Sunday, August 30, 2015

Some Will Try To Kill You

Back in the late 1970s, only a year or so after leaving the Marine Corps, I had just started working in the security field when I found myself checking on a guard at a Stop-N-Go convenient store in Oakland, California.

I was a supervisor, but not a uniformed security guard. I had gone in the store to check on the armed uniformed security guard on duty near the register, and meet the client to check on how things were going on that side of Oakland. The store was located on 23rd and Foothill, if memory serves me right, and Oakland was a war-zone even back then.

After checking in with the guard and client, I said my goodbyes and walked out to my patrol car. It was an unmarked car for our protection. It was so that the residents don't take a shot at us thinking that we were the police. Yes, it really was a war-zone. And whether some want to face it or not, the vast majority were blacks.

As I got into my car, I noticed over to the side of the store entrance by a pay-phone, two young black men were talking. I was already in my car when I saw one man turn to walk away and the other swiftly pulled a small .25 caliber pistol out and shoot his "friend" in the back of the head with 5 shots.

I started to open my door and get out when the shooter decided to stop in front of my vehicle and shoot me, or at least try.

He stood there pointing his pistol at me and jerked the trigger of that pistol about four times before he realized he had used up his available ammo on his "friend." His "friend" who he shot in the back of the head.

Once he realized it was empty, he dropped his gun and ran off into the night. And later, when the police arrived to take statements and a description of the killer, they retrieved the dropped weapon.

Without question, there will always be evil people out there. And some, some will try to kill you. For me, I'll probably always remember how he killed his "friend" and tried to kill me -- and would have if he only had the rounds left to do so. All with such ease and in cold-blood. No reason. No anger. Just cold as ice. I happen to be there and that was enough.

What made me think of this tonight?  Well, it was the news out of Texas of the assassination of a law enforcement officer there. Just the latest in what has been taking place around the country these days.

I was thinking about a clerk working in a convenience store and how a punk shot him even after getting what they wanted. I was thinking about the ease with which some kill other people. All without malice, not in the heat of the moment, not to save others, not to accomplish a mission such as as a Soldier or Marine would for a reason.

I started thinking about the ease, yes the ease which people see another's life as worthless and take it for no reason other than they want to.

And please, don't kid yourself, for most untrained people, killing someone is not an easy thing to do. Even in a self-defense situation, some people hesitate and fail simply because it is something like no other. That's why training to learn to act instinctively is so important if one is thinking of carrying a gun for self-defense.

But in cold blood simply because they can? For no reason? That takes a certain sort of evil seed.

Harris County Sheriff Ron Hickman told reporters that Deputy Darren Goforth "was literally gunned down" in what seemed to be "an unprovoked execution style killing of a police officer."

Harris County Deputy Thomas Gilliland told reporters, "A male suspect came up from behind the deputy and shot the deputy multiple times. The deputy then fell to ground. The suspect then continued over to him and shot the deputy again multiple times as he laid on the ground."

Across the country, law enforcement officers are being killed in cold-blood. Deputy Darren Goforth was shot was shot and killed "execution-style" while pumping gas into his patrol car for absolutely no reason at all. The killer was so evil that he shot Deputy Darren Goforth from behind, then shot him a number of more times as he lay dying on the ground.

Harris County Sheriff Hickman updated the media on the status of the investigation looking for the assassin. The in an unprecedented fashion, he slammed incendiary rhetoric for leading to unprovoked murders of police officers.

After explaining that his investigation will proceed in methodical fashion, he said, "So, at any point when the rhetoric ramps up to the point where calculated, cold-blooded assassination of police officers happen, this rhetoric has gotten out-of-control."

With a call for assistance an arrest has been made. And yes, since the man arrested in the killing is a black man by the name of Shannon J. Miles, Sheriff Hickman then had a suggestion on how to decompress the charged language, asking pointedly, "We’ve heard black lives matter, all lives matter – well, cops’ lives matter too. So, why don’t we just drop the qualifier and say ‘lives matter’?"

Shannon Miles shot Goforth as the officer pumped gas into his cruiser at a Chevron station just before 8:30 p.m. on Friday night, but continued to unload bullets into the officer's body. Shannon Miles is currently in Harris County jail and is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday. Miles now faces capital murder charges.

"I have been in law enforcement 45 years," Sheriff Hickman said of the shooting. "I don’t recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly."

Deputy Darren Goforth, a 47-year-old father, leaves behind two children, ages 5 and 12. Yes, he leaves behind a family. He leaves behind friends.

Reports all say the same thing. They say a community and a nation mourn his loss. But frankly, I don't know if that's true.

So Where Is President Obama On The Deputy Goforth Assassination? 

Friends, when a punk was shot in Ferguson Missouri, President Obama came forth and talked to the nation about how awful that was. Out of his comments and rush to judge the police, rioting, looting, the burning of buildings took place. And yes, a group called BLACK LIVES MATTER has been established.

As the leader of America's black community, why doesn't President Obama come forward to tell the black community that ALL LIVES MATTER? Why does he remain silent on this horrible thing that is being done by blacks around the country?

Why doesn't he just come forward and say, ALL LIVES MATTER. And yes, that's including that of innocent law enforcement officers who don't deserve to get shot with ease by cold-blooded thugs who claim that only BLACK LIVES MATTER.

The actions of the President shows that he is intent on dividing our nation. He is prejudice against white people and does not see that ALL LIVES MATTER. Too bad that we do not have a President of the people and for the people, all of the people.

The meme below was sent to me with the request that I attach it to this article, with a question. Here you go.

These 7 lives lost in the last 10 days, so where is the outrage from Obama on this?

A very good question.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- Anchor Babies

By Terry McGahey

While watching Fox News, the subject of Anchor babies came up and was shortly discussed between Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Hamm. Of course Williams being the progressive that he is, or as

I see him, the out and out socialist that he is, against putting a stop to the whole "anchor baby" situation.

Mrs. Hamm made the statement that it's in the Constitution so therefore the problem would involve having to change the Constitution, Not her exact words but close. 

What Mrs. Hamm stated is true, it is written in our Constitution that being born here makes you an automatic citizen of this country. But that amendment was for us, and not meant to be taken advantage of by Mexico. It was put in the Constitution to cover the children born of slaves. 

Personally I disagree with Mrs. Hamm on this subject. We don't have to change the Constitution, we only have to add an amendment to close the loopholes, because unlike the 2nd amendment it is not followed up by, the right of the people shall not be infringed. 

People who run over here from Mexico and other countries to have their babies, now giving them a child who is an American citizen, are mainly doing it for purposes of skirting our laws as a way to stay in this country. 

Is this a legal practice? No, but the problem is, these people believe they have found a way to bypass our immigration laws and this has escalated to the point of being completely out of hand and past the point of being ridicules. 

Yes, as of now, legally the child being born here makes him or her a citizen. But bottom line, the parents are still here illegally.

By mothers coming to this country to have their "anchor babies," they are still not allowed to stay in this country illegally. They must wait until such child is of the age of 21 years before that child can try to apply for citizenship for his or her parents here in the United States. 

Well, the problem is, once again that spreading cancer called Political Correctness. The bleeding hearts and progressives of this country will stand up against deporting the mother because we can't be part of splitting up families. 

We are not the one's splitting them up! That's the parents choice to do so. Should they be made to return to their country of origin they have the choice, they can leave the child with a legal American family member or someone in this country who is willing to take on that responsibility. 

Last but not least, they can choose to take the child back with them to the country of their origin. The choice is purely their decision, the child's parents caused this problematic situation in the first place, not us! 

I am sick to death of this Political Correctness bull crap which seems to place the problems of people who are here illegally, which makes them lawbreakers, and place those problems squarely upon the backs of our citizens to deal with. 

It is the job of our elected officials to stand up to their oath to the constitution rather than tip toe through the mine field of hypocrisy because it's popular.

It truly amazes me that with ISIS raping, beheading, and overall trying to cleanse the earth of Christians, our politicians have turned a blind eye to the possibility of these animals coming across our borders from the disrespectful country of Mexico which promotes its people to break our laws. 

I truly believe that it is time to put a stop to this immigration and anchor baby situation, especially now, because the radical Muslims will probably begin the same thing by taking a page from the illegal Mexicans about this anchor baby situation. 

We must clean up our own mess, and the way to do it is to get rid of the professional politicians who believe that we are under their rule rather than the other way around. 

Anybody besides me for TERM LIMITS! 

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Innocent Americans Punished By Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws

Ever wonder why people keep saying that parts of our government is out of control and abuse their authority? Here's another example of why. These farmers should get their money back.

The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) seized $63,000 from Frederick, Maryland, dairy farmers Randy and Karen Sowers under the "Civil Asset Forfeiture" laws. That's the laws the government uses when they take money from folks -- both the criminal and the innocent.

Under the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, right now law enforcement agencies have the authority to seize money and property if you are simply "suspected" of being connected to a crime. 

The law was passed and the procedure started as a way for law enforcement to target those involved in drug trafficking and money laundering, but as you can tell -- the Federal laws are not only being utilized only against drug traffickers and money launderers.

Fact is a number of "innocent" property owners like the Sowers have come forward after having money seized without ever being charged or convicted of a crime. And frankly, the law itself has two basic flaws which the government does not seem to understand: 

First, confiscating the assets of criminals is no big deal to criminals because the criminals obtained those assets illegally. Criminals have no attachment to those assets simply because they see it as something they can steal more of. That is completely unlike the innocent citizen who has worked and scraped, and has had to use a little creative bookkeeping to steal from Peter to pay Paul, all to put aside a little honestly earned money.

Money worked for has value. And sadly, because of a litany of rules and regulations these day, citizens are made to figure ways to obey the laws and still get ahead these days.

Second, the Civil Asset Forfeiture laws were created to seize the assets of criminals -- not innocent Americans. 

According to the government, the IRS "alleged" that the Sowers broke the law -- but they were not charged or convicted of anything. So if the Sowers were never charged or convicted of a crime, why was their money confiscated?

In 2012, the IRS seized $63,000 from the Sowers' bank account under Civil Asset Forfeiture laws. The tax agency "alleged" that the couple committed "structuring violations", which involves making cash deposits or withdrawals of under $10,000 to avoid bank reporting requirements.

Friends, that's not breaking the law. The Sowers did not break the law. If they had taken made cash deposits or withdrawals of $10,000 or over and NOT reported those transactions to the IRS, then that's breaking the law.  

According to the government, the money deposited into the farm’s account, though, came from customers who paid in cash at the local farmer’s market. Nothing illegal about that either.

And frankly, what is all of this "alleged" crap about? The Sowers either broke the law or didn't, so why was their money stolen by the IRS if they did not do it and were only "alleged" to have done it?

Friends, I am big on what words mean. The word "alleged" is an adjective that means:

Without proof. Unproven. Accused of having done something wrong or illegal but not proven guilty. Said to have happened but not proven. Asserted to be true or to exist but not proven. Questionably true. Supposed, So-called. Accused but not proven or convicted.

So how can the government confiscate their assets if they were never charged or convicted of a crime? How can the government confiscate their property if it was only "alleged" and unproven? How does the IRS, or any government agency, have that sort of authority?

And frankly, I want to know why the IRS can go after a family farmer for $63,000 when Black activist Al Sharpton owes $4.5 Million? Why hasn't his assets confiscated? Why is it that farmers are targets of the IRS, but not crooked politicians like say Hillary Clinton whose Clinton Foundation is known to have laundered Millions of dollars?

Want to know why nothing was done to arrange payments and instead the Sowers' savings was confiscated? Want to know how it is that wealthy politicians like Hillary Clinton and friends of Obama like Al Sharpton can break the law and nothing happen to them, while regular citizens, citizens without political clout get punished? The answer to those two questions comes in the form of the IRS and other government agencies knowing who they can and can't go after.

