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RANDOM SHOTS - $5 to $6 A Gallon Gas Coming Soon, Obama Admin Cover-up Of Deaths In Middle-east, Wal-Mart, and More!


Coming Soon: $5 to $6 Gallon Gas - Courtesy Of Barack Obama

Please don't be too surprised if you see $5 to $6 a gallon at the pumps real soon. It was reported recently that gas is headed there because of a combination of factors.

Those factors being instability in the Muslim world, a drought in America's Midwest and South that will effect the price and availability of fuel alternative corn, and a failure to prepare for such an emergency as another Oil Embargo or oil production slow down as a result of the unrest in the Middle-east. 

A little history:  

Under President Barack Hussein Obama, gasoline prices have doubled, now it may get worse yet.

We should all remember the high of $4 a gallon of gasoline under President Bush in the summer of 2008. 

We should also remember that when George W. Bush took over the White House from Bill Clinton almost 8 years before, gas was $1.90 at the pumps.

After it hit that high of $4 a gallon in July of 2008, it took President Bush six months to bring it back down to livable levels of under $2 a gallon.

Barack Obama was sworn in as President on January 20, 2009.  In the week that ended on January 19, 2009, the average weekly retail gasoline price in the U.S. was $1.83 a gallon.
In May of 2011, just 3 years later, retail gasoline prices averaged above $4 a gallon. It has hovered between $3.40 and $4.40 ever since.

At present:

The most recent retail price nationally, as of the week ending September 10, 2012, was $3.91/gallon.

When Barack Obama came to office, President Bush had just a few months earlier opened up Federal lands to more oil drilling. Bush's action's drove the prices from $4 a gallon in July of 2008 to $1.83 a gallon six months later by the time Obama came into office.

One of the first things that Obama did was to stop drilling and make permits harder to come by.

Because of his actions, the price of gas - and the over 6,000 produced using petroleum have risen in price sharply. and yes, as you already know - Obama has done nothing to bring down the price of gas at the pumps or the price of oil used to make everything from cell phones to televisions to clothing and jewelry and so on.

Yes, over 6,000 common everyday items that are used in our everyday lives is made out of oil. Its cost effects our manufacturing and subsequently our hiring.

And yes, one of the things about our oil concerns that no one is talking about has to do with our manufacturing capabilities.

You see, even if we all had Electric Cars powered by the sun, America would still need 54% of all of the oil that we import today just to make products that we all have come to rely on.

Friends, this is very important. And yes, I know that I talk about it a lot.

But really, one single 42-gallon barrel of oil creates 19.4 gallons of gasoline. The rest, 54%, is used to make things such as:

 Ink, Floor Wax, Ballpoint Pens, Football Cleats, Upholstery, Men's and Ladies Sweaters, Boats, Insecticides, Bicycle Tires, Sports Car Bodies, Nail Polish, Fishing lures, Dresses, Tires, Golf Bags, Perfumes, Cassettes, Dishwasher parts, Tool Boxes, Shoe Polish, Motorcycle Helmet, Caulking, Petroleum Jelly, Transparent Tape, CD Players, Faucet Washers, Antiseptics, Clothesline, Curtains,  Food Preservatives, Basketballs, Soap, Vitamin and Pill Capsules, Antihistamines, Purses, Shoes, Dashboards, Cortisone, Deodorant, Footballs, Putty, Dyes, Panty Hose, Refrigerant, Percolators, Life Jackets, Rubbing Alcohol, Linings, Skis, TV Cabinets, Shag Rugs, Electrician's Tape, Tool Racks, Car Battery Cases, Epoxy, Paint, Mops, Slacks, Insect Repellent, Oil Filters, Umbrellas, Yarn, Fertilizers, air Coloring, Roofing, Toilet Seats, Fishing Rods, Lipstick, Denture Adhesive, Linoleum, Ice Cube Trays, Synthetic Rubber, Speakers, Plastic Wood, Electric Blankets, Glycerin, Tennis Rackets, Rubber Cement, Fishing Boots, Dice, Nylon Rope, Candles, Trash Bags, House Paint, Water (PVC) Pipes, Hand Lotion, Roller Skates, Surf Boards, Shampoo, Wheels, Paint Rollers, Shower Curtains, Guitar Strings, Luggage, Aspirin, Safety Glasses, Antifreeze, Football Helmets, Awnings, Eyeglasses, Clothes, Toothbrushes, Ice Chests, Footballs, Combs, CD's & DVD's, Paint Brushes, Detergents, Vaporizers, Balloons, Sun Glasses, Tents, Heart Valves, Crayons, Parachutes, Telephones, Enamel, Pillows, Dishes, Cameras, Anesthetics, Artificial Turf, Artificial limbs, Bandages,  Dentures, Model Cars, Folding Doors, Hair Curlers, Cold cream, Movie film, Soft Contact lenses, Drinking Cups, Fan Belts, Car Enamel, Shaving Cream, Ammonia, Refrigerators, Golf Balls, Toothpaste, and so on.

