Monday, August 29, 2011

9/11: After The Attack

During the days right after 9/11, our nation was in shock and angry. It was something that the Muslim terrorist didn't count on.

The Muslim terrorists assumed that we were weak and disconnected to our country. They felt that we would not respond because some Americans on the Left in America have more in common with steers than they do bulls.

On 9/11, many Americans wanted blood in return for those lives who were taken. I remember one rumor at the time that was going around.  It was rumored that America would level Mecca if another American city was hit.

Of course, on that very day, blood donations and military enlistments jumped.

And of course America mourned  ...


During the days after 9/11, our federal and state governments worked by jumping into action. Air transportation was halted across the nation for everything, then it was just small planes that were grounded.

The attack killed more than 3,000 people that day. It had a negative effect on more than 20% of our nation's economy.  From big businesses like the airlines to small contractors, many suffered and many never really recovered.  From gas delivery to stores being closed because of no deliveries, many suffered.

It was a time when Americans had to learn that we would never be as flippant about our personal and national security again. Everywhere from airports to power plants, from railways and bus terminals to food distribution and water supplies, everyone became security aware.

And for us as a whole, well we Americans cried at the sight of it. And yes, the nation as a whole shed a lot of tears that day.  We watched a lot of TV. Some of us bought more food and gasoline than they ever have or had since.  Many stocked up on everything and anything that they could, simply because no one knew what was happening across the country.

I got a few phone calls from friends wanting to buy guns and ammunition.  They'd ask if I had extra food, medical supplies, and gas for sale.  I got some calls asking me if I'd let folks come out to my property so that they could get away from the city.  

One friend from the San Francisco Bay Area dropped in with his family pulling a stock trailer with two horses and two hogs in it.  He said he was going camping for about a month until things settle down.

A lot of us stocked up and readied ourselves for more attacks.

And of course, there was that other thing that took place. It was something that shocked the Muslim World as they watched it happen across the country. Yes, I'm sure they couldn't believe their eyes.

The Muslim terrorists who attacked us did not count on it happening, but it was happening in cities and towns, and towns ships and small dots on a map, throughout rural America, from coast to coast, and everywhere else. Yes, it happened!

In the days and weeks and mouths after 9/11, America decided to show our attackers who they attacked. It wasn't only the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, or a hijacked plane that crashed in a field next to a wooded area near Somerset, Pennsylvania, Americans said in a very loud and passionate way, "We Were All Attacked."

From farmhouses and seaside bungalows, from brownstones to ranches and barns, from apartments to cabins, from tough neighborhoods and from plush gated communities, from hotels and resorts to every sort of business and gas station and market; from cars and trucks, Police cars and Firetrucks, Americans said, "We Stand United!"

Yes, it happened! It happened over night, it happened unconsciously, and it spread across the nation as if a strong wind had blown the dust off of it. And yes, it was something that our enemies always underestimate.

It was our sense of unity.  For America, it was what the Muslim terrorists awoke on 9/11.

When it started, it wasn't by some sort of expensive federal government program.  No, it wasn't.  Instead it was started after the planes hit.  It was started by folks who wanted to give their support to the victims and the hard work ahead.

From rooftops, railings, porches, decks, mailboxes, fences, she was everywhere. Small and large, old and new, freshly bought and still creased from their packages, Americans flags appeared everywhere you looked.

Some flown for the very first time. Some painted on buildings and rooftops and on windows.

America was showing the world that we are one, together, and united.

It was all a quiet way for we Americans to show our support for those who died, our love for America, our strength and resolve, and of course to show our enemies that we were hit - but we weren't down.

Yes, in the days and weeks and months after 9/11, millions upon millions of Americans went into our garages and cabinets and closets, and yes in some cases to their local stores to buy one for the first time.  By the millions, we went outside and unfolded them to proudly display our deviance and our solidarity with those who were murdered in a senseless act of evil.   

Old Glory was everywhere, from highway over-passes to sides of buildings, from front yards to sides and tops of barns, from store fronts, to lapels pins.  She was on hats, on jackets, in ceremonies, and yes at remembrances.


Our flag was everywhere and anywhere.  She was where folks wanted to fly her.  And yes, we did it by the millions. She spoke for Americans, and she said how we feel. 

