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DRILL NOW - Oil Is More Than Just Gasoline

The consequences of not drilling right now is becoming more and more evident. The longer we wait to get going and move forward to utilize our own oil resources - the more we fall behind the rest of the world.

And friends, Energy Independence and Oil Independence are not the same!

In 2007, the U.S. used approximately 20,680,000 barrels of oil per day. And yes, not all of that went into cars and trucks as gasoline!

One way to divert the argument to drill here is Obama's effort to spin the truth about the amount of oil that we have available to us. Obama often uses statistics in speeches that are now being questioned.

For example, he has said that "the problem is we use more than 20 percent of the world's oil and we only have 2 percent of the world's proven oil reserves."

"Even if we drilled every square inch of this country right now, we'd still have to rely disproportionately on other countries for their oil," Obama said, while pitching a plan to crack down on oil market speculators.

But now, in the last month, Republican Senators have accused President Obama of pushing a "less-than-honest" claim about the scarcity of domestic oil.

The reason is, on April 19th, 2012, a new U.S. Geological Survey study came out showing that the United States actually holds a quarter of the world's untapped oil supply.

The U.S. Geological Survey, the first such study in 12 years, paints a very different picture than what Obama is trying to pass off to the American public. The analysis showed the world outside of the U.S. holds 565 billion barrels of undiscovered conventional oil. The study agrees with a prior analysis by the Energy Information Administration that put the country's supply at 198 billion barrels. That works out to 26 percent of the world supply.

Sens. James Inhofe, R-Okla., and Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, suggested that the 2 percent stat has become obsolete.

"Well, there goes President Obama's favorite talking point," Inhofe said in a statement. "The president's own administration has released a report which reveals that the United States has 26 percent of the world's technically recoverable conventional oil resources, and that's not including our enormous oil shale, tight oil and heavy oil resources. This report from the U.S. Geological Survey is vindication for anyone who thought that President Obama's claims ... are less than honest."

The administration is saying that the president and the USGS are referring to two different kinds of oil reserves. The administration says that the president talks about "proven oil reserves" - or oil deposits that have been discovered.

In the other, much bigger category, are the "undiscovered, technically recoverable" reserves - or all the other stuff geologists estimate is out in the world regardless of how accessible or economically viable it might be. That's what the USGS looked at.

None of this good news really matters as long as Obama is in office. Obama is anti-Oil.

He really believes that Green Technology will replace our need for oil. Of course, as I've said in other articles, oil for energy needs is only one part of a barrel of oil.

Obama and the Democrats seem to be completely unaware that about 6,000 products that we use every day - which have very little to do with gasoline - are petroleum based. So even if we found a way to power every car on a drop of water, heated our homes with a minute's worth of sunlight, and produced electricity for 320,000,000+ Americans with a single 8 by 10 solar panel - we would still need oil to produce those items that we take for granted every day.

From the computer that you are reading this on right now, to the keyboard, mouse, cables, plugs, light fixtures, or even the shirt that you may have on right now, they are made from oil.

Oil impacts our daily lives much more than in our gas tanks. According to Rankin Energy, one 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest of that barrel goes into making other products - Rankin estimates there are over 6000 items using oil in their manufacturing.

An article in the news recently reported that more people are buying cars and using more gas around the world than ever before. This growth in the global economy increases the demand for fuel, while oil supplies are projected to get tighter.

"China was at 5 million barrels a day in 2005. Today, they are at 10 (million). By 2015, they are going to be at 15-million-barrels-a-day demand," said John Hofmeister, founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy. "That's 10 million new barrels over 10 years. India is going from 4 to 7 (million) in the next three to four years."

As a nation, we must understand that China and India do not have the number of cars and trucks that the United States has and subsequently we need to ask ourselves -  so why do they need so much oil?

Fact is that China's need for more and more oil has very little to do with cars and fuel needs. They are manufacturing things - a great number of things - things that we no longer manufacture here - things that we have become dependant on in our daily lives.

Both China and India are becoming the manufacturing giants of the world, and they are manufacturing items commonly made out of oil.

One 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest, over half, is used to make everyday products. Yes, products - over 6,000 - that we take for granted everyday - are made out of oil. 

Now here's just a partial list of what's made, so just try to imagine life without Oil which makes the following Petroleum based products possible.


Ballet tights, nylon cord, women's polyester blouses, beads, pajamas, women's polyester pants, bracelets, pantyhose, nylon zippers, plastic hangers, permanent press clothing, dresses, purses, flip flops, earrings, ribbons, fake fur, windbreakers, sandals, garment bags, shoe laces, rain coats, iron-on patches, sneakers, sweaters, nylon underclothing, sofa pillow material, polyester shirts, polyester slacks, tote bags, umbrellas


Ball point pens, diskettes, thermometer, Ink, computers, typewriter ribbon/cartridges, business card holders,
copiers, waste baskets, calculators, printer ribbon cartridges, microfilm, carbon paper, protractor, name tags, correction fluid, ring binder, erasers, rulers, letter divider, scotch tape, magic markers, telephones


