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Climate Change Crazies Destroying Food Supplies In A Hungry World

Like many people in our late 60s, I remember when it was considered a sin to waste food. Because my grandparents raised my parents during the hard days of the Great Depression, and because my parents certainly remembered the food shortages and rationing of World War II, food was not something to be thrown away. 

During the Cold War years of the 1950s and early 1960s, the fear of being attacked and nuclear war had many people putting food and other supplies aside. I remember how my family had canned goods and dried foods like beans and rice stored for such an emergency. Of course, growing up in Hawaii during the days when labor union strikes in California and the rest of the West Coast could shut down food shipments to the islands was also a lesson that I've never forgotten. 

We were also taught that famine around the world was a real concern and not something to be taken lightly. I believe our view of a hungry world also contributed to our seeing food as something precious. Because of world hunger, we were taught that food was something not to be wasted. And while we all know very well that food is essential to our existence, today world hunger is still very real. 

In fact, it is estimated that there are almost 900 Million hungry people in the world. Of the approximately 900 Million people facing hunger, it is also estimated that just over 9 Million people around the world die from hunger every year. To add to this concern, it's estimated that there are 2.3 Billion people facing less extreme levels of food insecurity. One source reported that roughly "29% of the global population" might not know where their food is coming from tomorrow.

Why people go hungry has everything to do with the following: 
  • Food availability: Is there a sufficient amount of quality food available to sustain communities?
  • Food access: Are people able to access the amount of food they need to maintain a nutritious diet for themselves and their families?
  • Food utilization: Can people use the food available to meet their nutritional needs? 
  • Food stability: Will people have access to an adequate amount of food even during times of cyclical weather conditions such as periodic or long-term draughts? 
World hunger is obviously impacted by famine taking place in various nations around the world. As most of us know, famine describes food crises of varying size and scope. The United Nations established that a famine is when at least 20% of a population is suffering extreme food shortages, 30% of children under the age of 5 are suffering acute malnutrition, and the death rate in an area doubles. In general, famines take place in areas where there is a lack of infrastructure coupled with the following contributors: 
  • Government Controls Create Limited Food Availability 
  • Government Regulations Limit Food Production
  • Government Controls Limiting Water Allocations To Farmers
  • Government Controls Create High Food Prices
  • Government Controls Create Limited Food Access 
  • War / Armed Conflicts
  • Government Corruption / Bribery
  • Limited Humanitarian Access
  • Natural Disasters
  • Cyclical Weather Conditions
Looking at the above, you may notice that some of these causes of hunger in the world are connected. This is one of the biggest reasons that a hunger crisis becomes a famine. In such situations, there is never an easy fix. The United Nations says that the causes of famine are largely man-made, meaning that people can control the outcomes.

So now, we know hunger and famine take place because of government corruption, draconian government controls and over-regulation, war, natural disasters, and cyclical weather conditions which many today want to call "Climate Change."

Since we know this, why is the Irish Government planning on slaughtering 200,000 cows? Believe it or not, as crazy as it sounds, in a hungry world, Ireland plans to slaughter 200,000 cows because they "Fart." 

200,000 Farting Irish Cows Slaughtered In The Name Of Climate Change

Yes, in their minds, as insane as their thinking is, they believe that they need to kill a "farting" food source to save the planet. It's all about the hoax that more of the world is learning is the biggest hoax ever played on the entire world. 

Because someone said a "farting cow is bad for the planet," the Irish Government will slaughter 200,000 cows. But make no mistake, the Science that they adhere to is nothing less than the "Global Warming" data which have been proven to have been altered -- for the financial gain of those who pray at the altar of Climate Change and Communism. 

Such is the work of Globalist Fanatics who are now after our food supplies. Those who want to see an all-powerful world government of globalists are now targeting food production. Of course, crooked government officials who are easily bought through bribes and "campaign contributions" are assisting in the extermination of the world's food supplies. 

If you've read this far, you're probably thinking that I've finally lost it. But hear me out, it's not merely the crazies in a corrupt Irish government who are doing what they can on behalf of their Climate Change benefactors.  

Government officials in the Netherlands, a major European Union food producer, forced the shutdown of over 3,000 productive farms to comply with Global Warming mandates in November 2022. And in December 2022, a supposedly "democratic" Germany "ordered" its farmers to slash fertilizer use after the Dutch farms were shut down -- all to comply with Global Warming mandates that were agreed upon by Climate Change proponents within the European Union.

To adhere to what the European Union wants, their Irish lackeys within the Irish Government will reduce the number of dairy cows -- and consequently, Ireland's food production -- in order to reach the European Union's Climate Change mandates.

Is the Irish Government made up of lackeys of the European Union? Well, yes, since they have shown the world that can be bought off like servants to the EU. All while using the excuse that they are reducing emissions from farming in Ireland. 

And by the way, as insane as it might sound, one proposal in the Irish Government is to reduce their entire nation's dairy herd by 10%. That means the Irish will intentionally cut their food supply to appease the Climate Change fanatics. That's the equivalent of removing 65,000 cows a year for three years, according to The Irish Independent.

