Monday, December 29, 2014

Arkansas Woman Declares Her Business "Muslim-Free Zone"

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, Jan Morgan of the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range has officially declared her business a "Muslim-Free Zone".

Ms. Morgan states, "I officially declare my business, The Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range, a MUSLIM FREE ZONE. I have made this decision based on the following FACTS:

1) The Koran, which I have read and studied thoroughly, and which all Muslims align themselves with, contains 109 verses commanding hate, murder and terror against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to Islam.

2) My life has been threatened repeatedly by Muslims who are angry that I have studied their Koran, know it better than most of them, and am exposing the vileness of their so called "Holy Book" and its murderous directives.

3) The barbaric act of beheading an innocent American in Oklahoma by a Muslim, the Boston bombings, and the murder of 3000 innocent people on 9/11 are more than enough loss of life on my home soil at the hands of Muslims to substantiate that Muslims can and will follow the directives in their Koran and kill here at home.

4) Because the nature of my business involves firearms and shooting in an enclosed environment, my patrons are not comfortable being around muslims with guns. Can you blame them?

5) My range rents and sells guns to my patrons.

Why would I want to rent or sell a gun and hand ammunition to someone who aligns himself with a religion that commands him to kill me?

6) The Muslim Brotherhood has a documented plan for the destruction of America from within, discovered by our own government during a raid of MB operatives in America.

In addition, the civilization jihad under way in my country by American muslims.

In a number of states Muslims, through our legal system, are trying to force us to accept Sharia Law over Constitutional law.

I do not wish to do business with people who stand against the Constitution and are fighting to replace it.

7) Muslims, who belong to and or support ISIS, are threatening to kill innocent Americans.

Muslims, who belong to or support AL Qaeda, are threatening to kill innocent Americans.

Muslims who belong to or support HAMAS are threatening to kill innocent Americans.

8) Islam allows Muslims to kill their own children (honor killing) if the behavior of those children embarrasses or dishonors the family name.

Did you know that dating outside of the faith is justification for murdering their daughters and this has already occurred on American soil?

Why would I want people who believe it’s okay to murder their own children, be in the presence of other children?

My patrons often bring their kids to the range to teach them to shoot. I am responsible for providing a safe environment for those children to learn gun safety and shooting sports.

9) In the 14 hundred year history, Muslims have murdered over 270 million people. Not all muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists in the world right now are muslim.

Since you can’t determine by visual assessment, which ones will kill you and which ones will not, I am going to go with the line of thought that ANY HUMAN BEING who would either knowingly or unknowingly support a "religion" that commands the murder of all people who refuse to submit or convert to that religion, is not someone I want to know or do business with.

I hold adults accountable for the religion they align themselves with."

-- end of article

Editor's Note:

Considering the political pressure from the Liberal Left, the Democrat Party, the Obama White House, and their control on the Justice Department -- this is a brave move.

While I support her move to exercise her right to refuse service to anyone, especially those she feels may indeed be a threat to others at her facility, I can't help but fear for her ability to stay in business since it is so politically incorrect to take such a gallant stand.

She has my respect and admiration because her reasoning is very sound and justifiable.

Why do I feel that way, well about 20 years or so ago there was a privately owned indoor range in Milpitas California which had an incident where a shooter took his own life on that range.

At the time, the range owner was asked "Why did you allow him to shoot there?"

The owner responded that he did not know the man, or where his head was at the time.

Jan Morgan does not have that problem. She is cutting down on her liability by taking proper precautions and banning persons who share a belief of hate and violence against anyone not of their religion. To avoid potential harm for those using her facility, she is refusing service to those she she as violent.

She may be a model for others to follow in the future. It may be beneficial to other businesses to examine what sort of customers they have to determine whether or not Muslims they cater to are indeed a threat to others around them.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Anti-Muslim Protests In Germany -- The Fight To Stop The Islamitization of Europe

More than 17,000 Germans took part in protests against "Islamisation of the West." 

Down through history, the German city of Dresden has endured a great deal. When I was in school, I remember learning about the allied fire bombings of Dresden during World War II.

Yes, the German people have proven themselves to be extremely resilient. And yes, especially the people in Dresden who have persevered through a great deal of hardship. 

They can take pride in knowing that they have always came back from adversity stronger than before. 

Right now, many people in Germany have lost patients when it comes to the current wave of Muslim invaders. The people in the German city of Dresden in particular are fed up with Islam being forced upon them by their government.

Chancellor Angela Merkel "warned" Germans not to be exploited by extremists saying, "There's freedom of assembly in Germany, but there's no place for incitement and lies about people who come to us from other countries."

Mrs. Merkel also said, "Everyone needs to be careful that they are not taken advantage of by the people who organize such events."

Clutching German flags, candles and banners, thousands of Germans joined the demonstration. 

"No Sharia Law in Europe!" proclaimed one banner. The government wants people to think that it is not about the people's dislike of Sharia Law, that it has to do with some sort of racism. Yes, as if taking a page out of President Obama's playbook where everything can be blamed on racism.

Fact is most are protesting against high levels of immigration and asylum seekers, many of whom are getting government benefits and taking jobs from German residents. 

Many see the Merkel government as capitulating to the wishes of Muslims and their desire to instill Sharia Law into German society.  

During the march, protesters chanted "Wir Sind Das Volk" ("We Are The People")! 

This has been a rallying cry to remind the German government that they are not run by a Dictatorship and that they have a voice in what takes place there. This same rallying cry was used in the city in the weeks before the fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago. 

One elderly man shouted, "I'm a pensioner. I only get a small pension but I have to pay for all these people (asylum seekers). No one asked me!"

The BBC, which as everyone knows has been pro-Muslim in Great Britain, covered the protests. And no, according to my readers in Germany, the BBC did not see the protests the same way the German people had. 

One of my readers wrote saying that the BBC painted the protesters there as Nazi and depicted the Muslims as 1930s Jews.

Dresden is the birthplace of a movement called "Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West" (PEGIDA), which staged a big rally a week ago.

PEGIDA is a new group, having just established in October after it was announced that 14 Muslim refugee centers were set to be created in Dresden. Those 14 Muslim refugee centers would house 2,000 immigrants and asylum-seekers who were fleeing from the Middle East.

Of course the group PEGIDA opposed the plan, and was instantly dubbed by the Merkel government as "far-right extremists" and "Neo-Nazis" in an effort to discredit their opinions and make them appear to be as extreme as the Muslims who they oppose.

A woman who traveled 50 miles for the demonstration told the BBC, "I am not right wing, I'm not a Nazi. I am just worried for my country, for my granddaughter."

Justice Minister Heiko Maas called the protests "a disgrace." 

In contrast, Bernd Lucke, leader of the AfD, said, "Most of their demands are legitimate." 

Mr Lucke has campaigned for a tougher policy on immigration, as well as rejection of the Euro.
Bias in the news does not only apply to the United States as reports tried to say that such protest scenes would have been inconceivable in Germany just a few years ago. 

