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Thank you for visiting my blog, the American Cowboy Chronicles. It is my intent to spread the virtues of America, to celebrate American history, exemplify Cowboy values, relate the positive nature of Conservatism, and to challenge those, yes to fight, those who want to re-write history and attack America.

It's my intent to use my blog to make available educational material which can be a benefit to others. And as for the news and commentary that I post, it is being posted here simply because it may not be covered elsewhere or is not being given sufficient attention. It's my believe that more information pertaining to current events can only make us better, especially if it's from an unbiased viewpoint.

Since there is a lot here, I hope you will find something on here that interests you. I hope you enjoy reading what's here and maybe even share it with others.

Also, since a few laughed when I said that I was starting this blog a few years ago, I cannot adequately express my appreciation for all of your support and interest. And yes, my blog getting over One Million visits is truly a great feeling. So thank you for stopping in to take a look at my site.


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by me are mine alone. No one is sending me "talking points," political or otherwise, to repeat here.

As for the views, opinions, and positions expressed by contributing/associate writers/historians published here, just as with those folks providing comments on this blog, their views, opinions, commentary, and positions expressed, are their's alone. 


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As for visiting my blog, I cannot express to you just how much I appreciate your visiting to see what I have to offer. As you can see, I've written a lot of articles on different subjects. Granted I've concentrated on Old West History, but I really hope you find something that I have here interesting, informative, and maybe educational.

For my wife and I, thank you.

Tom Correa
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  2. An excellent site. I have just spent a few hours enjoying the various sections. Even us Brits have an interest in American History.


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