Friday, October 5, 2018

Power’s War - Wild West Manhunt Documentary


  1. Elizabeth L. Johnson said, Thanks for this post. It wasn't funny, interesting, or cool. Much more. Stories like this are what make me fear law enforcement, because they are only human, too. As a woman, I highly admire men because of what all they can handle. Sorry to say, that they made too big a deal out of a family living off by themselves in the boonies. If they'd just taken into consideration, in a very discreet fashion, seeing that the father's business and means of earning a living would be in jeopardy when his two sons would have to leave for war, pretty much his only "employees", they could've left things alone and as they were, w/o dragging in the authorities so unnecessarily. They certainly made a mountain out of a mole hill while acting high and mighty as law enforcement, taking things too personally, for their office and status, and position.

  2. I wonder if they filmed the documentary at the actual Power homestead? I've heard rumors oftentimes that camera crews will actually go to the sight where an actual event might have happened sometimes when they film their documentaries. As for the post by Elizabeth L. Johnson, I understand how you feel. But you have to remember also. Those were different times. They couldn't just ignore the issue. If they did, more chaos would ensue. The law did what it had to. They saw no other way. If the Power family wasn't willing to give themselves up, then the lawmen had to take drastic measures. Not only to save their own lives, but also the lives of their colleagues. While it may be tough to digest, this information is indeed helpful. Thanks for the article as always, Tom. And as for Elizabeth, once again, I know how you feel and Tom and I are both sorry if that's how you feel. Because that's how we feel too. We couldn't agree more. I hope this helps. Thank you again.


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