Thursday, November 9, 2023

Jewish Americans Buy Guns For Protection Against The Left

There is a part of me that feels sorry for Jewish Americans who have solidly supported their Leftist friends but now find themselves in a position of being threatened by their so-called friends. Imagine the awakening they must be going through. One day they find themselves supporting Democrats and so-called Progressives, and the next day they find themselves having to buy guns to protect themselves and their family from being harmed by the very people that they were allied with. It happens. It's sad. But yes, it happens.

So how does that work exactly for those on the Left?

Well, for years, Jewish Americans on the Left protested with those whom they thought were their friends. They marched together against American oil companies and were too dumb to understand that they were supporting Foreign oil companies that sponsor terrorist groups. They chanted together with other Liberals for the right to kill babies and saw nothing wrong with killing a child at birth. Of course, it never dawned on them that anyone who would find it so easy to kill a child would also find it very easy to kill them and their family.

They attended the same universities where extremely well-paid professors condemned America and brainwashed them into thinking that slavery to a Communist government was better than freedom in a representative democracy. They didn't care to ask why Communism has never been successful, why people flee Communist states, or how it is to live under Communism. Like good Leftists, they simply drank the Kool-Aid and accepted everything they were told. Of course, they were too busy condemning America to even understand that in a dictatorial Communist state -- they wouldn't have been allowed to condemn the state. 

Of course, they and their Leftist pals attended the same classes that told them why they should question their gender even though a trip to the restroom confirms what sex they are. And yes, they even sat together and commiserated about how those nasty Conservatives are so narrow-minded when it comes to their not wanting to limit our 2nd Amendment Rights. They could never see the reason why anyone would need a firearm of any sort -- they and their vegan buddies even wanted to take the guns away from hunters. And now, they are actually thinking differently about owning large-capacity magazines and a rifle that could be used for defensive purposes.

So, what changed? Why the turn around on seeing guns as "useful tools" rather than "instruments of death"? What made the Jewish American who has been on the Left suspect that his or her Leftist friends are full-of-shit and worse -- they want to hurt you and your family.

Well, that awakening came about after October 7th of this year. This year, 2023, is a year that has opened the eyes of millions of Americans and not only Jewish Americans. After years of Democrats and the Left telling America that MAGA Americans, those White Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Black Americans who are Conservative, are America's Public Enemy number one, Jewish Americans on the Left now realize that that's all been a lie.

They have found out that it's their pals, the Democrats, and so-called Progressives that they've identified with, those on the Left who have all sorts of ideas of how the world would be perfect if we all simply allowed the government to "rule us," that now want them dead because they are Jews.

It's their pals who are marching in the streets and in universities by the hundreds of thousands. It's their pals who have now shown themselves to be the real enemies of America. It's their pals who have turned on them. It's the Left that's been chanting "Gas the Jews!" "Kill the Jews!" "Wipe Out Israel!" "From the River to the Sea!" Those pals of theirs now want them, their families, their race, exterminated.

They can't believe their fair-weather friends would be so hateful, have such bloodlust, be such Racists, be the Fascists that they were told were the Conservatives. Jewish Americans across the board, from the young in colleges to the old who supported Biden, are finding out the truth about who they've been running with. 

And yes, my friends, as hard as it is for them to believe, it's their friends, their fellow travelers, and their Communist comrades, who are now openly supporting the Hamas terrorists. And really, it must be a bit of a shock to see their pals support the evil who decapitated babies, raped the young and the old before slaughtering them, and burned others alive on October 7th in Israel.

The awakening of Jewish Americans to the truth of who the Left really is is something that no one thought we'd see in our lifetime. Like other Leftists, Liberal Jews believed with all their hearts that the hoax called "Climate Change" was going to destroy the earth. 

But now, Jewish Americans are watching the Left protesting and their huge rallies are calling for their death. And really, it must be tough for them to find out they don't need to worry about Climate Change or the supposed threat from MAGA Americans --  when in fact they are learning that the real threat to all of humanity and the Jewish race specifically comes from their Liberal friends.   

Their friends are the real Racists and fascists in America. Their friends support Hamas and other Muslim terrorists. It's their friends who want the Jewish race exterminated. Because Jewish Americans wake to see another day, they are the enemy of those who support groups like Hamas. And as shocking as it is to Jewish Americans, they now see that it's their friends who are acting no differently than the Nazis of the 1930s and 1940s Germany who slaughtered 6,000,000 Jews during the Holocaust.

It's a hard lesson to find out that you've been friends with people who side with the terrorists and who want to kill you, people like you, and other Jews. And yes, that's why like so many other Jewish Americans since October 7th, many have decided that they need to buy a gun to protect themself against those on the Left. They have learned that those so-called friends of theirs see Jews as people who should be exterminated.

Frankly, that's a hard way to learn that you need to buy a gun to protect yourself. Fear of being killed is a great motivator to fight to stay alive. And to stay alive, high numbers of Jewish Americans, those who have acknowledged the threat coming from Democrats and so-called Progressives for what it is, are now buying guns at record numbers.

They are smart to do so since the government can’t protect them. And since history looks like it is repeating itself,  and the times look a lot like what took place in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s, purchasing weapons out of fear for the safety of themselves, their communities, and their families is smart. 

Of course, when the Left comes to get them, the only hope for defenseless Jewish Americans will be the protection they get from MAGA Americans. Ironically, the people who will fight to protect Jewish Americans are those very people whom the Left has told the Jews to hate.

That's how I see it.

Tom Correa 

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