American Agriculture -- A Condensed History

Cattle Breeders Dictionary

Cow Facts and Trivia

Protecting Your Livestock From Rustlers

Cattle Rustlers

Basic Beef Production Guidelines

Don't Believe The Bull, Milk Is Good For You

Justin Baca's First Gathering

Livestock Grazing Benefits Public Lands

Rare Quadruplet Calves Born in Texas & Other Strange Cow Births

Buffalo Roaming Wild -- A Very Bad Idea

Angus Cattle - "The Business Breed"

Hereford Cattle - The Icon of the Cattle Industry

Cattle Breed -- Simmental

Cattle Breed -- Limousin

Cattle Breed -- Highland

Cattle Breed -- Tarentaise

Cattle Breed -- The Texas Longhorn

Cattle Breed -- Corriente

Cattle Breed -- Santa Gertrudis

Cattle Breed -- The American Brahman

Cattle Breed -- The Braford

Cattle Breed -- Brangus

Cattle Breed -- The Beefmaster

Cattle Breed -- The Shorthorn

Cattle Breed -- Beefalo

Cattle Breed -- Gelbray

Cattle Breed -- Gelbvieh

Cattle Breed -- Charolais

Cattle Breed -- Holstein

Cattle Breed -- Guernsey

Cattle Breed -- Jersey

Cattle Breed -- Belted Galloway

Cattle Breed -- Devon

Cattle Breed -- Hays Converter

Cattle Breed -- Florida Cracker/Pineywoods

1864 Cattle Selection Guide

Pig Conformation: It's Not Rosie O'Donnell vs Angelina Jolie

Pig Facts & Trivia - Part One

Sheep - Facts & Trivia

Goats- Facts and Trivia - Part One

Chickens - Facts and Trivia

Duck - Facts and Trivia

Obama's New Power Grab: An Assault On Property Rights
Rare Quadruplet Calves Born in Texas & Other Strange Cow Births

North Dakota Legislature Doubles $1 Beef Checkoff Fee On Struggling Ranchers

America Needs Veterans To Take Up Farming

U.S. Government to Tax Cow Farts

Federal Gov't killing thousands of U.S. Farms, including 68-year-old Louisiana Peach Orchard

U.S. Government attacks New Mexico Ranching Family

Rancher Cliven Bundy vs The United States Government

Wolves Kill 176 Sheep - Most Ever Recorded!

Mutilated Cows And UFOs?

Predator Drone helps convict North Dakota Farmer - well sort of!

2014 - California Cuts Off Water To Millions Amid Drought

2013 - The Beef Industry Is Getting Screwed Again!

2013 - The Cattle Industry - The News Is Mixed

Obama's EPA Working With Environmental Extremist Groups

South Dakota Ranchers Need Our Help

Florida Cattle Ranchers Seek Locally Grown Beef Label

New Agriculture Labor Rules Just More Regulation Nation

$1.25 Billion of Tax Money to Black Farmers - And Only Black Farmers!

Cattle Production Lowest Since 1952 - It Is Insanity!

Expect Food Prices To Jump!

I'm sorry to say that that's all I have to offer my readers for this section for right now, but I can promise you that there's more on the way!

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