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RANDOM SHOTS - Obama's Gone Mad Wants $1.6 Trillion New Taxes, and Much More!

Obama Has Gone Crazy - He wants $1.6 Trillion in New Taxes!

Was there a coordinated effort made between the Obama campaign and the liberal mainstream media to avoid answering any question about what Obama planned to do in the next 4 years - if he were to be elected?

You bet there was! If not, then why is it only now we hear that Obama wants to raise taxes on just about every household for the next 10 years?

Did we miss that somehow? No. fact is that no one from CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, David Lettermen, or the those angry liberal broads on The View, asked Obama what his plans were.

Only now, after the election, is Obama coming clean with how he wants to screw America! His spending has gotten us in this predicament and this is what he thinks we need to do to get out of it?

Has he gone crazy?

On November 14th, President Obama stated his position on averting the "Fiscal Cliff" that's to take effect on January 1st, 2013. 

Obama may be insane with power, but he wants $1.6 Trillion in new taxes. 

Forget scraping the implementation of ObamaCare which is going to cost American Trillions of taxpayer dollars.

No, instead his plan includes $1.6 trillion in new tax revenue by raising taxes on households making more than $250,000 - but maybe even lower to households making $120,000.

Is he trying to kill the nation's economy by raising taxes to such astronomical levels? Yes, it appears he doesn't know what he is doing - and more of what he has done for the last 4 years will only put us deeper in debt.

Republicans are adamantly opposed to raising tax rates, despite a willingness to close loopholes and deductions.

Supposedly Obama would consider cuts to entitlements and other domestic programs, but it's unclear if he would cut programs to those who voted for him. Although, he might because he doesn't need them as he did before they voted.

If Obama and the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives cannot reach a compromise before January 1st, the country will drive off the so-called "fiscal cliff" which means that a combination of spending cuts and tax hikes set to take effect in January will take place.

Negotiations are set to launch on Friday during a meeting with congressional leaders and the president.

Republicans are unlikely to agree to anywhere near $1.6 trillion in tax rate hikes over the next decade.

"The president says he wants a 'balanced' approach, and that's what we're offering: revenues through tax reform, and entitlement reform. The alternative is adding a small-business tax to the current broken tax code, which will cost jobs," Michael Steel, spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, said in a statement.
Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Tuesday the party is "ready to find common ground," but "we're also not about to further weaken the economy by raising tax rates and hurting jobs."

"When it comes to the great economic challenges of the moment, saying that you want a balanced approach is not a plan," he said. "The tedious repetition of poll-tested talking points is simply that and the longer the president uses them as a substitute for leadership, the more difficult it will be to solve our many problems."

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has looked at the effects of driving over the "fiscal cliff" and projected that they would send the U.S. economy back into recession and cause already stubbornly high unemployment to spike above 9 percent.

The CBO also estimates that the austerity program would reduce the deficit by nearly $700 billion by the end of 2013.

At issue is an annual U.S. budget deficit that now is routinely above One Trillion Dollars - and a national debt that has risen to above 16.5 Trillion Dollars since Obama has taken office.

If not legislative compromise is reached by January 1st, a self-imposed punishment for last year's failure to deal with the government's spiraling debt will take place. 

So Is Obama Needed To Stop Us From Driving Off The "Fiscal Cliff"? 

Politicians in Washington have just over seven weeks, including breaks for the Thanksgiving holiday next week and the Christmas holiday season, to avert the year-end fiscal cliff.

But wait, isn't Obama going on vacation during these negotiations? I believe he is.

Obama is going to Asia on vacation. He will stop in Myanmar, also known as Burma, during a November 17-21 vacation away from the job he was just re-elected to do.

Oh well, so much for putting the work of the nation ahead of your own self-interest. Maybe he'll find that he likes Burma - and stays!

After all, if he does not want to be part of negotiations to avert a financial crisis in America, who needs him!

Republican Voter Commits Suicide Because Of Obama Win

It is absolutely correct to think that this past presidential election was important to the future of America.

In other articles, I've stated my case as to why I wanted Mitt Romney elected and Barack Obama defeated. I've presented what most Conservatives have presented in so far as evidence as to why he shouldn't have been re-elected.

Yes, I believe he has an agenda that goes against what Americans want or need. I believe that he will try to advance his agenda as aggressively as he can - even if that means circumventing Congressional approval by issuing Executive Orders to get what he wants.

I believe that America's best defense against a power hungry arrogant Obama is our Republican controlled House of Representatives. As long as Republicans control the House, then it will be possible for us to stop the Obama leftist agenda.

Are we becoming a Regulation Nation? Yes, and liberals are to blame for it. From what I've seen, liberals prefer more regulations in an effort to control people. It's all about power and control.

Conservatives believe that individuals should exercise personal responsibility; that it is the role of government to create laws which will hold them accountable for their actions; and yes, laws should be enacted to reflect the best interest of the society as a whole with more emphasis on personal freedoms and liberty.

