A Poem by Tom Correa

At the Veterans Hospital, Doctor Murphy was tired of listening to it
While giving a class to a group of Vietnam Vets who were throwing a fit. 
After Doctor Ron Murphy just let each man whine and belly-ache,
The good Doctor knew what was finally needed for God's sack.

So he grabbed up a small piece of chalk and draw on the blackboard
A ship they all knew and the iceberg that she was sailing toward.

Well, some of the Vets sighed, others laughed, and some were bored,
Until Doctor Murphy said "don't laugh, you all live as if all aboard
While she's sinking from a hole ripped into her starboard."

A sudden and angry quiet fell over the room,
Most men don't like to be told they deal in gloom.

And when one old Vet spoke up and said, "I've had enough,
I came here for help, and I'm not here to hear this sort of stuff."
Pointing to the boat, Doctor Murphy nodded, then with a smile replied,
"But you're here! And what has gotten you here is the same you guys!

You see while the Titanic is slowly sinking, most of you here are doomed
Because you're too worried about re-arranging chairs in her Dinning Room!"

© Tom Correa
August 13th, 2002

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