Farmers and ranchers, blue-collar workers, those who feed America and make our nation successful are easy targets. And yes, the IRS and other agencies know full well that we do not have the clout it takes to fight back.

For example, while Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton can mock the law and the investigations or simply disregard the law, the Sowers' were punished for being vocal about their plight at the hands of the government.

It's true, reports say that while the couple was in the midst of settlement negotiations with the government, hoping to have most of their money returned, Randy Sowers spoke with a reporter from The City Paper in Baltimore, Maryland, about his experience with structuring and "Civil Asset Forfeiture."

According to court filings, on the day the article was published, Stefan Cassella, the assistant U.S. attorney overseeing Sowers’ case, told the family’s lawyer he had a "problem" and was no longer willing to negotiate a settlement amount.

Yep, it sounds like someone in the IRS read the paper and got a bur under their saddle regarding Randy Sowers. And friends, if there is one thing that we have all learned since the Obama administration has taken office -- the government is not above abusing their authority. In fact, since 2009, the government is drunk with power and has been shown to abuse its authority rather than work with American citizens.

The Sowers did eventually settle, but forfeited $29,500 to the Federal Government. And yes, while the Sowers have had some of their money returned -- the couple filed a petition with the government last month asking for the $29,500 back.

The family’s case is just one of many that has emerged in recent years involving "Civil Asset Forfeiture."                                                             

Now, a bipartisan group of lawmakers is asking the Treasury Department to return the money it kept after the couple settled with the government.

Yes, believe it or not, a bipartisan group of Republican and Democrat Congressmen and women on the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee is actually coming together to "ask" the Treasury Department to return nearly $30,000 it seized from Maryland dairy farmers in 2012.

On August 11th, 2015, the group of Congressmen and women all signed a letter and sent it to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew. Their letter "asked" that the agency to return $29,500 the Internal Revenue Service seized from Frederick-based dairy farmers Randy and Karen Sowers through "Civil Asset Forfeiture".

The lawmakers also "asked" Secretary Lew to review similar cases and return money seized by the tax agency under the practice.

The reason that I preface "asked" is because the IRS is so large and scary that not even folks in Congress want to upset them. Fact is, if the Representatives who signed that letter upset Secretary Lew -- then there is a good chance that the IRS, or another of the many vindictive government agencies out there, would make their lives a living Hell.

Their letter said, "Treasury still holds funds seized from innocent business owners who settled their cases only because they could not afford to do otherwise. As the Treasury Secretary, you have the opportunity to right the wrong done to these small business owners."

The letter was signed by Representatives Peter Roskam, R-Ill., the subcommittee’s chairman, John Lewis, D-Ga., Mike Kelly, R-Pa., Joseph Crowley, D-N.Y., Patrick Meehan, R-Pa., Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., Jason Smith, R-Mo., Kristi Noem, R-S.D., and Jim Renacci, R-Ohio, signed onto the letter.

Last  year, Congressman Tim Walberg [R-MI] introduced The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2014 "to restore the balance of power away from the government and back to protecting individual rights and due process."

Republican Representative Walberg sought to strengthen personal property rights under the Fifth Amendment and ensure due process of law by reforming Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws.

Under current law, agencies like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Justice (DoJ) may take property suspected to be in connection with a crime without charging the property owner of a crime.

The bill introduced, The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2014, was meant to left the burden of proof for determining a forfeiture from a "preponderance of the evidence" to "clear and convincing evidence," requiring the government to have more concrete proof of the property’s connection to a crime. 

The bill was meant to shift the burden of proof for the "Innocent Owner Defence" from the owner of the property to the government. Yes, The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2014 required that the government notify all owners of forfeited property of the possibility of using a public defender to argue their case. 

Want to know how Obama is funding ObamaCare and giving Billions of taxpayer dollars to Iran before the deal is agreed upon? Friends, the Civil Asset Forfeiture fund collected more than $2 Billion in 2013. So yes, maybe that is why the The Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Act of 2014 introduced by Congressman Tim Walberg [R-MI] was killed by the Democrats last year.

There is some good news to this travesty of justice. 

In response to reports identifying innocent Americans who had money seized due to asset "structuring" violations", the IRS changed its policy regarding such seizures in October 2014. Under the new policy, the IRS only pursues structuring cases in which the money stemmed from illegal activity.

And among others that are now taking a look at the whole Civil Asset Forfeiture laws, the Justice Department changed its own guidelines surrounding structuring violations. 

In their letter to IRS Secretary Jack Lew, the bipartisan group of Representatives point to the IRS and Justice Department’s policy changes as the reason why the Sowers' money should be returned.

In their letter to IRS Secretary Jack Lew, the Representatives said, "The IRS’s October 2014 policy change is tantamount to an admission that it never should have seized funds that were not associated with an illegal source. The Sowers and others like them should be treated with the same fairness applied to cases going forward."

So now, let's all hope that the head of the IRS agrees and let's those farmers have their money back. After all, besides the fact that they were not guilty of anything, it is just the right thing to do.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Keep Oahu's Country "Country"

Lately, I've talked about how my going to Hawaii last month and vacationing on the island of Oahu is always going home for me. And yes, I also mentioned how, as usual, it is the people that I meet or see along the way who fascinate me the most.

At Ruby Tuesday's, I watched a tourist summon his server and complain about the way his food was prepared. The restaurant's manager was called over and he listened to his complaint, apologized and gave him the meal free. After the manager walked off, I watched the tourist finish the meal he complained about. And frankly, while he might have complained about it, he just about licked his plate clean.

As for traffic and congestion, though I'm sure it doesn't get that much better in Honolulu in July during the height of tourist season with kids out of school, Honolulu has turned into another Los Angeles.

And while the outlined areas are better, even the "country" of Oahu's Windward side and up on the North Shore are feeling the traffic congestion and problems.

