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DRILL NOW - PART THREE - Obama Working for Foreign Oil?

In Part Two, I talked about some of the consequences of high gasoline prices, and how President Bush brought gas prices down from a high of $4.20 a gallon to $1.61 a gallon in only 6 months. 

Yes, that was the average price of gas Nationally when George W Bush left office in January of 2009. 

I talked about President Obama's message to us, the American people, and how it is the same old line that "We can't drill out of this problem" and how "We can't drill out of the high gas prices."  

Obama says that "High prices at the pump are inevitable because we are in an Economic Recovery," and that "High gas prices are just a reflection of Americans going back to work." Yet, that doesn't wash! 

Here's an example as to why I think the President is just plain wrong.  Before Bush left office, gasoline was $1.61 a gallon and we had 5% unemployment.  Now we have almost 10% unemployment and gas prices are well over $4 a gallon on the average.

President Bush proved for fact that we can have low gas prices and low unemployment.

But logic or fact doesn't matter because I really believe that whenever Obama looks into the camera and lies, he's just doing it because he thinks we're all fools.

I sort of like his constant condemnation of American Big Oil but never Foreign Oil or countries with a vested interested on keeping politicians and political action groups like Environmentalist Groups happy.

His condemnation is just more proof that he is not working for Americans. Fact is, everytime he opens his mouth, he proves people like me right - he is working for Foreign Oil and not any American interest.

Foreign Oil money is the real root cause as to why the Environmentalist, the Liberal Establishment, the Democratic Party, and Obama are so against drilling and using our own American natural resources.  

I talked about the Political Contributions and Obama Campaign Donations from Foreign Oil, and how it appears that President Obama works on behalf of the interest of Foreign Oil and Foreign Countries. 

Heck friends, it's all about money!
I'm sure that most of us read in the paper that Obama during a trip to Brazil gave those folks down there $10 Billion dollars of American Taxpayer money so that they can start drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. That's right!

Right after he tried to suspend American drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, he gave TEN BILLION DOLLARS to Brazil so that they could start drilling where he doesn't want us to drill.  

I like Brazil. They are a wonderful hard working good people. I'm just concerned with Americans having real jobs and not all having only to work at Burger King or Wal Mart. 

What gets to me is that after Obama gave them our money that he then had the outrageous gall to say that we'd be their best customers. Imagine that! With a lot of Americans already out of work and all of us having a tough time making ends meet, he says we can't drill but others can and that we'll be their best customers.

But he's a busy man, between Blaming Bush and Golf, he's been real busy. Especially when it comes to making sure Foreign Oil gets paid back for their contributions.  Just look at how Barack Hussein Obama has been helping to ensure Oil is at record highs while keeping Foreign Oil happy. 

He does it by attacking America's ability to produce oil.

And how does Obama help Foreign Oil while attacking America's ability to produce oil?

First -  Obama started his attack on American Oil Entrepreneurs by cancelling existing permits to drill here after Bush left office.
Immediately after taking office in 2009, President Obama’s handpicked Secretary of the Department of Interior, Ken Salazar, who in turn canceled 77 leases for oil and gas drilling in Utah. One year later, the administration canceled 61 more leases, this time in Montana.

The excuse Obama gave was that cancelling drilling permits throughout the United States was part of Obama’s "War on Global Warming." But to many many Americans, it's actually Obama's War on America.

It appears his mission is make the United States of America into a Third World Country, both economically and socially.

Second -  Obama delayed American offshore leasing.

Not long after Ken Salazar canceled the Utah leases, he decided to extend for another six months the public comment period for new offshore drilling. As allowed by law, the public had already been given 45 days to comment on the federal government’s pending lease sale to offshore energy producers.

After that Obama should have began developing plans for new leasing. But instead, Obama wanted to drag the process out further, which meant offshore producers would have to wait even longer before they could start drilling. Why? Because he is extremely opposed to oil and gas drilling.

This was in addition to the 25 years that no drilling was allowed for most of the Outer Continental Shelf due to a congressional moratorium that ended in 2008.

Adding insult to injury is that the additional public comments for which the White House asked for, actually supported expanding offshore drilling by a two-to-one margin.

This is a fact that the Obama administration deliberately kept hidden from the American people.

Put simply, the Obama administration did not want any additional offshore drilling. And yes, the fact that the public overwhelmingly opposed them wasn’t going to stop them from pursuing their ideological goal.

Third  -  Obama wants more taxes out of American Oil Companies in an attempt to make them less able to compete with Foreign Oil, which of course means that they can set their own prices and monopolize oil.

What will this do? Simple, it will raise the price of a barrel of oil.

Right after the Pelosi-led Democrat controlled House of Representatives passed its massive cap and trade energy tax, the Obama administration celebrated. After all, it was then-candidate that Barack Obama happily declared that under his plan of cap and trade that energy prices would "necessarily skyrocket."

Although his target was primarily the coal industry, which suffered badly in 2010 under President Obama’s watch, imposing new taxes on carbon dioxide would also heavily impact oil and natural gas production.

So if you have to use propane to heat your water heater, or cook with, or need to be able to run your furnace, well you can thank Obama for your higher bills when you get your gas bill or have to order your propane delivered like I do.

In fact, there was a new gasoline tax in the most recent cap and trade bill in the Senate, legislation President Obama helped negotiate and would have happily signed had both chambers of Congress passed it. And yes friends, if it wasn't for a Republican win last November - that would have happened as sure as there's a Sunday morning.

But then again Obama, our Prima Donna Flake, is smart and shifty.  This was very evident when a study from Harvard University found that a carbon cap that was less stringent than what Congress was considering would send gasoline prices soaring to over $7 per gallon of gasoline.

When all efforts to pass cap and trade legislatively failed, Obama ignored the message that the American public overwhelmingly oppose new energy taxes. Then Obama, seeing that he wouldn't get his way one way, instead decided to impose a carbon cap administratively through the EPA.

That sort of regulation affects all sectors of the economy, including transportation and oil production and refining, which of course means higher gas prices at the pump.

Fourth -  Obama helps Foreign Oil is by his imposing a moratorium on oil and gas drilling after the BP spill in the Gulf.

He imposed a six month moratorium on offshore drilling, claiming that the experts they consulted had advised them to take such an action. Even thought the experts say they hadn’t done anything of the such.

The experts stated publicly that they never supported such a moratorium, and that the White House had manipulated their opinions and expertise solely to advance a political agenda.

Because the administration had no basis for its ban, two Federal Courts stated on three separate occasions that the moratorium was illegal and unjust. Obama completely ignored the experts and the Federal Courts, and instead kept the ban in place.

Ken Salazar said that lifting the moratorium would make him “uncomfortable.” Such a decision ultimately led drillers to relocate their rigs. But worse, hundreds or even thousands of good paying jobs were lose.

And lastly, Obama's issuing a new offshore drilling ban. Imagine that.

Federal Judges say no, but Obama does it anyway. Within weeks of announcing that the moratorium had come to an end, Obama announced a new Executive ban on offshore drilling.

Meanwhile, in the few areas where the White House approves drilling, the administration has completely halted new permits.

Here's something interesting, the Energy Information Administration projects that offshore oil production will decline in 2011 by about 220,000 barrels per day.  Then just before the Obama administration’s bans, the EIA had actually predicted an increase in production for 2011.

It's obvious, Obama is working for others. Maybe it's Brazil where he gave them the $10 Billion that we can't afford to be giving out - just so they can start drilling in the Gulf of Mexico? Maybe he's working for Saudi Arabia or Venezuela? 

Heck, for the first time in American History we have a President who bowed to the Royalty.  He did in fact bow to the Saudi King,  and if I remember right he hugged the Venezuelan Dictator.

And though I don't know for certain who he's working for, from everything I read and see on the News, I do know he's not working for us.

As the high cost of gasoline takes a toll on politics and pocket books, Obama said on Tuesday, April 28th, that he's calling on all Foreign Oil producers to increase their oil supplies to help stabilize prices. 

