leaving office. 

And frankly, he can go live in some Muslim country of his choosing, one which he truly loves, or go to Hell after he leaves office -- and good riddance to him. 

While I never thought that I'd think this way about a President of the United States from either political party, I do because the evidence is so overwhelming: 

While supporting Radical Islam and promoting Socialism, President Barack Hussein Obama's actions have made Richard Nixon appear honest, Jimmy Carter appear competent, and Bill Clinton appear moral and virtuous. Those might not be impeachable offenses, but they should be!

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- Who Are We?

By Terry McGahey

It seems to me that many Americans today are straddling the fence when it comes to what their true feelings are and they seem to be afraid to offend others by stating the facts and/or opinions of what they truly believe in part due to Political Correctness.

 To use a few police analogies, I ask these folks to take stock in themselves by asking; am I the coyote, one of the sheep, or the sheep dog or lama who protects the sheep?

The coyote is a sneaky predator which will always take the easiest target such as the old or the very young. This analogy basically applies to the criminal element in our society.

The sheep analogy applies to a large majority of the people who just go along with the crowd because everyone else is doing it. They go about their lives with their head down following the next guy or gal to the next fad or whatever it may be.

In other words the average citizen who believes it doesn't effect me so why should I care? But what those folks don't realize is that sooner or later, it will effect them in one way or another. These are the folks the coyotes, or in this case the criminals, prey upon.

Next comes the sheep dog and/or the lama. Always alert and watching over their flock against the predators who would do harm to their charges. This analogy doesn't just belong to police officers, it belongs to all of us!

When writing a police report it's pretty basic for the most part. The report consists of who, what, when and where.

At this point I would ask the average citizen to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask themselves honestly, Who am I?

Am I the coyote who takes advantage of people whenever I get the chance, or am I one of the sheep who can easily be led to slaughter?

Then again, am I the sheep dog or the lama who stays alert, watches out for my neighbors and others who can't or won't defend themselves against tyranny or criminal intent?

Once a person has answered one of these simple questions honestly, then they will realize their limitations and possibly learn more about themselves.

Should they decide they belong in the sheep category, so be it. But several folks may have it within them to become the sheep dog or lama. Not all will be able to do so, but for those who straddle the fence they may find it within themselves to do so. And believe me, we need more of them.

Now, before anyone poses the question, have I ever been a police officer -- my answer is no.

I have worked in personal protection and as an armed airport security officer. Through that job, I became involved with Wyoming State Homeland Security as a Wyoming State First Responder of which I am still a member.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Regarding Calling Today's Global Warming A Scam

After posting my latest article, "The Global Warming Hoax of 1874," I received criticism regarding my comparison of it to today's Global Warming Scam.

I am told that just using the term "Global Warming Scam" is politically charged and subsequently should not be said in an article -- especially when comparing it to another Global Warming Scam.

After posting that article on Facebook, I received a number of snide comments from Global Warming supporters, one asking me if I thought "the world was flat", another informed through a Liberal meme post on Facebook that 97% of the world's scientist agree that Global Warming is real.

It is not usually my nature to be confrontational. Believe it or not, I enjoy people and get along with everyone -- pretty much. It was the snide comment that pissed me off. And yes, the insult to my intelligence got my goat as well.

No, 97% of the world's scientist do not agree that Global Warming is real at all. From research that I have done on this "97%" number, I've found out that is a lie. It is just a fraud perpetrated by supporters of today's Global Warming Scam to justify their support.

If there is one thing about me that you, my friends, my readers, should know about me is that I don't look down my nose at anyone -- and I require the same from others.

I tried to explain that, as is the case today, there were a number of scams in the 1800s. As for Global Warming Scam today, fact is people should recognize and understand the cyclical nature of the environment.

A little education and ferreting out the facts instead of simply worshiping at that alter of Al Gore, George Soros, and Bill Gates, goes along way toward finding out the truth of the matter.

Instead of recycling Liberal memes and pictures on Facebook, and without using "political spin," I tried to present an article about the Global Warming Hoax of 1874 using contrast and comparison to the Global Warming Scam today.

One commented accused me of using "psycobabel," to which I asked if that person really knew what that meant?

People love using words that they hear but do not really understand. And yes, I asked the person to feel free to point out where I used jargon used in popular psychology? No reply came forward, because she found none.

Liberals should practice tolerance for different points of view. And frankly, they should at least attempt to present a thought of their own instead of simply regurgitating the Democrat Party's talking points.

As for the claim that we are today going through the worse drought in history. That is not true.

In October of 2014, just last year, NASA came and stated that the a new study using a reconstruction of North American drought history over the last 1,000 years found that the drought of 1934 was the driest and most widespread of the last millennium.

NASA Study Finds 1934 Had Worst Drought of Last Thousand Years

While I am a Conservative, and really make no bones about how I view politics, because of the accusation that my article was constructed using of Conservative Political Bias, I feel that you my reader should know a little more about me and how I do my research.

At the age of 17, I joined the United States Marine Corps. I served as a Grunt, but besides performing my primary 0311 MOS, my duties included Nuclear Weapons Security, duty in Corrections, and as a Military Policeman, and as an Instructor.

After leaving the Corps, I worked as a Security Supervisor, an Investigator, and a Consultant while obtaining a degree in the Administration of Justice. I later received a degree in Materials Technology and did Industrial Inspection work.

The reason that I am giving you my background is that I want you to know that when I do research for an article for my blog, I do it as a sort of "Crime Reporter" -- just looking for the facts with no dog in the fight. 

I do my research with as much of an unbiased eye as I can. And yes, I base my results on facts and evidence.

Whether it has been as a Marine Instructor evaluating those in one of my platoons and/or classes, reacting to a prisoner's poor choices of actions, appraising a crime scene, evaluating the security needs of a facility or person needing coverage, doing an inspection at a power plant, or doing research for an article, my results are based on facts and evidence.

When I describe what I have learned, I'm simply giving my readers the facts of what I have found which are closest to the truth.

I cannot help it if it does agree with someone else's findings. And no, I try not to read the "opinions" of others because I like making up my own mind. Like a jurist, a judge, a historian, a researcher, all have a responsibility to think for themselves and present what they found -- and not simply regurgitate what others have found.

Unlike doing a spoof piece like that which I did on Jackalopes, which was fiction and fun, for honest research I go by the rule that says, "Until I'm proven wrong, I can only report what I find to be real."

Thanks for your understanding.