In fact while up in Sunset Beach looking for a home that family lived in when I was just a youngster, a driver crossed into our lane. Yes, he crossed into on-coming traffic and almost hit us head-on. In that brief fraction of a second that I swerved out of his way, I swear the driver was texting.

If I hadn't swerved out of the way to stop us from getting hit head-on, I assure you that it would've been ugly. Thankfully he corrected his car and got back into his own lane. And yes, frankly I think that driver shit himself.

Visiting home and doing "the tourist thing" and visiting the all of the attractions is a lot of fun. As usual, once the locals find out that I'm originally from there, I am treated very well.  And yes, that means we can "talk story," or as they say on the Mainland "chew the fat," more comfortably than they would with a tourist.

Among the attractions, I took my in-laws to Hilo Hatties. It was a good stop because I met a couple of locals who caught me up on a lot of the changes going on in the Kalihi area where my mother is from.

Out at Kailua Beach, I met Patrick Murray and his 16 year old sister Gabby. Patrick was telling me about how tough it is to make ends meet in Hawaii these days. That is especially true for someone like Patrick who is in the construction trades.

We talked about how crowded Kailua has gotten, expensive homes have become, and how high rents are. We talked about my growing up in Kailua. We also talked about his father and grandfather being Police Officers with the Honolulu Police Department.

Patrick and I talked about how things are getting worse for locals wanting to stay there and not be forced to relocate to California. And yes, I found out that locals are also being pushed to the Leeward side of the island where housing is still a little more affordable.

Knowing how slow work is right now, it is very possible that he will be forced to go into another line of work for steady employment. I am afraid that like others, he may have to relocate to the Mainland one day. Either way, he is a sharp young man who will do great in life.

Seeing him with his son and sister, one can see that he is a good man. He understands the meaning of Ohana, family. His priorities are correct and that makes him a good man.

I love finding out the local news and catching up on what's going on locally. I love meeting great people like the nice lady who works at Rainbow Drive-Inn in Kapahulu or meeting Alisha who worked the register at the gift shop at the Kualoa Ranch in Kaneohe.

Alisha took the time to show exactly what the "Aloha Spirit" is all about. The Kualoa Ranch spans 4,000 green acres and is where major movie productions Jurassic Park and Lost, among others, have been filmed.

We talked for a few minutes about what is happening to the Windward side of island, and she confirmed the sentiment of others who I spoke with. Kualoa Ranch is lucky to have Alisha representing them.

While Kualoa Ranch is safe for now, it seems that there is an effort being made to make the Windward side and North Shore of Oahu into another hotel crowded Waikiki. It seems there is an effort to squeeze the "country" out of existence on Oahu. The developers are trying to cover up the beauty of the land with hotels and timeshares.

Even with the traffic getting there worse than ever, that doesn't seem to matter to developers and easily bought Democrats in control of the State of Hawaii. They want to turn that side of Oahu into Waikiki East. And yes, they are Hell bent to do it sooner than later.

But please don't think the blue-collar people there are for it. From almost everyone I spoke with, the locals are fighting the big hotels and the state of Hawaii to keep that side of Oahu's country "country".

It was certainly great to meet the wonderful people that I did during this last vacation. It was outstanding to be treated like family, "Ohana", in Waianea at L&L there when we stopped for lunch, when meeting the great folks at Hilo Hatties, when meeting the warm smile of the woman behind the counter at Rainbow Drive-Inn, and of course Patrick Murray out at Kailua Beach and Alisha at Kualoa Ranch,

They give one a sense that they will fight the good fight and try to stop the change from destroying what is left of Hawaii.

What are they fighting you ask?

Well, a lot has changed in the last 30 years. Traffic is horrible on the North Shore and the Windward side of the island. And yes, water usage have changed significantly. 

On the basis of an agreement and land-use permits that are nearly 30 years old when both traffic and water usage was not much of an issue, the owners of Turtle Bay Resort have plans to build five new hotels with 3,500 more condo, timeshare and resort hotel units on and around Kawela Bay.

Friends, Turtle Bay Resort is right at the point where the Windward side of the island meets the North Shore of the island.

While I am not one to trust Environmental Impact Studies, the agreement that Turtle Bay is working off of is based on an Environmental Impact Study by the State of Hawaii that is almost 30 years old,  And yes, Turtle Bay certainly does not want a new updated Environmental Impact Study.

They don't because they know that a new study would kill their development plans. Today, whether good or bad, and there are those who argue for and against, Environmental Impact Studies have stronger requirements and must include additional information such as cultural concerns.

Developer Kuilima Resort Company, an affiliate of Oaktree Capital Management, is attempting large scale development in an effort to subdivide more than 700 acres of land from Kawela Bay to Kahuku Point -- all to either develop it themselves or to sell off to other developers using grandfather-clauses for permits. And yes, there are plans for more than 600 homes to be built in Laie.

And yes, besides these massive planned developments, other development along the North Shore and Windward side of Oahu is in the works. 

Friends, whether some in Honolulu walking the halls of Hawaii's State Capital want to accept it or not, all of this development would drastically affect the nature of the blue-collar towns and neighborhoods along the rural corridor from Kahaluu to Waimea Bay and beyond. 

These towns and neighborhoods have families like mine who are Hawaiian by blood as well as Hawaiian by ancestry as once being Hawaiian subjects. Most families there can trace their lineage back to before Hawaii was a state. Many can trace their roots to before the Kingdom of Hawaii was established in 1810.

That side of the island serves as the best recreational area for the entire island. That side of the island is a respite from the urban sprawl of Honolulu. 

If Kuilima Resort Company has its way and is allowed to build 3,500 more units, North Shore residents and the people of Oahu in general can say goodbye to keeping Oahu's Country "Country".

While I would love to help them "Keep Oahu's Country Country," I can only try to make public what is going on there. I can only tell people that the effects of large scale development is the loss of the beautiful shorelines, the ranches, the farms, and the open spaces on Oahu.