As sad as it is for food to be targeted, that's what's going on. The Irish Minister of Agriculture Charlie McConalogue told an Irish radio station RTE Morning Ireland that a dairy vision group with farmer representatives has been looking into a range of options to reduce emissions on farms. And no, the Climate Change crazies who want this really don't have an answer to why only attack "farting" cows and not farting sheep, goats, horses, pigs, or animals in the wild. 

According to The Irish Mirror, the Department for Agriculture has said a report outlining a 200,000 reduction in dairy cows was a "modeling document." And really, let's remember that computer modeling has not been very accurate -- even after Global Warming proponents were caught altering the Climate Change data to fix it in their favor. 

Of course, those like me who argue against Climate Change are called "deniers" and "skeptics." But really, I'm not a "skeptic." I go beyond that. I believe the scam that the Left is calling Climate Change, also known as Global Warming, is a hoax just as a hoax is defined: an "act intended to deceive or trick. Something that has been established or accepted by fraudulent means." 

Fraud involves deceit with the intention to illegally or unethically gain at the expense of another. For example, in finance, fraud can take on many forms including making false insurance claims, cooking the books, pump & dump schemes, and identity theft leading to unauthorized purchases. Fraud costs the economy billions of dollars each and every year, and those who are caught are subject to fines and jail time. This describes the Climate Change scam and its proponents who are perpetrating fraud.

Of course, the same people who call me a "denier" seem to conveniently forget that none of the "predictions" that they have made millions of dollars predicting have ever come true. And worse, their computer models were rigged to disregard data that was not accomplishing their prediction that the sky is falling when it hasn't. But then again, that's how scams work. All someone has to do is say that something will happen, and get people to believe it -- it never has to happen for the scam to work. 

And yes, over the years, I've seen the Global Warming hoax as no different than the Y2K scam back in 2000. Though "experts" assured everyone that Y2K meant that our computers would crash and our society would collapse, it didn't. And while it became something that people soon forgot, we should remember that a lot of crooked people made a lot of money getting people to believe that Y2K would be the end of humanity.  

If that sounds familiar, it should since that's exactly the sort of scare tactics the Left is using to get people to believe that the Climate Change scam will do the same thing. Yes, even though nothing that the Climate Change proponents have predicted has ever come true.

In fact, really thinking about it, such scare tactics in regard to Global Warming have never come true! None of the Left's predictions about climate and environmental disasters that were supposed to take place have ever come true. None! 

The seas have not risen. The snow has not stopped falling. Islands have not disappeared and have been wiped off the map. We have not been met with extinction in 500 days, 2 years, 12 years, 20 years, or 50 years. After we were told that the world would end as we know it, and on and on, none, not one single prediction, computer or otherwise, has ever come true. And frankly, I've been hearing about it for over 50 years.

Although, after this year 2023 with more snow accumulation than ever noted in recorded history -- something that Global Warming fanatics said would never happen -- I might be ready to accept the 1975 prediction of a New Ice Age just around the corner. And yes, I sort of wish the Irish Government would do the same and prepare for food shortages -- instead of creating them.

And yes, their lies are part of the irony of all of this. We are told by Climate Change proponents like John Kerry that Climate Change will result in crops being ripped away and more hunger will take place.
It's true, we have been told that Climate Change would lead to our extinction because it would wipe out or curtail food production. 

First, if that's so, why wipe out the agriculture that is doing fine right now? Why eliminate the existing dairy production, cattle production, and crop production that is presenting taking place? If they know it's in danger, why attack it and work to eliminate farms and food production?

And that goes to the Second part of that question, why are they themselves attacking agriculture worldwide? What they didn't tell us is that they themselves, those who advocate all of the draconian measures to alter the Earth's temperature, are the very culprits to wipe out or curtail food production. They didn't tell us that it would in reality be Climate Change crazies themselves who would be totally responsible for destroying food supplies during a time of widespread World Hunger.

Of course, we need to recognize that it's fanatics like the Climate Change crazies in Ireland who are bowing down to their European Union Masters and attacking their own food sources. Let's not even start to guess how bad that's going to turn out in the future -- especially when European food shortages start taking place. And frankly, I never thought the Irish were so dumb as to kill their own food supply over a computer prediction -- or to suck up to the EU. 

It's 2023, and so the scam goes on!
Tom Correa

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  1. Say what you will. But I believe that what the world needs now is peace, love, and food. And they need plenty of it. Are YOU willing to be the one who will give your donations to those starving in Africa and elsewhere? If so, how much would you give and why? Have you called the number on your screen? Have you visited the website? Because if not, I think now would be a good time. Every dime you donate to charity is for a good cause. Sure, we have lots of causes that we are dedicated to. Autism research, abortion bans, gun control, human rights, and even freedom of speech. But what about the most important one of all? Ending poverty. That's the most important cause out of all the others I think. And you can't sit there and tell me that it isn't. I won't believe it and I DON'T believe it. The time is now to end all poverty. Let the hungry people out there know that you care. Even if it means going to your local McDonald's and getting them a Quarter Pounder with cheese and a side of fries with Sprite. Because a hungry world is an empty world. And the only way we can make it whole and keep it whole is to feed it. Peace and love to all, Benny.


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