Tom Correa
Editor / Publisher
The American Cowboy Chronicles

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Global Warming Hoax of 1874

The Basic Scenario:

A scientist discovers that mankind's technology is causing the world to warm. Although the effect is currently subtle, it will rapidly grow more pronounced. Research indicates that Europe will soon become a tropical zone. A few years later the entire world will be a sweltering inferno, unfit for life.

The scientist tries to alert the world's governments, but the politicians ignore him. Desperate, he resorts to industrial sabotage, but his efforts prove futile.

Finally, he succumbs to hopelessness, and he dies while agonizing over the fate of the human race.

Sounds familiar?

It should, it is a hoax that is making people extremely wealthy today. Concerns for Global Warming are everywhere simply because so many people today have bought into the scam, the widespread fraud, the lie designed to bilk millions from people while devastating American industry.

The scam of Global Warming and a scientist's unsuccessful effort to stop it might sound like something out of today's headlines, but it isn't. 

This story first appeared in newspapers in 1874. Yes, the Global Warming Hoax of 1874 took place over one hundred years ago. 

How did it happen? How did the scam take place? 

Like today, back in 1874, it was presented to readers as a "factual" account of events. But in reality, it was entirely fiction. It was a 19th Century Global Warming hoax that was almost a trial balloon for what's taking place today.

While it failed back then, and unlike today's Global Warming con game, it was not a way to bilk money from those gullible enough to believe someone simply because their position of authority or prominence in our educational system. 

The Transatlantic Telegraph Cable and the End of the World

The scam first surfaced in early February 1874, when the Kansas City Times printed the text of a letter it claimed received from a man by the name of J.B. Legendre.

Legendre signed the letter and reportedly stated that he had been sent the letter by an unnamed "American man of science" living in Florence, Italy. 

The correspondent detailed a supposed discovery of a magnitude that will unite the world to a common goal of saving the planet. A cause that governments can use to control their population, a cause, as it was worded in the scam, "of great and even agonizing importance to the human race." 

This unnamed "American man of science" supposedly learned of "Global Warming" from other scientists in Italy.

The story becomes too elaborate. 

The discovery of mankind's demise due to "Global Warming" was attributed to the Italian astronomer Giovanni Donati, who for many years was said to be making daily measurements of the distance from the earth to the sun by means of an invention of his own design. Of course, we have to understand that none of it was true.

But, supposedly in the course of making these measurements, Giovanni Donati noted that when the first transatlantic telegraph cable was laid in 1858 -- that the earth began to warm because it began moving closer to the sun. Imagine that! 

Initially the shift in orbit was quite gradual, but supposedly it quickly grew larger. And when another cable was subsequently laid connecting France to Massachusetts, the movement of the earth toward the sun supposedly accelerated rapidly.

That "Aha!" Moment in a Scam! 

Supposedly, according to the con game, for Donati that "aha moment," that supposed moment of sudden realization, inspiration, insight, recognition, or comprehension, was realized to his terror and disbelief.

Yes, according to the scam, Donati surmised, "through scientific research", that the transatlantic cables were acting like enormous electromagnets and were actually pulling the earth into the sun. 

The scam's elaborate story said that Donati calculated that if the earth's current trajectory continued unchecked, Europe would become tropical in 12 years, and the entire earth would be uninhabitable soon after. 

Man's technology, the transatlantic cables, was the supposed cause of the planet plunging into the sun.

The Global Warming Hoax of 1874 is said to have been a minor media hoax in comparison to others. 

And yes, this appears to be one of the earliest fictional uses of supposed "Global Warming triggered by mankind's technology".

Although it identified the undersea transatlantic cables instead of carbon emissions as the cause of the warming, it was the prelude to the 1896 scam when a scientist named Svante Arrhenius had first tried to blame "Global Warming" on "human-produced carbon emissions".

Below is the text of the 1874 Global Warming Hoax as it appeared in the newspapers of the time: 


To the Editor of the Kansas City Times:
A friend of mine residing in Florence, an American man of science traveling for the sake of his health, lately wrote to me as follows:
"I have attended the meetings of one of the numerous scientific coteries with which Italy is blessed. In one of them a subject was broached which if generally known would startle the whole civilized world. One of the members, a man whose name is known in both hemispheres, asserted that the celebrated Donati (who lately died, much regretted by scientific men) had been a victim, not to disease or to time, although he was in a "green old age," but to nervous excitement or fright, caused by a discovery which he had made of great and even agonizing importance to the human race.
Donati had for many years been employing his unbounded energy in exploring some of the "hidden things in astronomy." of these investigations he kept a strict record of solar phenomena especially. He constructed an instrument by which he could calculate the earth's exact place in the great ellipse that it travels around the sun, and also, in his own estimation, its distance from the sun, although in this latter point he was not universally credited by his scientific colleagues. He never failed to make minute daily records of the result of his observation, and to this custom he owed his fresh discovery. On the very day that the cable was laid, his instruments showed him that the earth, like some vast ship towed by invisible hands, was drawing nearer to the sun. Every month after that epoch its distance was perceptibly lessened, as shown by his instruments, much more delicate than telescopes or the human eye.
When the French cable was laid there was an acceleration very marked in this attraction to the sun. Donati thought that this movement was increasing in a geometrical ratio.
He explained this alarming fact by certain reasonings based on the connection between gravitation and magnetism, which I suspect my friend was hardly able to follow.
His conclusion was this: That in twelve years the climate of Europe would become tropical, if not unfit for human existence, and that in a few more years this globe, which, with all its faults we love so well, would be precipitated into the sun.
It seems that Donati had in vain tried to bring this matter before the Italian government — hoping through it to reach the nations most interested in oceanic telegraphs — but the war politics had prevented any notice being taken of his representations.
He thought that if America and England could be induced to examine his data and proofs they, seeing the tremendous consequences of man's tampering too far with the machinery of nature, would speedily cause these cable to be things of the past.
His failure induced him to think of private enterprise, and several wealthy Italians, amateurs of science, combined together, chartered a brig and expensive machinery, and by their patriotic (although patriotism is too petty a name) efforts produced the first break in Field's cable, laid by the Great Eastern. Donati's instruments quickly showed that the earth was nearing its normal ellipse. But the break was quickly repaired, and once more the earth commenced its infinite spiral journal to the flames.
Donati's health gave way. Age and disappointment hastened his dissolution. A few days before his death he carefully sealed up all his manuscripts, with directions that they should not be opened for five years."
So much for my correspondent, Mr. Editor. Make of him such use as seems best to you. I am yours respectfully,
J.B. Legendre

So, supposedly Donati warned the governments of the world -- but the politicians were preoccupied with plans for war and paid him no heed. 