Back packs, fishing lures, air mattresses, Polaroid camera, beach balls, fishing poles, hang gliders, vinyl cases, cameras, footballs, glue containers, puzzles, darts, Frisbees, golf ball/bags, shotgun shell casing, ear plugs, knitting needles, waterproof jackets, stadium cushion, earphones, yarn, kites, tennis racquet, fabric dye, decoys, lifejackets, nylon strings, face protectors, volley balls, model cars, plastic water guns, fishing bobbers, soccer balls, oil paints, parachutes, fishing cylume, light stick, earphones, playing cards, photographs, monofilament fishing lines, diving boards, poker chips, goggles, roller-skate wheels, whistles, guitar strings, guitar picks, rafts, ice chests, tents, sleeping bags, pole vaulting poles, motorcycle helmets, skis, rubber cement, plastic flower pots, water skis, hot tub covers, sails, snorkels, monkey bars, photo, albums, wet suits, flippers, tennis balls, boats, insulated boots


Acrylic toys, baby oil, laundry basket, waterproof pants, baby aspirin, bath soap, mittens, pacifiers, baby blanket, bibs, rattles, double-knit shirts, baby bottles, disposable diapers, baby shoes, teething ring, nipples, dolls, stuffed animals, baby lotion


Allergy medication, cotton-tipped swabs, inhalator liquid, Pepto-Bismol, aspirin, first aid cream, lancet for blood testing, pill cases, band aids, first aid kits, latex gloves, prescription bottle, burn lotion, glycerin, mosquito spray, rubbing alcohol, chap stick, heart valve replacements, nasal decongestant, surgical tape, syringes, Vaseline, antiseptics, hearing aids, anesthetics, artificial limbs, eye glasses, antihistamines, cortisone,
vaporizers, Bactine, oxygen masks, stethoscope, prescription glasses


cologne, hair brushes, lipstick, permanent wave curlers, perfume, hair color, mascara, petroleum jelly, combs, foam rubber curlers, denture adhesives, shampoo, contact lens/case, hair spray, hand lotion, shaving foam, cough syrup, hearing aids, hair dryers, shoe inserts, dentures, Keri body lotion, face masks, skin cleanser, deodorants, laxatives, moisturizing cream, soap holder, disposable razors, leather conditioner, mouth wash, sun glasses, facial toner, lens cleanser, nail polish, sunscreen, tooth brushes, toothpaste tubes,
vitamins, synthetic wigs, bubble bath, soap, capsules


vinegar bottles, egg carton, meat trays, trash bags, bread box, freezer containers, melamine dishware, tumblers, cake decorations, jars, microwave divided dishes, utensils, candles, freezer bags, milk jugs, vacuum bottles, coasters, gelatin molds, nylon spatulas, wax paper, coffee pots, ice cream scoops, oven bags, mops, drinking cups, ice trays, plastic containers, fabric softener, detergent, liter bottles, plastic table service, drain stoppers, dish drainer, lunch boxes, pudding molds, sponges, dish scrubber brush, baggies, drinking straws, Styrofoam, paper cup dispenser, measuring cups, Teflon coated pans, table cloths, refrigerator shelves


Carpet padding, naugahyde, Venetian blinds, TV cabinets, extension cords, picture frames, flocked wallpaper, shower doors, Formica, refrigerator lining, vinyl-coated wallpaper, curtains, kitchen carpet, shag carpet, welcome mats, fan blades, lamps, shower curtain, patio furniture, swings, linoleum, upholstery material, rugs


caulking material, light switch plates, plunger, faucet washer, clothesline, measuring tape, polyurethane stain, water pipe, electric saw, paint brush, propane bottles, wood floor cleaner/wax, vinyl electrical tape, plastic pipe, shingles (asphalt), light panels, garden hose, plastic wood, spackling paste, awnings, glazing compound, Plexiglas, spray paint, enamel, epoxy paint, artificial turf, folding doors, floor wax, glue, house paint, paint rollers, toilet seats, water pipes, putty, solvents, roofing material, plywood adhesive, sockets


Anti-freeze, flat tire fix, street paving (asphalt), car battery case, coolant, motor oil, tires, loud speakers, bearing grease, sports car bodies, traffic cones, car enamel, brake fluid, dash boards, windshield wipers, visors, car sound insulation, oil filters, car seats, convertible tops, fan belts, gasoline


Ash trays, dog food dishes, tool boxes, cd's, balloons, dog leash, tape recorders, synthetic rubber, bubble gum, dog toys, flashlights, nylon rope, bungee strap, fertilizer, flight bags, disposable lighters, cassettes, cassette players, flea collars, flutes, lighter fluid, cigarette case, electric blankets, tool racks, name tags, cigarette filters, ammonia, insecticides, newspaper tubes, calibrated container, insect repellent, food preservatives, phonograph records, crayons, ice buckets, dyes, pillows, credit cards, flashlights, fly swatter, plastic cup holder, dice, movie film, k-resin, plastic tie wraps, polyethylene, polypropylene, rain bonnets, luggage, video cassettes, charcoal lighter, rayon, safety glasses, safety gloves, safety hats, shoe polish, signs, cassette tapes, toys, watch bands, waterproof boots, shopping bags, bed spreads, traffic cones, check books covers, tobacco pouches, clothes hangers, flea collars, flavors, masking tape, safety flares, flags, signs, including Election Signs!