They try to depict many in Germany as "ashamed and horrified" not just by the numbers at this demonstration but by support for right wing groups elsewhere.  

One factor screws up the bias reporting, and is making an impact on politicians there. That factor is that the vast majority of the crowd in Dresden are not extremists or neo-Nazis -- but ordinary everyday hardworking citizens. 

Conservative politician Wolfgang Bosbach said, "these are concerned mothers, pensioners."

The sheer numbers at recent demonstrations are forcing a public discussion about immigration there. And yes, it’s a debate which many say can no longer be ignored.

Immigration has become a hot topic in Germany this year, amid a surge in the numbers of asylum seekers, fueled by the wars in Syria and Iraq, are flooding into that nation. 

Germany takes in more Muslim asylum seekers than any other European country. Germany expects 200,000 Muslims to seek asylum claims for 2014, up from 127,000 in 2013.

This massive grassroots demonstration in Germany was started to stop the Muslim invasion of Europe.

It should be noted that between the protesters chants of "Germany is not a land of immigration” and "We are the People" which echoed through the crowed, the protesters sang Christian Christmas carols.

While the government might have gotten the message, Muslim attacks on Christian symbols are taking place as they have been.

The latest took place on December 26th, yes just 3 days after the demonstrations in Dresden Germany. 

A Muslim man cut down 60-yr-old cross because it offended him and his Islam belief. 

It's true, a Muslim man cut down a sixty-year-old seven-foot crucifix because it offended him.

The cross stood for 60 years in a small town in Austria. It was erected after WWII and was a main reference for the entire village.

The Muslim man moved there from Egypt and from the time he arrived he hated the cross being there.

Reports say he was always complaining, contacting the government and neighbors. “I don’t want that, it has to go.”

Besides the Muslim man cutting down the historic cross, he damaged the base of the cross and the knees of Christ when it fell.

The mayor has called the act of vandalism “radical”, “offensive”, and “inflammatory”. The local branch of the ruling Christian Conservative party has reported the act to police and made an official complaint.

People there hope the Muslim man gets arrested and is deported back to the animal kingdom where he came from.

As for the protesters in Dresden, no one burned down a single business in comparison to what took place with the animals if Ferguson Missouri!

Yes, I did call the looters, rioters, arsonists, and thieves -- animals. After all, they are that.

And no, I wouldn't refer to them as animals if they had held a protest to protest -- instead of holding a protest as an excuse to sack their city, burn down businesses, and put a lot of middle class working folks out of jobs. Yes, that's who their actions hurt the most.

So let's compare the more than 17,000 truly peaceful protesters gathered in the Dresden City Center as a show of solidarity against "Islamitization" in their country to the animals in Ferguson Missouri.

The demonstrators in Dresden Germany exemplify the true meaning of what a "peaceful protest" should be -- and their keeping it peaceful is extremely commendable.

Ever wonder what sort of people burn down their own town? They are the same folks who have the nerve to say either rebuild or we're riot even more.

It's true, believe it or not, in Ferguson, the animals who burned down their town are now threatening to do it again if the 56 businesses they burnt down don't rebuild.

Some of the big businesses have pulled out of the area, and no telling how many more will refuse to rebuild in that jungle they call Ferguson.

I tip my hat to the folks in Dresden, Germany. Their power is in the way they organized and made their opposition known. If they capitalize on this through imposing political pressure on those in office, then yes I believe that they can push Islamitization out of Germany -- or at least stop its progress.

I can only hope this anti-Islamitization movement spreads from country to country all over Europe. I hope that both Christians and Jews will join together to take a stand against the Muslim threat and Sharia Law which Muslims want to impose upon those countries..

Yes, I hope it happens soon. If the encroachment of Islam is not stopped peacefully, I'm afraid violence will follow soon enough.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Blacks in Ferguson Threaten Businesses Who Don't Rebuild

First they burned it down, now they want it rebuilt. And if no one rebuilds, they will riot again and burn down even more of the city of Ferguson.

Does that make sense to anyone other than the rioters in Ferguson?

A report out, Ferguson Rioters: They Better Rebuild the Businesses We Looted Or There’s "Gonna Be Hell to Pay," by Top Right News on December 18, 2014, talked about how some of the black community in Ferguson are now upset that businesses might not rebuild there.

The report talks about how the Ferguson rioters who looted and burned dozens of businesses to the ground during the Mike Brown riots in August and November are now demanding that those businesses rebuild those stores .. or else.

Yes, there is in implied threat if the businesses do not rebuild.

The report noted a CBS interview with three blacks men in Ferguson. 

One protester “Gunny” warned city officials, “To be honest, if they don’t come and restore these neighborhoods for these people, like when you gotta go travel miles to Walmart and to get gas and stuff like that, it should be right here.If they don’t restore this community for people who stay here it’s gonna be hell to pay…”

A second stated, “Yeah, that’s why people lootin’, because they can’t get no jobs.”

According to local St. Louis station KMOV, two major retailers -- KMART and Big Lots have now announced they will close the doors on their Ferguson locations.

The retailers claim that the decision has nothing to do with the recent unrest, but small business owners in the area see things differently. 

The owner of a nail salon in the same strip as the Big Lots store says that business is down 50% since the unrest began, and plans to leave once their lease is up.

But where is the surprise in this?

After the August riots, I recommended that ALL businesses close their doors permanently. When the riots and looting and the arson of the local businesses started, I recommended that ALL businesses move out of Ferguson as fast as they could. 

I recommended that they take their inventory and depart the area before becoming victims of the chaos encouraged by President Obama and the Attorney General of the United States Eric Holder.  

I wanted to see ALL businesses move out and leave it to the animals running wild there. I wanted to see ALL grocery stores, clothing stores, auto parts and hardware stores, restaurants, gas stations, auto repair, and fast food outlet, and any other businesses there, shut their doors and leave the area to the jungle that the people there have made it into.

I was hoping that once the rioters see that the businesses that they burned down employed blue-collar workers, and that their actions were in fact harming other regular middle to low income working people most, that they would see the insanity of their actions.

I was hoping that once the rioters who ruled the city with Jungle Law, actually saw that they had nowhere to buy food, or gas, or conveniences, that they would stop the carnage.

I was wrong. Even though the animals in Ferguson Missouri burned down their town, they didn't care about the outcome. That is, until now -- well, sort of.

Now the very people who are responsible for sacking Ferguson want those businesses back so they can burn them down again. Yes, they want them back -- but are threatening the city with more violence if they don't rebuild. Imagine that for twisted logic.

Frankly, if I were the insurance carriers for those businesses, I would make it too costly to rebuild in such a War Zone. I would make coverage of businesses so costly that businesses cannot afford to return there. 

And frankly, I would not blame insurance carriers if that's in fact already taking place.

Why should any insurance company cover a business in an area that you know is under the threat of being looted and burned to the ground on a whim by those animals living there?

Will there be repercussions to businesses not rebuilding there? Sure, but than again, there's not that much more to burn down and loot is there? The Ferguson animals have destroyed a great deal of their city.