When Bush tried the same thing in 2008, the Liberal Media said he was looking for a handout from the Saudi King. The Saudis refused to act on Bush's request to step up production.

That refusal actually helped President Bush justify his actions to lift the Drilling Ban.  When gas prices skyrocketed to over $4 a gallon in July of 2008, and in California during that time gasoline was over $5 a gallon.  Something more than more television time was needed.

It took President George W Bush almost 6 months, but he brought it back down to just over a $1.60 a gallon Nationally and a little of $2 a gallon here in California.

That tells me that gas prices can be brought back down by allowing more Drilling Now.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

DRILL NOW - PART TWO - Price of Gas Under Bush

In Part One, we talked about ANWR and the need we have to utilize our own natural resources.

We all need that small 2,000 acre area in the 19 Million acre ANWR to be open to give us all some relief at the pumps.

We have the know how, the tools, and the capability. We know what the size of the proposed area is.  We also know how near it is to Prudhoe Bay and Sourdough Oil Fields,  which means that the logistics to getting men, food, and equipment that can be done without a lot of work. 

Subsequently, a place to start from would be close and ready.

What we do not have? Well, we don't have the will and the motivation of the White House. We don't have the leadership from Obama and the Democrats in Congress to Drill Now to help America in the future.

History is amazing really.  They say history has a way of repeating itself.  I'm just amazed that it's repeating itself so soon!

I can't understand why the politicians who lived through those high gas prices 3 years ago, just can't seem to understand that what's going on now with these high gas prices - went on in July of 2008.

It's as if they are purposely ignoring what to place just a few years ago. Gas prices rose to over $4.20 a gallon Nationally in July of 2008, and yes it was well over $5 a gallon here in California. And now, now it's happening all over again. Right now in 2011?

It looks like the prediction of $6 for a gallon of gas by this Memorial Day will come true. If it doesn't happen sooner. The increase in the price of gas will not only affect our driving, but everything connected to driving. Food prices, and like in 2008 - whether we can pay our mortgages or not. 

In July of 2008, everyone blamed President George W. Bush. The News Media ripped him a new one over the prices.  The Bush White House said gas at the pumps was high because of the Oil Speculators and the Ban on drilling for oil.

We Americans imported about 14 million barrels of Oil per day in 2007 the year before it spiked. 

That means American consumers sent about $340 Billion Dollars overseas in 2007 to build huge golden palaces in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

And yes, we propped up unfriendly regimes around the World.

In 2007, the Democrat took control of both sides of Congress - both  the House and the Senate.  A year and half earlier, they stated that they wanted to increase the price of gas to $5 across our Nation.

If I remember right, in Al Gore's book he said that a minimum of $5 a gallon was the only way to stop Americans from driving and fight Global Warming.

I'm sure you remember the Global Warming scam the bilked a lot of people out of a lot of money and got Cities and States and the Federal Government to all put out a whole lot of Taxpayer dollars to address a problem that in reality was just a lie. 

The Environmentalist so-called experts who came up with that scam wanted to control people so much that they faked findings, falsified stats, and then we found out that their data was manipulated and could not be verified anywhere.

When I was younger we didn't call that a "Scam," we called a "Con Game."

Of course that didn't matter because everyone blamed George W. Bush for all of our troubles during his 8 years in office. The Liberal Media had a field day selling Global Warming to the American public, and yes the rest of the world was gullible enough to join in. 

It seemed as though every media outlet was blaming Bush. And while that was going on, Liberals were working their standard magic trick.  They say watch this hand while their other hand is stealing your wallet.

And yes, it has worked real well for them over the years with the help of the National Media.

It's actually amazing when you really take a look at how the Left in America has learned so much from the world's most ruthless Dictators over the last century.  Their concept of honesty is that if you get caught doing wrong, you don't come clean, instead you simply deny it and then divert the attention to your enemy even if he or she has done nothing wrong. 

Lies through a propaganda network.  Corruption and pay-offs.  I hope you haven't forgotten ACORN.  The huge voter fraud in 2008 by ACORN, who was funded by Leftist George Soros and the Obama Campaign. 

