Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Are Democrats Trying To Assassinate Trump?

Dear Friends,

There is a reason that I don't trust anything that comes out of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC news organizations. It is the same reason that I don't trust a Liberal bigot to tell me something about Dr. Ben Carson. Their prejudice against the good doctor means that I can't trust anything coming out of their mouth.

The same goes for the prejudice, the hostility and the absolute hate coming from those same Liberal news organizations toward Donald Trump. It's an "in-your-face hatred" that's way above simply "not liking" our new president. And that's putting it mildly.

I really don't have to go into what commentators like Chris Matthews and the other ultra-Left on those mainstream media news stations have said about him. They are not even clever enough to hide their loathing of Donald Trump. The venom is incessant and they are really very open about it. And frankly, that really surprises me. I really would think they wouldn't want their hate for Trump to be so obvious. But friends, it really is.

Of course their openness about their hatred for Trump serves the purpose of my knowing absolutely unequivocally where they stand. They despise him in a way that leaves no doubt that they hate him. Call it revulsion, disgust, contempt, or whatever else you want, fact is they hate Trump in the same way that the Ku Klux Klan hates black-Americans. Yes, in the exact same way Black Lives Matters hates white-Americans.

Yes indeed, the Liberal mainstream media's openness about their deep seated hatred for our new president goes to my first point in this blog post: Liberal news organizations truly make no secret about their animosity and out and out hatred for President Trump. And that, well that goes to the heart of why I avoid those news organizations.

Friends, besides not being dishonest about their ill "feelings" toward Trump, they're also not very stealthy, covert, or simply sly about it either. No, they hate Donald J. Trump deeply and they are very public about it. They're very open about it.

Their hostility, animosity, antipathy, toward Trump certainly means that their news will be presented in ways that are biased against him. That's why Liberal news organizations should not be trusted.

They are prejudice against Trump and Conservatives in general. They don't have any idea what impartiality means as they demonstrate their partisanship, favoritism, and unfairness. I believe they knowingly to that while skewing reports to inflame the passions, the bigotry, the intolerance, of their fellow Liberals.

The Liberal media has an attitude of hate for Trump and Conservatives, and they're not afraid to show it. Their prejudice and one-sidedness, the way they color their stories, and way they attempt to sway their followers, the way they distort and slant issues to foster hate.

They are really out in the open about it. You don't need a poll to tell your what you can see for yourself. These people have hate speech about Trump and Conservatives all the time. That's just who I see them to be. They hate anything and anyone that goes against their beloved Democrat Party and Liberal ideology.

One can't help but see it. Liberal hate is out in the open and people see it for what it is.

To say they detest Trump would be an under-statement. They hate him deeply, so deeply that one has to wonder if it's something personal. I hope it's not, but one has to wonder simply because it's such an intense hate that it reminds me of my hatred for child molesters, rapists, baby killers, and those who attack the weak and defenseless.

It's the same sort of hate that I feel for anyone, and yes I know one person right now, who has threatened my family members. Friends, granted this is all just my opinion but that's what I see coming from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and a few people on FOX News.

On November 15th, of last year, just a few days after the election, a post-election Media Research Center poll showed that 78 percent of the voters said that the media coverage during the 2016 Presidential Election was biased. And 59 percent said, the press favored Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. 

While 97 percent said they did not allow any of the bias from the media to impact their vote, 69 percent of voters said the media is not honest and truthful. While I thought the figures would be much higher, I totally agree that the mainstream media is not honest or truthful.
So is their hatred for Trump the same as my hatred for the Obama administration? 

No, it's not the same because I didn't hate President Obama personally. In contrast, the Liberal media apparently hates President Trump personally.

But, while I didn't hate Obama personally, I grew to hate his ineptness in office. And I certainly grew to hate his policies. His policies stunk! He proved himself to be incompetent and a joke to the world. And yes, I hated that. I disliked him on a level of not liking the actions of a bureaucrat or an administrator, I saw his horseshit conduct in office as someone who was just incompetent and uncaring. I saw him as not putting America first. Frankly, I couldn't understand why a president wouldn't put the concerns of our nation first.