So, supposedly Donati convinced several of his colleagues to join him in chartering a boat and breaking one of the cables. But the break was soon repaired, and the earth's descent into the sun continued.

Seeing there was no hope, and that the world was doomed, supposedly Donati's health gave way as he fell into depression. One version of the hoax says that Giovanni Donati killed himself, another report says that he died of despair in December 1873.

That's the way the story goes.  

Giovanni Donati
So what was true? 

Well, it should be noted that the perpetrators of the Global Warming Hoax of 1874 were simply using Mr. Donati's good name to legitimize their hoax. 

He did not come up with such foolishness, nor did he have anything to do with the short-lived hoax. 

Yes, believe it or not, there really was an Italian astronomer named Giovanni Battista Donati. 

Mr. Donati pioneered spectroscopy of comets to determine their physical composition, in particular with the comet 1864b, which spectrum he found containing three emitting lines which would four years later be identified by William Huggins to be carbon.

He discovered that the spectrum changed when a comet approached the Sun, and that heating caused it to emit its own light rather than reflected sunlight: he concluded that the composition of comets is, at least in part, gaseous. 

Mr. Donati was also a pioneer in the spectroscopic study of the stars and the sun.

Mr. Donati died from cholera, which he had contracted while attending a scientific convention in Vienna. So no, not December and not by despair. Instead his death was a result of cholera in September of 1873.

As for the Transatlantic Telegraph Cables, they were very real and well-known.

The transatlantic telegraph cable is an undersea cable running under the Atlantic Ocean used for telegraph communications. The first was laid across the floor of the Atlantic from Telegraph Field, Foilhommerum Bay, Valentia Island in western Ireland to Heart's Content in eastern-Newfoundland. 

The first communications occurred on August 16, 1858, reducing the communication time between North America and Europe from ten days -- which was the time it took to deliver a message by ship -- to a matter of minutes.

And by the way, it was never broken in the 1870s. The transatlantic telegraph cables have been replaced by transatlantic telecommunications cables.

The rest of the Global Warming story is all a scam, just pure fiction.

So did the supposed warnings about the unforeseen danger of mankind's technology attract attention and alarm the populace? Well, no it didn't.  

Fact is, within weeks the entire text of the letter had been reprinted by papers throughout the United States, appearing under the headline, "A Scientific Sensation" -- but "the threat," which was extensively detailed, was received with a sort of casual attitude by newspapers, who demonstrated their disinterest by burying the story in their back pages. 

Instead of giving it Front Page billing, newspapers typically placed it between items about the price of baloney and garbage collection. 

When the New York Daily Tribune reported the story on February 24th, 1874, the scam was dismissed as "absurd."

In fact, by April, interest in the "end-of-the-world" prediction had faded so much that some papers continued to report the rumor that the great astronomer Donati had died "from excitement consequent upon discovering that the earth is approaching the sun so rapidly that in ten years it will be drawn into the sun and shriveled up." 

But they accompanied this disclosure with the joking remark that, "This will be discouraging news to the insurance companies."
Columbia Daily Phoenix, April 19, 1874
By May of 1874, the Global Warming report of mankind's imminent fiery demise had been entirely forgotten.

All of the Science-themed Hoaxes of the 19th Century are the predecessors of today's Science Fiction. 

In the early 20th Century, pulp magazines sprang up to give science fiction stories a home -- and helped to establish the genre on a firm footing. 

But during the 1870s up to the 1890s, there was no place for writers to publish such fanciful stories except in newspapers. And yes, they often published them there as hoaxes. 

Remember that even today the Global Warming story is all a scam, all just pure fiction, but people still want to believe it.

So why are people today more gullible considering we're supposedly more advanced?

Well, to answer that, we have to understand that people back then were simply not as dumb as some today would like to believe.

It was not surprising that the J.B. Legendre letter didn't generate more excitement because hoaxes appeared American newspapers all the time in the late-19th Century. Newspaper editors and their readers were used to them. 

Yes, no matter if the writer was a known con artist and the subject was a proven fraud, there are those who will always believe them.

And frankly, unlike the easy to convince people around today, to people at that time, this particular hoax evidently wasn't very convincing to anyone -- probably because it was so far-fetched.

Besides it being too far fetched, people back then knew that science-themed hoaxes were a particular favorite theme for bored reporters to write about.

Like the Liberal writers today who see our world as a bleak place to live, reporters at the time regularly tried to scam readers with stories about little green men, man-eating spiders, Amazon women on Mars, and dire predictions of every sort. 

The New York Tribune, in the same paragraph where it declared the Global Warming Hoax of 1874 to be absurd, complained about how many science hoaxes were appearing in papers around the country.

And it's true, there were many elaborate hoaxes originating in this country. In fact, there were so many coming from supposed "scientific experts," aka "men of science," that America gained an unenviable reputation of producing science that was simply unbelievably. . 

Today's Global Warming Scam is a hoax that has been proven a fraud and lie created by con artist including those linked to the United Nations.

Global Warming is promoted by none other than President Obama as the biggest threat which mankind faces, even bigger than Radical Muslims taking over the Middle-East and the real threat of Muslims obtaining nuclear weapons in Iran.

And in the meanwhile, men like Barrack Obama, George Soros, and Al Gore are making millions of dollars in sales of "carbon credits" and getting millions of dollars in contributions to fund the fraud.

Global Warming is being used today simply as a scam to generate fear and panic to gain control on the population while devastating American manufacturing with senseless regulation that our competitors overseas laugh at.

The Global Warming hysteria promoted in schools and Hollywood is devastating the American economy and energy exploration here. All while making millions of dollars in the process for pro-Global Warming organizations.

Yes, unlike today's Global Warming Scam, no one made any money when they perpetrated the Global Warming Hoax of 1874. 

And for good reason really, back in 1874 it was just another writer's hoax. 

While many papers reprinted the letter at the time -- since there wasn't any real "honest" evidence that anything of the such was really taking place -- it wasn't taken seriously.

That ability to discern the truth from a lie tells me that while the folks back then might not have had the "advanced technology" that we have today, they apparently had a lot more perception and Common Sense.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

DISARMED: A History of Gun Control Documentary Film

Published on Apr 29, 2013
DISARMED stands as a challenge to the mainstream media's manipulation and disinformation surrounding the 'gun control debate' -- an issue that is truly not about the control of guns, but people.