Liberals believe that the people should look to the government for everything. From providing a family structure to regulating your rights, liberals believe in a government that sets itself up as our supervisor or superintendent - or worse as an overseer no different than those who oversaw slaves picking cotton or harvesting cane.
They believe laws are enacted to protect every individual in some sort of unrealistic effort to create an equal society - even at the expense of our individual freedoms.

Our knowing what the liberal left wants to do enables us to better fight them. Understanding where Obama wants to take us as a nation strengthens our resolve to fight for a free America.

We cannot lose hope!

Sure we all knew that the stakes were high. Sure some folks, like myself, viewed the outcome as depressing and were in mourning the next day. But a matter of life or death? No, no it wasn't.

Yet a Key West, Florida, Republican must have thought so because he took his own life two days after President Barack Obama won a second term in the White House.

He had previously warned loved ones of his intentions to kill himself in an Obama victory. To bad, he wasn't joking.

On November 8th, Henry Hamilton was found dead with his home littered with empty pill bottles. And according to, a suicide note was found that said:

“"Do not revive! F*ck Obama!"

Hamilton who was a gay Republican lived with his partner Michael Cossey, who was the first to find the body after returning home from an evening out with friends.

Cossey says Hamilton told him "If Barack gets re-elected, I'm not going to be around."

Florida officials do not believe Hamilton's death to be anything other than a suicide and will not be investigating the matter further.

This is as extreme a response to Obama's re-election as it comes. No one should do such a thing over politics because by nature politics change with the wind. Higher unemployment, a worse economy, scandal, criminal activity, are all part of what can change the political landscape.

I've seen it where Democrats were called down, just as Republicans are now called down for the count. But it never lasts too long, and the reason is that We the People have a habit of shifting the landscape to our likings.

Fact is, yes, there is no telling what will take place in 2014.

My hope is that we Conservatives take the Senate and gain control of the full Congress. I believe we have to Cowboy Up, and get ready for 2014!

We should be getting ready right now to take the Senate and control Congress. We need to get tough understanding that we have to be willing to fight hard even in the dirt if need be - if we want to win. This horseshit that we are somehow above such things is getting our ass kicked.

A steadfast fighting attitude is a much better path than thinking all is lost - because frankly, it isn't.

I really agree with one political expert on television who said that Conservative Republicans being elected for the House and the Senate is a much better proposition than trying to take the White House.

His reasoning is that we should realistic about the fact that Republican candidates are branded the same every presidential election - rich, dumb, uncaring, selfish, vindictive, and so on and so on.

Yes, like it or not, getting Congressmen and women elected to the House and the Senate is a lot easier when you're not having to fight a "Democrat political machine" that has the liberal mainstream media, labor unions, and special interest in its pocket doing everything from making threats to fraud to win.

Poor Mr Hamilton should have taken a break and regroup. What he did is never the answer. My condolences to his family and partner. 

700 pound Hogs Eats Oregon Farmer

OK, so we have two 700 pound stories. 

The first is a bizarre story out of Oregon which took place in October. Authorities there say a local farmer was eaten by his 700 pound hogs.

The Register-Guard reported that Terry Vance Garner, age 70, never returned to the house after he went out to feed his animals on Wednesday September 26th.

His farm is located near the Oregon coast in Coos County.

A family member found Garner's dentures and pieces of his body in the hog enclosure several hours later, but most of his remains had been consumed, District Attorney Paul Frasier said.

A pathologist was unable to identify a cause or manner of death, the newspaper reported.

While investigators are certain that the hog consumed most of Garner’s body, they do not know how he died. Frasier said Garner may have collapsed in the hog pen after suffering a heart attack or some other type of health problem.

The Coos County Sheriff’s Office is investigating how Garner “ended up in a position where the hogs were able to consume him.” According to the Sheriff's statement:

"There are several scenarios being investigated, including that Mr. Garner had a health event, such as a heart attack, which then put him in a position where the hogs could consume him. Another scenario being investigated is that given the age and health of Mr. Garner, that one or more of the hogs knocked Mr. Garner to the ground, whereupon that hogs killed and consumed him. In addition, due to the unusual circumstances presented by this case, the Sheriff's Office is investigating to determine if foul play may have resulted in the death of Mr. Garner."

Forensic anthropologists are also investigating to determine whether foul play was involved in the man's death. And yes, several of the Garner's hogs weighed 700 pounds or more.

John Killefer, who heads the Animal and Rangeland Sciences Department at Oregon State University, said 700-pound hogs such as the ones that Garner kept at his farm for breeding purposes are abnormally large.

Most hogs are raised until they reach a market weight of between 250 and 300 pounds, while breeding female pigs rarely weigh more than 400 pounds, Killefer said.

According to Killefer, domestic hogs are not typically known to be very aggressive but can be based on the environment in which the hogs lives.

This isn’t the first time hogs have eaten their farmers.

In 2004, a Romanian woman was knocked unconscious and eaten by the pigs on her farm. The news report did not say whether the woman survived, only that the pigs had eaten the woman's ears and part of her face.

