Sunday, July 10, 2022

Democrats, $6 Gas & $25 Alfalfa In 2022

It is getting harder and harder to put up with the stupidity of Democrats in an era when we have President Biden who can only read a teleprompter, not think for himself, and not see the harm that he is doing to our nation. 

We live in an era when Democrats want to eliminate the word "Mother" and substitute it with the phrase "Birthing Person." This is a time when Democrats see nothing wrong with allowing Drag Queens in elementary schools, allowing doctors to kill babies at birth, and allowing teachers to indoctrinate very young children in ways that are directly against the wishes of parents. It is an era when lunatic Democrats have found a way to get the President of the United States to halt domestic drilling for oil. 

To Democrats, those are all positives that our nation should embrace. And as ludicrous as it sounds, Democrats cannot fathom why Americans see them as out of touch, perverted and dangerous to our society.

Democrats don't see America as a land of good people. They see America as a land of slavery, racism, and lack of opportunity. They see America as a nation that needs a totalitarian Centralized Government in the form of an all-powerful federal government. They see Americans as children who need to be regulated and cared for. They refuse to see the goodness of individual liberty, the need for our assurances to safeguard us against government tyranny as stipulated in the Bill of Rights, or the greatness of our founding principles.

Democrats want to destroy America. That is not a secret as more and more Democrat politicians and their supporters have come forward to say that we need to dissolve our Constitution and deny basic freedoms to those who oppose them. In the same way that the Nazis destroyed the independence of the press in Germany with a series of draconian laws, Democrats are using draconian Environmental protection policies to limit our output of domestic oil. They understand that oil is the life-blood of our nation, and that's why they are attacking America's oil industry.  

It does not matter to Democrats that our oil industry provides 2.5 million high-paying American jobs, that the oil industry supports 11.3 million other American jobs, or that our oil industry accounts for about 8% of the American economy. In fact, on February 8th, 2020, Biden told a rally that he wanted to "get rid of fossil fuels." Before that, in 2020 during a Democrat debate, Biden emphatically promised his supporters that he would wage war on American energy dominance. In fact, he said, "No more subsidies for fossil fuel energy, no more drilling on federal lands, no more drilling, including offshore. No ability for the oil industry to continue to drill. Period." To give his Democrat supporters what they want, during Biden's first few days in office, he signed executive orders to shut down our oil industry. 

Because we are under attack, America has gone from a self-reliant oil producer with energy independence to now being forced to rely on other nations for our energy needs. And more so, by stopping the production of American oil, we are now facing shortages in raw materials that enable American manufacturing to produce the thousands of petroleum products that we use every day.

What have Democrats accomplished? Nothing good for America! 

Their domestic policies are responsible for Americans paying an average of $6 a gallon of gasoline and almost $7 a gallon of diesel fuel. This has increased the price of goods and food, and placed a hardship on blue-collar Americans. No, wealthy celebrities don't feel the pain that we do. They don't see anything wrong with the Democrat policies that have us paying so much at the pump. Wealthy Democrats can afford to pay more. 

Of course, Democrats can't see the big picture. They mostly live in cities and mainly see Americans as being urban people. Democrats don't understand what it takes for a farmer to grow food. In fact, I believe most Democrats have no idea of the hardship that they are placing on our agriculture producers because of their Environmental policies. I really believe they don't care what hardship others face. 

Democrat policies are the reason that people are having to plant their own gardens and work harder than before. Their policies are the reason that people are now having to sacrifice and go with less. Democrat policies are the reason that I paid $25 for a bale of alfalfa today. And while the Rescue Horses that I have are not even the slightest concern of wealthy Democrats who are always professing to be so caring, I blame Democrats for my having to look at the possibility of getting rid of the few Rescue Horses that I care for. Because of Democrats, I can't afford to feed the few Rescue Horses that I have. No, not at $25 a bale because fuel prices are so high. 

Am I angry about this? You damn right I am. I am very angry about that. I'm angry because this does not need to happen to us. We are a nation that sits on some of the world's largest oil reserves. And now, because of Biden and his Democrat friends, because of their insane Environmental policies, American agriculture can't afford to produce our food. 

Biden and his Democrat friends think this is not serious. Some of them even laugh about it while lying about who is responsible for this disaster. Well, I hope they pay in November. As for me, I will vote for any Republican who is against their policies. 

Tom Correa

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  1. That's pathetic. $6 for gas and $25 for alfalfa? Somebody needs to call Spanky and the Little Rascals because this is not oh-tay. LOL


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