In a 31 blast of hard-hitting information, DISARMED is the ultimate information bomb for newcomers and veteran news followers alike. As detailed by news juggernaut Mike Adams of NaturalNews:

"Disarmed is totally hard hitting, it is a 31 minute red pill for those who still cling to the concept of gun free zones and mass disarmament" - Mike Adams of NaturalNews

DISARMED is 100% free online, and you are encouraged to send out this mind-seeking informational payload to friends, family, and strangers.


DISARMED contains 100% original content created within the very short time frame of the InfoWars Operation Paul Revere Contest, and was created using the backbone team of established producer Mike Termale and host/journalist Anthony Gucciardi.

During the short time period of just under a few months, the film was filmed and completed with the two individuals working around the clock to finish up production, taking over 24 hours of interviews alone and compressing the dozens of film hours into a hard-hitting, compact info bomb.

The final crew listing:

Produced by:
Michael Termale (Michael Shane Media)
Anthony Gucciardi (Storyleak)

Written by:
Anthony Gucciardi

Audio, Graphics, and Editing:
Michael Termale

Additional camera and audio:
Josh Hall

Additional Editing by:
Darius Barati

Acting by:
Anna Grace Stewart
Josh Hall

The above was taken from YouTube description of the video.

Thank you for taking the time to review this video.
Tom Correa

Sunday, February 15, 2015

U.S. Marine Medal Of Honor Recipient Kyle Carpenter's Transformation ...

After Diving In Front of a Grenade. 

This story was sent to me. I agree with the reader who sent this to me, all Americans should know the amazing story of Kyle Carpenter. It is a story of bravery, of purpose, and of an amazing transformation.

In 2010, Marine L/Cpl. Kyle Carpenter was sent to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

The picture below was his Boot Camp graduation picture. Pictures of what he looks like today are below the story of what happened to this Great American, a true American Hero.

Lance Cpl. William "Kyle" Carpenter and Lance Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio were on a rooftop in Helmand Province in Afghanistan in November 2010 when they were attacked by enemy fighters. 

During the attack, a grenade landed on the roof next to both Marines. 

Without hesitation, Kyle Carpenter threw himself between the grenade and his fellow Marine.

L/Cpl Nicholas Eufrazio "received a shrapnel injury to the head from the grenade." L/Cpl Kyle Carpenter's body "absorbed a majority of the resulting explosion." That's according to the official Marine Corps' account of what took place.

After over 40 surgeries, and almost four years later, U.S. Marine Kyle Carpenter visited White House on June 19th, 2014, and received our nation's highest military honor, the Medal of Honor, from President Obama. 

The award is given to those whose personal acts of valor and bravery go above and beyond the call of duty. 

Kyle Carpenter’s Medal of Honor nomination stems from reports that, as a 21-year-old Lance Corporal (L/Cpl), he intentionally covered a grenade to save the life of his friend and fellow Marine, L/Cpl. Nicholas Eufrazio on November 21st, 2010, as the two Marines were standing guard on a rooftop in the Marjah district of Afghanistan’s Helmand province. 

And yes, though were badly wounded, thank God that both Marines survived the blast.

Kyle Carpenter is America's youngest living Medal of Honor recipient. Also, Marine Corps veteran William Kyle Carpenter became the Marine’s third Medal of Honor recipient since the start of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

It is truly unimaginable what this young man went through. Kyle Carpenter sustained an almost unbelievable array of injuries, including a skull fracture and a punctured lung. And yes, believe it or not, doctors at a military hospital pronounced him dead on arrival -- they were absolutely sure he wouldn't survive.

At the ceremony last June, 2014, Obama told those in attendance, "The man you see before you today, Cpl. William "Kyle" Carpenter, should not be alive today." .

Describing the killing force of a hand grenade, Obama said, "We are here because this man, this United States Marine, faced down that terrible explosive power, that unforgiving force, with his own body, willingly and deliberately, to protect a fellow Marine."

"With that singular act of courage, Kyle, you not only saved your brother in arms, you displayed a heroism in the blink of an eye that will inspire for generations -- valor worthy of our nation's highest military decoration," he added.

Kyle Carpenter, who is now a retired Marine Corporal and presently a college student, told CBS News that he never expected to get hit on that day in 2010 -- though he did come under fire at that same location the day before.

In 2012, Kyle Carpenter was also featured in correspondent Chip Reid's report on combat sketch artists.

"All the grenades the day before had actually come inside the compound that they had thrown over the walls," he said. "None had hit the roof or landed on the roof yet."

Today, he recalls that after the grenade landed, he threw himself at it, and it went off just a moment before he landed on it.  "The first thing I remember is just feeling like my entire body, and especially my face just got hit really hard with a 2x4. Like a TV without cable, just like the white and gray static screen -- that's what my vision looked like."

When other Marines arrived on the roof, Cpl Carpenter said, "I told them I was not gonna make it, and I kept telling them over and over that I was gonna die."

He recalls how the doctors at the nearby military medical facility agreed.

"I was labeled 'P-E-A,' which is 'patient expired on arrival.' I guess that's the politically correct way of saying you didn't make it."

In addition to his skull fracture and punctured lung, Cpl. Carpenter was blinded in his right eye, both of his eardrums were both ruptured, the carotid artery in his neck was punctured, he'd suffered 30 fractures to his right arm, shrapnel in both legs, and he lost most of his lower teeth.

Through a succession of more than three dozen surgeries, Kyle Carpenter said the staff at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center did a "phenomenal" job of making him whole again.

"I'm very pleased with how far I've come, and I see my injuries and my scars and all my buddies and everybody that was at Walter Reid with me, you know I see it almost as a form of character," he said.

"I'm totally fine knowing that I gave part of myself to a bigger purpose and a bigger cause, to not only serve my country but try to make a better way of life for other people and much less fortunate people."

The president praised Cpl. Carpenter's medical team, saying their example of excellence should inform the ongoing efforts to reform the troubled Veterans Affairs medical system.

"So many of our wounded warriors from today's wars are alive not just because of remarkable advances in technology, but primarily because of the extraordinary dedication and skill of our military and our VA medical professionals," Obama said.  "So we need to keep doing everything we can in our power to give our wounded warriors and those who treat them the support that they need."

This statement by President Obama is in stark contrast to his 2009 attempts at trying to cut the medical services of our returning wounded and veterans in general.

