Wednesday, November 30, 2016

California To Tax Cow Farts And Bullshit

In an Associated Press report published November 29th, 2016, California Democrats in our capital here in Sacramento are again showing the world how truly ignorant they are.

Back when I traveled around the country on work, I was always amazed at how most people from the other 48 states saw California. They viewed Californians as being easily fooled, extremely gullible, disconnected with reality, dreamers with their heads planted in the sand. And yes, that's putting it mildly.

For a while, I figured that was because of the 1960s anti-War protests -- that sort of thing. Then I started noticing that most who don't like California, or people from here, were not even around back then. To put it bluntly, in my travels I found a great number of people who saw California as a sewer of anti-American hate for a myriad of reasons. 

I remember being in rural Wisconsin. Yes in as friendly a town as one can find in rural America. It was a small town located in beautiful Manitowoc County in East Central Wisconsin. They had a quiet and relaxed atmosphere to the town and the folks there were extremely friendly. I remember how it was beautiful farm country with Milwaukee, Green Bay, and the Fox River Valley fairly nearby. 

A woman there told me California has the reputation that it has because people from California are just so different from the rest of the country. She felt people from California act arrogant, or better than others. She felt that people from the West Coast hate America in general. If not hate, certainly don't appreciate being American.

I explained that there are many of us who live in California that love America. I also mentioned that a lot of folks out here who have children really do try to raise their children right. And yes, I told her that there are a lot of small business owners in California who, like others are the nation, are struggling to make it in spite of having the state's burdensome over-regulation. 

Point is, knowing how people outside of California see this state, I'm pretty sure they must be laughing at the Californians who are now attacking dairy cows in an effort to place more regulations on farmers? All to fight "Global Warming"?

Global Warming, also known as Climate Change, is indeed a hoax, but that hasn't stopped California Democrats from now attacking dairy cows. So yes, it's things like that that make us the laughing stock of the rest of the nation.

I can hear my friends now, "There goes those California wackos again! Now they're going after cow farts and bullshit!"

Even though Global Warming has been proven to be a hoax, California, the nation's leading agricultural state, is now targeting greenhouse gases produced by dairy cows and other livestock. Yes, while I think it's crazy as all get out, the State of California is taking its fight against Global Warming to the farmers and their cows.

Despite strong opposition from farmers, California Gov. Jerry "Moon Beam" Brown signed legislation in September that for the first time regulates heat-trapping gases from livestock operations and landfills.

Cattle and other farm animals are major sources of methane, a greenhouse gas many times more potent than carbon dioxide as a heat-trapping gas. Methane is released when cows belch, fart, and make manure. And while the European crazies in nations there tax beef and other red meats to combat the hoax called Climate Change, California is on upping them by going after cow farts and bullshit!

Of course Al Gore said the oceans would rise 20 feet by 2013 due to the earth's ice melting, but that hasn't happened and everyone but the boobs in the California state capital know its all just a hoax. Even the fraud-masters at the United Nations had to admit that when in 2013 they reported that 533,000 more square miles of ocean covered with ice than in 2012. And yes since the ice increase has repeated itself for the last four years, now scientists are speculating on another mini-Ice Age.

Of course, in 2007, the Liberal Mainstream Media reported that Global Warming caused by humans would leave the Arctic ice-free by the summer by 2013 -- or certainly 2014. But remember, by then there was the publication of UN Climate Change report which found that Global Warming data had been fixed. 

Yes, falsified. "Climategate," as it was called in 2009, was a United Nations scandal that exposed the fact that key UN data involving man-made climate change was manipulated, changed, falsified, fixed. 

In 2009, the public discovered emails from the University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit exposing how scientists who have been enormously influential in promoting the concept of man-made climate change actually attempted to "cook the books" to obtain results that served their narrative that the planet was heating at a dangerous trend due to higher levels of carbon dioxide.

Friends, hoaxes are usually perpetrated out of greed, criminal activity, or self-promotion to steal money. And those who know that Climate Change is a hoax have been doing just that. After all, the Climate Change hoax has been proven to stifle business, increase unemployment, steal more money of hard working people in the form of increased taxes, and making a great number of Liberals extremely wealthy. 

There is no limit to the things that are now blamed on the Climate Change hoax, all to steal more money from taxpayers. The government does not want to simply advise and recommend to help others, but to over-regulate and tax. 

According to the Liberal regulation enthusiests at the California Air Resources Board, they say livestock are responsible for 14.5 percent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. They say beef and dairy production accounting for the bulk of it, according to a 2013 United Nations report. 

Yes, they are taking data from the United Nations which is not to be trusted simply because their data has already been debunked. But seriously, they don't care about that. They'll use whatever means necessary to raise more money for the state.

So now since California is the nation's largest milk-producing state, state regulators have created new laws targeting dairies and livestock operations. Of course, the state doesn't care that dairy farmers say the new regulations will drive up costs when they're already struggling with five years of drought, low milk prices, and rising labor costs. They also don't care that farmers are also concerned about a newly signed law that will boost overtime pay for farm workers. All costs that may determine if a farmer stays in business or not.

"We're continuing to lose dairies. Dairies are moving out of state to places where these costs don't exist," said Paul Sousa, director of environmental services for Western United Dairymen. "The dairy industry could be forced to move production to states and countries with fewer regulations, leading to higher emissions globally." 

Interesting isn't it how the state of California is mirroring the actions of the Federal government under Obama. Yes, that's the same thing that's been going on around the country with the Fed's EPA chasing businesses out of the country. The EPA is forcing many businesses to relocate to foriegn countries that do not have unreasonable regulations.

Rob Vandenheuvel, general manager for the Milk Producers Council said something that many California farmers are saying, "We think it's very foolish for the state of California to be taking this position. A single state like California is not going to make a meaningful impact on the climate."

Regulators are looking for ways to reduce so-called enteric emissions — methane produced by bovine digestive systems. That could eventually mean the State of California will demand changes to what cattle eat. Sounds a lot like a Communist state doesn't it?

Of course, the State says their target is dairy manure. They say manure accounts for about a quarter of the state's methane emissions. And now, State of California regulators want more farmers to reduce emissions with methane "digesters." These are supposed to capture methane from manure in large storage tanks and convert the gas into electricity. No shit! 

The State of California, which is billions of dollars in debt from over-spending on all sorts of Liberal scams including diverting water from farmers during a draught, has set aside $50 million to help dairies set up digesters. But as usual the State of California is demanding that farmers meet their demands, even though there are not nearly enough digesters to equip the California's roughly 1,500 dairies. So now, California will be adding more of a financial burden onto dairy farmers through fines for lack of compliance and forcing them to buy the mandated digesters.

New Hope Dairy, which has 1,500 cows in Sacramento County, installed a $4 million methane digester in 2013. They could do it thanks to state grants, yes taxpayer funds, and a partnership with California Biogas LLC which is taxpayer subsidized. California Biogas LLC operates the system to generate renewable power for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.

Co-owner Arlin Van Groningen, a third-generation farmer, says he couldn't afford one if he had to buy and run it himself. Van Groningen said of the new law, "The bottom line is it's going to negatively impact the economics of the California dairy industry. In the dairy business, the margins are so slim that something like this will force us out of state."

State officials say they're committed to making sure the new regulations work for farmers and the environment, but they are only concerned about pleasing environmentalists and other Liberal politicians. 

And while California politicians make California look bad in the eyes of the rest of the nation, the bottom line is that California's cap-and-trade program will not advance the goals of cleaner air and water, or lower supposed global greenhouse gas emissions. It will only hurt California farmers and attack our economy. 

And frankly, since more businesses are leaving California because of over-regulation, why punish those who are staying and trying to survive here? Punishing farmers only reminds people just how uncaring and ignorant California politicians really are. They are too ignorant to admit when they are wrong, and too uncaring if family farms go under because of their actions.

Shame on them. But really, they don't care about how they hurt people.

And yes, that's just the way I see it.
Tom Correa