Wednesday, July 26, 2017

We're Now Working with Avantlink

Dear Friends,

In the past, many of you have written to ask why I didn't have ads on my blog? Many of you were concerned that my blog, The American Cowboy Chronicles, would disappear because I wasn't bringing in any revenue to support it. As wonderful as you are, many of you wrote suggesting a number of ways that my wife and I could make a dollar or two on here. Well, as you can see by the advertisements that we now have posted on here, my wife and I have partnered up with a few folks who have Affiliate Programs. 

For me, I'm trying to post ads that I figure might be what you're interested in. I figure you might be looking for deals when looking for a new computer, a kindle, a cell phone, and such. I also figure that you might be interested in "Cowboy" niche products such as Western boots, hats, books, movies and videos, horse tack, and more.. 

Since I've bought a number of their outstanding belt buckles, and a lot of their jewelry for my wife Deanna over the years, I'm now trying to become an affiliate of Montana Silversmiths. Make no mistake about it, I've loved Montana Silversmiths' products for many many years. 

Well, I just received a call from Jeremy Britto from Avantlink. He and others at Avantlink are looking at my blog to decided as to whether or not grant me an affiliation with Montana Silversmiths

I cannot tell how great it was to talk with Jeremy. Besides the fact that we have a great deal in common, including our ancestry from Hawaii and beyond, I can see that I will love working with the great folks at Avantlink. Just from our short phone call, I can see that they're helpful in steering me in a positive direction.  

If you noticed, I have provided links to find Avantlink. I do this because I get a lot of requests from other Bloggers for information on this and that. I figure if my experience with Avantlink is helpful to me, then I know the folks there will be helpful to others as well. 

So, in the future, I'm hoping to add an ad or two for Montana Silversmiths. But also, with the help of Avantlink, I'm hoping to add ads that you my readers will click on to find what you're looking for. By clicking on the advertisements that I've posted, you are definitely supporting my blog. And for that, I cannot tell you how truly grateful I am. Your visiting and supporting my blog has meant the world to me. 

And friends, I cannot thank you enough.

Tom Correa

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  1. Avantlink sounds like a good company, Tom. You should keep them.


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