This is only a short list of the over 6,000 products made from oil. If you take a look at the example of some of the products made from oil, you can see that oil (petroleum) is not just used for gas for our cars, trucks, and whatever else takes gas.

If oil production stops or slows, and we are hit with higher oil prices, what does Obama think is going to happen to the price of any of the products that I've mentioned, or our ability to manufacture them, or a company's ability to keep it's workers if manufacturing slows down?

And yes, Obama does nothing about it. I really believe that he thinks that because he is likable that the Muslim world and Arab Oil would never shut down on us.

Of course, now the drought in the heartland has meant less corn for both food for people and feed for animals, yet the Federal Government in the form of the EPA has not found it fit to stop using precious corn as a fuel alternative. Instead the EPA will not relent and the price of food is rising 

Of course the Feds are still making it mandatory to use corn - no matter how it effects the price of food for Americans. And yes, Obama does nothing about it - especially when all it would take is a phone call to the EPA to tell them to stop the fuel alternative mandate during this emergency period. 
Now the Middle-East is on fire and the oil wells over there are slowing production as a result of Barack Obama's marvelous foreign policies.

And yes, even if we did have a Muslim President as many have told me that we already do, it wouldn't matter because the Muslim world would still hate us because they don't want us there.

What have we done to prepare for any embargo or halt to Middle-east Oil? Not a damn thing!

Bush's energy plan to harness our own natural resources would have helped if continued and not scraped like it was almost 4 years ago.

The Keystone XL Pipeline would have helped our Energy Independence, so would opening up more Federal Lands to Drilling.

Both are ideas where Barack Obama said "NO!"

He knows that if he said yes, he'd lose the Environmentalist Wacko vote. They'd turn on him like vegans in an unguarded vegetable garden.

We are in a fix, and Obama has successfully put us there by outlawing drilling and siding with the Muslims who are now ruling much of the Middle-East while it's on fire.

So no, please don't be surprised if you see $5 to $6 a gallon at the pumps real soon. It'll be courtesy of Barack Obama.

Yesterday, I paid $4.49 for a gallon of regular. This really has to stop, but friends, Obama isn't doing a thing about it!

And honestly, I guess that that the rub here. That's the real insult here.

We can see for ourselves that prices are more than double from what they were when Obama was sworn in, yet Obama is always out raising millions of dollars in campaign money for himself because he thinks we should keep him as our president.

He wants us to keep him as our president while he shows us that he is totally unconcerned about our problems. That's really how I see it.

Instead of working on our energy problems, manufacturing capabilities, our military strength, keeping Medicare alive and well, keeping Social Security from failing, keeping Iran from getting the bomb, or a list of other things - no, he's only concerned about Mitt Romney's tax papers from 20 years ago.

Why can't he just do a little of his job while he's running around the country telling us that we should keep him on as president?

Part of Obama's job is having to actually attend his daily National Security Intel Briefings; is making sure our Embassies and citizens are as secure and safe as possible overseas; is to help Americans get back to work instead of always only working on extending his own job; and yes, his job is to try to get oil prices down to a livable level.

Obama doesn't seem to have time for America! Too bad, hell of a talker though!

It would be nice if Obama would find time for America, instead of only worrying about himself and Mitt Romney's tax papers!


Libyan President says "No" while Obama says "Yes" Controversy

Libyan President el-Megarif Insists Obama YouTube blame "completely unfounded and preposterous"

New Evidence: There Was No Demonstration Before Attack On US Consulate

Was the terrorist attack in Libya "spontaneous" like the Obama administration is trying to make us believe, or was it "planned" as all evidence is pointing to?

