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Thank you for visiting my blog, The American Cowboy Chronicles. It's my intent to spread the virtues of America, to celebrate American history and our Cowboy Culture, exemplify Cowboy values, relate the positive nature of Conservatism, and to challenge those who want to re-write our history and attack America to further their political agenda which I see as not healthy to our nation.

As for my Old West articles, while I may be taking on some of the legends and the myths, my intent to use my blog to make available educational material which can be a benefit to others by furnishing facts. As for the news and commentary that I post, I post that here simply because it may not be covered elsewhere or is not being given sufficient attention.

As with looking at history for what it is, just as I would if I were a referee during a boxing match or an umpire at a ballgame, it's my believe that an unbiased examination of history as well as current events can only benefit us all.

I hope you will find something on here that interests you. I hope you enjoy reading what's here and maybe even share it with others. I cannot adequately express my appreciation for all of your support and interest. My blog getting over Two Million visits is truly amazing. It's such a great feeling to know that people around the world like my posts. So thank you for stopping in to take a look at my site, I truly cannot thank you enough.


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by me are mine alone. No one is sending me "talking points," political or otherwise, to repeat here. As for the views, opinions, and positions expressed by contributing/associate writers/historians here, just as with those folks providing comments on this blog, their views, opinions, commentary, and positions expressed, are their's alone.

Also, this is my blog. I write a blog about guns, horses, cattle, agriculture, Conservative politics, current events, and American history. I use many sources for my articles, mostly from journals that I kept during my travels.

As for listing sources, I don't do that because I don't want to be seen as recommending another writer's work. That's not to say that I don't quote sources. As most of you who have read my articles know, I quote people and state their affiliations, newspapers both old and new, magazines, pamphlets, and Internet sources, usually right after the reference in my stories. 

As for articles that I've posted here that I have not put my name to? Since I've been asked why some article have my name and others do not, allow me to explain. The articles that I have put out that don't have my name attached to it are articles that I have not written as a whole. Most have been copied and compiled to provide information for my readers.

An example of that are most of my articles on Cattle Breeds. Most of that information was obtained from the University of Oklahoma Breeds of Livestock, and a few other sites. I posted the Cattle Breed information here after being asked to do so by parents and children who were associated with 4H and the FFA.

In cases such as that where I'm simply trying to help others find information, I will not put my name to that information. If I can, and if I remember to do it, I will usually try to include a notation as to where that information came from. 


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As for the comments which readers post on articles? Please understand that I have to screen all comments before posting them. The reasons that I do this are simple. First, as a Google blogger, Google has made me responsible for keeping inflammatory information and vulgar language off of my blog. They simply won't permit it and I agree with them that there's no need for it. Second, I have sole discretion and reserve the right to delete comments which are obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, dishonest, factually untrue, and/or of a commercial nature, and/or otherwise unacceptable on my blog.


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I cannot begin to tell you how much your donations mean to my wife and me. Thank you so much.


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As for visiting my blog, I cannot express to you just how much I appreciate your visiting my blog. I really think my "little blog," as someone once called it, has come a long way. I now have an average of between 50,000 and 60,000 visitors each month, and I appreciate all of you coming here to check out what I have to offer.

There are a lot of articles on different subjects. While I've concentrated on my love of American History, specifically Old West History, I really hope you find something interesting, informative, and educational here in the other subjects that I've written about. For my wife and me, we thank you for coming here and reading what's here.

May God Bless you and yours,

Tom Correa
Blogger/ Editor / Publisher


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  2. An excellent site. I have just spent a few hours enjoying the various sections. Even us Brits have an interest in American History.

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  5. Thank you for publishing this fascinating blog. I am trying to write a novel of cowboy life in Arizona as seen through the eyes of a 14 year old girl from the EAST, reunited with her family after a failed attempt at Boarding School in St. Louis, MO. Time is 1870 through 1875. This blog is the first account of western cowboy life I have read that has not been exaggerated or rooted in fiction.
    IN my "undeveloped" story, 14 year old Alicia, is shipped out West to relatives to hide her unbidden and unwanted pregnancy. There is a big culture gap between the mores of the East and the West, where she is accepted and included in all social events without reproof or indictment. Women were so rare in the West that a pregnant young (of course-beautiful girl) becomes loved and courted by the young ranch hands. Later she goes on a trail drive to help her uncle who can't hire enough male hands because of Apache raids. The family live near the Tohono O'odum Indians who are easy prey for the Apaches. There is more, of course. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to read your blog. sincerely, an Enthusiastic Fan.
    I am retired from the Federal Government. I believe that there is not enough western literature geared towards teenage girls (outside romance novels)..

    1. Thank you for liking my site. It sounds like your book will be a great read. As for cowgirls in the West? I have a short article that may help you.

  6. Question...On TV shows I see Cowboys on cattle drives shooting off their guns to push and control the herd of cattle. Wouldn't this be a big waste of ammunition and also scare the cattle and start a stampede? Instead, I thought they would shout, sing, push with their horses, or use their ropes to herd the cattle.

  7. Hello EnthusiasticFan,

    You are right. On Trail Drives, cowboys were known to keep their personal arms in the chuck wagon during the drive. That is, unless they were crossing what was known as unfriendly territory. Of course they were known to arm themselves if Unfriendly Indians were spotted, townsfolk who may have wanted the trail boss to pay a "tax" to cross an area, and of course rustlers. On the majority, cowboys carried rifles but some did own pistols. Rattle snakes were not shot at, the same as coyotes, because a shot was known to stampede a heard. They did in fact, as they still do today, drive a herd by using ropes, their hats, shouting, whistling, and making other noise to make them move. For more on this, please check out my article


Thank you for your comment.