Friday, October 28, 2022

Tucker Carlson: The United States Is About To Run Out Of Diesel Fuel

This will adversely affect all Americans, but especially farmers and ranchers who need to get their products to markets to feed Americans. This should make people angry enough to get off their backsides and make their voices heard.

And before you write to tell me that this horrific problem has nothing to do with Rural America, the Cowboy Culture, the West, or our ability as Americans to care for our own, please don't. This is all about watching out for Americans first. This is a huge example of what happens when Americans have an administration in the White House, as we certainly do, who refuse to make the needs of the American people the number one priority that it should be. 

Tom Correa

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  1. This has EVERYYTHING to do with America, Tom. I wouldn't lie to you or anyone else about that. And for all you people about to come on here and wanna kick my proverbial ass for taking Tom's side, know this. The reason I stand with Tom on this is not because I have a sense of pride or because I have to get something off my chest. It's also because I'm actually right about my opinions most of the time. Not all the time but most. And I wouldn't be sitting here at home writing this if it wasn't true. So don't come on here making threats or telling me to take back what I feel I have to say. It won't work. You cannot silence me and you cannot judge me. Only God has that authority. And you ain't Him. So please. Remember This has everything to do with us. And Tom and I know this. That's why we're taking time now to tell each and every one of you that we agree with you. I hope you are enjoying this here show that we call life and as always from Tom and I here at the American Cowboy Chronicles stay safe.


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