That's the Liberal Formula for winning. Political Control of the News Media is a big deal.  Throughout the 20th Century it is the way to success if you are a political movement.

If you don't think that that's the Liberal "Formula for Winning" in America, then just look at the Obama White House. They have now started their own propaganda wing of the White House that puts out stories with of course their own bias, and they don't care about the truth. 

Heck, they now even produce their own YouTube videos all nicely edited with no gaffs and all on message. And yes, they stay on message at every event. 

The message right now, Obama says, "We can't drill out of these higher gas prices!"   

That's right! For about the last month now, Obama's line has been, "We can't drill our way out of this problem." 

He said this without even trying to drill.

He says, "We can't drill out of these higher gas prices" because higher gas prices can't be fixed.  Why? Well he says it's because it is a sign that we are doing better economically. Then he went on to say by him "creating jobs" that this is a consequence of more people working.

No kidding, he really said this. And just this week, he blamed the Oil Speculators. Imagine that!

Friends, we sit on vast reserves of oil, natural gas, and coal. We not only CAN DRILL our way out, put we should start right now! We have the reserves and wehave the technology to make it clean and safe.

Besides, we can't TALK our way out of this problem - and that's all Obama really knows how to do. He is a great talker. His problems are, one he is a liar - and two, he's all talk and no action.

During World War II, FDR knew how to take action.

During WWII, America furnished 80 to 85% of all of the oil that all our Allies needed. Not just for American forces, but also for all of our Allied forces. A mere 15 to 20% of the oil used during World War II came out of Venezuela - and that was when they stopped supplying Nazi Germany and changed sides.

Right now, we have "known" oil deposits in Alaska alone that puts the "known" oil deposits in the Middle East to shame. In the last few years, Oil Companies have used billions of dollars to search for more oil around the world. And where have they found the biggest deposits? How about right here in the United States and the Gulf of Mexico.

America is sitting on top of massive Oil Fields that could potentially make America Energy Independent.

Thanks to new technology,  both ANWR and the Bakken Formation in North Dakota could boost America’s Oil reserves by some estimates at least 10 times the amount. This my friends would give America's economy a trump card against OPEC’s control on both oil supply and barrel prices.

It would make Saudi Arabian and Venezuelan oil irrelevant to our success as a Nation.  And of course, that would go a long way in stabilizing our Trade Deficit while also cutting the cost of oil by more than half.

The problem with Shale Oil in the United States is the same problem with ANWR.  We simply can't get the EPA and the White House to support our drilling and building more processing plants especially for Shale Oil recovery.

So why are we paying so much for gas?
Though oil is sold on a global market which means that the price of oil is set according to world wide demand, if we got serious about starting oil production here - then I believe that America can bring down the price of oil by not having to buy oil overseas.

The problem we have is that the Environmentalist, the Liberal Establishment, the Democrats, and President Obama all receive huge amounts of money from the countries that belong to OPEC.

Because of who financially supports them, they are in favor of restricting American oil productivity and relying on foreign oil.

It's all about money, and of course politicians willing to take foreign money!

And if you're saying that President Obama hasn't received any money from say Saudi Arabia, or Yemen, or Kuwait, then please look at who has contributed to his election campaign in 2008.

Those multi-million dollar campaign donations that came in from overseas came from countries wanting favors from the President Obama are from the richest companies and the wealthiest individuals from around the world.

Foreign oil, in especially those oil producing countries in the Middle East who produce 56% of all of the Oil Reserves on earth, donated millions upon millions of dollars to Obama's Campaign in 2008. Now, just as back then, they are Obama's biggest money contributors in his re-election campaign.

And if you think this all started when Bush  was in Office? Well it didn't.

The result of the high gas prices in July of 2008 was that people were forced to make a conscious choice between buying gas to get to work or pay their mortgage.

That's the conclusion of the majority of Economist in the United States, those who aren't owned by the Liberal Establishment, who don't have their heads in the sand.