So as for hating what he was doing to our nation, yes I admit to hating his actions. I didn't like the constant flow of regulations which he was putting into place on a daily basis. He was strangling our economic productivity, our industry, our ability to provide for our families, our ability to grow food without restrictions, or provide energy for our nation, or properly educate and not indoctrinate our children in schools. I hated the fact that he would not control entry into our nation for the sake of security.

I hated Obama's actions. He implemented policies to benefit his wealthy donors, benefit his voters, benefit the United Nations, and all was being applauded by our enemies and our economic rivals. Yes, all while dividing our nation as never before.

In many of the posts that I wrote taking him to task for his lousy policies, I always stressed why I hated his policies and how I wanted his Socialist policies to fail. I stressed how our nation's principles do not jell with socialist principles. Freedom and Socialism are polar opposites.

I wanted his policies to fail and he leave office in disgrace. I got my wish on January 20th, when he left knowing that he attempt to turn our nation into something that it is not has failed miserably.

His accomplishments, the Obama legacy, is that he added $10 Trillion to our debt with absolutely NOTHING to show for it. In our entire history prior to Obama, through 43 presidents, we accumulated a debt of a little less than $10 Trillion.

What did we have to show for almost $10 Trillion of debt before Obama? 

Well, to name a few things that our nation spent money on, we had a Revolution and the War of 1812 where we had to rebuild Washington D.C. after it was burned to the ground by the British; we had the Louisiana Purchase; two Industrial Revolutions; we had the cost of a War with Mexico and later the Civil War; the cost of the Indian wars in the Old West and our involvements overseas which people really don't hear about; we bought the state of Alaska; we fought and paid for two World Wars as well as other wars such as Vietnam and other recent wars; we've built dams and railroads, and we built the greatest highway system on earth; and yes, among other things, we sent men to the moon. Friends, that's just a small example of why we went into debt prior to President Obama.

So what did Americans get for the almost $10 Trillion of debt under Obama?

New roads, bridges, highways? No. We got nothing for it. Really, nothing. He used the money to create ObamaCare which forces Americans to use it or be fined; he armed Iran and ISIS; he helped build Muslim Mosques in Europe and Africa and Indonesia; he spend a $100 Million on his vacations around the world; he gave over $200 Million to the Palestinians just before leaving office, but seniors on Social Security and disabled veterans did not get a raise in 8 years; he implement more and more regulations, all the while increasing the size of our government bureaucracy; and yes, he made his environmentalist friends rich. Other than that, we have nothing to show for the almost $10 Trillion which Obama spent while in office. .

Did I want Obama's policies to fail? You damn right I did! Did I want his actions to stop? Absolutely! 

But while I wanted his policies to fail, I've always stressed how I hoped and prayed that he would not be harmed, that his family would not be harmed or attacked, that he would complete his term in office. I did not see violence as the answer to what Obama was doing in office. I knew that if something happened to him that a wave of his stalled legislation would pass and we would suffer for his being killed.

And I guess, that's part of what I see going on with the Liberal mainstream media today. Unlike how Conservatives felt about Obama, Liberals hate Trump before he has even started his term in office.

My friends, I truly believe that the hate coming out of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC has inspired others to assassinate Donald Trump. Yes, I believe that the Left is already coaxing their followers to actually kill President Donald J. Trump right now.

Granted that this is just my opinion, but I see a segment of our population attempting to persuade their followers to assassinate a sitting president.

Of course, while the Liberal media hated George W. Bush viscerally. Yes, deep seated and emotionally without justification or cause. And while there were protests signs calling for the assassination of George W. Bush, I don't remember any network such as those which I've mentioned actually trying to manipulate the emotions of their followers to get someone to kill Bush like they are doing right now against Donald Trump.

Has the Liberal mainstream media been trying to demonize Donald Trump? Fact is the Democrat controlled mainstream media painted a target on Trump's back more than a year ago when they started comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

They give commentary, their opinions, which have consisted of constantly calling Trump "Hitler" and describing him as an evil that must be stopped by any way possible. Even on the day of his inauguration, Christ Matthews called his speech "Hitlerian."