I can only say that large scale development there is not needed and will only deprive generations to come of the beauty of that area.

Sadly, what they need to do to fight the developers is to replace politicians that are for the development plans. They need to VOTE!

And there is a problem when it comes to Hawaii, it is the number one state with the lowest Voter turn out. That's how they can put a village idiot like the former Hawaii governor Abercrombie in office.

The locals there have to organize and get the vote out. And frankly, other than that advice, I can only wish them luck in their battles in the future as they go up against big money Liberal politicians and developers -- many who went to Hawaii and made it their homes, but in reality aren't from there and do not treasure the land.

Their not treasuring the land is important because they have zero sentimental attachment to the island, the culture, and the places they want to destroy with more hotels and parking lots.

Oahu's locals have good reason to be worried about too much change taking place too fast for no reason. Friends, Democrats control the Hawaii State Legislature and they are teaming up with developers to destroy the rest of the island of Oahu.

Whether people there want to admit it or not, politicians and developers don't care what they destroy because they only see dollar signs in their future. A future where they screw the locals.

Yes, it's all about greed by those in power there. And while the Liberal Left can try to pass off greed as being only a Conservative failing, Liberals have ruled Hawaii for over 50 years. And friends, they are the greedy bastards who are screwing the people there just as they have in other parts of the country.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Citizen Justice, Ellis County, Kansas, 1872

From the Cincinnati Daily Enquirer, August 30, 1872:

A Tragedy of Hays City, Kansas -- A Man Murdered in a Saloon -- His Murderer and a Horse-thief Chained to a Post in Jail and Shot by a Mob

Hays City, Kansas, is not a pleasant place to live in, or to die in. People die there more readily than they can live there; and the graves with which the Cemetery is abundantly studded are of what may be called abnormal origin.

The revolver is a more prolific source of obituaries than any other disease, and bowel complaint is far less fatal than the Bowie-knife. 

For years past Hays City has been the abode of the most desperate characters in the Union, and consequently the scene of the most terrible tragedies which ever made even the inhabitants of that dark and bloody border country ashamed of the reputation and of their class and locality.

On Thursday night last, in Hays City, there was done

And this was the deed and the manner of its doing:

A few days before one Jack Wright went to Hays City from Dodge City, the prospective terminum of the Atlantic, Texas, and Santa Fe Railroad, to buy some lumber for building purposes. 

In one of the low doggeries with which Hays City abounds, he met one McClelland, a resident of Ellsworth, and familiary known as the Wickedest Man in the State. 

Both parties had been drinking, and both were stimulated to jealousy by the presence of a trail if not fair one, in the person of Nettie O'Baldwin. 

Words ensued, and then McClelland loudly asserted that the only object which he had in going to Hays City was to kill Jack Wright, and that now was the appointed time. 

In a moment, amid a frightful din of profanity and remonstrance, pistols were drawn, and their short, sharp crak announced that murder was being done. 

McClelland's first shot pierced Wright's stomach, and he fell to the ground.


His death-wound, however, did not prevent him from thrice firing on and wounding McClelland. 

One ball took effectin the deperado's head, another in his left hand and a third in his abdomen--all three wounds being severe, but not necessarily fatal. 

In a moment the fight was over, and in less than half an hour after its occurance Wright was a corpse, McClelland a prisoner, and the woman, O'Baldwin, an exile, having departed no one knew whither. 

McClelland's wounds were dressed and he was placed in jail, the basement of a one-story frame building used as a Courthouse. 

A chain was fastened to his ankle, and the other end of it was fastened to one of the posts supporting the building. 

To the same post was fastened in a similar manner a well-known horse-thief, "Pony" Donovan, who had received frequent warnings to leave that section of the country under penalty of death, warnings which he had treated with contempt. 

The community had been terribly excited by the shooting affray and the arrest of Donovan, and suspicious knots of men met at all the street corners, muttering ominously that two such ruflians would not be allowed to leave the city alive, or, indeed, to see


The nigh, however, passed away undisturbed, and the pale beams of another morning sun shone in on the fettered wretches. 

This delay in the execution of the popular vengeance was only a respite and not a pardon; it was only accorded to await the return of a messenger, who had been sent to Dodge City to bring to Hays City a brother of a murdered man. 

The next night came. At the dead midnight hour a band of men met in the square; all were armed, all silent. They approached the jail and surrounded it. 

By the light of their torches could be seen crouching against the post to which they were chained the two desperadoes, the graver criminal, McClelland, swatched in bandage. 

The mob had no pity for them, who were fastened there like cattle awaiting the ax of the butcher. 

A curse of hatred broke from Donovan's lips. McClelland was asleep, but started up as the light flashed upon him. 

Its lurid glare was to him as the blaze of opening hell. In a moment the glistening barrels of a dozen guns were thrust throught the windows, a detonation followed, and when the thin blue smoke cleared away out on its curling wreaths floated


McClelland, a man of iron frame, was shuddering and moaning in an agony from which death soon relieved him. Thus perished, without a word of warning or a moment for reflection and repentance, these two miserable men.

The event has caused much excitement and much regret in Hays City. The public are divided in opinion, nearly all regretting that an act of popular violence should have occurred in the city when the regular authorities were abundantly able to vindicate the majesty of outraged law, while they all acknowledge that the murdered men deserved death, and that crime has attained to such proportions in the vicinity as to require vigorous repressing. 

Indeed, the whole country in the vicinity is ravaged by organized bands of desperadoes, whom to oppose or resist is to court violence and death.

Only a few days since one of these bands, under the leadership of Jack Donovan, a reputed brother to the one killed in jail, and Black


Fron the vicinity of Dodge City, and seriously wounded a man who was on herd at the time. \

They attire themselves Indian fashion, thus screening themselves from recognition, and shifting their crimes to innocent parties, thus when any member of these parties are caught they are most summarily dealt with, and evidence is point blank that these two who were thus suddenly hurled into eternity by an outraged and exasperated populace met a fate they only too richly deserved.