The price of gas was single most identified factor for people in 2008 not being able to pay their mortgage. They had lost their ability to pay their mortgage. They had to make a choice, Gas or Mortgage?

I remember having to cut down on my travel, eating out, and even the smallest thing like driving to the grocery stores in Jackson. Driving to Jackson, where the nearest grocery stores are, means going on a 34 mile round trip. That's how far it is to the nearest Grocery Stores and back.

Yes, I know that not everyone lives in rural America. But friends, we all have to drive distances. America is distance. Whether it's distance going to town to get to the Grocery Stores as in the case for many who live on farms and ranches or just in small towns, or whether it's living in the city and suburbs and have to drive two hours to commute to work - we all drive long distances.

Here is a picture showing the how high some of the gas prices are in California.

This picture was taken in March 2011. It is of a Death Valley, California, Chevron station charging $5.40 for a gallon of regular. It also charges $5.62 for each gallon of 91 octane Premium, and $5.77 is their price for diesel.

With fuel prices steadily going up, there are some folks who are asking what will happen to the prices in stores, in restaurants, and everywhere?

Companies using trucks to bring in goods and food, and paying over $5 a gallon for diesel, will certainly have to pass on the cost to the us their consumers. The American people, we, us, you and I, will pay higher prices for everything.

And yes, it all starts at the pump when we fill up. We will all pay at the store when we buy milk for our kids. We will pay more when needing everything from clothes to toilet paper.

So what can we expect from the State and Federal Government today in the way of help? Well Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, all the top Democrats in Washing DC, wanted to add HIGHER TAXES at the pump!

That's no kidding! Yes, when the citizens need a break - the people running the White House these days want to break the people!

It wasn't always this way, the White House did fight for us and not against us once. 

Take for example in July of 2008 when it was $4.20 a gallon Nationally.  By November of 2008, it was just under $2 a gallon Nationally.  When George W. Bush left office in January of 2009, he left us with $1.52 a gallon of gas Nationally.

So how did Bush do it?

Well, he announced that he was open to drilling. Oh, and he meant it!

He also ordered the Department of Interior, to see why there was a hold up on Drilling Leases.  Since he was an owner of a small oil business, he knew what it took to start producing more oil in our Nation.  He got things rolling!  

Once that happened, the Oil Speculators took note that America was actually doing something for itself to bring down our hostage like dependence on Foreign Oil.  And yes, prices dropped.

So whenever Obama says, "We can't drill our way out of this problem" or "We can't drill out way out of Higher Gas Prices,"  well I see the Oil Speculator as being reassured that Obama is not planning on doing anything to reduce our dependence on Foreign Oil.  Subsequently, the price of gas goes up.

Why is Obama doing what he's doing?   Well from everything that I've read lately, it's all about money from Foreign Oil. They have a vested interest in keeping us dependent on their product.  They're no different than Drug Dealers who will buy politicians for favors.

In Part Three, I'll talk about how he's helping Foreign Oil rip off Americans!

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Story by Tom Correa

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This picture of the EXXON gas station was taken on April 19, 2011 in Washington, DC.

Gas prices have reached over $5 a gallon at gas stations in 8 states.

It was reported on the News yesterday that there are people in many states who will have to pay over $6 a gallon in the next month.  


Right now, more than ever, there is NO EXCUSE for not drilling in ANWR right now. It is estimated that with just the oil in that barren land called ANWR in Alaska, we could fuel America for the next 100 years. 

And yes, we should be shipping rigs and tanks and the makings for an Oil Facility as I write this.

What does ANWR stand for? ANWR is the abbreviation for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

In all of Alaska, ANWR is only 19 million acres.

The proposed drilling site is designated Area 10-02 on 2 thousand  acres.  Just 2,000 acres, that's it!

Yes, that's it! Imagine that for a minute. 

A mere 2,000 acres in a refuge that is 19 million acres big, that's what the Environmentalist, the Obama White House, and their Foreign Oil contributors are all fighting Americans over.

And why is the Obama White House, Environmentalist Groups, and Foreign Oil fighting Americans so hard?

