Dear Friends,

Below you will find a few stories and two poems that are my favorites. I truly hope you enjoy them. 

It Was All About Needing Murphy

Let's Talk About Calaveras County

A Halloween Tale: The Legend of the Sluice Ghost
An Old Cowboy's Advice 

Tale of a Drunken Monkey

The Warrior Rooster

So Where Would You Hide A Deer?

The Sluice Box Ghost

Going To Woods Lake 

Saving Christmas

A Christmas Reunion -- A Christmas Story

Jackalopes - The Mysterious Jaspers

Mythical Rattlesnake Hoax Finally Solved?

The Butte Fire -- We've Returned Home

The Butte Fire & Bobbi Laughton

Let's Talk About The Cowboy Code

My VA Doctor Is Leaving And I Will Miss Her

Let's Talk About Joelle Matteson

Michelle Wood -- A Truly Inspirational Woman

My Memories of Gunny Sgt Jess Ferguson USMC

Thanks For Your Service Renee

King Kalakaua Needed U.S. Marines In 1874

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