And yes, they have spread FAKE NEWS to discredit him, brought fourth women to make unsubstantiated accusations only to find out that those women worked for the Clintons, and have over and over again made incendiary false claims to incite someone to try to kill Trump. I believe that that's the goal of Democrats.

Since they could not beat him in the election, I believe that they now want to resort to assassination as a way to eliminate him. They see this as a way to stop his efforts to make our nation great again.

Are Democrats trying to manipulate their followers so that one will assassinate President Trump? I believe they are. And friends, right or wrong, that's what I see them doing. That's what I see as their intent.

Democrats know that they can influence the thinking of their followers. They know that many of their followers don't think for themselves. They know their people run on emotion and not logic or intelligence. The rioting, the burning of cars, the looting, the vandalism all proves that they are an emotional group

Liberals are indoctrinated to believe that a weak mind is too easy to manipulate. They understand the old Communist tactic of repeating lies over and over again until people believe them. And really, all it takes is one to believe the FAKE NEWS, the lies, coming out of the Liberal media. If they can manipulate just one, then the Liberals in the mainstream media will get what they want.

Don't think it only takes one? 

Remember the gay Democrat man who accosted and harassed Ivanka Trump who was with her children on a Jet Blue flight. Because she did not have security with her, it was fortunate for her that that out of control Liberal didn't physically attack her or her children.

And how about this from June of last year when a 20 year old British man attempted to assassinate Donald Trump at a Las Vegas campaign rally. 

According to the official criminal complaint, Michael Steven Sandford, a Brit who entered the United States illegally, overstayed his Visa, and had "knowingly attempted to engage in an act of physical violence against Donald J. Trump in the Mystery Theatre in the Treasure Island Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, a building where Donald J. Trump was receiving protection from the U.S. Secret Service."

The Associated Press reported at the time: 

A British man arrested at a weekend Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas tried to grab a police officer’s gun so he could kill the presidential candidate after planning an assassination for about a year, according to authorities.

U.S. Secret Service agents said Michael Steven Sandford approached a Las Vegas police officer at the campaign stop to say he wanted Trump’s autograph, but that he then tried to take the weapon.

The criminal complaint said Sandford was arrested after grabbing the handle of an officer’s gun while trying to remove it from a holster.

Sanford told authorities that he went to the Battlefield Vegas shooting range the day before the rally and fired 20 rounds from a 9mm Glock pistol to learn how to use it. Police detectives who visited the range spoke with an employee who confirmed that he provided Sandford shooting lessons, according to the complaint signed by Secret Service Special Agent Joseph Hall.

Wonder what made him do such a thing?

Wonder what made him decide to come to America and try to kill Donald Trump? I believe it's a safe bet to believe that it was the constant hate speech coming out of the Liberal media being directed at Donald Trump.

I believe if another assassination is attempted on now President Trump, I will certainly blame the Liberal media for their complicity in that murder. Of course later when questioned about their lack of ethics, their yellow journalism, about the fact that they may have had a hand in what was done? I can see them say they have the right to their venomous speech because of the First Amendment and their right to Free Speech.

Most likely they will conveniently not remember that no one has the right to incite a panic or attempt to create injury upon another by yelling "Fire" in a theater. Yes, just the same as no one has the right to vandalize and loot and set fires in the name of free speech. Fact is even free speech has it's limits.

So do I think the Liberal media will tone it down? I certainly don't see that happening!

I've never made a secret that I'm a Conservative who supports President Trump. I pray for his safety and security. I really believe there are Democrats who want to see him assassinated.

Because I believe that to be the case, my hope and prayer for the future is that President Trump has enough security to stop Liberals from getting what they want. Yes indeed, while I truly believe that Democrat want to see him killed, I will continue to pray for President Trump's safety and security. I will hope and pray that Democrats are not successful in getting what they want.
And yes, that's just the way I see things.

Tom Correa