Did Obama's policy spark the latest Mideast problem? And really, is Obama even concerned about anti-Americans protesting America - or those killed?

An intelligence source on the ground in Libya told Fox News that there was no demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi prior to last week's attack

This information challenges the Obama administration's claims that the assault grew out of a "spontaneous" protest against an anti-Islam film.

The intelligence source said no protests were happening before the attackers struck at about 9:35 p.m. local time last Tuesday.

The account backs up claims by a purported Libyan security guard who told McClatchy Newspapers late last week that the area was quiet before the attack.

"There wasn't a single ant outside," the unnamed guard, who was being treated in a hospital, said in the interview.

These details appear to conflict with accounts from the Obama administration that the attack spawned from an out-of-control protest. The Libyan president also said Sunday that the strike was planned in advance.

But a senior Obama administration official told Fox News on Monday morning that the Libyan president's comments are not consistent with "the consensus view of the U.S. intelligence community," which has been investigating the incident, and are accordingly not credible.

"He doesn't have the information we have," the U.S. official said of Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif. ""He doesn't have the (data) collection potential that we have."

But honestly, to me it sounds like the Obama Administration is scrambling to cover-up their screw-up.

To have some Obama administration Official call a guard, who was an eye witness with no reason to lie about what he saw, essentially a liar is way over the top.

Many Americans, like myself, were rooting for the overthrew of Qaddafi. And since then, things have been shaky to say the least. And I'm sorry to say, but with the cuts that Obama has made in America's Intelligence capabilities, we simply don't have the sources to be "absolute" in our thinking of what is taking place there and other parts of the world.

We are simply spread too thin to be effective, besides if folks recall Obama's cuts to the Intelligence Community was based on the silly idea that we have spy satellites that can give us the same Intel - when in fact, people there is always the best evidence.

Libyan President insists that Obama's excuse that a small insignificant YouTube is the cause of the turmoil is "completely unfounded and preposterous." And yes, he's in a position to know.

The Libyan leader told CBS News' "Face the Nation" on Sunday that the government in Tripoli harbors "no doubt" that the Sept. 11 attack that killed U.S. ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans was "preplanned, predetermined."

As soon as the situation feel apart, the Obama administration went into crisis mode.

They immediately got their talking points out to NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR,  and the liberal News media ran with the lie that it was that goofy YouTube video that incited this explosion in the Muslim world.

Of course the Obama administration wasn't going to leave it to their lap dogs in the liberal media, they had to get out their own people. One such person was Obama's U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who appeared on all five Sunday morning talk shows.

Remember the Obama administration is calling Libyan President a liar when he insists that Obama's excuse that a small insignificant YouTube is the cause of the turmoil is "completely unfounded and preposterous."
And yes, he's in a position to know.

Libyan President's assessment has conflicted directly with the preliminary conclusion offered on Sunday by the Obama minion.
Ambassador Susan Rice maintained that the Benghazi incident "was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in Cairo, as a consequence of the video," and that after the protest outside the U.S. consulate gathered steam, "those with extremist ties joined the fray and came with heavy weapons."

That's the Obama admin's line.!

When she was pushed to answer if the timing of the Benghazi incident - the eleventh anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks - was simply a coincidence, believe it or not, Ambassador Susan Rice said: "It is coincidental. All evidence we have points to this video being the spark of these events. In all of the Intel and traffic, there was no one out there saying, 'Oh, it's September 11th, we must avenge...'"

This Obama administration either have no shame, are liars on a level only seen in Washington, or they're all complete idiots!

When I was trained in security in the Marine Corps, I found out way back then that it really doesn't take a security genius to understand how terrorist operate:
  • they want instant gratification,
  • to get instant gratification - they create a great deal of destruction swiftly,
  • they want instant recognition,
  • to get that instant recognition -  they want a a lot of publicity so that others of their ilk will see what they've done,
  • and though they can pick other days to put their plan into action - they usually want to do it on days of high public exposure in heavily populated areas such as during celebrations, sporting events, political rallies, on religious holidays at religious events, and of course on the anniversary of their great martyr's immortal attack on the "Great Satan" on 9/11.
Does this really surprise Washington? As I said before, even an old broke down former Marine like myself  - who is real far from being some sort of security genius today - can understand that we were going to be attacked on that date at some point.

