Monday, March 6, 2023

Alone With a Broken Rib - Bucked Off a Horse in Montana!

I was sent this great video about an experience that a Montana cowboy went through back in December 2022. I was asked if I could post it on my blog. After watching it, I decided that this is a very good blog video that can help riders -- especially those who find themselves in such a fix. 

My belief has always been that we don't stop learning. So, I'm posting this here so that others can see how the unexpected happens, especially when you are least prepared and in remote circumstances, even to experienced cowboys. 

While this happened to Trinity Vandenacre when he was out and alone in a remote area while making his blog video, I've heard of similar incidents taking place and happening to others -- including a few old-timer back-country horsemen and working cowboys who were out gathering in an isolated area. 

The point is that this happens. And yes, after watching this, I really feel that this video is a great training tool for others to learn something very important from this cowboy's experience. 

Major Lesson Learned: Horse accidents can happen at any time even to experienced cowboys.

So who is Trinity Vandenacre? Well, he is a Montana cowboy, a rancher, and a good Christian, who comes from a long-time Montana ranching family. From what I can gather, besides ranching, he also has various businesses including his Youtube Life in the West video blog which he uses to blog about Montana Ranching.

I've now watched a few of his videos and enjoyed them so much that I'm now a subscriber. His depiction of Montana ranching in his videos is outstanding. They really go to the heart of his trying to show how truly misunderstood ranching is these days. 

Sadly, especially in our schools, the cattle industry as a whole is being depicted as something that it is not. Ranchers, like farmers and dairymen, are not villains out to harm the land or our way of life. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Ranchers, farmers, and dairymen, those men and women who work from daybreak and late into each night, are the very people who keep America fed. They are America's heroes.

It's Trinity Vandenacre, his family, and the many others who are in the cattle industry, those working in agriculture farming, who are our real heroes. They understand the land and recognize the increased demand for food. They meet the task of providing food to us every day. And yes, that's why American ranchers and farmers should be praised for what they do.  

His videos help to tell folks why cattle ranchers should be praised and not vilified. Without ranchers and farmers, America goes hungry. And frankly, I like Trinity Vandenacre's videos because they are very well done while making that point.

The video blog below is called Alone With a Broken Rib - Bucked Off a Horse in Montana! 

I believe it was published on Dec 18, 2022, and he describes this video as follows:

"Horses can be very dangerous, and I paid the price for being overconfident in my horse and my knowledge of horses. This is a story of a video of a great horseback ride gone terribly wrong, leaving me Along with a Broken Rib many miles from help! I was bucked off a horse at a very bad time. Please watch the end of the video for an explanation of what happened and how you might be able to avoid this in the future."

I hope you enjoyed this and really learned something from this very well-put-together video.

Tom Correa

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