In fact, in 2009, President Barrack Hussein Obama tried to make our wounded warriors pay for their own treatment and after care therapy.

During the attack in 2010, L/Cpl Nicholas Eufrazio sustained a traumatic brain injury due to shrapnel from the grenade explosion, and his recovery continues today.

Kyle Carpenter said of his fellow Marine. "He's come a long way. He's recovering and I'm very proud of him."

At the ceremony, Obama also saluted Nicholas Eufrazio by saying, "Nick also suffered grievous wounds. As a result of traumatic brain injury, he couldn't speak for more than a year.  He also endured multiple surgeries. Today, his recovery continues.  He lives at home with his family in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he is watching this ceremony.  So, Nick, on behalf of all of us, I want you to know we honor your sacrifice as well. Your perseverance is an inspiration."

Despite the recognition he's received, Cpl. Kyle Carpenter insisted his actions were well within the ordinary scope of a Marine's duty.

"You always hear 'band of brothers,' and that's exactly what we are," he said.

"I'll say I'm not surprised and no way patting myself on the back, because I know that if you put a thousand Marines in that situation, they would all do the same exact thing for me."

This is what Kyle Carpenter looks like today.

Though Cpl Carpenter’s face is marked by shrapnel scars from the grenade’s explosion, his heart is pure and great and brave. 

He is a man to be respected and admired.  A man to be saluted.  And yes, his story should be told in schools across the nation as an example to others -- an example of courage and selflessness, of strength of character, of true self-sacrifice, of that what is noble.

God Bless Kyle Carpenter for being the man he is. God Bless this American Marine. God Bless the Marine Corps. 

Semper Fi! 

Tom Correa

Friday, February 13, 2015

Wyatt Earp -- From Unknown To Notorious Desperado

Ever wonder exactly when Wyatt Earp became nationally known, and for what?

It is said that the violence that took place near the OK Corral in Tombstone Arizona in 1881 was a local story more than a national one, and had been mostly forgotten within just a few years. But there was one event in Wyatt Earp's life that transformed him from a nobody to an notorious badman.

It was an event which garnered him a reputation that was not how most see him today. It was a reputation that haunted him until he died simply because it was a story that was carried in newspapers around the country from big cities to small towns.

Some believe it was the relatively small skirmish at the OK Corral that made him famous, but that is not the case. And yes, there are those who say it was his relatively short time in law enforcement that made him a  name known throughout the land. Others have written to ask if it was his arrest for stealing a horse, or it was when he was a town Constable when he stole the local school money.

Some believe it was when he was a policeman and kept the fines he'd collected instead of turning the money over to the city as required. Some say he finally became famous when he was arrested by the Los Angeles Police for running a con-game in an attempt to bilk a man out of a quarter of a million dollars. Some have written me to ask if Wyatt Earp was ever famous while alive, thinking that he didn't really achieve fame until his biographer Stuart Lake published his memoirs -- the yarn that the gullible find true.

But no, none of that would propel him into the national spotlight more than what took place in 1896 when acting as a supposedly last minute choice as a referee in a World Heavyweight Companionship Prizefight.

That fight made Wyatt Earp infamous, but most folks today forget that. They also forget that it wasn't the sort of fame that he wanted to achieve. 

That fixed heavyweight championship prizefight in San Francisco in 1896 shot Wyatt Earp to notoriety and infamy the likes that tarnished his reputation at the time. Yes, newspapers from coast to coast carried the story of what took place at the obviously fixed event.

He settled in California after years adrift.

It's true. After the Tombstone killings, Earp was on the run and holed up in Gunnison, Colorado, and then Eagle City, Idaho.  And despite being “professional gamblers and bad men,” according to the Gunnison town sheriff, Earp ran a faro bank and, being always the con man, he actually tried to sell a fake gold brick, a rock painted yellow, to a German named Ritchie for $2,000.

Early in 1884, Wyatt arrived for the short-lived Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, gold rush. Still on the run from Arizona, Wyatt and Josie, along with his oldest brother James and his wife Bessie, and younger brother Warren arrived in Eagle City, Idaho. By April of 1885, he became a Shoshone County Deputy and soon used his badge to join a band of claim jumpers. About 10 years later, after the Fitzimmons-Sharkey fight, a reporter hunted up locals in Eagle City, Idaho, and learned that folks there accused Wyatt of being the brains behind lot-jumping and a real-estate fraud, further tarnishing his reputation.

It is said that Earp’s reputation was suspect from the time he left Tombstone in 1882. After he left, supposedly he returned to the seedy world of gambling and prostitution. It is said he became a man which most knew as a "rounder." That was an 1800s American term for a man who made the rounds of saloons, gambling halls, and brothels associating with the dregs of society. It was during this time that he also returned to Dodge City in 1886 at the request of Luke Short to help settle a dispute between Short and the Mayor. It was also a time when he moved from town to town, finally ending up in San Diego, California.

When Earp first settled in California in 1887, in San Diego, it is said he "speculated" in real estate, ran several gambling halls in the rough Stingaree district south of downtown, hustled faro, and he promoted bare-knuckle prizefights and horse races around the California border and into Tijuana. By 1891, it's said that Earp was an ageing con-man, virtually penniless. He and his common-law wife relocated to Santa Rosa where he found a job managing a stable which trained racehorses.
There, in 1896, his longtime association with gamblers, and his reputation in boxing and horse racing circles as a man willing to fix matches or races to win a bet, led to him being a last minute choice as the referee of a heavyweight championship prizefight at the Mechanics’ Pavilion in San Francisco. No, Wyatt Earp had never refereed a match of national prominence. He had until this time refereed fights under the older London Prize Ring Rules which allowed bare-knuckled brawling, as well as a broad range of fighting techniques including holding, biting, gouging, and even throwing of the opponent. This would be Earp's first match under the Marquess of Queensbury rules.

So why chose Earp? 

Well, it's said that fight promoters John D. Gibbs and J. J. Groom of the National Athletic Club were unable to find a referee that both sides could agree on -- and one that would go along with a fixed fight of that importance. One report says that the Hearst family, owners of the newspaper the San Francisco Examiner, had just hired Wyatt Earp to provide security for a few employees at different times.

Wyatt Earp always being the self-promoter that he was, it is said that the Hearst employees got an earful from Earp as to how he alone brought law and order to the every square inch of ground West of the Mississippi River all single-handedly. The Hearst family owned one of the major newspapers in the city, subsequently that August the fight the San Francisco Examiner ran three consecutive Sunday articles making Wyatt Earp sound menacing.