It was a quiet way of Americans from every state and territory say with quiet resolve that we are united, that we morn those lost, and now we are angry!

Yes, it was simply Americans going outside and raised Old Glory as a symbol and a message. Our flag symbolizes our love of our country, and our message was clear, "You took your shot, now it's our turn."

After 9/11, most liberals took the position of appeasers, saying, Americans were hiding behind Old Glory.  Imagine that!

Some of them went so far as to say that we should not be using the American flag as we are. In fact they called us cowards by references a passage from one of Samuel Johnson's books that goes, "Patriotism is the last refuge of a coward."

Of course Samuel Johnson was an Englishman and devout Tory during America's Revolutionary War, and he actually supported heavy taxation of the masses. So it doesn't surprise me that such a liberal would say such a dumb thing as that, or that other liberals today would quote him.

But honestly, I don't think most folks cared what most Liberals had to say right after 9/11.  In reality, Americans paid them little mind.  It was a time when there were simply more concerns than what some liberal jackass had to say. 

It might be a blow to their ego as a whole, but Hollywood actors and actresses and their lack of common sense have more or less stopped impressing people a long time ago.  Maybe it started with Jane Fonda, but their shitty attitudes and big mouths really hasn't helped their stature at all since 9/11. 

Modern Hollywood has given us a lot of nutcases like Micheal Moore who openly hates America.  I really believe that 9/11 brought the Anti-American liberals into the public eye.  Many practiced their hate speech pretty well, disguising it as debate and banter and discourse.  Most talked about appeasement and surrender.  And yes, most liberals showed themselves as the devious cowards that they are.

One Hollywood liberal, Richard Gere actually had the gall to tell an audience of 9/11 survivors that we should have understanding and tolerance for the Muslim terrorists who attacked us. Imagine that!

Yes, it really happened.  In October of 2001, just  a little over a month after 9/11, at a Concert in New York City to raise money for the victims of 9/11.  Richard Gere was one of the celebrities lined up to sing or say something to the crowd. 

When he came out, the crowd applauded until he said, "The horrendous energy that we're all feeling, and the possibility of turning it into more violence, and revenge, we can stop that. We can take that energy and turn it into something else. We can turn it into compassion, and to love, and to understanding ..."

The crowd went nuts and started booing and jeering his pacifist stance, but this only made Gere say, "I know that sentiment isn't popular right now, but that's okay." And yes, he was booed off stage.

I'm sure that the crowd there that night remembers it well. There were over 20,000 people there that night, most of who had just had their friends and family, their mom's and dad's, their son's and daughters, and yes they also lost children.

All were murdered in a horrible attack by Muslims who put no value on their lives. The taking of human life meant nothing to those killers, and here was liberal richard Gere from Hollywood telling a crowd of survivors to lay down, wave a white flag, and be more understanding.
I didn't know anyone who died in 9/11, but like most Americans, I see their deaths as a great lost to our nation.  They are our fellow Americans.  We had thousands murdered.

Most of us didn't feel that it was right for liberals to make excuses for those behind 9/11.  I still have not forgiven the Left for trying to break the morale of the American people during our time of need.

Many Americans like me are still keep our flags raised in support of those who were taken, as well as for those who are fighting the evil right now. I fly Old Glory for our wonderful troops overseas, just as I do for the many many men and women who are all a part of keeping America safe here at home.

Although I've replaced our flag here at our place many times over the years, but like many others I still keep Old Glory flying.  One reason is that I truly believe that flying Old Glory just aggravates liberals to no end.  The other reason is simply because our work is far from done. 

There are a lot of Muslim and liberal crazies out there to deal with.  I believe that they would love to see the destruction of America take place.

Yes indeed, we're still responding to the evil of the Islamic threat, just as we are other threats, everyday, here and around the world. 

And yes, wheather it's in Iraq or Afghanistan, in Malaysia or the Philippines, in England or France, or right here in Chicago or San Francisco, Muslim extremist and their liberal sympathizers should be considered threats to our nation. 

The liberals talk as if 9/11 never happened, but for many of us -

We Will Never Forget! 

Story by Tom Correa


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