And yes, I'm sure that businesses owners who were brutalized, intimidated, threatened, and saw their life's work go up in flames, those who fear the animals of Ferguson who won't return, will certainly be labeled as racists. 

The owners the 56 businesses sacked by looters and arsonists should take the insurance money and move to a business friendly community somewhere away from the jungle. Instead of rebuilding in Ferguson where the threat of a replay of the violence and arson is ever present, they should move to somewhere safe where the people want the jobs.

While the black population in Ferguson has an unemployment rate of 46%, and one would think they would be trying to entice businesses there for the jobs they provide, why threaten to burn down businesses who do return?

Yes, business owners should take their insurance money and leave as fast as possible. 

They should leave the city of Ferguson to the animals there, and let it remain the jungle that it has shown itself to be. 

And yes, that's just how I see it.

Tom Correa

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Dear Friends,
My wife and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!. 

May God Bless you and yours! 
Tom & Deanna Correa

Monday, December 22, 2014

RANDOM SHOTS -- Kate Upton, Rebekah Rorick, An Alabama Family Fights Back, and Justice For Fort Hood Soldiers


Rebekah Rorick prevails in fight to pose with rifle in her High School yearbook photo

Rebekah Rorick, who attends an Upstate New York high school, had the picture above turned down by a yearbook committee.

An upstate New York school district has shot down a high school that said no to a senior’s yearbook photo because it shows her posing with a gun.

Rebekah Rorick submitted the picture for inclusion in the 2015 Broadalbin-Perth High School yearbook only to have it rejected by a faculty member on the yearbook committee due to the weapon.

"And I was like, 'Why?' And they are like, 'Because there’s a gun in it,' And I’m like, 'But it’s a hunting rifle. I’m wearing camo. I have my dog with me,'" Ms Rorick told WTEN-TV. 

"I was ready to cry. I didn’t know what I was going to do. The only thing I thought to do was address it."

The photo above shows a smiling Rebekah in a classic hunting pose. She is kneeling next to her dog as she holds a hunting rifle upright in her left hand. Nothing wrong with that, it is an American Classic pose.

"My family has always hunted," Ms Rorick told local station WTEN. "It’s something I do with my family, and my dog is my best friend. So I decided to put her in the photo. I fell in love with [the picture]. It’s my favorite photo of all time right now."

Accompanied by her father, Rorick appeared before the school board Monday evening to appeal the rejection.

"We are in the foothills of the Adirondacks," Michael Rorick told the school board, according to the Gloversville Leader Herald.

He and his daughter also pointed out that a senior’s photo in the 2012 yearbook showed him with a rifle.

After meeting behind closed doors, the school board ruled Rebekah’s photo appropriate for the yearbook.

"There wasn’t any reason not to (allow it)," president Robert Becker told the newspaper. 

He said he understood the school’s initial reaction to the photo, saying it was due to what he called "heightened sensitivity to firearms" in schools.

Broadalbin-Perth Central School District Superintendent Stephen Tomlinson told WTEN that the photo does not violate the district’s policy against weapons.

"She is not holding the gun in a malicious manner," he said. "She is not pointing it anywhere. It’s to me, in my opinion, a nice photograph of a young lady in the Adirondack region that enjoys hunting."

Dear friends, I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to see common sense raise its head in any school district these days!

Maybe this sort of Common Sense will become catchy. We can only hope!


Family Happens Upon Trio Robbing Their Home -- Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands 

On December 15, 2014, an Alabama family that had fallen victim to a home burglary just a week earlier happened to spot the suspected intruders as they drove down the street.

No, they didn’t let them escape.

According to WBRC-TV, the Wyatts happen to spot the three intruders as they drove down a neighborhood road after committing yet another break-in robbery at different house.
As soon as they caught a glimpse of the crooks, the family followed their vehicle, stopped them and held them at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene.

"They happened to drive by, and we seen them drive by, and we knew it was them, and we stopped them," Chris Wyatt told WBRC. "They tried to say that they were lost, and we corrected them where they were."

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies later arrived on the scene and took a man and two women into custody.

Officers also recovered stolen goods from their vehicle.

Surveillance footage captured the suspects breaking into the Wyatt family home. The three jerkweeds stole two TVs and even several Christmas presents -- including gifts for the family’s 1-year-old baby boy.

Just two days later, deputies responded to another burglary where a computer monitor, trumpet knife collection and jewelry were among things stolen, said Chief Deputy Randy Christian. 

As officers investigated the crime at that house, they received a phone call from the Wyatt family notifying them the suspects were being detained at gunpoint.

Sarah Wyatt told WBRC that they hope they will get their stolen items back, saying, "Sure hope so, if they don’t at least we’re all safe and in one piece and they are off the street for now." .

So yes, especially in rural America, when seconds count -- the police are minutes away. That is why armed citizens are the best defense against crime.

And yes, this is just another great example proving why we have a 2nd Amendment. .

I really hope this wonderful family feels the thanks of many for putting these thieves behind bars.


U.S. Army Fort Hood Terrorist Victims To Receive Purple Hearts & Combat Status -- It's About Time! 

The Republican Congress is set to make the Soldiers who were victims of the 2009 Fort Hood Terrorist attack eligible for Purple Hearts and combat injury benefits.

As shameful as it is, the Obama administration immediately labeled the Muslim terrorist attack as "work place violence" and has staunchly denied those Soldiers their combat status for the past five years.

House Republicans, working with the Democratic-controlled Senate Armed Services Committee, added a provision to the defense authorization bill that would give battlefield recognition for the victims of the deadliest attack on a domestic military installation in U.S. history. It passed on a voice vote with strong bipartisan support.

The measure, which is expected to pass Congress next week, also would end a five-year effort by Texas Republican Reps. John Carter, Michael Conaway and Roger Williams to give the victims of the Muslim attack combat status, the Military Times first reported.

Texas Republican Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn introduced the bill in the Senate.

The victims of that horrible day have long asked the Pentagon to label the attack "terrorism" so they would be eligible for the Purple Hearts and added combat-related benefits -- which of course means that they would get help with medical needs resulting from that day.

President Obama, and Defense Secretaries Robert Gates, Leon Panetta and Chuck Hagel have downplayed the terrorist attack for many political reasons including not trying to upset Muslims.

They have stuck to their original claim that the attack by Army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan was merely an act of workplace violence.

The new language in the defense bill says Purple Heart medals can be awarded to "members of the armed forces killed or wounded in domestic attacks inspired by foreign terrorist organizations," according to the Military Times.

Hasan killed 13 people and wounded 32 in the assault on the Army post in Killeen, Texas.

Survivors, many who suffered from multiple bullet wounds, have spent the past five years trying to rehabilitate their bodies and rebuild their lives. Many have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills on their own.

If this goes through, the new benefits provided through legislation would be helpful indeed.

The victims point out that Hasan had several email exchanges with top al Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki about the attack and whether the attack was justified to “protect our brothers,” and followed Awlaki’s advice to scream “Allahu Akbar” (“God is Great”) to invoke fear before starting to shoot.

