Sunday, April 7, 2024

Who Is Actually Running Our Country?

Story by Terry McGahey  

As we have all heard at one time or another our government is now being run by what’s called the deep state. Many of us, as well as myself, believe the deep state as it is referred to, comes down to the elitist Democrats and some Republican politicians who claim to be Republican but who in reality, are actually shadow-woke Democrats with Mitt Romney leading the pack.

In my opinion, as well as many of us American patriots, Joe Biden is not fit to run this country. All one has to do is watch Biden stumble and bumble through his speeches and or his interviews which at times it seems that this old man doesn’t even seem to know where he is. Personally, I do respect the office of president, but I will never refer to Biden as president because I have absolutely no respect for this destroyer of our nation.

Going back to the so-called "Deep State," I don't know how many folks know who Jeff Dunham is. Jeff Dunham is a comedian who uses many different puppets in his act. And if you notice, one of the puppets he uses is the grumpy old man named Walter. The grumpy old man puppet looks amazingly like Joe Biden. 

Like Jeff Dunham who commands his puppets with his hands and his remarks, I firmly believe the Deep State is Biden's puppeteer.

Who is the Deep State? There are many crooked politicians and other extremely wealthy individuals with the likes of George Soros and many others who belong to this so-called Deep State. It's my belief that the up-close individuals to Biden, who are actually running the office of President are the Clintons, Obamas, Schumer, Polisi, and some of the wealthiest people in the world. 

The people I mentioned above dance to the tune of those wealthy individuals for their own benefit. How else does a public servant of the people get so rich if not on the take so to speak?

Most of us, as even the Democrat Party realize, that Biden most likely would not be able to finish his term in office if elected. And frankly speaking, his re-election bid against Trump is a total joke. With the Democrat fascists also realizing this fact we are now hearing California Governor Gavin Newsom's name being thrown around as a possible replacement Democrat candidate for president.

As most of us know, California cities are in a gruesome state of decline. So that’s why I refer to Gavin Newsom as "Gruesome Newsome." This far-left Democrat Governor of California has run out many businesses as well as many long-time California residents to places like Texas, Arizona, and other states. Newsome loves regulations forcing people to bend to his will.

Just look at the gasoline automobile ban he is trying to enforce, forcing you to drive electric vehicles, not to speak of his regulation policies that are driving out businesses and people causing California to lose more and more revenue. 

Places like Los Angeles and San Francisco and many other cities in California look like Third World countries in places. Anyone who votes for Gruesome Newsome is still voting for the so-called Deep State. Different person but the same puppet.

About the Author

Terry McGahey
Associate Writer/ Old West Historian

Terry has been a working cowboy, a writer, and an Old West historian. He is best known for his fight against the City of Tombstone and their historic City Ordinance Number 9.

He was instrumental in getting the famous Tombstone City Ordinance Number 9 repealed while at the same time forcing the City of Tombstone to fall in line and comply with the laws of the State of Arizona.

If you care to read how he fought Tombstone's City Hall and won, check out: