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It's my intent to spread the virtues of America, to explore and celebrate American history with a focus on the Old West and the first half of the 20th Century. Since I enjoy talking about the historical places that I've visited and the factual history that I've researched for myself, I hope you find my articles both entertaining and interesting.

As for my history articles, while I'm examining many of the legends and the myths in American History, my intent here is to use my blog to make available factual and unbiased educational material which can be a benefit to others. These are not simply regurgitated stories about our history, I have researched and will only publish what I've found to be factual information. Yes, just the same as with all of my information -- whether it be about guns, horses, or civics. 

I don't believe in simply putting out information that I have not verified for myself. An example of that would be an article on something that is believed to be true but no one can prove actually happened. I don't like conjecture, suposition, and hearsay. Just because some folks say something is true does not change the fact that it may be completely fabricated and purely fiction. Sadly, there are a lot of people who are very passionate about things that never happened, and people who are not what we thought they are. 

As far as looking at history for what it is, I do that more as an investigator at a crime scene. I also try to do it as if I were a referee during a boxing match or an umpire at a ballgame. It's my belief that an unbiased examination of history, as well as of current events, benefits us all. There is never a good reason to spin the truth or create an inference that doesn't exist. In other words, if I call someone a "bum" -- I promise you that I will back up my opinion with facts as to why and how I reached that conclusion.

I hope you will find something here that interests you. I hope you enjoy reading what's here and maybe even share it with others.


The views, opinions, and positions expressed by me are mine alone. No one is sending me "talking points," political or otherwise, to repeat here. As for the views, opinions, and positions expressed by contributing/associate writers/historians here, just as with those folks providing comments on this blog, their views, opinions, commentary, and positions expressed, are their's alone.

Also, this is my blog. I write a blog about American history, but also about guns, horses, cattle, agriculture, Conservative Politics, and current events.

I am referenced on Wikipedia and other websites.

As for listing sources, I don't for various reasons. That's not to say that I don't quote sources within my articles. As most of you who have read my articles know, I do quote people and state their affiliations, newspapers both old and new, magazines, pamphlets, and Internet sources, usually right after the reference in my stories. 

As for articles that I've posted here that do not have my name? Since I've been asked why some articles have my name while others do not, allow me to explain. The articles that I have put out that don't have my name attached are articles that I have not written as a whole. Most have been copied and/or compiled to provide information for my readers.

For example my articles on cattle breeds. Most of that information was obtained from the University of Oklahoma Breeds of Livestock, and a few other sites.

I posted the Cattle Breed information here after being asked to do so by parents and children who were associated with the 4H and FFA. In cases such as that where I'm simply trying to be a source and help others find information, I will not put my name to that information. If I can, and if I remember to do it, I will usually try to include a notation as to where that information came from. 


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First, as a Google blogger, Google has made me responsible for keeping inflammatory information and vulgar language off of my blog. They simply won't permit it, and I agree with them that there's no need for it. I can't help it if you don't like what I've written.

Second, I have sole discretion and reserve the right to delete comments which are obscene, offensive, defamatory, threatening, dishonest, factually untrue, and/or of a commercial nature, and/or otherwise unacceptable on my blog.


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As for visiting my blog, I cannot express to you just how much I appreciate your visiting my blog. I really think my "little blog," as someone once called it, has come a long way. This started out as a way to talk about growing up a Cowboy on my grandfather's ranch, and how the best times in my life have been on the back of a horse either moving cattle or simply taking in God's wonder while trail riding.

I started this to talk about our Cowboy Culture, Americanism, our traditions and values. After ten years, I still want to talk about the importance of family, faith, loyalty, and why we really are a great nation -- contrary to what some say. Today, my "little blog" now averages between 40,000 and 50,000 visitors each month. And really, it has had over 2,000,000 visits from readers all over the world. I'm both amazed and grateful to all of you who have taken the time to visit my site.

And frankly, I cannot adequately express my appreciation for all of your support and interest. It's such a great feeling to know that people around the world like my posts. So thank you for stopping in to take a look at my site, I truly cannot thank you enough.

I appreciate all of you coming here to check out what I have to offer. There are a lot of articles on different subjects here. While I've concentrated on my love of American History, especially Old West History, I really hope you find something interesting, informative, and educational here in the other subjects that I've written about as well.

My wife and I thank you for coming here and reading what's here.

May God Bless you and yours,

Tom Correa
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The American Cowboy Chronicles


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  2. An excellent site. I have just spent a few hours enjoying the various sections. Even us Brits have an interest in American History.

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  5. Thank you for publishing this fascinating blog. I am trying to write a novel of cowboy life in Arizona as seen through the eyes of a 14 year old girl from the EAST, reunited with her family after a failed attempt at Boarding School in St. Louis, MO. Time is 1870 through 1875. This blog is the first account of western cowboy life I have read that has not been exaggerated or rooted in fiction.
    IN my "undeveloped" story, 14 year old Alicia, is shipped out West to relatives to hide her unbidden and unwanted pregnancy. There is a big culture gap between the mores of the East and the West, where she is accepted and included in all social events without reproof or indictment. Women were so rare in the West that a pregnant young (of course-beautiful girl) becomes loved and courted by the young ranch hands. Later she goes on a trail drive to help her uncle who can't hire enough male hands because of Apache raids. The family live near the Tohono O'odum Indians who are easy prey for the Apaches. There is more, of course. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to read your blog. sincerely, an Enthusiastic Fan.
    I am retired from the Federal Government. I believe that there is not enough western literature geared towards teenage girls (outside romance novels)..

