Monday, October 14, 2013

Obama Criminal Indictment - Part Two

As stated in part one, it is my belief that President Obama and his cohorts have abused their positions of power, over-stepped their authority, sought to intimidate and coerce the citizery, and have even commited felony crimes against the citizens of the United States.

All with no accountability or actions taken by the president to remedy these actions - and yes, that clearly indicates an approval of those activities on the president's part.

This is Part Two, of a detailed indictment of the crimes that have been perpetrated against us, the citizens of the United States, by President Barack Hussein Obama and the Federal Government which he commands.
Let's continue and take one agency or Department at a time:

The Environmental Protection Agency

Simply known as the EPA, they are being used as a tool to accomplish what President Obama wants them to do - stifle agriculture through over-regulation and bankrupt small family farms.

The EPA has tried to do this by using unmanned drones to spy, they say to "monitor" as if they have the right to do that, farmers and other agriculture producers without just cause.

The EPA has released the private information of thousands of farmers to radical environmental groups.

The EPA is using the Freedom of Information Act to reward, by nearly always waiving the fees for Liberal environmental groups - while at the same time forcing Conservative groups to pay those fees with nearly no waivers ever granted.

Former EPA head Lisa Jackson used a fake name and email account to converse with other Obama administration officials and outside groups in the crafting of regulations in violation of various laws and standard procedure.

In a laughable moment that fake name used by Jackson won EPA awards.

President Obama is using the EPA to wage a "War On Coal" by forcing coal mines and coal-fired power plants to shut down, putting thousands out of work and increasing our dependence on foreign energy.

The Obama EPA has also retroactively revoked coal mining permits issued to a coal mine under the Bush administration.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture

The USDA has been using taxpayer dollars to advertise the Food Stamp program in Mexico, explaining in Spanish how people can apply for and receive this welfare benefit.

Food Stamps currently account for 75-80% of the Departments total $100 Billion budget with a record 45 million people enrolled in the program.

Then there is the "Pigford Scandal," where black farmers have been awarded billions of dollars for alleged past discrimination.

The problem here is that a large number of the people seeking to get money from this program have never farmed a day in their life - and what few there are that are actual farmers don’t have to prove or display any evidence of any discrimination.

Simply fill out the form and receive your money - if you are a black.

The Department of Veterans Affairs

The VA currently has a massive backlog processing claims by our wounded warriors and aging veterans inhibiting their ability to get medical care and treatment.

Tens of thousands of veterans are waiting a year or more for their claims to be processed.

And yes, this backlog has existed for years and only gets worse as time goes by.

President Obama has cut veteran services while he gives billions to ensure more college graduates in Indonesia.

The Department of Energy and Interior Department

These two agencies of the Federal Government are combining their efforts to ensure that the United States does not become energy independent.

How? By denying, stonewalling, or blocking permits to energy companies for the exploration and development of oil and natural gas on federal land.

If it were not for a boom in energy production on private land thanks to hydraulic fracturing domestic energy production would be down under President Obama.

The Obama administration has used the Energy and Interior Departments to stop production of oil on federal lands while colluding with the EPA and State Departments to block the Keystone XL pipeline.

Department of Education

This department does not directly employ any teachers nor does it directly teach a single student in our entire nation, but it does however have a SWAT team to knock down people’s doors and arrest them in a very Soviet style display of government power.

The Department of Education is also helping to push "Common Core" on the states.

Common Core is a set of national education standards that dumb down our children, promote liberal propaganda like man-made climate change, de-emphasizes American history, and much more that is detrimental to our nations education system.

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