Anyone who knows anything about security will tell you that terrorist attacks usually take place on significant dates and anniversaries of significant holidays and events - such as 9/11 when their Heroes died. 

Obviously their attacks are not restricted to those dates, days and time, but that is there usual method of operation.

It pains me to no end o think that both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton did not
  1. put all of our Embassies in the Middle-east, North Africa, and Southeast Asia on some sort of alert footing to be in a position of readiness in case of possible attacks,
  2. advise our forces in Afghanistan to take extra measures to protect our troops because 9/11 may bring an attack as a way for terrorist to commemorate a day of great significance to Muslim terrorist,
  3. make appropriate measure to re-enforce our Embassies prior to the 9/11,
  4. or simply evacuate key personnel until after the anniversary of 9/11.
In today's world where at minimum a message of caution can be sent out and received almost instantly, there's no reason for this absolute failure in leadership from this administration. Both the White House and the State Department are culpable, guilty, and shamefully inept.


Anyone Ask Obama, "So Where Were The Marines? "

And since we're on this subject, since when do we leave the security of our embassies to other nations?

In preparation for the anniversary of 9/11, why weren't U.S.Marines sent to re-enforce those Embassies weeks ahead of time?

Why weren't Marines sent in slowly so to not alarm the fanatics in the area? Why weren't they armed to repeal an attack?

As an old Marine, I remember a recruiting poster back in the 70's that proudly announced, "No one likes to fight, but someone should know how!"

Marines are not Policemen, they don't arrest and detain criminals - they defend and kill in defense of our lives and liberty. Our enemies understand that.

They understand that if they really want to meet Allah, U.S. Marines can arrange that meeting. Muslims have learned that that is a reality.

Marines were needed, not wannabe military Policemen types from shaky countries. Not other Muslims who might step aside when the shit hits the fan!

White House Officials and the State Department supposedly express satisfaction - that's right, they are satisfied with the security of our Embassies there.

Imagine that! They are "satisfied" with the security that got our people killed!

Are these people so far out of touch with reality that they sacrifice lives because of some sort of political experiment with another country that has been unstable for months?  What the Hell is wrong with our people in Washington?

They are "satisfied!" Yes, they are satisfied with the cooperation they received from foreign governments acting to protect American diplomats and their families. Imagine that!

The White House and the State Department feel this way because President Obama had supposedly reached out to foreign heads of state, namely Egypt, Yemen and Libya.

But wait, if that's the case - then why the big change in staffing now?

Yes, believe it or not, after the fact that the State Department said it was "satisfied" with the security that got our people killed, now the State Department is making a shift of plans that started sometime after Friday evening.

The State Department has now announced the evacuation of diplomats' family members and "non-essential" personnel from U.S. Embassies in Tunisia and Sudan, sites of some of the most violent scenes on Friday.

No kidding! Talk about a week late. This action - done earlier - could have saved lives.

I'd hate to be Hilliary Clinton or Barack Obama when they explain to the widows and families of those they got killed - why exactly it took them so long to do what could have kept their husbands and fathers and sons alive?

Why didn't they take this action before 9/11 to keep those Americans alive? Obviously, there action is too late.

One old saying is, "closing the barn door after the horses escape," but this goes deeper than simply that bit of wit. It goes to lives being lost because of their failure to act. It's criminal.

Barack Obama and Hilliary Clinton failed, and our people died because of their screw up. And no, neither has the cojones to admit they screwed up because they worry more about politics than doing what's right.

All this is, is one more reason for me to vote for Mitt Romney and get that whole stinking gang out of there. Their incompetence is getting Americans killed.


Wal-Mart Apologizes To School Choir After Store Refuses To Let Them Sing "God Bless America" On 9/11

It was reported on September 14, 2012, that Wal-Mart apologized for not allowing students to sing "God Bless America" on 9/11 in a store. (WSVN)

Wal-Mart has apologized to a school choir after management at a Florida store refused to allow them to perform "God Bless America" inside the store on Sept. 11.

WSVN reported that choir director Ana Conner's group of 75 students at Coconut Palm Elementary in Pembroke Pines was scheduled to sing inside their local Wal-Mart on the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorism attacks as a tribute to the victims.

However, Conner says when she and her students arrived, the manager refused to allow the children to sing.
"On a scale from one to 10, a 10 as far as disappointment goes," Conner told WSVN.