Her husband who had to be sedated, later told reporters, "I'll never breed such beasts again."

Many years ago, when I worked in Corrections, I remember a prisoner once telling another prisoner that he'd just as soon throw the other guy to the hogs as have him for a friend.  I figured he just had some mean hogs where he was from but that would be about it. I never figured they'd actually devour a whole person.

700 pounds of Marijuana found during a Traffic Stop

You might find our next 700 pound story bizarre as well.

On November 15th, it was reported that deputies in Pima County, Arizona, found over 700 pounds of marijuana in a car with two illegal aliens during a traffic stop on Wednesday.

The suspects, 24-year-old Abdul Cortes-Reyes and 31-year-old Ignacio Cienfuego-Varela were pulled over by Pima County Sheriff's deputies because of a traffic violation.

Deputies reportedly said they could smell marijuana coming from inside the sport utility vehicle and could see several bundles they thought were marijuana.

OK, let's try to imagine this picture for a moment. Two illegal aliens from Mexico are in a SUV with 700 pounds of bundled up dope. So what do they do, they smoke dope to draw even more attention to them stupidity.

The 700 pounds of weed in the bundles were out in the open and not in a van or some other enclosed vehicle, yet these two criminal masterminds really thought they were going to get away with this.

Both men admitted to being in the country illegally and that the bundles were full of marijuana. Cortes-Reyes and Cienfuego are both from Sonora, Mexico.

Cortes-Reyes and Cienfuego-Varela were booked into Pinal County Adult Detention Center and are being held without bond. They were arrested for possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana for Sale and transportation of marijuana.

The marijuana taken from the SUV weighed a total of 716 pounds with a street value of $537,000. And no, it is has not been confirmed as to whether or not they voted 187 times for Obama.

About Trying To Get My Facts Right

As most of my regular readers know, our series RANDOM SHOTS is all about me taking a shot or two at what's going on around us.

Whether it's stories that I just have a hard time believing, or some of the bullshit going on during the election in the world of politics, RANDOM SHOTS is a way of taking a look at things that might be on your mind.

And yes, many of you have written me with ideas for these articles - and other things of interest.  Because of you, I started RANDOM SHOTS after receiving all sort of e-mail asking me what I thought about different things in the news.

Now, thanks to you, RANDOM SHOTS is a pretty big hit.

So besides saying thank you for visiting our site and making us a success, I also wanted to take this time to say thank you for your help in getting my facts right.

If you've been a regular reader, then you know that I usually speak my mind. But there is something else, what you probably don't know is how much I like getting my facts right. It is very important to me.

I was told lately that the "facts" that I use all come off of FOX News or some other conservative sources - and they should not be trusted.

Imagine that? I guess that person wants me to go with some "non-biased" group like MSNBC or the New York Times. Ain't that a laugh! 

Friends, facts are facts no matter who tries to spin them to their advantage. I like FOX News because I really do believe that they are "fair and balanced" and "unafraid" to give the truth.

The big difference between FOX News versus say MSNBC is that MSNBC is not a "news" organization. MSNBC is a network devoted to liberal biased political commentary. They are all about hate.

MSNBC hates people like us. Their programs are filled with hate. They make no qualms about their disdain for folks like us - and what we believe in. 

And honestly friends, I don't need to hear their hate to know how they feel about Conservatives, Christians, gun owners, Tea Party folks, and anyone else who does not agree with their liberal agenda.

I don't need to go to a biased source when doing my research. Thank goodness for the Internet, because today we're not restricted to just what's on television or on radio. 

Sources are great because facts are important. Accuracy is very important.

So today, I'd like to thank an old friend who works for the FAA for dropping me a note to help me correct something in my article entitled Dinner With Obama Supporters.

Instead of rewording it and fixing it, I simply took out the inaccurate sentence to correct the story. Much thanks!

And honestly, I don't mind going back into an article that I've already published and making it right. Frankly, when a reader has taken the time to write and help me get my facts accurate and truthful - the least I can do is check it and make the changes as needed. 

So is this why some articles are changed later? Yes. 

This is the answer to your letters asking me why some of my articles are different the second time you read them?  

You great folks out there who read something once and than might find it changed somehow later when you go over it again are probably shaking your head asking why?

Well, the reason has everything to do with you my readers. And no, I'm not above making corrections and additions, and that's why some articles are changed later.

Fact is that some of my articles may be changed after they were first published because my readers are not bashful about writing me to let me know that I got something wrong - or that maybe there is something questionable that I really need to look into.

And honestly, I love it!

It tells me that people are actually reading my work and not just coming to my blog for the new section on COWGIRLS!

Yup, I just added a small tribute to Cowgirls for us who like Cowgirls who are not only cheerleaders for Dallas.

I owe a lot to you folks because you make me research research research to get it right. It pays off because I feel good about my readers wanting to visit our site.

I can't thank all of you enough for visiting us, and for taking the time to drop me a line and help me get it right. You are great folks. And yes, I really do appreciate your responses and your input.

Much thanks to all.

Tom Correa