Friday, February 3, 2023

Americans Have Good Cause To Be Angry And Frustrated -- PART ONE

"We The People" are angry. And frankly, we should be. 

Besides the fact that our "Basic American Freedoms" are under attack by our own government which believes that they have the power and the legitimate right to micro-manage our life, what took place today is a great example of why Americans have good cause to be angry at our government -- and frustrated with the way things are going in our country. 

Today, it was confirmed that the Chinese directed a spy balloon into American air space to spy on our military installations and whatever else they want to record. To the amazement of almost everyone other than Communist China, Joe Biden doesn't see this as important enough, as a big deal enough, to order our Air Force to shoot the thing down. That balloon actually came in over Alaska and Canada before entering the lower 48 states. And now, we find out there is another Chinese spy balloon coming in over the United States from the South over Mexico. And no, Biden and company at the White House, like the border itself, don't want to do anything to stop it. 

Of course, as I just mentioned, there have been millions of Illegal Aliens coming into our country during these last two years, and Biden doesn't want to do anything about that. Thankfully, Americans have Texas Governor Greg Abbott who has ordered the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas National Guard to work together to secure the border and stop the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and human trafficking into Texas. 

It's sad that Joe Biden, the President of the United States, doesn't give a crap enough to do what is his primary job as President -- protect the country. This is why Americans have to take it upon themselves to arm themselves, protect their families, and take time away from their work and families to detect, prevent, and interdict criminals coming in from across the border. 

As for the attention that Biden is giving the real crisis on our border or military overtures from China? He seems to have blinders on and instead wants Americans to be concerned about what our gas stoves are doing to the climate. Imagine that. Biden could care less about the border, the Chinese threat, or how he attacked Trump over his handling of Classified Documents when he himself was doing worse than Trump. 

Biden thinks it's okay to give Billions of American taxpayer dollars to the corrupt Ukrainians, help Venezuela drill for oil, and take Millions from China, all the while he makes war on American parents by forcing CRT and other Socialist BS into schools and attempting to micro-manage the lives of Americans by telling us how we cannot use gas to cook! 

And frankly, while many of our nation's real problems are going on, the Mainstream Media is working for the Biden administration by diverting our attention on things like what celebrities are saying and doing, the NBA, gay male athletes in women's sports, and telling us that some rich Prince and his wife are supposed to be important for us to think about. 

And please, don't get me started about Racists crap! While I believe that "true Racism" exists in many form, such against Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, Hispanics, Latinos, Whites, Americans in general, Europeans in general, Middle Easterners, nation specific racism, true racism based on prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism, I really believe that too many things in today's world is being called "Racist" when it is not "Racist." White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Orange, and Pink people can all be "Racist." 

The problem for the Leftists these days is that no one, including myself, gives a shit about "Racism" anymore. Why? Because the Left has successfully beaten the issue into the ground while becoming totally insane with what they call "Racist." Whether the Left wants to redefine the term "Racism" to fit their political agenda or not, the fact is that "true Racism" is simply "the action of disliking or mistreating others on the basis of race." 

Today, it has gotten so asinine that we even have people in our government who are calling inanimate objects, things void of disliking or liking anything, things void of any sort of sensory mechanism, things that cannot be "Racist." News flash, highways, roads, trains, planes, cars, tunnels, boats, refrigerators, washing machines, pancake syrup, and on and on and on have all been labeled "Racist." Some people on the Left today are even calling our troops "Racists" because our military trains for war. Of course, anti-gun advocates claim that all guns are "Racist" as well. But than again, everything under the sun these days is considered "Racist."

And by the way, no matter what the California Governor tries to tell you, California should not be even considering paying "reparations" for Black slavery to anyone. The reason is that CALIFORNIA ENTERED THE UNION AS A FREE STATE -- NOT A SLAVE STATE.

That means that California never ever had slaves. Unlike many other places, California did not have plantations with Irish, German, Native American, or African slaves, ever. The closest thing to slavery in California was the Chinese in the 1800s who were paid "slave labor" wages.  

By the way, ice cream cones and rocks are not "Racist" -- no matter what the people on the Left want you to believe. Friends, use a word enough and use it in ways that it was never supposed to be used, and use it in the wrong way, and it loses its meaning or power. It makes it meaningless. By calling everything "Racist," the hatemongers have made it so that people are now yawning whenever they hear that word being used. 

It's no different than the Mainstream Media and the Left trying to get Americans to believe that we are awash in pollution today, that we need to get rid of cattle, and that we need to start eating bugs. They believe that if they say it loud enough and repeat it over and over again, we will believe that that's true when it's not. 

It's the exact same thing as how the Mainstream Media and the Left are trying to get Americans to accept the notion that someone who calls himself a "Trans-woman" is actually a "real woman." Friends, while I'm not bothered by someone who is gay, a vegan, or a Democrat, I see a lot of news coverage totally focused on the politics of gay men who want to dress like women. I'm amazed that there are people who want to call them "women" when they are not women. It's almost insane to think that so many people see it as okay to refer to a gay man masquerading in women's clothing -- as a woman.

Again, I need you to understand, while I work to get along with others even if I disagree with their lifestyle and politics or eating habits, I really believe that allowing gay men dressed in "Drag" into our Elementary Schools and having them present among our young children should not be permitted. And yes, I do believe that it's important to remember that predatory gay men are the largest sector of true pedophiles.

By the way, before you write to tell me that I cannot prove that predatory gay men are the largest sector of pedophiles, please understand that even in the 1990s before a lot of gay lobbyists started trying to get the "age of consent" lowered so they can have sex with children and young boys, it was already known that the proportion of pedophiles among homosexual men is far greater than that of heterosexuals.