Principal Terri Thelmas told the Sun Sentinel that in an "effort to right a wrong," the students went outside and performed in the parking lot. The students and parents were already heading to their cars when the police arrived, saying they were responding to reports of a "flash mob."

Thelmas tells the Sun Sentinel that she is the one who arranged the performance with the Wal-Mart store manager named "Frank." The manager on duty that night reportedly called the choir a "liability" and added that "Frank" had been fired.

A spokeswoman for Wal-Mart later apologized to the school on behalf of the company, saying the concert would be rescheduled.

"We regret this happened and apologize to the students, parents and the school for this experience," Kayla Whaling, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, told the Sun Sentinel. "Unfortunately, this was a situation of miscommunication, and it should have been handled differently."

"We're also inviting the kids back to the store to help honor the victims and fallen heroes."

Thelmas told the newspaper that the performance was arranged as part of a school-related "I Will" campaign that encourages public service on 9/11.

I can't help but see this as a trend for Wal-Mart.

You see, when I first read this story - I couldn't help but shack my head. Not out of disbelief but because I've seen Wal-Mart change its attitude over the years.

It used to be the all American store, and not be full of Political Correctness. I can't say that that's the case anymore.

Part of the reason that I say this is because of what took place at the Wal-Mart near here in Jackson, California, a few years ago during the Christmas season.

Employees there were told that they could not say, "Merry Christmas" or they would be fired. No kidding!

The employees were told by the store manager that Wal-Mart policy is that saying "Merry Christmas" offends some people during the "Holiday Season." So they scraped "Merry Christmas"!

When I checked on this, they didn't want to talk about it -  or even referring to that time of year as a "Christmas Holiday". The people there told me that they would be fired if they even said the word "Christmas". They were told to refer to that time of year as the "Holidays" or "Holiday Season."

Since then, that's the way its been. And yes, to my knowledge, it'll be that way again this year.

I see Wal-Mart as surrendering to Political Correctness. They have lost touch with what has made them into the giant they are. Because of this, I see their stores as being less friendly.

And of course, they do have a real problem lately.

I don't know who is running Wal-Mart since their founder died, but they need to get back to basics and offer American made goods. It is extremely apparent that they are carrying less and less "Made In U.S.A" products, while at the same time bringing in more and more foreign made goods.

When I've tried calling them about it, I'm told that they don't see a problem with it.

They don't seem to understand their customer demographics - what kinds of customers they have. Or in some cases, folks who used to shop there.

Americans interested in supporting Americans are a huge part of their base. Either Wal-Mart seems to have forgotten that, or they just don't care.

I really hate to say that that is how I see that big company these days. I really don't know if Wal-Mart cares if people are unhappy seeing less and less American made products - and more and more foreign made goods.

I don't know if they really care if people want stores, all stores, to return to a day when Political Correctness didn't rule the roost - and yes, it was OK to pleasantly wish someone "Merry Christmas."

I really get the impression that it doesn't matter to then because they feel they can lose our business and simply make it up somewhere else. Or so they think!


The Great Drought Of 2012!

The Great Drought of 2012 has hit America's Midwest and South hard. So hard that we may be seeing food supplies in America hit all time lows.

The problem is that the ongoing drought continues to impact the region’s major water reservoirs, as lakes and reservoirs have fallen dangerously low.

The rain storms in early July did help some, but not enough to make a difference. And of course, places like Iowa and Missouri haven't seen rain for long time now.

Bart Kinney is from Missouri, and I had a chance to talk to him yesterday about what's going on there.

What he had to say was an eye opener for me. I had heard it was bad, but not that bad.

Corn is smaller than half or non-existent from what it should be this year, cows are dying or having being sold off, and it's all because everything is so dry. Yes, America's Agriculture Producers are in deep trouble like never before.

Sure, I know someone is going to try to remind me of the Dust Bowl of the 1930 - but this is very different than back then. Now droughts have become cyclic, as Bart was saying, its happening every seven years to a much larger area then was effected in the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s.

Yes, ranchers are having to get rid of whole herds - not even being able to keep their seed stock. And as for creeks, and rivers, they along with wells down to 300 feet are drying up. Wells for water for homes in the rural countryside are being dug having to go down to 1,700 feet before hitting water.

And no, though our Agriculture Producers are hardest hit, other residents are not above being effected.