Well first it's to ensure market dominance with us having to import 77% of the oil we use in our country from Foreign Oil Producing countries.  Secondly, drilling in Area 10-02 in ANWR would mean $25 a barrel instead of $130 a barrel of crude. 

That my friends, translates to Billions upon Billions of Dollars in the pockets of Foreign Oil.   And that's the reason why they are keeping Americans from drilling in the small 2,000 acre piece of land.


Just 2,000 acres, and the will to DRILL NOW is all that's needed!

That's what it would take to bring us back down to just over $1 a gallon, and at the same time erase half of our National Trade Deficit.  Imagine that, the elimination of half of our National Trade Deficit because we'd bring our need Foreign Oil to it's lowest levels since the 1950s.

Then consider the fact that we have the tool, the know how, and the capability to cut our National Trade Deficit in half right now, but Washington doesn't want that to happen.  To me, it's like having the tools, know how, and capability to defend yourself - but instead you purposely opt for an ass whoop'n! 

It's insane. 

As for size and scope of what is needed?  Well compare the size of ANWR and Area 10-02, which is the proposed area to drill, to the Continental United States.

ANWR is about as big as the State of South Carolina.  The actual proposed drilling site is only 2,000 acres which by Western standards is a good size but not extremely big cattle ranch.

Heck, there are land owners out in this area that exceed the 2,000 acres needed.  And yes, their ranches are almost considered small by some folks around here.

If you look at the detailed map of the proposed drilling site in ANWR, you can easily see that it is relatively close to Sourdough and Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields.  

They are neighbors.

So OK, you say you know one of those Environmentalist Groups who are being funded by Foreign Oil and who are trying their damnedest to spread the lie that ANWR and the surrounding area up there is just a lush pristine paradise.

You know the type, liars who look you right in the eye while they could care less about your problems making ends meet.  They were born rich with silver spoons in their mouths, and have never held a real job because there Daddy provides them with Gold Cards.  They can't hold a job, but at the same time don't see anything wrong with taking money from Foreign Oil or Big Liberal donors like George Soros.

Maybe they have told you that it's a virtual garden of Eden up there where animals and flowers flourish?  Or maybe they're trying to get good hard working people to belief that anything American is evil and that American Oil Companies have completely killed off the caribou and decimated the bear population?

And don't forget their example, they love saying, "Look at what happened when the Big Oil Companies decided to drill in Prudhoe Bay!  They ruined the ecosystem and most of the animals that used to go there are gone now!" 

You know, basic Environmentalist bullshit!





And here are real pictures of Area 10-02, the proposed drilling site in ANWR. 

A lush pristine paradise, it is not!  It is a harsh tough barren area on top of the world.  See for yourself, these are actual pictures of Area 10-02.




Pictures from on the ground, in the air, and even by satellite don't lie.

These satellite pictures show just how barren Area 10-02 truly is.

But wait, here's another great picture!  And yes, you have to see this to understand what's already up there - next to ANWR to the East.

See besides American Kuparuk, Prudhoe Bay and Sourdough Oil Fields to the West of Area 10-02 in ANWR, there are other Oil Companies up there to the East who are already drilling close to ANWR. 

And yes, they have been for many years now!

Take note of where Canadian Boundary Creek and Smoking Hills Formations are located in relation to the 19 Million acre ANWR and the small 2,000 acres of land that is needed for oil drilling known as Area 10-02. 

Yes, it's Canada.  And I love Canada, those are some great folks up there.  They understand the worth of their Natural Resources to their National Economy.

Of course, Canadians can also thank God that they don't have some of the wing-nut Democrats that we have in our Congress.  In fact they can also thank God that they don't have a Prima Donna Flake like Barack Obama to contend with.  God must love Canada to have spared them such individuals.
Canada is ranked number 3 in the list of top 10 countries with Oil Reserves.

The only two countries that outrank Canada is Venezuela and Saudi Arabia respectively.   Canada has more oil reserves than Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Russia, Kazakhstan,  Libya, Nigeria, the United States, China, Qatar, Algeria, Brazil and Mexico in that order.