The Hearst family ghostwriter had intentionally made Earp sound 10 feet tall and bullet proof -- they figured it would deter would-be attackers from assault any one of those he was tasked with keeping safe. It's true. The ghostwritten series was written in the first-person, all making Earp virtually the sole reason law and order had come West. 

The San Francisco Examiner articles are said to have garnered Earp significant local attention, and was substantially exaggerated for effect -- something that I'm sure Earp would have loved because that was the way that he wanted others to see him. He wanted to be as big as Wild Bill Hickok and any publicity was great to that end. 

John Gibbs told The San Francisco Call that he met with Wyatt Earp in the Baldwin Hotel in San Francisco. "I knew that Wyatt Earp was a cool, clear-headed person of unimpeachable reputation, and one who would be perfectly fair to both fighters." And by the way, he knew this because of the articles that were written in the San Francisco Examiner.

Gibbs called Earp "the bravest fighter, squarest gambler, best friend and worst enemy ever known on the frontier." 

Of course, he obviously left out the fact that Earp had a reputation in sporting circles as a man who could be bought. 

And yes, I believe that like most in the fight game back then, Fitzsimmons' manager, knowing that his boxer was heavily favored to win, knew who was straight and who was crooked and rejected all of the names that Gibbs came up with. Yes, all the while suspecting that the fight had been fixed in Sharkey's favor. 

Since the Fitzsimmons side knew of Earp's entire reputation, they fought against the choice up to the very last minute. In fact the Fitzsimmons camp did not want Earp as referee, but with no alternative they finally yielded because 15,000 people had paid between $2 and $10 for tickets. As for his choice, Earp was a controversial choice right from the start of the bout. To get the spotlight on himself, he gained instant notoriety before the fight started when he entered the ring wearing a barely concealed pistol. 

San Francisco Police Captain Charles Whitman, who was watching the match from ringside, noticed the small hideout gun and immediately climbed into the ring to demand Earp hand over his pistol. It is said Earp first tried to deny that he had the small pistol, then finally gave it up. All quite the show.

After the crowd shouted for Earp to be searched for a second pistol, Whitman questioned Earp about a second hideout gun. To this Earp shook his head and softly said "no." With that Captain Williams, called out "Wyatt Earp's word is good with me!" Yes, it was a statement that Captain Whitman would regret making later in the fight. 

The Fixed Fight!

The Fitzsimmons vs Sharkey Heavyweight Championship boxing match was between Bob Fitzsimmons and Tom Sharkey. Soon the fans' attention were on the fight as the two entered the ring, and yes, from the sound of the first bell, Bob Fitzsimmons was clearly in control of the match. With a $10,000 purse, a lot was on the line, and soon the fight took on the flavor of Pier 9 brawl. 

Bob Fitzsimmons was carrying the day with his superior technique, highlighted by his trademark left-hook-to-the-jaw and his trademark right-uppercut-to-the-solar-plexus combination. In the third round, one of those body punches supposedly strayed low, but Sharkey insisted he wasn't badly hurt and that the fight should continue. 

Then in the eighth round, Fitzsimmons supposedly landed a left hook squarely on the button of Sharkey's jaw and then a huge right from the floor to Sharkey's abdomen. Supposedly, Sharkey stumbled forward instead of back because Sharkey was supposedly struck in the groin. Then Sharkey collapsed on the mat.

After Fitzsimmons knocked Sharkey to the mat, almost immediately Wyatt Earp ruled that Fitzsimmons had hit Sharkey with a low blow when he was down. The uppercut was seen by spectators, while the below the belt hit was not. No one saw it other than Earp.

When questioned later, even Captain Whitman who was at ringside said he did not see the foul. Actually, according to reports, no one witnessed the purported foul except Earp. This was part of the fix. Earp declared the disqualification and gave the match to Tom Sharkey. Then before anyone knew it, Earp disappeared from the ring and arena as fast as he could get away. 

When Earp stopped the contest and awarded victory to the poleaxed Sharkey by way of disqualification, the pavilion erupted. Fitzsimmons' manager complained that Sharkey had been fouling all evening, questioned whether the low blow had even occurred and protested that his suspicions of a fix had been confirmed.

Sounding a lot like a lynch mob, the fans at the December 2nd, 1896, fight in San Francisco, California, went wild and booed Earp's decision. Soon, Wyatt Earp was no where to be found.

The Aftermath

It was the first heavyweight championship fight since James J. Corbett, the prior champion, had retired from boxing the year before in 1895. The fight may have been the most anticipated fight on American soil that year. And as a mattter of fact, the match was illegal under city law -- but civic and police officials who attended the match along with the public bet heavily in Fitzsimmons' favor.

Virtually no one agreed with Earp's ruling and Fitzsimmon's managers went to court to prevent Sharkey from obtaining the purse. The judge ruled that since the match was illegal, the court had no standing which allowed Sharkey to claim the prize. 

Earp was attacked and ridiculed publicly for his decision by the public and the popular press. Vilified for his actions and accepting a payoff to throw the match, the story about the fixed fight and Wyatt Earp's contested decision was reprinted in newspapers nationwide.

Yes, that was what made Wyatt Earp known throughout the nation. But as a crook, a notorious badman, a man not to be trusted. 

Until the Fitzsimmons vs Sharkey fight, Wyatt Earp had been a minor figure known regionally in California, Arizona, and Idaho. But as a result of the fight and ensuing scandal, his name became known from coast to coast in the worst possible way.

To make matters worse, remember that concealed weapon he carried in the ring, well just two days after the fight, on December 4th, 1896, Earp appeared in court to face a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. He explained that he always wore a gun as a precaution in the event he met someone he had sent to prison, and because he was carrying a large amount of cash. He paid a $50 fine for that infraction.

On December 8th, a Sheriff Deputy put a lien on two horses Wyatt Earp owned for $170.45 for a debt unpaid to J. G. Swinnerton of Stockton, California. Another lawsuit was filed on December 9th by J. H. Levenson of Tombstone, Arizona, who claimed Earp owed two unpaid notes totaling $1,110.79, which he skipped out on 19 years earlier by leaving Arizona. 

Believe it or not, even the San Francisco District Attorney threatened to convene a Grand Jury to look into charging Earp for his part in the fixed fight. And yes, an investigative panel was appointed by San Francisco City Mayor Washington Bartlett. They learned that the racehorses Earp was reputed to own in Santa Rosa were leased, and that he owed $2,121 to a loan company. They also received information that his "wife" Josephine Earp was a "degenerate horse player" and that she frequently took loans out against her jewelry. When asked in court if he had any property, Wyatt Earp replied, "Nothing, except the clothes on my back."