Friends, this is only a partial list of the approximately 6000 products made from oil. This is only a partial list of products made from petroleum. As we can see, it's not only about gasoline and cars.

President Obama wants to do nothing in the way of more drilling to tap into our abundant natural resources. He only sees oil as an "energy issue" - when in reality oil is more than just gasoline.

Obama argues that more drilling is not the way of the future. Instead, he wants to wean Americans off of oil entirely by turning to alternatives energy options like electric and hybrid cars, solar and wind power - and what I call his "Any Thing Other Than Oil" philosophy.

No matter how high gas prices at the pump go, "Any Thing Other Than Oil" is the mantra from the wealthy Liberal Left.

The problem with Obama's thinking, according to most analysts, is that the transition from oil to alternatives takes far longer than more drilling would.

"And we have a capital stock of hundreds of million of vehicles," Guy Caruso of the Center for Strategic and International Studies said. "So these types of transformations take decades and maybe even 50 to 60 years."

Lately, obviously because its an Election Year, Obama talks about oil drilling as if he were for it. Imagine that! Like a true politician, Obama is telling Americans that he is cutting red tape and issuing all sorts of oil permits for companies to get to work on Federal lands. He is lying.

The problem with Obama lying to the American people these days is that he might get a few to believe him - but the majority won't.

The data speaks for itself. Official government figures show that Obama is issuing far fewer permits on Federal land than George W. Bush did while he was president.

At the end of his two terms, George W. Bush issued 6,000 to 7,000 permits a year. Under Barack Hussein Obama the numbers have dropped significantly to a range of 4,000 to almost 4,500 a year.

Since it can take seven to 10 years for a permit to turn into an actual producing oil well, that means less oil will be coming from Federal lands in years to come. That combined with a rise in global demand for oil is a recipe for disaster for the United States. Yes, all thanks to Obama's attitude of doing nothing to prepare for the future right now.

Advocates of more domestic drilling say we know a crunch is coming, so we should be drilling more right now - otherwise, the result could be ugly.

"The reality of the situation, with respect to global supply is that Americans can find themselves in gasoline lines, with gas rationing by 2015 or 2016 by us not producing more of our own oil," Hofmeister said.

Obama is either purposing neglecting the facts, or he's just too dumb to understand them. Either way, he should understand that the facts clearly point out that even with alternatives, the U.S. Energy Department predicts that in 2035 we will still be relying on oil for 83% of our transportation needs alone.

And yes, those figures are not taking into consideration all of our other needs for oil.

For some reason, Obama and the Democrats who support him only think oil is for gasoline and transportation. They completely fail to understand the basic uses of oil. They fail to understand that there is oil for energy use and that there is oil for manufacturing to make products. It is apparent that they have no idea how things are made - or what they are made from.

Obama can't get it through his head that it's not just about gasoline and cars!

So ask yourself, as I have asked myself lately, when the President of the United States talks about not drilling for more oil - just how many manufacturing jobs is he talking about putting at stake by not drilling right now?

How expensive will these oil based products become if they can't be made easily made here?

How many companies are going to have to relocate their manufacturing facilities overseas because they make one or a few of the thousands of oil based products?

How many companies will want to take their manufacturing jobs somewhere else because oil is not readily available in the United States and may also be cheaper in other countries than it is here?

Ask yourself, how many Americans are going to suffer because of Obama's arrogance or ignorance? Maybe he should take a long look at how many products that we depend on comes from oil?

Fact is, there are reasons to drill for oil that have nothing to do with just cars and transportation. We need oil to produce goods! Obama and his cronies have tunnel vision and can't see that oil is more than just gasoline and the fuel end of the equation.

So OK, here's a proposal that I would think everyone would accept.

We need oil to fuel our manufacturing capabilities and make things that the world can use - subsequently buy - and them buying from us, empowers us as a nation. Yes, just like the situation that we are in with China today.

Because we need oil to make things, we need to explore and develop our own oil resources to produce oil for America and rid ourselves of being dependant on Foreign Oil to make things.

To me, it's an easy concept to understand. One that even your most ardent liberal can understand. Of course, he or she would not be in favor of empowering America - but that's their problem.

Energy and Oil Independence. Oil for energy needs sure, but also just as importantly - we need oil independence so that we can again make things that make our lives easier, cleaner, and better - while putting Americans to work.

Of course, Energy Independence like Oil Independence will never happen until Obama and his "let's blame-America Socialist friends" are out of power. And please note that I said out of power!

To them, they see being in elected office as a position of power -- not as a position of civic responsibility to do what's right for America.

If they did feel a true responsibility to America, then they would already be encouraging drilling here at home - and deregulating things to make life easier.

Sad to say, they're not!

That's just how I see it.

Story by Tom Correa

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