    1. Thank you for liking my site. It sounds like your book will be a great read. As for cowgirls in the West? I have a short article that may help you.

  6. Question...On TV shows I see Cowboys on cattle drives shooting off their guns to push and control the herd of cattle. Wouldn't this be a big waste of ammunition and also scare the cattle and start a stampede? Instead, I thought they would shout, sing, push with their horses, or use their ropes to herd the cattle.

  7. Hello EnthusiasticFan,

    You are right. On Trail Drives, cowboys were known to keep their personal arms in the chuck wagon during the drive. That is, unless they were crossing what was known as unfriendly territory. Of course they were known to arm themselves if Unfriendly Indians were spotted, townsfolk who may have wanted the trail boss to pay a "tax" to cross an area, and of course rustlers. On the majority, cowboys carried rifles but some did own pistols. Rattle snakes were not shot at, the same as coyotes, because a shot was known to stampede a heard. They did in fact, as they still do today, drive a herd by using ropes, their hats, shouting, whistling, and making other noise to make them move. For more on this, please check out my article

    1. Herd not heard. Watch it!!!

    2. I saw my error. It goes to what I hate about the blogger program. I can't simply go back in and correct a misspelled word. It has to be completely deleted and written all over again. So I left it. Sorry about that.

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  16. I read your piece on the Black Hills and how you feel that the U. S. Government owes the Lakota nothing for the alleged theft if the Black Hills. I agree with you regarding who occupied the land before the Lakota. However, at the time the U. S. Government cones in the picture, if is the Lakota who are the current occupiers. As a result to sus for time the U. S. Officials sign a contractual treaty expressing that all of the area drawn up in the agreement will forever belong to the Lakota. Afterwards gold is discovered and the rest is history. As you correctly state the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Lakota stating that the land was illegally taken. I guess we can go back and forth with the Black Hills argument. Even though My Grandfather was a Lakota from pine Ridge I do agree that all humans are capable of committing atrocities towards other humans and that Native Tribes did war and commit atrocities against each other. However, there are hundreds and hundreds of tribes who did have the land they had occupied hundreds of years before Europeans arrived in the Americas. Sone of the lands were seized because they lost the wars. But you did not mention that much of the remaining reservation lands that the U. S. Government agreed to in treaty were eventually taken deceit, deception as well as the intended objective of opening up surplus lands by way of the Dawes Allotment Act of 1887 for White Settlement. By 1900 the total Native population was reduced to a mere 250,000
    Survivors of a systematic genocide which has no rival in human history. Natives were conquered in the name of God by way of the Doctrine of Discovery edict issued by Pope Nicholas the Fifth in 1452 and then in 1493 by Pope Alexander the 6th to take over any and all lands of the non- Christian and Non- White heathens of the Americas and Africa. Later in the 1800’s the mantra of Manifest Destiny would seal the deal. So while I agree with you that all humans are sinners and capable of hatred and destruction you then end your story painting America as this God fearing home of the brave and land of the free. My question is why do you speak of the warring between Indian Nations but really divert the readers attention away from the Euro invaders who were obviously even more violent than the very people they came to kill, still and destroy, all in the name of God. I respectfully agree to disagree with you. America has always swept the atrocities they committed against first Natives, then African Slaves, Chinese Railroad workers, Mexicans etc.etc. America will never be able to move forward until it owns up to it’s mistreatment of Non White citizens and women. Much of this land is indeed stolen. If Europeans could simply arrive to this “New World” and plant a flag in the soil and claim it for the King and Queen of Spain, Portugal, France, England etc. because God directed us. Then why make a big issue about whether or not the Lakota had any legal claims to the Black Hills? We all grew up on the “sugar-coated” one-sided “winner’s history”. Yes you and I are both very much aware that “The victors write the history books”. Natives and African slaves had no voice. “History”? “ That’s his- story not mine.
    Since 99.9 percent of everything written about Indians was always written by non- Indians I hope you can understand why I am not surprised in the least how you concluded your paper on the Black Hills. I pray to God that he allows you to “walk a mile in our moccasins. No we were not the peaceful “ Noble Red Men” that Rosseau fantasized about. Nor were we all “heathen savage injuns” people like John Wayne, Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Frank L. Baum and many others referred to my ancestors as. I will pray that God allows you to understand my point of view is. God bless you and your family!
    Chuck Medicine Bear
    Ogalla Lakota/Musgogee Creek

  17. Wow! Thank you for posting it. I really didn’t think you would. God bless you!
    Sorry for the Typos!

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    1. Hello Hubert, I put a backlink on the right hand side of my blog so that folks can get to that website easier. I hope it helps with getting more viewers. It's important to keep the NFR alive!
      Have a great day.

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