Yes, Wyatt Earp had become infamous. 

Over the months that followed the fight, local newspapers ran dozens of stories about the controversy and the two major local papers took sides. The San Francisco Examiner, owned by the Hearst family who employed Earp as part of their security had no further use for Earp, but they still sided him. After all, how could they not. They had run those articles about his sterling character -- and even if they now knew the truth -- they'd have even more egg on their face if they didn't side with him.

The San Francisco Call condemned Earp, and actually ran a number of extremely critical stories about him. Their paper ridiculed and scrutinized Earp for more than a month, while calling into question his honor and integrity, questioning his honesty, and thoroughly vilifying him, insisting he was either blind or a fool. The San Francisco Call also accused Earp of having a financial interest in the outcome. 

The stories in newspapers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego were reproduced nationwide and read by a public that for the most part hadn't known who Wyatt Earp was.  A reporter hunted up Bill Buzzard, a miner from Idaho who Earp had confronted in an Idaho claim jumping feud in 1884. Buzzard gave accused Wyatt of being the brains behind lot-jumping and a real-estate fraud, further tarnishing his reputation. And yes, that story was printed in the papers as well.

Wyatt Earp was parodied in editorial cartoon caricatures like the one below by newspapers across the United States.

According to one report, Earp's vanity made him take the job of referee in a fight that he was unqualified to referee. He saw refereeing such a high-profile bout as a chance to shine and boost his image. Instead, that image could not have taken a more negative hit.

Before the fight, Earp was a figure known regionally, but not nationally. That all changed on December 2nd, 1896, and in the worst possible way. Of course it didn't help him that just a few days after the fight, it was reported that besides a reported $1000 to referee the fight, it was reported that the Sharkey camp had paid Earp $2,500 to ensure his victory. But more than his fee and the payoff to fix the fight, it was reported that Wyatt Earp bet heavy on Sharkey to win and had too much at stake to let him lose. 

So how big was the Fitzsimmons-Sharkey Scandal?

To put it into perspective today, one can say it would be like finding out that the Super Bowl was fixed by crooked referees. Fact is that the Fitzsimmons-Sharkey Scandal was the biggest gambling scandal in championship sports for years until it was bypassed when the Chicago White Sox World Series Scandal where they threw the World Series in 1919 for money. 

The Fitzsimmons-Sharkey fight was unsurpassed in boxing until the infamous “long count” in the heavyweight championship fight between Gene Tunney and Jack Dempsey in 1927. And today, most don't remember the World Heavy Weight Boxing match that was fixed by people including none other than the now famous Wyatt Earp who was once "called as crooked as a dog's hind leg."

Today, Wyatt Earp is remember just how he had hoped we would -- as that pillar of virtue, brave, courageous and bold, the man who tamed the West single-handedly. Yes, it is all a con! 

Below is a Detroit Michigan Newspaper of the time.

DECEMBER 5, 1896:
Detroit, Michigan

In the Sports Section:

As for his badman reputation? 

After the fight, the Associated Press sent articles out of California, stories about Wyatt Earp the bad man from Arizona, the murderer, the outlaw who evaded justice in Arizona. Earp the crooked gambler, Earp the Badman, all were printed and reprinted in small-towns and big cities.

It is said that before the bout, the violence in Arizona in the early 1880s had been mostly forgotten. But after the fight, many of those big city and small town newspapers printed and reprinted stories of the infamous gunfight in which Earp, two of his brothers, and his friend Doc Holliday killed three cowboys.

Yes, the gunfight at the OK Corral was not a nationally known event. Wyatt Earp's culpability in the fixing of the Fitzsimmons vs Sharkey fight brought his involvement in the OK Corral to light. And yes, the same with the vigilante violence that followed. 

Newspapers printed how Earp’s brothers were shot and how later one was killed. They also covered how the three cowboys near the OK Corral were killed. And yes, papers also circulated stories of Wyatt Earp’s deeds as a gambler, a claim jumper, and con man.

And with that, the public learned about his trying to sell a painted brick as a gold brick, his claim-jumping in Idaho, his multiple arrests as a pimp, and his firings and checked past as law enforcement officer, a man who broke the law, hid behind his badge, and later evaded extradition back to Arizona to face murder charges regarding his involvement in killing Frank Stilwell. 

Wyatt Earp was exposed for what he was, and the image was not one Wyatt Earp wanted the public to have. Because the stigma of being a crook followed his movements, Earp left San Francisco shortly after the fight and only returned when he caught a boat to Alaska.

He left San Francisco area in 1897, and finally left California in 1899 for a few years while running a saloon in Nome, Alaska. But even there in the far North of Alaska, they were weary of the notorious Wyatt Earp. When the Earps arrived in Alaska, the U.S. Deputy Marshal there, along with a posse of local citizens deputized for the encounter, met Earp as his ship docked. The deputy marshal knew Earp as a "notorious desperado."

The deputy disarmed Earp and told him that he was not welcome in Juneau, at least that's according to Alaska State Troopers 50 Years of History.

Earp's Smith & Wesson pistol which was taken from him and left in Juneau, Alaska. It is on display behind the bar at the Red Dog Saloon in Juneau. Yes, I've seen it for myself. 

His reputation did not get a lot of help over the years as more information about his past and how the famous fight was fixed. Eight years after the fight, in 1905, Dr. B. Brookes Lee was arrested in Portland, Oregon. He was the treating physician at ringside during the fight. He had been accused of treating Sharkey to make it appear that he had been fouled by Fitzsimmons. 

Dr. Lee confessed stating, "I fixed Sharkey up to look as if he had been fouled. How? Well, that is something I do not care to reveal, but I will assert that it was done -- that is enough. There is no doubt that Fitzsimmons was entitled to the decision and did not foul Sharkey. I got $1,000 for my part in the affair."

After returning from Alaska, the Earps made the rounds of mining camps in Nevada. But his reputation as a someone notorious, someone to be watched put him on the radar of local law enforcement agencies up and down the West Coast. While there are fans of his who try to play down his reputation among law enforcement, even to the point of making up stories of his being an undercover officer for departments in Southern California. The hard truth is that he was on police "watch lists" no different than other criminal types in the day. 

In fact, that was so much so that in 1911, when in Southern California, the Los Angeles Police Department Bunco Squad actually arrested Earp that year for running a crooked card game.  Yes, that was when he attempted to cheat a man out of a quarter of a million dollars. It is said that as far as law enforcement was concerned at the time, his reputation as a con man and criminal was well founded.

Here is what was said in the Los Angeles Times, on July 25th, 1911 after his arrest:

"The charge of vagrancy against Wyatt Earp, Walter Scott, and Harry Dean whom J. Y. Peterson, a real estate man, complained had attempted to fleece him out of a large amount of money in a game of Faro Friday night, will be charged in Police court today to one of having conspired to conduct a gambling game. The fact that detectives broke into the Auditorium Hotel, 507 West 5th. where the game had been set up, and arrested the trio before operations had begun, prevents the placing of the more serious charge, conspiracy to defraud, against them. The charge of conspiracy as applied in the case against the three men is a misdemeanor and is to be disposed of in Police court. All the paraphernalia which was found in the room when the police broke in is in the hands of the police. It consists of a Faro layout, dealing box, a deck of cards which has in the center of each a small hole so the dealer can see at a glance if the second card down is odd or even, one hundred chips such as are used in the regulation faro game…”

The police broke up his attempt to defraud. Yes, Wyatt Earp was caught in the commission of a felony, And frankly, if it wasn't for poor evidence handling on the part of the police, he would have been charged with a felony. And yes, this was not the first time he was arrested. In fact, Wyatt Earp was arrested a total of 11 times in his life. Some say that in itself qualifies him to be considered a life-long habitual criminal. It certainly would classify him as such in today's world.

From Infamous to Famous

While some say that his attempt at making a big score in 1911 was his biggest scam, I say his biggest con job, even bigger than his trying to pass off a painted rock as gold, came in 1914 when he was living in Los Angeles and visited Paramount Studios. It was then that his skills as a con artist really shown through.

It was during his many visits to Hollywood, that he charmed Raoul Walsh, Charlie Chaplin, and others with made-up stories of the Old West, fictional accounts of a past that he only wished was his own. Through these tales, he established himself as an informal adviser on Western movie sets and became a close friend William S. Hart who was a Western film star of the early 1900s.

William Surrey Hart was New York stage actor turned silent film actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He is remembered for his overacting, his long winded melodramatic exaggerations of Western characters.

After almost 30 years of acting on the stage in New York City, at the age of 49, Hart entered films in 1914 where he played supporting roles in two short films. He achieved stardom as the lead in feature films later in his mid-50s. Hart was particularly interested in making "realistic" western films as he saw them. His Western films are noted for blending his Shakespearean stage experience in the United States and England with Western props and costumes. And believe it or not, while I might find it hard to believe, it is said that William S. Hart went on to become one of the first acclaimed film stars of Hollywood.

Fascinated by the Old West, Hart is said to have actually acquired Billy the Kid's "six-shooters" and was a friend of both Wyatt Earp and Bat Masterson. Hart met Masterson while living in New York City when Bat Masterson was a sports writer for a newspaper there. As for Billy the Kid's "six-shooter"? Well, who knows what they was since six-shooter is a catch phrase for all sorts of revolvers.

The story goes that Hart encouraged Wyatt Earp to find a writer to put his stories into a memoir that could provide the basis for a film script. Earp is said to have taken to the task enthusiastically, starting over from scratch three times with new writing partners when results proved unsatisfactory to him.

Most agree that Earp fine tuned his stories with each new version. After all, it was his life that he was re-writing. So he tweaked his accounts of something that he never did, editing out his missteps and embarrassments, openly lying, and neglecting to tell the truth of some things. In fact, he completely left out his 1911 arrest in Los Angeles, his arrests in the 1870s for horse theft, being arrested as a pimp, consorting with prostitutes, and of course his complicity in the biggest scandal in American Sports History prior to the fixing of the World Series in 1919.

Instead, Wyatt Earp came up with this fanciful tales of buffalo hunting, arresting Ben Thompson, taking on Clay Allison, standing up to lynch mobs, and saving the day. 

Wyatt Earp, hoping to get Hart to turn his life into a movie, make some money and rewrite his history, modeled the "good guy" character he created in his memoir -- both tough and taciturn -- on Hart’s own screen persona. Yes, Earp was no fool. He wanted to flatter Hart into doing his memoir. So Earp cast himself as a lifelong proponent of law and order, a sort of avenging angel of justice, a man among men with a sterling character.

Earp’s as-told-to biography was published in 1931, two years after his death. "Frontier Marshal", the first film based on the book, Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal, was released in 1934. Screened and broadcast repeatedly, the film rooted Earp into the minds of Americans as being the best of the good guys..

Yes, that's Wyatt Earp's greatest con job! His great scam! His greatest swindle is rewriting his own life not for the folks back then -- but for us today.

Why do I say not for those who lived back then? Well, when Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp died in 1929 at the age of 80, he was well known for his decision in the title fight and not for his actions at the OK Corral gunfight. In fact, the Associated Press carried his obituary, and to the chagrin of his common-law wife Josephine Earp, yes to her absolute displeasure, newspapers gave Wyatt Earp a lot of ink to his officiating of the Fitzsimmons-Sharkey fight. 

Of course not all papers told the truth. Some papers described him as a "gunfighter, whose blazing six-shooters, were for most of his life allied with the side of law and order". 

The Review-Atlas, the local paper from his birthplace in Monmouth, Illinois, printed a story on page one about Wyatt's death on January 13th, 1929. It mentioned Earp's attempts to get into the movies but gave more attention to the Sharkey-Fitzsimmons scandal. And yes, after he died, newspapers in the 1930s contained references to "pulling an Earp", or "Earping the job", which served as shorthand for a crooked referee.

During his lifetime, Wyatt Earp was arrested for being a horse thief, a pimp, and a con artist. He was fired as a lawman a number of times for stealing fines and even school funds. And yes, though he was wanted for murder -- he evaded justice. From San Diego, California, to Nome, Alaska, he was on the criminal watch lists of police departments in multiple cities in at least six states -- even up to the day he died.

For these reasons, I don't understand the Hollywood "hero" thing. And yes, I can't help but wonder if the writer of the newspaper article above, and others who reported on Earp's shenanigans, lived long enough to see Hollywood and the media transform Wyatt Earp from factual badman to legendary hero? I bet it made a few people ill to watch a con artist and crook become famous for things he did not do. 

Tom Correa