Thursday, November 30, 2023

Do We Need To Get Rid Of Public Schools

It's very hard to accept what's going on around us these days. And really, where do you start. We have adults in charge of schools who are telling children that it's okay to think that you are something that you are not. We've all heard the stories lately of children who "identify" as cats and dogs -- boys who "identify" as girls and girls who "identify" as boys. 

This is the sort of insanity that our Public Schools seem to embrace these days. And yes, as we all know, Public Schools are failing when it comes to giving the public what we need. And frankly, what we need from Public School systems is not too difficult to understand. 

We need our children to be educated so they are able to comprehend what they read, communicate in writing, accomplish math, and understand why we need to be able to do math without a calculator. Our children should also be able to understand and appreciate civics and how our government is supposed to function. 

Of course, it would be great if our children understood the timeline of our history. Maybe that would give them the ability to appreciate the toil of those who came before them, understand the struggles, understand the setbacks, and realize what it is to accomplish great things.  

I believe it would be great if we could get our Public Schools to help create good citizens. It would be wonderful if Public Schools produced patriotic American citizens who understand why America is not the bad place our enemies make it out to be. Of course, it would also be wonderful if our children grew up to want to do good in the present and future, and not simply blame others and destroy the past for everything. 

While Public Schools are not only the problem to what's wrong with America today, Public Schools are screwed up. Instead of focusing on academics, Public Schools, especially those in urban areas, are intentionally dumbing down and subsequently hurting our children. Public Schools are doing this by focusing on unimportant time-consuming idiocy such as gender dysphoria, actually creating division between races and relegions, and inspiring hate and loathing for America. Such things have nothing to do with getting a good education. And more so, such distractions from academic learning only serve to confuse young and easily influenced minds into thinking about things that are not relevant to their attending school. 

The problem with Public Schools can be fixed by getting rid of Public Schools. Or, at least the ones that aren't serving the public interest. And really, let's re-examine their need when in many cities they are little more than daycare centers forcing kids to be there who don't want to be there. Let's fire teachers who see teaching as an opportunity to imprint their Leftist political and social agendas into the minds of impressionable children who see them as role models.

Now before someone writes to argue that Public Schools are needed, all I ask is for you to look at what they are producing? Today, from the research that I've seen, Public Schools are a waste of time and taxpayer money. Look at the test scores and look at the failing numbers. While not all, there are Public Schools that don't educate children. 

Research why tests are now seen as "racist" and unneeded these days. The reason that tests are now seen as "the enemy" in schools is that tests are a gauge to measure the efficiency of teachers. Tests measure the effectiveness of those who claim to be educators when they are not. 

Research why Public Schools are failing to produce educated children when they have more and more resources at their disposal, including computers and other learning tools.  Research why more and more is being asked for in the way of salaries and benefits for teachers and staff, yet kids are leaving Public Schools dumber than if they had simply stayed home and watched television. In some cities around the country, the attitude of the Public School districts is this: If you can’t pass your high school graduation requirements, we’ll just give you a diploma anyway. 

By the way, this is nothing new. While it's all worse today, even back in the 1970s, I remember friends who taught at a couple of Colleges complaining about how they had to spend their time educating children entering College because High Schools didn't. My teacher friends used to complain about how children arrived ignorant of Basic English, Math, Science, and History because Public Schools failed to do their job and teach. So no, what's happening in our Public Schools is nothing new. It's just getting worse because the Liberal Agenda is now a Leftist Agenda of dumbing down those who will be our future. 

The Leftists know full well that the uneducated are easier to control than the educated -- especially when it comes to those educated who have learned to think for themselves and not simply accept the Leftist line of crap. Let's keep in mind that those people destroying historical statues and burning down cities were doing so because they've been taught that they have the right to attack Capitalism and what has made America great. 

For me, I think it would be wonderful if Public Schools knocked off the Leftist Political Indoctrination crap and stopped trying to brainwash our children into thinking that somehow being a slave with no rights living in a Communist Nation is better than having the freedom to live your own life. It would be great if children left school knowing geography and why others flood our borders while running from oppression. And yes, I would love it if teachers quit conducting themselves as pseudo-psychologists and instead focused on doing their jobs as academics. 

Wouldn't it be wonderful if schools tried teaching Math, English, Science, and History without an undercurrent of Liberal partisanship. Frankly, a teacher's hatred for America, just as with their prejudice in favor of or against one thing, a certain person, or a group compared with another, is not the sort of unfairness that children should learn. 

Public Schools should spend their efforts building a foundation of knowledge that children can use. Children should be leaving school with the ability to comprehend what they read, communicate in writing, accomplish math, understand and appreciate civics, and learn how our government is supposed to function. Such a foundation enables them to communicate, problem-solve, and create practical life skills.

But sadly, that's not happening these days. And yes, that's why we have to start fixing the problems that we have by thinking about alternatives and possibly getting rid of Public Schools that are a part of the problem.

That's just how I see it.

Tom Correa

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