-- end of article.

Editor's  Note:

You just have to love the way they reported the News back then. There was no such thing as Political Correctness or glossing over the facts.

Although reading about some of these things does make me wonder at time of Micah 6:8 which happens to be my favorite Bible verse.

Too bad some folks just can't do the simplest things required.

Tom Correa

Monday, August 10, 2015

Out Of Control Obama White House Staffer

Mug Shot of Obama Staffer Barvetta Singletary (Prince George's County Police)

WJLA News reported that a Special Assistant to President Obama, who is also an Obama White House legislative liaison to the House of Representatives, has been charged with first- and second-degree assault and reckless endangerment.

Why not attempted murder? Who knows?

On August 10th, 2015, WJLA, reported that in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, an Obama White House staffer has been charged with Domestic Violence after shooting at her boyfriend. 

According to police and court documents, her "boyfriend" is a Capitol Police Officer who was off duty. Singletary shot at the officer using his own service weapon in a fit of rage over his possibly fooling around with other women.

Barvetta Singletary, 37, who really is a Special Assistant to the President and who really has been an Obama White House legislative liaison to the House of Representatives, has been charged. 

The Obama White House says she has been placed on unpaid leave, pending further investigation. And no, there is no word if that Capitol Police Office is still in a relationship with the crazed shooter.

According to the documents, Singletary invited her boyfriend to her home in the 13000 block of Burnished Wood Court in Upper Marlboro on Thursday night, August 6th, 2015. Yes, just a few days ago.

No telling whether it was a committed relationship or not, though it is believed that it was not. Evidence to that is the fact that after having sex with her Capitol Police Officer "boyfriend", Singletary began asking questions about his relationship with another woman he was dating. 

Singletary then asked him to go outside to his Cadillac Escalade and retrieve his cell phone for her to inspect. He refused to do so. 

She then asked him where his cell phones was located. Yes, she is a true Liberal and does not believe in a person having any privacy.

Wisely, he refused to retrieve it or tell her where it was located. And frankly, at the first sight of Singletary's instability, he should have left. But no, he didn't.

According to the reports, she became crazed and went to search his vehicle. After finding his over-night bag, she reached into the bag in the vehicle and took the Officer's .40 caliber Glock 23. Yes, the crazy Liberal had his Service Weapon, 

Liberal News agencies have reported his Glock 23 as his "Service Revolver." But frankly, that just shows you what Liberals know about guns!

Singletary then ran back to her home with her "boyfriend" following. As he pleaded with her to give him the gun, she demanded the passwords to his phones.

The police report says, when he refused to tell her -- she pulled the Glock handgun out of its holster and pointed it at him and she screamed, "You taught me how to use this, don’t think I won’t use it."

As the boyfriend sat on a couch, Singletary walked to a kitchen table about 10 feet away from him and sat down. And yes, she asked him again for his cell phone.

When he refused to give up his cell phone, Singletary pointed the Glock at him and fired! Yes, she fired one shot. And luckily, the round hit the floor.

With that shot fired at him, the Officer is said to have jumped up from his seat and fled to the safety of his vehicle where he called 911. 

While I think he probably reported a crazy Liberal with a gun out to shoot him in the groin, it is known that he told police he saw Singletary wiping the gun with a towel. Yes, believe it or not, an Obama Staffer wiped her fingerprints from the gun she just used after trying to kill her boyfriend. 

While that does not sound all that strange coming from anyone associated with the Obama White House, it does make one wonder if she worked for Hillary Clinton and had something to do with e-mail servers -- but that's neither here nor there. Besides, as Hillary would say, "What matter does it make?!" 

According to the police report, after the Officer called 911, Prince George's County Police officers arrived at approximately 5:30 am, August 7th, and placed Singletary in custody without incident, 

It has been reported that the Officer, her "boyfriend." has also been placed on administrative leave by the Capitol Police because the force provides lock-boxes for officers’ guns to keep them safe. 

So yes, while the Obama Staffer did the shooting -- the Officer may end up being punished for having his service weapon in is overnight bag. Although, he is one dumb Cop to be leaving his loaded weapon in a bag in his vehicle while he was away from it and it could have been stolen. So for that, he should get some sort of reprimand. 

One has to ask if Obama Staffer Barvetta Singletary did in fact get the word that "Black Lives Matter" -- even when they may be doing something they should not be doing?  In some cases like the needed shooting of Michael Brown, it's fighting with a Police Officer. In this case, it's having more than one girlfriend at a time. And yes, some women would say shooting him in that case is certainly justified. 

Frankly, I can't help but wonder if this is just another case where "Black Lives Don't Matter" if it's a case of "Black On Black Crime" which has killed thousands of more Black Americans than Blacks being killed by other races?

With a headline like "Special Assistant to President Obama Arrested For Trying To Kill Her Boyfriend," maybe President Obama should make sure that his Black staffers receive the same lessons that other races are learning when it comes to helping Americans understand that "Black Lives Matter"?  

Or maybe, just maybe, the Obama White House can find it in themselves to start teaching their staffers that All Lives Matter

And while that is my hope, I don't see that ever happening.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Let's talk about Joelle Matteson

Since I'm from that island, my going to Hawaii and vacationing on the island of Oahu is always going home for me.

This past month my wife, her parents, and I spent two weeks on Oahu. And yes, for me this visit was no different as other visits with the sights tugging at my heartstrings.

While we visited a number of interesting sites on this trip, as usual it is the people who fascinate me the most.

Now, before talking about Joelle Matteson, I have to admit that I'm hesitant to mention where she works. It's not that I'm hesitant because I don't like that place. Fact is, I have been going there since I was a kid. And yes, I have always loved it there.

I'm hesitant because I don't want to get Joelle in trouble for talking about things that some today may see as not Politically Correct -- those things being love of country, Conservative politics, our support for the military.

On July 21st, I met Joelle Matteson while she was working and greeting everyone with an "Aloha." And no, she was not simply going through the paces with a fake smile. No, not her. Her "Aloha" is sincere and genuine.

As for me, as usual, I was joking and making light of the fact that I couldn't find my wife earlier. And yes, I tried passing my father-in-law as my brother-in-law.

So OK, I admit it. I'm not always as serious about things as some might think by reading my blog. Writing about American history and politics, current events and horses, cattle, and of course guns and gun rights, doesn't usually give me the opportunity to clown around.

So now, let's talk about Joelle Matteson. Let's talk about a happy, positive, strong, independent soul. Let's talk about her personal attributes. Personal attributes that I admire and don't find very often.

During our short conversation, she found out that my father-in-law and I are Veterans. Immediately she jumped to her feet and quickly stretched out her hand to thank us for our service. From there we talked about everything under the sun.

I found out that she is married to a Soldier stationed there, is from upper-state New York, and I found out how much she missed the change of seasons including the hard Eastern winters.

I was struck by her intense love of America. And yes, while talking with her, I found her excitingly refreshing and hopeful. I found her witty and intelligent and very up on current events. I found her knowledgeable about politics. And frankly, I loved that she knows what is wrong with America -- but also that she believes we can fix it in spite of Liberal opposition.

I admire people who stand up for his or her self and fight to make things right and fix the wrongs. I admire people who understand that bad people are not a color of skin, an ancestry, an ethnicity, a gender, but a personal choice that we don't need to accept. I admire fairness and those who believe that one hand washes the other.

I admire Americans who are not ashamed of being American. And yes, I admire those who refuse to accept the lie that America is bad and that we should somehow bow to other nations -- or make apologies for who we are.

I found her to be all of the things that I admire, and all of the things that I wish people in their 20s would be. So yes, this is why she has given me hope for the future in a different way than others have lately.

Yes, I absolutely admire Joelle Masteson because she is all of that and more. And yes, she was born on the 4th of July for a reason. She is as American and Conservative and wonderful as can be.

She has a wonderful way about herself. One that is endearing to all who meet her. One that speaks volumes of her dedication to and love for her family. One that reflects well on her mother who impressed upon her the importance of freedom and how it is not free.

So OK, so I loved meeting Joelle Matteson. Yes, she gives me hope that the next generation is more politically educated than I sometimes give them credit for.

She gives me hope because she is aware of the times we live in and the challenges of the future. And frankly, she gives me hope because she's not one to shirk her responsibility to protect and defend the Constitution and our way of life.

I told her that she was a breath of fresh air and that "I'm going to write about you!"

While I'm sure she must have thought that was a little strange, I told her about my blog and that I planned on doing a post about some of the more interesting people that I met while home.

Joelle gives me hope because for a youth to be 20 years old, she is so educated politically, has an intense love of country, and is not fooled by the Liberal line of bullshit out there.

Now since returning home, she has befriended me on Facebook. And after contacting her a few minutes ago for permission to use a picture for this post, she informed me that she is right now in ER in Hawaii after having abdominal pains.

She said she felt the pain while running her three-legged dog on the beach. Yes, the dog she rescued from the pound in Hawaii only has three legs. She said he's just a lover dog. But all in all, it's just a perfect example of her compassion.

So Joelle, if you're reading this, this post is for you.

In a world that seems occupied by a younger generation with their heads in the sand, ignorant and apathetic of what is going on around them, all the while only thinking about themselves, you are a breath of fresh air. You are simply impressive. Yes, simply impressive!

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa

Friday, August 7, 2015

Keeping It Simple -- Professional Politicians

By Terry McGahey

After watching the first Republican debate, maybe it is time to put someone like Ben Carson or Donald Trump into our White House. 

We have had nothing but professional politicians running this country since the 1960's and before for the most part. And if you stop and think about it, overall, nothing has changed for the better. 

It sure seems to me that the changes we have seen over the last several years have been changes which has led us down the path to Socialism, not freedom. 

I am no Einstein by any stretch of the imagination, but it's my opinion that professional politicians are now tearing down this country and our way of life through the use of Political Correctness more so now than ever before in our country's history.

The professional politicians today are working harder to be re-elected than doing the right thing for the American people and our great country. 

They make deals behind closed doors, they lie to the people by telling us what they believe we want to hear, rather than telling us the plain truth. They jump ship to their buddies side of the aisle if it benefits them, and many of them are looking out for that fat-cat job after retiring from politics. 

Also, think about this for one moment, most of our professional politicians are attorneys. Anytime one group of people belonging to the same brotherhood are put in charge, they will take care of each other first.

Another thing, give some thought to how many of these politicians owe favors to special interest groups. Some owe favors to large corporations, some owe favors to Environmental groups, and some just owe favors to the wealthy people who helped get them elected to office, people like George Soros, who is purely a socialist, and if given the chance would be a communist ruler behind the scenes with his puppet president. 

Oh, wait a minute! Isn't that similar to what we have now?

No matter if you agree with Ben Carson or Donald Trump they seem to speak their minds which is why the professional politicians are afraid of them. 

Isn't the straight approach by Carson and Trump better than the lying, double-talking politicians we now have? At least we have an idea of what they stand for instead of voting in others who skirt the issues and who won't show us who they truly are until they are voted into office. Problem is, by then it's too late. 

Some examples are Obama, Pelosi, Boehner, Reed and Hillary Clinton, just to name a few. 

We must pass a bill first to know what is in it. Doesn't that sound familiar? Does this sound like the way our country is supposed to be run? 

I place Boehner in that category because he and several other Republicans did very little to help stop these type of bills from getting passed which is yet another example of the "I'll scratch your back and you scratch mine" politics.

Another thing to take a look at is our military. The Marine Corps are at the lowest number of fighting men than the Corps has been in many, many years. As for the Navy, for the first time in years, will not have a carrier group in the Mediterranean. 

If you can believe this, we are going to be utilizing a French carrier for our purposes. 

This is not only an embarrassment but it's also insane with what is going on with the radical Muslims in that part of the world. If this doesn't show you how far down the ladder our professional politicians have taken us over the years, then you will never get it. 

I realize that most folks who read this article do get it, but I am sure there will be a few far left, over educated Progressive idiots who won't and never will.

As of right now, I am not endorsing Mr. Carson or Mr. Trump. 

Only time will tell me who I will vote for, but as of this moment I like both men because of their honest approach, even though Mr. Trump is a little more rough around the edges then Mr. Carson. 

If I was going to endorse a candidate who has political experience right now it would be Ted Cruz. This man seems to truly have the true American spirit within him which is very important me. 

In closing, I would like all who read this article to think about one thing, if many of our professional politicians, including our so-called president, were transported back in time, to the time of our Founding Fathers, there would be a very good chance that some of them would be tried for treason.

And a few, to quote one old West judge, would be hung by the neck until dead, dead, dead!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Top 25 List of Liberal Stupidity

Want proof that Liberals are stupid? Here you go!

#25 -- Liberals see the ability to protect one's self and property with a firearm and the death of a violent assailant and/or intruder as horrible and wrong.

#24 -- Liberals see drug dealers who are responsible for over-dose deaths as non-violent criminals, murderers who commit brutally heinous crimes as misunderstood victims of society, and our troops as "Domestic Terrorists."

#23 -- Liberals are OK with cutting the pay of our troops while increasing the funding of Democrat donors such as Planned Parenthood and radical Islamic anti-American OPEC nations.

#22 -- Liberals fight against Capital Punishment of cop killers, create organizations to protect the killing of animals, worry about a scam called "Global Warming," are against the selling of fur coats, and yet see unborn children as something that should be slaughtered and sold in pieces or as a whole.

#21 -- Liberals look at an aborted child and wonder how much they can sell it for. And yes, wonder if they can charge more for parts or as a whole while laughing about it over a glass of wine.

#20 -- Liberals accuse Corporations of influencing elections in favor of the Republicans while not mentioning that one of the biggest Corporations in America is Planned Parenthood which gives MILLIONS of dollars to Democrats.

In fact, Liberals see nothing wrong with giving Planned Parenthood, which is a multi-BILLION dollar Corporation, over a half-a-BILLION dollars a year in taxpayer money knowing they sell body parts of dead babies because Democrats allow them to do so.

#19 -- Liberals see nothing wrong with being hypocrites and voting for Criminals, Socialists, Communists, or a Muslim who hates America.

#18 -- Liberals see nothing wrong with drug use, gay marriage, plural marriages, and the Muslim desire for child brides.

#17 -- Liberals see nothing wrong with sex with a child, proven by their desire to teach sex-education to mentally undeveloped kindergartners.

#16 -- Liberals talk about the greed of the rich at $35,000.00 per plate Obama campaign fund-raising events, even when he is not running for office.

#15 -- Liberals approve of giving BILLIONS of dollars to Iran to keep funding terrorism and build a Nuclear Weapon to attack us and our allies in the Middle East. 

All while at the same time cutting military retirement pensions and slashing Social Security Disability benefits to needy Americans.

#14 -- Liberals want to repeat the mistake of the Clinton Administration which enabled North Korea to build Nuclear Weapons and threaten their region and America.

#13 -- Liberals are OK with Muslim terrorists beheading Christians in the name of Allah, and fret that Muslims might be harmed by a Fox News report of what took place.

#12 -- Liberals see nothing wrong with taking away the 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights of Veterans, people on Social Security, and Conservatives, by violating their privacy and going into their medical information.

#11 -- Liberals call Americans involved in the Tea Party movement "Extremists" and "Domestic Terrorists," and think it's OK for government agencies to be used to attack them for exercising their Constitutional Rights to Free Speech and Protest. 

Liberals see groups like the Tea Party, which organize out of concern for America's fiscal problems, and out of a desire for the Federal government to adhere to the Constitution of the United States, as "Radicals."

#10 -- Liberals see our government collecting more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history as not enough! They then complain that the government doesn’t have nearly enough money coming in to allow the Federal government to run properly. All while they fund special their interest groups and our enemies abroad.

#9 -- Liberals make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege, while letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally simply become American citizens.

#8 -- Liberals protect Foreign Criminals by creating Sanctuary Cities. All while refusing to accept that someone here "illegally," someone who has broken the law, is a "Criminal."

#7 -- Liberals claim that the government still discriminates against Black Americans when they have a Black President, a Black Attorney General and almost 30% of all Federal employees are Black -- while less than 14% of the entire U.S. population is Black.

#6 -- Liberals believe that Black Lives Matter when a Black American is killed by someone other than a Black person, but Black Lives Don't Matter when killed by other Blacks.

#5 -- Liberals see the killing of a Black thug by a White person defending his or her self as Racism and a Hate Crime, yet doesn't think it is Racism or a Hate Crime when a Black thug kills a White man or woman.

#4 -- Liberals want to enslave Black America for a second time. They lie and cheat and steal from them. And yes, for more than 200 years, they have acted like the Democrat Slaves Owners who ruled the Southern plantations.

They see Blacks as too stupid to know the truth about their own history and how the Democrat Party fought to keep slavery alive.

#3 -- Liberals see nothing wrong with naming government buildings, research facilities, bridges, highways after Democrats who are proven Racists. Some who fought against the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and some who were once in fact members of the Ku Klux Klan.

#2 -- Liberals see the Confederate Battle Flag as offensive while at the same time seeing the desecration of the American Flag by stomping or walking or burning it as Freedom of Speech.

#1 -- Liberals have no moral compass. They do not believe in ethics. They don't know right from wrong. And yes, they are devious cowards. 

They demonstrate this when they praise our enemies and encourage hate for America, when they cheer on those who attack America, when they applaud our enemies both foreign and domestic who work to destroy us, when they attack America but fail to confront America's enemies. 

And yes, that's just the way I see it.

Tom Correa