Until his death by a drone airstrike in 2011, Yemen-based Awlaki was one of the United States’ top enemies.

In August, victims of the Fort Hood shooting also pointed to news of a letter from Hasan to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as further evidence that the 2009 attack was a terrorism attack.

In the undated two-page letter, Hasan asked to become a member of the extremist Islamic group and said it would be an honor to become an “obedient citizen soldier” for Islamic State and signed the missive with his name and the abbreviation “SoA,” or “Soldier of Allah” — the same identification he used on business cards before the shooting.

In a speech on the House floor Representaive Carter said the FBI and the Defense Department were aware of Hasan's radicalization as early as 2005 but dismissed concerns about him "in the name of political correctness."

Five years ago, Rep Carter said, Obama promised to protect the victims of the shooting, personally assuring them he would at a memorial service for those who died in the attack.

"Our communities have suffered long enough in the name of political correctness," he said. "I'm very proud that my colleagues in the House and Sens. Cornyn and Cruz have not dropped the ball."

"We have stood for the Fort Hood community and the victims of this terrorist act even when the president failed to act," he added.

Representative Williams argued that the Obama administration's "negligence" has cost some of the victims to pay hundreds of thousands of out-of-pocket costs for medical treatment.

One victim, he said, was pulled off active duty and her paycheck was reduced from $1,400 a month to $200 a month and she lost her military health insurance. Others, he said, scraped by on disability payments.

Sgt. Alonzo Lunsford, who was shot seven times, was turned away when he tried to check into an Army PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) clinic because he was not injured in combat, according to Rep. Williams.

"This is not the definition of taking care of our nation's heroes," he said. "The [defense authorization bill] gives the Obama administration yet another opportunity to honor his pledge to provide for these men and women who were victims of terrorism."

It is a sorry thing when we have to wait until we get Democrats out of the Senate before we can arrange justice for those who faced a combat at Fort Hood.

Hopefully this will come as a relief to the brave victims there that day.

Kate Upton wins 'Sexiest Woman' award

Kate Upton was bestowed “Sexiest Woman” at the inaugural People Magazine Awards.

The magazine is famous for naming the "Sexiest Man Alive" and "Most Beautiful," but the 22-year-old Sports Illustrated model is the first woman to be awarded the "Sexy" title.

"Sexy to me means someone who is confident and happy and that's the person I always strive to be," she said to the audience as she accepted the honor.

She also jokingly apologized to her 18-year-old brother and quipped, "You’re welcome, Justin," referring to her boyfriend, Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander.

Kate Upton is the picture of the All American woman that is healthy and sexy. She has classic curves, and a beautiful face.  

How can anyone not gay not see her as sexy? She is simply beautiful.

Now, as you can tell, I've made it real clear that I like the way she looks.

So why have I stressed the point, because I am sick and tired of Hollywood, television, and the advertising industry promoting emaciated women who look like Nazi Concentration Camp survivors as the new standard of beauty when they are not.

The modeling industry is promoting a bad example of beauty. The models they prefer today are sickly. Yes, they look like Jewish Holocaust Death Camp survivors.

The above pictures are runway models, the picture below is from 1945 taken at one of the Nazi Death Camps. See my point.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa  

Friday, December 19, 2014

A Christmas Reunion -- A Christmas Story

Story By Tom Correa

Each Christmas it happens, and it always comes in a dream when least expected. This year it started with the sound of my Dad talking. He was surprised how truly short our lives are. Of course, some don't realize how precious life really is until it's too late.

He sat at my kitchen table in pretty good spirits really. While reminiscing about life in general, he did mention his frustration with the Oakland Raiders. But really, that sort of frustration comes with being a Raider fan. I'm sure they have disappointed many.

I listened to him talk about the things he wish he'd done and didn't, and of course the things he did and wish he hadn't. And yes, I smile thinking how nice it was to see him smile and laugh. All in all, he looked great. I wanted to tell him that I missed him since he passed, that I think about him all the time, that I miss our having coffee and talking about the old days.

I heard grandpa telling another one of his stories. My grandfather, the original storyteller. The story this morning was something that took place around Christmas back in the early 1930s. It had to do with his working aboard ship. He sailed all over the Pacific as a Merchant Seaman. And the Christmas story today was one that he laughed about more than some of his other Christmas tales. It was the about his catching hell from grandma when she found out he bought a horse he didn't need from a family that had no money at Christmas. 

Sure there was the story about how he signed up to get in the ring at Civic Auditorium right there in Honolulu in a wrestling promotion there a few years after it was built in 1933. He and others in line were there to get in the ring with a local "Champion" wrestler.

The promotion was to win a 50 pound bag of rice if they could stay in the ring with the champ for a 3 minute round without being pinned or thrown out of the ring.

He never said whether or not he got that bag of rice, but he did say that after getting slammed to the mat by the monster -- he kept running away from him for what felt like an hour or more.

But yes, all in all, he would be the first to admit that his being a Christmas gift of sorts was a close call that most young men don't want to go through . And yes, he loved telling the story about how it all took place.

Supposedly his ship was in port in Samoa. Remember this was in the early 1930s. While there, he became friends with a local family. And yes, one of the very young daughters in that very large family became infatuated with him.

The problem with her infatuation was that her father was a local Chief. And soon after meeting him, the Chief wanted to make my grandpa a gift to his daughter by making him a part of their family.

This was so much the case that a day or two before leaving, the Chief made it clear that he would be marrying his young daughter. Only first, my grandpa had to be tattooed in the Samoan tradition of a warrior.

My grandfather knew real well what that meant, but besides the idea of all of that pain -- he was already married to my grandmother back in Hawaii.

On the day his ship was leaving, his ship's Boatswain came up with a plan to arrest him in front of the Chief to dishonor him -- thinking that this would subsequently save him from a bad situation.

On Christmas Day, with binoculars in hand, the ship's Captain watched as the Boatswain and two others acting as escorts arrested the young man who would later become my grandfather.

It took place about a hundred yards from the ship's brow in front of the Chief. Everything seemed fine and going along as planned until the Chief's daughter started screaming about how she didn't care if he was a criminal or not. And yes, soon her father was siding with his daughter in an effort to shut her up.

That was when my grandpa, his ship's Boatswain and the two escorts, looked at each other and decided that it was time to run for the safety of the ship.

All were running for safety while the whole village was being alerted that one of "their own" was being arrested.

Laughing about it, grandpa liked to say that while the Japanese had Judo, the Chinese had Kung Fu, and the Filipinos used knives, Samoans had a skill for throwing rocks. And yes, they were pelted all the way back aboard ship.

It seemed like only seconds after aboard that the Captain had the brow pulled and the ship pulled away from port. On a trip to Samoa during World War II, grandpa saw the Chief and his daughter again -- but only from the rail. Over the years, she had married and gained about 200 pounds. Looking at her, he waived hello and smiled a thanks to his ship's Boatswain.

My grandmother stood behind him this morning and shook her head as usual. Grandma's heard his stories over and over again, and yet she still smiles and laughs at them. She loves him as no one would ever know.