Heck, Canada's Oil Reserves are as much as 7 of those 10 combined.

The U.S. Department of Energy has a good primer on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

It is a summary of policy positions and facts about ANWR, such as how drilling in ANWR could produce a million barrels a day, as well as 150 billion cubic feet of gas per year!

All from just a 2,000 acre investment and DRILLING NOW!

We all know that oil production is measured by barrel.  Natural Gas on the other hand is usually measured by volume and is stated in cubic feet.  A cubic foot of gas is the amount of gas needed to fill a volume of one cubic foot under set conditions of pressure and temperature.

Friends, a Million barrels a day and 150 billion cubic feet of gas per year is called American self-sufficiency.

It would give us time, and would put Americans in a better position than we are today.  Instead of rushing out unreliable alternative energy vehicles that break us financially, it would be better for everyone if we would be able to buy energy efficient cars or install new alternative energy solutions in our homes without driving us into Bankruptcy while we're doing it.

And by the way, please don't think that a few Alaskan Environmental Extremeist represent Alaska.  Fact is that Alaskians are great people.  I've known good people who live in Alaska.  Fact is that 78% of Alaskans support opening ANWR to responsible oil development.

Heck, even the Alaska Legislature passed a resolution supporting ANWR 60 to Zero. 

Both Democrats and Republicans in Alaska voted for it unanimously.  Anyone who knows politics knows that a unanimous vote is far from ever happening in the United States Congress.

Click here to view the rest of the Facts about ANWR. (PDF)

Of course there are consequences to not drilling.  Some understand that, while some don't.  And yes, there are those who think our plight is a laughing matter. 

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Story by Tom Correa

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Horses: Mustang Dancer - Part Two

So let's return to the day my wife and I brought home our Mustang mare.

Once she was unloaded, everyone said their thanks and we talked about how it turned out great. We asked everyone to come back for a visit whenever they were in the area, and then left.

My wife finally asked me, if I knew how to train a Mustang?

I hemmed and hawed about it saying "It's been my experience blah blah blah!" Then I hit her with a "Well I knew this guy once ..." That's when she looked at me laughing and said, "Well I guess you're going to have to use what you know, aren't you!"

Now she didn't know how right she was. I've never trained a Mustang horse in my life. And the horses that I did train were never what anyone would call standard training.  I have had a few green horses that were fairly rank and I survived well enough to ride them out and tell about it.

Like most riders, we teach the horse new things almost everytime we sit in the saddle. My Grandpa used to say, "Hopefully the horse you're sitting on remembers you, your confusing way of riding, and will make the changes needed to get you where you need to go!"

He used to shorten that by saying, "Thank God the horse was smart enough to get you here!"

But as for training a Mustang, I decided to use an approach to training that even I could understand. Good old fashion Marine Corps Motivation. Simply put, I figured I'd use communication to build motivation and desire. With the Mustang I figured it would take what I know about horses and their basic behavior and see where we go from there.

Now after better than 40 years around horses, knowing shoers, trainers, other cowboys, and those "know-it-alls" who went to see "The Horse Whisperer" twelve times, I knew must advice is what you pay for it. So first things first, I set a target.

And yes, the first thing that came to mind was that shredded rope that she'd been towing around.

It had me going from the first moment I saw it. It reminded me of some sort of ball and chain on a convict. I knew I had to use it at first, but I also knew it had to go as soon as possible.

From the very first day, I saw she was frieghtened of everything. Her fear was something awful and not just a little fear. So at first I'd go into her pen and I tried for that rope. Each time I reached for it, she'd dance away and I'd get a like more frustrated.

"Patience," I mumbled, and this went on for about a week.

Then one day I decided to make her 40' round pen half as much smaller, and I added a 12 by 12 foot trap at one end.

After about a week or so, I noticed that I had trained her to respond to a que. The que was when I would start to reach down for the rope. She would automatically go nuts and throw a tantrum and dance away the rope from me. Sometimes when I'd start to bend over she'd wheel around and fire kicks at me.

It was all working as planned! Right!

Once I discovered that she was reacting to me bending over, I stopped and I found that I could stand on the rope instead. Once she felt tension on the rope she'd set her front legs and dip her rear end like dropping an anchor. I soon realized that it had became a battle of wills, and she was winning. The communication part of this was failing.

So I moved to motivation and desire, hers.

See if anyone knows anything about horses then they'd know that a horse's world revolves around food. So for about a month, when it came to feeding time I'd hold her feed out until she took some. After she'd take a little I'd step back and leave.

It worked a little bit but not as much as I wanted it to.

Then one day I wasn't able to feed my regular time and fed her at about 8pm. That's was when I found out something. With no other horses around her, she was most frieghtened at night. I sat a ways away and watched her for a few nights and the same thing happened each night.

She would take a bite of hay and pace the pen like a cell, take another bite and do it again, and so on. Talk about vigilant.

So the next day I left her alone until it got dark. That was when I went down to her pen with a flashlight and hay. I got in the pen and talked to her while she ate. I told her about the Corps, about my wife, about people who think they know everything, about joining SASS and getting into Cowboy Action Shooting, and about anything that came to mind.

Heck I even sang to her. First I sang old Marine Cadences and some Bob Wills tunes, but then I shifted to some Hawaiian songs that I learned when I was a kid. Strange thing is that I believe she understands Hawaiian.

My neighbor said I had a nice singing voice but could understand anything I sung to her. He'd obviously never heard of Makaha Sons of Niihau, or the fact that I once sang in a Barber Shop Quartet!

So our routine became me stepping on the rope, then she'd set her anchor, and I'd pick up the rope along with a flack of hay and waited and sang to her. She would ease up some to take a bite because she knew that I would leave if she did so.

And yes she really thought that that was working for her, she had the motivation to eat and the desire to see me leave.

But that only really lasted a few days because one day she gave in and came over and took the hay out of my hand and stayed to finish it. Whether she recognized it or not I really don't know, but while she was eating I didn't leave and stayed for a while.

Later our routine would be shorter as she learned to take food from me easier, and again I wouldn't leave right away.

In fact later she'd stand there and would eat just about anything I gave her. No big sudden moves and first, but then I was able to reach in my pockets, step away, even brush her mane and neck.

Then one day when she was eating, I reached over and stroked her cheek and took a hold of her halter and jerked her head from side to side. The next day I did it again, and finnally after a few days of this and working the trap, I really felt that we were on a roll.

One day I had her so calm in my hands that I blow into her nostrils and let her take it in. She was great! After eating Chinese food, pork chops, chicken what-u-call-it, or whatever, she didn't care. She would let me talk to her and she'd calm down pretty quick.

It got to the point where she made a fuss when she saw me coming. She'd settle down once I'd pat my chest, and talk to her in the dark. But every night for awhile there, it was the same deal with us.

Then there was that one day, I was feeding her a flack of hay and stroking her cheek when I decided to do. I slowly reached under her chin and unclipped that rope. It fell to the ground and she hasn't towed one around since.

A few days later I took off that rope halter where the knots had rubbed her skin raw in a few places. Later I fitted her with a newer halter when I found that she felt a little too free without one. So free that after I moved her to a much bigger pen, I had to rope her to catch her.

Other than a few times of hard-head action on her part, I'd pat my chest and reach my hand out ... she'd nod her head up and down to let me know that she understands. I'd reach out to touch her, she'll settle down pretty quick.

From time to time over the last two years, I've had medical problems. And yes, I have to admit that I've slacked up on a lot of things including her "training." But I still have her, we named her Dancer, and all in all she has a good home these days.

Now and then I let her run free on the property and both my wife and I enjoy watching her kick up her heels and fart and snort and run for a while. Since I'm feeling pretty good these days health wise, I want to start working with her again as soon as the weather warms up.

It's kind of funny really, whenever she sees me, she gives me all of her attention. And now and then I'll pat my chest, and more times then not, she'll nod her head two or three times and move to over to me. She stand at ease to let me close enough for me to stroke her cheek and brush her down.

She loves to be brushed.

Story by Tom Correa