These days the state has mandatory water conservation,  and even the kids in colleges are being told not to waste watter and take shorter showers - as well as not wasting water washing cars or watering lawns.
According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, the drought continues to intensify over parts of the central United States.

In August, they note that  we saw extreme and exceptional drought continuing to expand or intensify over parts of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, and Illinois.

The  Drought Monitor map early this month shows 52.27 percent of the United States and Puerto Rico in moderate drought or worse; 38.48 percent in severe drought or worse; and 20.18 percent of the country in extreme drought or worse.

The U.S. Drought Monitor map is jointly produced by the National Drought Mitigation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and about 350 drought observers across the country. It is released each Thursday based on data through the previous Tuesday.

Statistics for the percent area in each category of drought are automatically added to the U.S. Drought Monitor website each week for the entire country and Puerto Rico, for the 48 contiguous states.

I don't know where the answer is. Obviously we need rain. We also need storage for the future. And we need something else, we need a White House administration that is concerned about Agriculture in America.

If we did have an "Agriculture Friendly" administration, then maybe they would feel inclined to get the EPA to help Ag producers instead of making their lives miserable with more and more burdensome regulations.

What does this have to do with EPA Regulations you ask? Well, catch ponds some more than 5 feet deep have dried up.

In many cases, State and Federal EPA regulations stop farmers and ranchers in many areas from creating bigger deeper catch ponds where our Ag producers can attempt to keep and store water to get them through times like these.

And friends, if folks are right, and it does in fact become a cyclic event that takes place every 7 years, then we need to do something for more water storage to get folks through tough months when rainfall is zero to none at all.

An Ag friendly administration would help.


So How Long Can Insurgents Fight On If They Still Believe In What They're Doing?

Some folks are under the impression that Insurgents are only an Iraq thing. Some folks would make us think IEDs and roadside bombs are a new thing in the history of war.

Many think that all of the fighting stopped after America won World War II. That is was sort of like a light-switch in that everyone just sort of stopped fighting, put down their guns and knives and explosives, and went home, that the Germans and Japanese didn't do anything but resign themselves to peace after the surrenders took place.

History of the aftermath of World War II for Germany and Japan says otherwise. In Germany, there were still Nazi Werewolf Packs (Werewolves) who raided and killed all in the name of their Fuhrer after the war.

The problems faced by the coalition's occupation forces in Iraq were compared to those encountered by occupation forces in Germany after World War II. The Iraqi insurgency would ultimately prove to be as futile in realizing its objectives as had the Werewolves

In Japan, there were also hold outs.

In fact, I remember being in the Marine Corps in the 1970s and reading about this one Japanese Soldier.

I never forgot about it because it was so out of the ordinary.

The final chapter of the story of Japanese Soldier Hiroo Onoda took place in March of 1974.

Yes, a full 29 years after the official end of World War II, Hiroo Onoda, who was a former Japanese Army intelligence officer, finally walked out of the jungle of Lubang Island in the Philippines and surrendered.

When he walked out, he handed over his sword - which is hanging from his hip in photo - his rifle, ammunition belt, and several hand grenades.

Back in December of 1944, as a young officer, Onoda had been sent to Lubang Island to join an existing unit of Japanese soldiers with the objective of hampering and harassing the enemy.

Allied forces overtook the island just a few months later. When that happened, they captured or killed all but Onoda and three other Japanese soldiers.

The four ran into the hills and began a decades-long insurgency extending well past the end of the war.
Several times they found or were handed leaflets notifying them that the war had ended, but they refused to believe it. Imagine that! They refused to believe it.

In 1950, one of the soldiers turned himself in to Philippine authorities.

By 1972, Onoda's two other compatriots were dead, killed during Guerrilla attacks on American and Filipinos.  This left Hiroo Onoda alone.

Then in 1974, Onoda met a Japanese college dropout, Norio Suzuki, who was in the Philippines on his way to traveling the world. They struck up a friendship.

Through Norio Suzuki, Onoda's former Commanding Officer was located and flew to Lubang Island to formally relieve Onoda of duty, and bring him home to Japan.

Over the years, the small group had killed some 30 Filipinos in various attacks, but Onoda ended up going free after he received a pardon from then President Ferdinand Marcos.

And yes, that's a true story!

Story by Tom Correa

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