But then again, maybe it wasn't so much grandpa's stories and more how he tells them. Yes, the right inflection here and there, and even a story that's heard over 50 or more years can sound great to those intently listening.

I love the smell of my grandma's vinho d'alhos. It is a popular Portuguese dish for a reason and my family makes it every Christmas. The aroma coming from cooking the marinated pork is something we all look forward to at Christmas.

Outside, the wind blew up the leaves and rain started pounding the windows. A knock on the door, caught everyone by surprise, but not me. I have become used to this reunion. I know this happens every year as it has for many.

A few years ago, my wife's grandpa Stanley showed up. And yes, it is great to see him again each year. It didn't take long for me to learn to love him as my own. One would be hard pressed to find someone with as good a heart and gentle ways as Stanley.

Aunt Marie and Uncle Tony showed up to visit. Last year was the first year for Uncle Tony. He knows most there and was his usual happy self. All there were talking and visiting, all having a good time.

Uncle Tony is why I have a horseshoe on both sides of the doors leading into my home. On a visit he asked why the horseshoe hanging over my front door had the open end up?

I told him that was so the horseshoe holds its luck. He said that when he was a youngster back in the 1920s that he was told to have the open end, the heel, pointing down so the luck would shower everyone walking through the door.

Now I have a horseshoe outside with the open end up and a horseshoe in the door with the open end down. After all, one can never be too careful.

When my great-grandfather walked in, grandma helped him to a chair that was essential his spot in the kitchen. Isn't it strange that after all these years of not speaking Portuguese, I understood him clearly.

Yes, my great-grandfather could not speak English other than a few words such as "Franklin Roosevelt" and "hospital". And I guess there is a good reason for that, he was always a laborer who worked with other Portuguese laborers who couldn't speak English either -- so subsequently, though he wanted to learn enough to pass our citizenship test, he never could.

As usual, I'm thankful that I could not find my brothers or my sisters there. And yes, I've come to realize that my mother is never there for the same reason -- but that's the way it should be for now. And yes, over the years, I have become grateful to God that neither my mom nor my siblings are at the reunion yet.

For some reason, I heard a commotion outside and when I went to see what was going on. There was my old horse Murphy. He had ran full tilt down to the end of the arena kicking and farting the whole way. Once there he reared up then looked at me as if to say "How was that?!"

I called out "Son!" Then I turned and started walking away, and as if it were years ago, he always ran to me full stride until cutting me off from my walking away. He then started mouthing the pockets of my coat knowing that I have horse treats for him.

My dogs Chesty, Baby, and Jake joined my barn cats Mama Kitty, Tom Tom, Blacky, Missy Kitty and Rascal, watching my old horse Mac run over and join Murphy.

Talk about herd bound. After rescuing Mac from slaughter, he and Murphy became as thick as thieves. He has never been the dancer that Murphy is. Yes, Murphy chasing me and searching my pockets for treats -- almost looked like we're dancing.

Awake and Sad! 

Soon my wife woke me saying that she's going Line Dancing, it must be Wednesday I thought. I heard the door close, then her car started, I walked into the kitchen and watched her drive down out long driveway.

I was tired. Dreams sometimes make me very tired. And yes, when I woke I realized that it had happen again. Each time the Christmas reunion takes place there are more people there.

Some are faces without names sitting in a corner reading a paper, or standing by the front door, or moving past me. Those who are moving by me seem to move faster as the years go by, and no I can't seem to stop them to ask their names.

Mom called me this morning to say she can't wait for this afternoon's Red Hat luncheon. For her, I will get dressed as Santa Claus and make an appearance for my mom's ladies group and their annual Christmas Party. Yes, for mom, I will be Father Christmas!

During their lunch, I will meet all of her friends and then sit with them for a while. I will take in their faces and enjoy their camaraderie. This group of friends has a great deal in common. But frankly, I am beholding to them for taking care of my mom since my dad passed away almost 10 years ago.

But yes, each year, sometime before Christmas, I have a reunion of sorts with those I've loved and miss a great deal. Some like my great-grandfather have been gone since I was just a boy of nine. Others like my maternal grandparents passed on when I was in my 30s.

I lost my horse Murphy to colic a couple of years ago, my dog Jake who was only four when he died suddenly for no apparent reason. I had to put Mac down because of his old age and the fact that he couldn't stay on his feet any longer.

This year, 2016, my brother Herman Ray is now part of the gathering. He passed away two days after his 62nd birthday. I miss his calls and his grumpiness. I miss our laughing at old jokes. I miss our reminiscing about when we were growing up. And as with the others there, I can only pray that one day I will be seeing him again. Yes, I can hope and pray that we're all reunited with those we love and have lost. I pray that when it's my time, that it's not just a dream.

For now, I cherish it for what it is. Yes, as interesting a reunion as it is. It always is. It happens when I'm half awake close to morning, and most times I feel sad when I wake and interrupted it. It always feels like it ended way too soon.

And although I know it is all just a dream that takes place every year, there is a comfort that comes from my knowing that next year I will dream about them again. But until then, I will settle for remembering how they were and why I still miss them.

As for those wondering if I see my annual reunion as a prelude to what awaits me later? Yes, I do. I do because I've come to believe that this is what waits for me in Heaven.

While writing this my television is on, and right now playing on some channel is the Christmas classic "It's a Wonderful Life." I just heard Clarence the Angel tell George, "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?"

Yes, they do create holes. But thankfully we have memories to fill them. Especially if we are blessed. And tonight, again I am blessed.

Tom Correa

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Victoria Texas Police Officer Uses Taser On Senior Citizen 76 -- Not Once But Twice

It was reported on December 13th, 2014, that a Victoria, Texas, police officer is under investigation after a 76-year-old man accused him of using excessive force during a traffic stop.

The officer, Nathanial Robinson, 23, was placed on administrative duty Friday pending the outcome of an internal investigation into whether he violated the use of force policy when he tasered Victoria resident Pete Vasquez, said Chief J.J. Craig.

The officer was hired after graduating from the police academy two years ago.

The incident happened after Officer Robinson saw an expired inspection sticker on the car Mr Vasquez was driving back to Adam's Auto Mart, 2801 N. Laurent St., where he helps with mechanical work.

Mr Vasquez got out of the car, which is owned by the car lot, attempting to get the manager. He pointed out to the officer the dealer tags on the back of the car, which would make it exempt from having an inspection.

Police dashboard camera video shows Officer Robinson arresting Mr Vasquez for the expired sticker.

When the officer first grabbed Mr Vasquez's arm, the older man pulled it away. Officer Robinson then pushed Mr Vasquez down on the hood of the police cruiser.

The two fell out of the camera's video frame, but police said the officer used the Taser on Mr Vasquez twice while he was on the ground.

"He just acted like a pit bull, and that was it," Mr Vasquez said. "For a while, I thought he was going to pull his gun and shoot me."

Mr Vasquez was handcuffed, placed in the back of the police cruiser and taken to Citizens Medical Center, where he remained in police custody for two hours.

Chief Craig said the police department's dash cam footage "raises some concerns."