As for the schools that allow such predators among impressionable young children, while I think we should start focusing on "Reading, Writing, and Math" again in schools, it's easy to see that that's not what Public Schools want to focus on. It is apparent to everyone that schools feel entitled to indoctrinate the children in their care to embrace and accept things other than what parents want for their children. In fact, teachers and parents have a war going on at present over the role of Public Schools. 

Apparently, teachers want kids to play "pretend" instead of dealing with "reality." Parents, on the other hand, want their children to be students who graduate with the knowledge and academic skills needed to succeed in life. Parents don't want their children to merely graduate filled with the Left's useless ideas of Social Indoctrination. 

Please understand, I could care less about how people live. And yes, I really believe that most of these topics are designed to get our focus off of our real concerns. But, while I really don't care about a person's lifestyle choices as long as they don't hurt others, parents need to have a say as to whether they want their kids exposed to such deviant lifestyles. 

As I said, I don't really care if someone wants to "marry" their goat -- just as I don't really care if someone is dumb enough to vote for Democrats. But really, I don't have to play along and pretend that there are more than two genders when it is a fact of life that there are only two. I simply don't have to "play along." I also will not be forced to "play along."

That is a fact. As a freedom-loving American, I refuse to allow the government or societal pressures to force me to do things that I don't have to or that I know are wrong. I certainly don't have to play pretend as if I were a child and can't discern right from wrong. Frankly, as an American, as a person who hates the very idea of government coercion, as a person who hates the very idea that our government would use its powers to get Americans to "comply" by using force or threats, I don't have to comply and pretend that something is not what it is -- even if it means that I upset others in the process. 

There is a part of me that wants to apologize for not playing along. But really, today's Political Correct environment reminds me of going to a party in the 1970s as a teenager and everyone at the party was doing drugs and smoking pot. I see the pressure of the Left telling me that I "must accept change" and call people by something other than what they are not -- as the same sort of peer pressure that I had to deal with from those people who wanted me to do drugs with them. I know better and didn't want to. I didn't do drugs and was seen as not keeping up with the times. 

I wasn't going to pretend that I was "cool" and do drugs. It is the same way with pretending that there are 700 genders or that lies from Democrats don't matter, just because others want to pretend it's "cool" to do so -- doesn't mean that I have to. Also, I don't care if I'm not accepted as being "cool" because I won't call a gay man "a woman" just because he's in Drag. 

As for using the terms "Trans-whatevers," the "theys," the "thems," the "its," and the "whatevers" they feel like calling themselves today, I won't play along. I refuse to play "pretend" with a bunch of people who are "delusional" at best and totally off their rocker at worst. If they think they are birds or flowers or animals or unicorns or some off-the-wall made-up gender other than what they were born -- then that's their problem. It's not mine. The way I see it is that there is a lot of delusional schizophrenia out there. If that is their problem, then so be it. Frankly, if that's the case, it's certainly not my problem. 

And by the way, in 2015, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, stated that "transgenderism is a 'mental disorder' that merits treatment, that sex change is 'biologically impossible,' and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder."

If a man pretending that he's a women wants to "play pretend" like children do, that's on them. It's their problem and I don't have to play along. But that's okay, after all, history is filled with stories of people who pretend to be people that they are not. For example, there is the famous case of Joshua Abraham Norton. I wrote about him a couple of years ago, Joshua Abraham Norton -- America's Self-proclaimed Emperor Of The United States. In his case, he called himself "Emperor Norton" and pretended that he was indeed the "Emperor of the United States." Others went along with it because it was a good laugh. The guy wasn't threatening so it was sort of comedy relief for the times.

He was a resident of San Francisco during the California Gold Rush. He became quite the local celebrity after having a nervous breakdown and proclaiming himself "Norton I, Emperor of the United States" in 1859. In Norton's case, just because he declared himself "Emperor of the United States," that certainly didn't make it so. Of course, that didn't matter to Norton, especially after he started making a living off his newfound "royalty." People treated him as a curiosity, but that was about it.

While today we have gay men who want to dress like women to pretend they are women to attract other gay men who are into that sort of thing, we all know that just because someone declares himself "a girl" or herself "a boy" doesn't make it so. After all, as was the case for those who came into contact with "Emperor Norton" back in 1859 -- it's our choice on whether or not to go along with such an absurd charade. As people have always known, just as they did back in 1859, none of us have to play pretend with people who are delusional. We can just look at them for the joke they are and go about our business.

It's the same thing with all of the news coverage regarding people in Hollywood. No one should really care about what a bunch of wealthy people in Hollywood say or do. Hollywood is not representative of America. Let's face facts, the Mainstream Media's efforts to divert our concerns from what is really important is what their focus on Hollywood is all about. And of course, as with oddities like gay men who want to attract other gay men dressed as women, wealthy actors don't have anything in common with the vast majority of everyday Americans. Besides, what the people in Hollywood think and what they do, or how amoral they are, has nothing to do with the bigger picture of life in America. 

So, what is the bigger picture that we're being diverted from seeing? What should be our real focus? What do I think is of vital importance to our nation?

Tom Correa 


  1. As a rural forgotten patriot. Me and my family can isolate and deny pray my three Anglo great grandsons can dodge the liberal bullet

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  3. I too am frustrated. Just when you think everything's perfect, somebody's gotta come along and bleed all over it. Makes me so mad. But then again, has there ever been a time where I WASN'T peed?


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