He decided to open the investigation after viewing the footage and has personally apologized to Mr Vasquez for the incident.

"Public trust is extremely important to us," Chief Craig said. "Sometimes that means you have to take a real hard look at some of the actions that occur within the department."

The internal investigation also will examine the details of the arrest. Driving with an expired inspection sticker is a Class C misdemeanor, typically addressed with a citation. Because Vasquez was driving a car with dealer tags, the car was exempt, Chief Craig confirmed.

Mr Vasquez was released from the hospital without being cited.

If the investigation finds the Officer Robinson violated the use of force policy, his possible punishment ranges from a letter of reprimand to suspension without pay -- or termination, Chief Craig said.

District Attorney Stephen Tyler said he has not been contacted by police about the case or seen the video.

First, authorities must determine whether criminal wrongdoing, moral wrongdoing or a policy violation occurred. Possible charges include official oppression, injury to elderly, aggravated assault and assault, he said.
Mr Tyler said the incident was bad timing given the headlines dominating national news, but said Victoria isn't Ferguson, Missouri, or New York.

"You want to make sure you give the right kind of person a badge and a gun," he said.

Larry Urich, a 62-year-old sales manager at the car lot, said watching the scuffle unfold made him sick. He said he wanted the officer fired and prosecuted for excessive use of force and causing bodily harm to an elderly person.

"I told the officer, 'What in the hell are you doing?' This gentleman is 76 years old," Mr Urich said. "The cop told me to stand back, but I didn't shut up. I told him he was a g-------- Nazi Stormtrooper."

Mr Urich followed behind the police car that drove Vasquez to the hospital and waited until his friend was released.

"There should have been an ambulance called for this elderly gentleman," Mr Urich said. "He should not have been handcuffed to go to the emergency room when he had not done anything wrong."

Through it all, Urich said, he feels sorry for the officer.

"He's probably a good family man, but you don't treat people like that," Mr Urich said. "I don't see how in the world anyone would think he should keep his job after that."

A day after the incident, Mr Vasquez said he still had body aches and expected it would be a few days before he healed.

"I feel like my rights were violated," he said. "The police department is supposed to train their police officers to be more conscientious and use common sense. I don't think he had any."

Chief Craig said he hired the officer "because he was a very good candidate," but he also felt obliged to talk to Mr Vasquez in person to apologize for the incident.

Mr Vasquez said he appreciated the conversation with the chief.

"He didn't want me to think that all policemen are like that," Vasquez said. "I said he's got a lot to do to prove to me that."

For me, I hope Mr Vasquez sues the department. It appears that lawsuits and the city having to pay for the misconduct of their officers is the only way many of these department will rein in heavy handed policeman who are tarnishing the name of great officers out there.

I have been a Military Policeman and a Correctional Officer. And yes, even in the most heated moments, I never got mad or lashed out.

Being a professional meant keeping a proper businesslike demeanor even when dealing with a-holes. Anger and and vengeance never came into play. I saw it happen where others would get so emotional and get lost in the moment, they didn't last long in that field. I never let it take over my thinking.

When this Officer saw that it was dealer's plates, he should have pulled away from the situation -- instead he, and really only he, allowed it to escalate to his wrestling a 76 year old man on the ground and tasering him twice.

The cop was the professional in this situation. He supposedly deals with real bad situations everyday. Most law abiding citizens never ever have confrontations with the police.

For me, and maybe I'm in the minority on this one, but I can understand how an American who knows he has not done anything wrong does not want to be treated poorly.
As for cops who are heavy handed and out of control, take a look at what took place in Dayton, Florida.

On May 16th, 2014, Christine Chippewa was beaten, had her teeth knocked out, and a flashlight was shoved down her throat after a run in with two Daytona Beach police officers.

Ms Chippewa was sitting in her car in a parking lot when Officers Justin Ranum and Matthew Booth approached her. The two officers said they saw Chippewa put a "bag of cocaine" in her mouth.

That is when Officer Ranum’s body camera goes blank. And yes, the next thing that takes place when the arrest ended is that Ms Chippewa was being rushed to a local hospital with her teeth knocked out.

Daytona Beach Police Chief Mike Chitwood said, "Clearly in the middle of the arrest the camera goes blank and then I have a woman with her teeth knocked out of her mouth and headed to the hospital. And I have this documentation of ‘Oh these things happened,’ well why’d your camera go off?”

Chief Chitwood asserts that Officer Ranum turned off the camera himself.

Chippewa filed a complaint with the Daytona Beach Police Department claiming that the officers used excessive force during the arrest. She says Booth put his fingers down her throat, shoved a flashlight in her mouth and kicked her in the head.

"Further investigation into officer Booth and the injuries that this woman suffered are conducive to excessive force and that’s not how we operate," said Chief Chitwood.

Yes, sadly it takes horrible incidents for good officers like Chief Chitwood to see that there is a bad one in his ranks. And yes, I tip my hat to Chief Chitwood because both of the officers involved in this crime are now out of a job. They have both been fired over this incident!

While all charges against Chippewa were dropped, she also received a $20,000 settlement. But frankly, I think she should get more just for medical and dental costs alone.

Some will say that the situations being caught on video such as with the officer in Victoria, Texas, and those of officers like the two bad ones in Florida who knowingly turned off their body cameras are just more examples of an epidemic plaguing departments across the country.

Since there are about 900,000 sworn law enforcement officers in the United States, epidemic or not, the bad apples are truly tarnishing the reputations of the vast majority of good officers out there who dedicate their careers to doing as good a job as expected for their departments and their community.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Horse Cruelty In Copiah County Mississippi

Horse cruelty seems to be taking places all over the country these days. It seems more and more horses are being neglected and starved all over the country in what looks to be epidemic proportions.

Most folk who own horses have heard of the over 100 horses which were found malnourished, dying, or already dead on Jerry Earl’s property in Copiah County, Mississippi. 

While I see it as mass murder on the scale of some sadist who goes out of his way to torture animals, yes that my opinion on this, that owner is only facing misdemeanor charges. 

I believe that animal abuse, especially at this scale, demands real justice. Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood should in call for a complete independent investigation. After all, this really is one of the worst cases of animal abuse in the state’s history.

It started on November 29th, 2014, when two people shopping for property went to a piece of property in Copiah County to take a look at a piece of acreage for sale. Upon their arrival, to their horror, the witnessed something that will most likely haunt them the rest of their lives. They immediately took pictures of the horses and reported what they found to local law enforcement.

It was a scene of appalling animal neglect and abuse. The scene was one of almost 180 horses, some dead and others struggling to stay alive. 

A deputy went out to the property and told the couple the sheriff’s department would handle it, telling them there was no need to fill out a report or sign an affidavit.

Yes, someone stumbles onto a crime scene and the local law enforcement says there is no need for a statement as to when they found it, what they found, what were they doing when they found it, or what they did after they found it. I guess in Copiah County that sort of thing is not out of the ordinary. 

According to local news reports, dead horses and weanlings were found dumped in piles, a bloody mare still alive was trapped in a feed trough and way too weak to get out, all owned by self-proclaimed "horse trader" Jerry Earls.

State Certified Veterinarian Angeliki Polles, DVM, pointed blame for the travesty to those who sold Earls the horses in the first place. As ridiculous as that sounds, it's true. As incredible as it sounds, she sounds like she is excusing Earls for the mass deaths and widespread maltreatment. 

"So they got this way before he had them, so that's where I think be the concern, not persecute him," said Dr. Angeliki Polles, DVM. She added that the horses were bought at auction.

So what, horses are bought at auctions all the time. A lot of very good horses are bought at auctions. Just because a horse was bought at an auction doesn't make that horse sick or bad.

In fact, I have a great deal more respect for someone who realizes that they cannot afford to feed their horse any longer and take it to an auction so that someone else can give a good home to a horse that needs one -- than I do someone who will allow a horse to starve to death.

And by the way, if we go with Dr Angeliki Polles reasoning, if that were the case, than what she is essentially saying is that every horse owner out there who has bought or rescued a sick of malnourished horse is not responsible for worming, vetting, feeding, or taking care of that horse all because "they got that way before" they acquired the horse.

Illogical to say the least, sad way of excusing neglect, sorry way to look at life. To think that Dr Polles may be making excuses, and giving Earles an "out", by saying that's not his fault that they were already sick when he got them, is pathetic.

Allow me to help and educate Angeliki Polles, DVM, a State of Mississippi Certified Veterinarian.

When a man or woman acquires a horse, a dog, any animal, even one meant to be raised as food, that person is responsible for that animal's health and welfare which means its care and feeding and medical needs. It also means nursing it back to health if you see it needs it when you first get it.

It does not matter if the horses, if all 180 of them, which in itself is impossible for all 180 to have been bought already sick, really were sick before he bought them -- Earls, as their owner, was responsible for the care and feeding of those animals.

Fifty-nine year old Jerry Earls, his picture above, supposedly leases the property and saying, "I ride a horse 7 days a week for a living. I can pin cattle, catch cattle, I work for the public."

What he left out is that he was also indicted in the past for stealing cattle. Yes, Earls was indicted and convicted of larceny of livestock in 2012. 

He actually admitted stealing a bull and 42 cows and calves. Now a bull and 42 cows and calves might not sound like a lot of money if you're from the city or a suburb, or watch old westerns, but that is a great deal of money being stolen from the ranchers who spent a great deal of their own money raising them for market.

I once knew a man who wanted to hang a man for stealing his prize breeder bull which cost him thousands of dollar all by himself. So yes, if Earls did in fact steal cattle -- then to my way of thinking, a cattle thief is not above letting horses go without feed and water and let die.

Forgetting about Earls and his responsibility in allowing those horses to die, and let's not even talk about the strange logic of Dr Polles, but let's talk about the place where this took place.

Remember, the couple who found the horses did not have to search them out to find them -- they simply walked over to a fence and looked out, and there they were.

Since these horses did not all die at once and starved to death over a long period of time, where were Earl's neighbors while this was going on? How couldn't anyone see what  was going on? Why didn't a local cop see it driving by? Why didn't someone call it in?

So, as the pictures about show, these animals were not starved to death in a barn as took place recently in another part of the country. No, these horses were out in the open.

I know that I am the first to say that I don't like busy-bodies who have their nose in the affairs of others. I know that I have written on our need for privacy. But looking at this, I am shocked that no one knew what was going on or didn't see this. The smell itself should have been enough to have alarms go off that something was wrong there.

When that couple found the scene and saw the miserably pour condition of those horse, the starvation, the dehydration, many with sores and the one horse stuck in a concrete feeder barely still alive, the dead horses all around, the horrible smell, they called the sheriff's office -- but the Copiah County Sheriff's office dismissed their report and initially did not want to respond to their find. 

It's true, the couple had to keep calling the Copiah County Sheriff's back a number of times before the Sheriff's decided to get someone out there. And yes, even after the sheriffs arrived, the couple contacted the Copiah County Animal Control -- not the deputies. 

The couple who discovered this reported that the owner of the horses, James Earls, came out once the sheriff showed up and his excuse was the horses came to him in worse condition. 

Remember what Angeliki Polles, DVM, said about how the horses were received by Earls already sick and malnourished, so that in itself relieved Earls of all of the fault for letting his horses die and starve? 

Well, it seems Dr Polles has company. It was reported that another Mississippi State Certified Veterinarian Dr Watson, from the Board of Animal Health, stated the horses conditions were poor when Earls "got" those animals.

Yes, it's true, State Veterinarian Dr Jim Watson said when Earls got the animals they were already in poor condition. Does that mean that Dr Watson is also excusing Earls for starving his horses?  

You decide. Dr Watson said, "We are confident that these animals did arrive in poor condition and I think that need to be looked at as well. I'm not trying to deny that these animals potentially needed more care than they were receiving,  Some are from sale barns, that were purchased. Others are animals that have been dropped off or left with him other he may have purchased from individuals.".

And yes, I can't help but ask if members of the Copiah County Sheriff's office, Dr Polle or Dr Watson knew Earls on a personal level? I'd also ask if they had any business dealings with Earls? Does it seem like someone was covering for Earls? 

On December 6th, 2014, misdemeanor charges were filed in this case charging Jerry Earls with 4 counts of misdemeanor cruelty, despite over 100 horses in inhumane and unhealthy condition and at least 20 dead horses.

This sort of thing makes me wonder if Earls has friends in the system? Four counts out of over 100 cases, and a couple of state vets who sound like they are trying to pass it off as not being Earls fault?

Yes, the Justice System is broken in that county!

No mater what is going on in Copiah County Mississippi, every horse owner, and certainly every Horse Rescue, in the nation understands that you are responsible for nursing horses back to health even if you got them like that -- you just don't let them die! 

An example of this took place in the middle of last month, November, when 23 horses kept in darkness and isolation, were found underfed and neglected at Skyland Farm in Woodstock, Vermont.

"The condition of the barns were horrible," said Jeanne Matos of the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society. "The stalls were chewed up. The animals were standing in several feet of manure. The smell of urine was overwhelming."

Jeanne Matos joined Woodstock police officers and volunteers to seize the animals at the farm. Police say they executed a search warrant several days earlier based on several anonymous tips. Yes, tips. And yes, those anonymous tips probably came from neighbors.

Ms Matos says on a 1-9 scale used by veterinarians to rank animal nourishment, Skyland's 23 Arabians ranked among the lowest. "They were ranging from about 1.5 to 3. So, very malnourished, rib bones, hip bones showing," said Ms Matos who also said the horses are being nursed back to health at an undisclosed shelter.

Imagine that, horses that are being rescued, acquire sick and malnourished, and are actually being nursed back to health. 

While this might seem strange to some folks, who seem to be making excuses for the abuse and neglect that James Earls showed the horses that he owned, the rest of the country knows it is proper and customary to nurse sick and malnourished horses back to health. It is the right thing to do.

Thank God that is not customary to let them die or starve, and then write it off as if to say "Oh they were that way when he go them. Not his fault!" 

As for the horses in Vermont, once they are healthy again, Ms Matos says the humane society hopes to help facilitate foster placements and full-time adoptions. She stated, "I think they are startled, but the prospect of them making full recoveries is very good." 

I tip my hat to Jeanne Matos and others who understand the agreement we make with animals: As an owner, we are responsible to feed and care for them. For their love, we return the love.

While my wife and I, like many others see owning horses as rewarding, even if rescuing a few more than we need to puts a strain on expenses. Shamefully, there are those people who see animals as things that don't need care or feed or compassion. 

And yes, there is a part of me that would love to lock them up and treat them the same way that they treat their animals. Even if for just a few days, I wish they would feel the hunger in the bellies and the thirst build with no relief in sight. 

How would they like it? They wouldn't. They would call it inhumane. Yes, if I treated them as they do their horses, they would quickly call me what they are, someone inhumane who lacks all compassion. 

People like them, those people without compassion for the animals they own, should not be allowed to own animals of any sort. But then again, the answer as to how to stop them from owning animals is beyond me. It seems there is no way to stop the neglect.

But, as my grandfather once said, "if someone cannot serve as a good example they may serve as a bad example."

In this case, if you have ever wondered how bad Horse Cruelty can get? Just look to Copiah County Mississippi for one of the worse cases of Horse Cruelty in American History. There you will also find a Justice System that does not work.

UPDATE: December 19th, 2014

A report out of Copiah County, Mississippi, says more criminal charges may be pending against Jerry Earls.

Earls is right now only being charged with 4 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty in Copiah County.

Now the State Board of Animal Health is ready to slap him with 13 counts of failure to dispose of 13 dead horse on the property he leased out. The fine up to $1,000.00 on each count.

Three people staged a rally Friday in front of the Copiah County Sheriff's office, including Alisha Armstrong. She and her husband discovered the tragic situation on Dees Road.

Mrs Armstrong said, "What's being done here is unjust for the horses. We care about the horses and we want to make sure the horses are taken care of in a proper manner. And a just manner. The people that did this need to be to the fullest extent penalized for it."

Cindy Crane drove over from Carthage, she is a supporter of the Justice for Copiah County Horses group.

"We look bad around the country," said Ms Crane. "It's not just here. There might just be three of us here today, but there are thousands of people who are aware of what's going on in Mississippi and they are not happy about it and they support us all."

The state and county has said that initially Earls claimed the horses were his, but then changed his statement saying that someone else owned the horses.

Local News Station WLBT 3 confirmed, through both the State Veterinarian Board and the Copiah County Sheriff, that the owner of all but 8 horses is Mitch Stanley. 

According to federal court documents authorities, the Stanley family owns a commercial transport business and livestock feedlot business based in Arkansas and Louisiana. 

Dr Watson confirmed Stanley sent in 18 wheelers and loaded up his horses Thursday. Their ultimate destination remained unknown for a while.

After talking with Mrs Armstrong, I was advised that Stanley loaded up 50 head of them and they are now in Texas.

Of course as there no limits to the shitty actions of some folks, it should be noted that there were many people lined up and rescues as well to buy these horses -- but they were denied to do so out of spite!

Believe it or not, even the rescues that went to get some of them were denied to take any more after begging them to let them have them. 

State Veterinarian Dr Watson says Mitch Stanley paid Earls to buy feed and care for the animals. But Earls did not do that. According to Dr Watson, Earls allegedly pocketed the money instead of buying feed..

Justice for Copiah County Horses advocates believe the horses removed will eventually be sold and sent out of the country for slaughter.

Rescue organizations from in and out of state rescued what was left of the few remaining horses that survived on the property. Second Chance for Horses Facebook page posted photo's of some rescued animals that had injuries and others with ribs showing.

Horse rescue folks now report that at least a few of the horses suffering from the worst conditions and malnutrition are now in new homes -- to have a second chance at life.

I will try to keep my readers updated on this horrible situation.
Tom Correa

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Obama Confesses He Spends Most of His Mornings Watching ESPN

It’s Not Reading Reports

President Obama discussed his morning ritual lately with ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd, and admitted that he spends most of his morning watching ESPN.

“Listen, I spend most of my time watching ESPN in the morning,” Obama said. “I get so much politics I don’t, you know, want to be inundated with a bunch of chatter about politics during the day.”

The Washington Free Beacon notes that the Government Accountability Institute reported Obama has missed 62.5 percent of his daily intelligence briefings during his presidency. The White House has responded to such reports by arguing that written reports are as effective as briefings.

This revelation from the First Black President that he spends his time on sports might fit a racial stereotype of sorts, but let's not go there.

Instead, let's focus on the lack of WORK being done and all the leisure time this Bozo has. Yes, leisure time.

Friends, now we find out that if he's not on some golf course -- he's watching ESPN most of his mornings.

Lazy Liar? 

With his lying to the public about ObamaCare and sitting around watching ESPN, or playing golf, or playing basketball, yes that qualifies him to be called a "Lazy Liar" who obviously doesn't like to work. 

Again, not trying for the racial stereotype here, but he sure makes it hard not to ask if he were White would he be able to get away with this? The answer is, like with most things about his presidency, probably not.

I believe he is getting a pass. I believe a White president would be held at a higher standard. It is fairly certain that a Republican president would.  

Obama has a real history with ESPN. Maybe one that he can use to get a job once he leaves office? Maybe he can get his own show? Maybe one called "Focus On Barackatology"?

Yes, after entering office in 2009, Obama charted the NBA Finals in something he referred to as "Barackatology." 

And yes, even though Obama caught flak from legendary Duke college basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, who said, "the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the bracket," that still didn't stop Obama from spending most of his time on the NBA finals. 

And as for golf, Obama is a constant golfer, having played at least 192 times since his presidency began. Compare that to President Ronald Reagan who loved golf but only found time to play 8 rounds in 8 years because he was so busy with the business of the nation.

Obama frequently golfs with big money Democrat campaign donors and Liberal corporate bigwigs. He also loves to associate with famous black sports celebrities like Tiger Woods. 

As everyone knows, besides the constant golf games, he also loves to play basketball. And yes, even Michelle has gotten her face in there with her “dunk” on Lebron James right there in the White House.

Obviously the Obama's enjoy sports, just as a lot of Americans do -- but Americans also know there are many  major issues affecting the United States and millions of Americans that need to be addressed.

Is it beyond him to put out a little more effort and diligence to duty than what he is demonstrating?

Rather than who missed their free-throws, Obama should be concerned about tax breaks for middle class Americans, helping small businesses keep their business and create jobs, supporting our allies, strengthening our military, defeating our enemies overseas, paying attention to the Muslim threat, and maybe even take an interest in the security of the United States by securing our borders.

While it might be all fun and games in the White House these days, Obama should shit or get off the pot when it comes to being President. Maybe he should resign and leave running the Executive Branch to smarter people who see life as more than just putting a ball in a hoop.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa