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2023 Ends With Americans Very Angry -- Part One

We Are Very Angry About A Lot Of Things

Let's get right to it. While many of you like Old West History as much as I do, a lot of you are asking why I haven't written about the problems facing Americans today. My answer might surprise you a little.

Frankly, I don't know why people want to hear me talk about politics -- especially since there are several news and political commentary websites out there these days. To be really frank, I'm a little surprised that several of you have written to ask for my perspective on things in the news. Most of you want to know my opinion about why so many Americans are so angry today.

Back when I wrote a lot about this sort of thing, I got a lot of hate mail from people who accused me of being everything that they didn't like. But, since you've asked for my "opinion," we need to get something straight here. As I've said before, what I see taking place in America today is not much different than what a lot of you see happening these days.

From what I can see, Americans are being attacked in a lot of ways. Mostly, I believe we are under attack from the Left which has an agenda that's not healthy for America. Many Americans today are angry because they see our Federal Government as an adversary and oppressor. Many people who I talk with don't see the Federal Government as our friend.

For me, while I can understand why people can be angry at Biden and his administration, I see being angry at our Federal Government as a whole as being angry at the wrong people. I've known some really wonderful people who work very hard in our Government. Most have absolutely nothing to do with the temporary residents of the White House. That is why I think we should all understand something very important, it's not our Government that we should fear -- it's the Administration in power that we should be wary of.

An Administration that's business-friendly and wants to ease the burdens of the American people, an administration that puts America First is the sort of American-friendly Administration that we want in charge. On the other hand, an adversarial power-hungry dictatorial Administration, one that serves the needs of special interest Environmental Groups and European Climate Change Pacts, and works to benefit other nations instead of our own people, an administration like the Biden Administration, is what we should loath and fear.

Most see the Federal Government these days as "Big Brother." I believe that "Big Brother" shows up when the wrong Administration is in power. We have politics in just about everything. As for Americans being angry, it seems like angry Americans are everywhere for good reason -- the Biden administration is 1984 Big Brother in the flesh. 

That's the reason why I believe that the Biden Administration is a very anti-American group. They don't care about what Americans need as they try to shove their New Green Deal Leftist policies down our throats. Their dictatorial measures, their attack on American Oil production and American manufacturing, their use of agencies of the Federal Government to attack Americans, their inciting division, their pitting one group against another while making Trump supporters and one race of Americans -- specifically White Americans -- the target of hate, have Americans very angry these days. 

So really, where do we start?

Americans are very angry at our Public Schools for good reasons. We all read about Public School administrators and teachers with political agendas who purposely hurt, confuse, and take advantage of our children. Administrators and teachers focusing on their liberal social ideals and the LGBQT Queer agenda instead of focusing on educating children in English, Math, History, and accurate Science doesn't help our kids or our nation. And yes, as far as I'm concerned, the dumbing down of our children is an attack on our nation.

So, after researching about what's going on in public schools these days, I've become a big supporter of homeschooling children. But besides homeschooling children, I really believe that parents need to be more involved with their kids. Kids today really need discipline. They need parents to teach them how to treat others.

Children should grow up nurtured but not spoiled. They should be loved, but also be corrected when needed. Kids need to be brought up with respect and common courtesy for others. They should learn responsibility by doing chores and such. They need to learn to have a good work ethic, be on time, make an effort, follow instructions, and how doing a good job makes others respect and admire them. It reflects well on them. Such things build good character traits. And frankly, these are things that kids today are lacking.

One of the things that make Americans very angry is the color division that seems to be very present today. It seems that the fight that was waged to bring about a "Color Blind Society" where people would not be judged by the color of their skin has been for nothing. And frankly, it's really too bad that all of the efforts of so many good people of all colors have ended with us now in a New Era when skin color means everything -- and good character means very little.

As for Americans being angry about being called "Racist" when they are not? Speaking for myself, the word "Racist" has gotten old. In fact, I'd say that the media and politicians have made it a word that means little to nothing anymore. They did this by applying it to everything. After a while, doing that makes it meaningless.

Today, just about everything can be considered "Racist." It's true. Today, we even have people in the media and politicians looking for votes who will call anything "Racist." I've heard a Biden admin member call a road and highway overpass, "racist." Yes, as dumb as that is, and as dumb as they are, they are in charge.

I've heard people, mostly those on the Left, call statues and buildings and whole mountains, along with several everyday food products, "racist." While you and I know full well that inanimate objects have no feelings and cannot be racist, that hasn't stopped some people from declaring some of the dumbest things racist.

Of course, being called a "Racist" means nothing to me anymore. It did once. But no, not anymore. The reason has to do with me being called a "Racist" over things that have nothing to do with race. For example, I've disagreed with the whole concept of giving reparations to people for something that happened over a hundred years before all of us were born.

I've talked about how the Civil Liberties Act of 1988 gave surviving Japanese Americans reparations and a formal apology from President Ronald Reagan for their incarceration during World War II. This was to try to compensate them for what happened to them and their children. 

Japanese American reparations are not the same as giving money to Black Americans who have never themselves been slaves. Japanese Americans reparations were made to Americans who were either still alive or their children. When I explained my position on this, I was called a "Racist."

I've said that all men and women, regardless of their color, should be treated equally, period, equal pay, equal opportunity, and equal respect, and I was called a "Racist." I've said that Women's Sports should just be for women, and I was called a "Racist." I said that there is no such thing as humans being able to "transition" from one gender to another, it's impossible and goes against the laws of nature. I said trying to distort a biological reality does not make a biological male a biological woman, and I was called a "Racist."

And to beat a dead horse even more, I remember writing about how I believe that the looters and arsonists who robbed and torched all of those businesses in 2020 are all criminals who should have been rounded up and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and I was called a "Racist." I remember saying that I'm color blind and treat all of my friends and associates alike. I also said that all lives matter, and I was called a "Racist."

I said that we should have a truly bi-partisan investigation of the 2020 Election to see why the number of ballots counted did not match the number of registered voters in some places. I said we needed to find how there were thousands of more ballots than people registered to vote, and I was called a "Racist."

I wrote about how all of the videos coming out "shows that the January 6th riot at the U.S. Capitol seem assisted by the Capitol Police who acted like tour guides." I went on to write that "Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi failed to do her job as Speaker when she refused President Trump's offer to bring in National Guard troops to the Capitol beforehand to protect the Capitol." Yes, believe it or not, I was called a "Racist" for saying such things.

I said that I supported Trump for president in 2016, and 2020, and would vote for him again in 2024, and again I was called a "Racist." The result is that the word "Racist" obviously means nothing today. Because its usage and meaning have been corrupted to such an extent, the word has become meaningless to most people. 

Should White Americans be angry over being accused of being "racists" when they're not? Of course, just as with any other people, there are White Americans who are "racist." But why paint every White person as "racist" when they're not? 

While the Left usually targets Conservative Americans, these days their target is White Americans as a whole. And really, why is the Left specifically targeting and attacking White Americans when other Americans are all just as "racist" as anyone else these days? 

The reason has to do with hate for White Americans coming from the Mainstream Media because they need a scapegoat to blame for everything that they don't like. It's hate in the form of pushing Wokism and Critical Race Theory to attack Whites. It's their message of hate. Their message is simple: all White people are to blame for everything wrong with the world. And yes, to the Left's twisted way of thinking, Whites should be the target today. 

Do you think that I'm over-blowing what's happening these days? The Left and the Mainstream Media have gone out of their way to attack White Americans and push an agenda of division. To get what they want, they need a target for people to focus on. Today, Whites are the preferred group of people to attack. Whites have been made both the villains and the enemies of America these days. And frankly, it's sad that there are people who believe it.

Of course, the Left pushes their hate for White Americans by encouraging the spread of lies. For example, the myth of "White Privilege" is alive and widespread even if it's a lie designed to incite hate for White Americans. Let's get something straight here, and yes this is for the woman in New York who wrote to tell me that I have had all sorts of privileges handed to me because of the color of my skin: the color of my skin never got me a job, a free education, a free meal, a free car, free housing, or free anything. I've worked all for it.

And as for White Americans all being lumped together and being seen today as "the problem with everything in the world" as I was told recently, it's truly racist to think that's the case. While such hate for White people is real racism because it is based on hate for White people, that sort of hate and racism is not new. I remember back in 2005 when a University of North Carolina professor said "Blacks must Exterminate all White People."

Before you write to tell me that I sound like a White Supremacist, please don't. I'm as far from a White Supremacist as someone can get. And really, I'm only talking about what I see taking place in America these days. The Left is encouraging division and hate. To me, I believe the Left wants to bring back segregation. And frankly, that is very hard for people to accept.

Of course, in 2023, there is another group of Americans who are also under attack from the Left. And really, Americans should be furious that it's taking place -- especially as a result of what's being taught at American universities. 

This is the year that Americans have found out how Universities have encouraged hate for Jewish Americans while turning a blind eye to the atrocities committed by Muslim terrorist groups like Hamas. The closest thing reminiscent of the sort of anti-Semite hate that has poured out of our Ivy League universities and into the streets of America is the hate that Jews had to endure in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.

It has been a horrible sight to see in America. It is a low point in our history. What makes it worse is that many of those taking to the streets with banners that read "Exterminate All Jews" are Muslim Foreign Exchange students here on Student visas.

But it's not only White Americans and Jewish Americans who have become the target of hate these days, women and Women's Rights are under attack in a big way across our nation. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that Women's Rights mean very little to too many on the Left these days -- especially to those in College Sports who have let biological males compete in women's sports.

Frankly, I'd be pissed if I had a daughter and she trained all her life to enter into a competition against other women -- only to find out that young men are now being allowed to compete against her. And even more so, I'd be standing at the door preventing those young men from entering her locker room or shower area. But then again, if I were a parent who had a daughter in a school that did that sort of thing, I'd find another College or university that doesn't allow such amoral behavior to take place.

Of course, Democrats are silent on condemning such things. Leftist political groups see Gay Men wanting to compete against women and use the same dressing areas as women as somehow okay when it's not okay at all. Liberals seem to think that it's okay for a man to compete against a woman when the competitors are not of equal strength and build. It's just not fair. But hey, Democrats have never cared about fairness.

But then, why should we expect anything less from Democrats. After all, there are Democrats in Washington D.C. sitting in Congress and are sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court who can't even identify "What a woman is" because they fear upsetting the Gay Trans Lobby.

And sadly, I don't see anyone on the Left willing to fight for women to be recognized and appreciated. But then again, that's no different than the way it was over 160 years ago when Democrats fought against Equal Rights for Women. Nothing's changed.

I find it ironic that the political party, the Democrats, who always talk about helping women, are silent and nowhere to be found on this. But Republicans are again willing to fight for Women's Rights just as they have for over 160 years. While Republicans are defending women and their hard-fought rights, there's the question if Americans in general should be angry over being attacked for our political affiliation or our support of President Trump? Should Trump supporters like me be angry that Americans are being described as "semi-fascist" and "enemies of American democracy" by Joe Biden? Is it okay for Biden to make those who support someone other than him political targets? 
Joe Biden has called Republicans like me "semi-fascist" for supporting President Trump. Biden has even said that Americans like me who support the "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) movement are a threat to our democracy. Imagine how truly asinine you have to be to say that crap. 

Biden did say it. He said, "MAGA Republicans pose a clear and present danger to American democracy." Of course, there are those on the Left who tell me that I should not be angry about that. I'm told not to take it to heart because Joe Biden is really trying to unite the country. Imagine that. I guess the Left believes that telling lies about 81 Million Americans is how to unite the country? 

We all know that there are Democrat voters who will believe it because Biden said it even though it's a lie. Of course, that's what Democrat politicians do best -- they continuously lie to their supporters because they know that their supporters accept their lies without question. The fact is, whether Liberals want to admit it or not, Democrat supporters are a dream come true for scammers, hoaxers, and con artists. All that a Democrat politician has to do, the same as what any con artist would do, is play on their feelings and emotions.

Democrat politicians and their political activists, including the Mainstream Media, know that Democrat voters are easy to take advantage of because they are not the smartest people out there. Democrat politicians know full well that on any sunny day that they can piss on one of their supporter's sandals and tell them that it's raining, and they know that their supporters will believe and accept what they say as the truth without question.

By the way, that's how the Democrats play their supporters. That's what Democrats have going for them. Democrat politicians and their minion activists can treat their supporters like mindless robots, brainless no-nothing zombies, wooden-headed dummies who can't think or reason for themselves. They see their supporters as the perfect victims of whatever scam a Democrat wants to run. And they do, and they are believed -- even though Democrats are just passing out more lies.

For example, Americans went through 4 years of having a sitting president who did not get us into a war. The Democrats didn't care that that was happening. Democrats still portrayed Trump as a "Warmonger" out to start World War III -- and Democrat voters believed that lie without question. Some of their voters still do.

Another example: President Trump had to fight to clear himself in a failed impeachment trial that has been proven to be a silent coup. Yes, today, we all know that the whole "Russian Collusion Hoax" was in fact a criminal conspiracy, a coup, to unseat a sitting United States President. We also now know that the entire criminal conspiracy was paid for and organized by the top echelon of the Democrat Party, including Hilary Clinton. 

We know that the Democrat Party received help from the FBI, CIA, the NSA, Big Tech companies, and Mainstream Media outlets who were all in on it. We know this to be the truth, just like how we've found out that the "Russia, Russia, Russia" thing was all about fabricated lies to unseat Donald Trump. But really, there are Democrats who still believe it.

It's true. Even though we all now know what happened during his term in office, that hasn't stopped Democratic voters from accepting the Democrat Party's lies and thinking that Trump is guilty. As one reader wrote to me and said, "You Republicans can't see it, but we Democrats know Trump is guilty of something. We just don't know what it is yet."

I find it interesting that in contrast to Democrats, Republicans seem to come equipped with "Bullshit Detectors" that sniff out what some politician is selling. Whether a politician is a Republican, Independent, Democrat, or a RINO (Republican In Name Only), Republican voters are just cynical enough to question what they are being told.

Frankly, that's a good thing if you don't like to be played for a fool. And yes, my friends, you would have to be a fool to not understand what occurred when President Trump was in office. The whole Russian Collusion thing to get him out of office was an incredibly elaborate criminal conspiracy.

And as for nerve, imagine the nerve it took to attempt a coup to unseat a sitting American President using false data, all completely fabricated, using the FBI and CIA and Foreign Intelligence operatives, and none of it was true as we found out later. Democrats ran with it in the Mainstream Media every day and night, relentlessly over and over again, to make the lie sound like the truth.

And please, think about this. Imagine what sort of organization that took? Imagine the cooperation that's needed to try to Impeach a United States President using completely false claims and a completely fabricated story? And yes, you do it with the complete cooperation of Democrat members of Congress. Imagine that. 

And let's not forget, most if not all, on the Left still believe that "Trump colluded with the Russians." Yes, even though we now know for a fact that there was a criminal conspiracy and effort to defraud the American people on a scale that we have never seen before. It's a criminal conspiracy that makes Watergate look small in comparison.

So now, knowing that Hilary Clinton and members of the Obama administration were capable of succeeding in achieving such a criminal act, what makes you think that Biden and the Democrats haven't framed all of those being prosecuted as January 6th insurgents?

Think about this for a moment. We have records showing that President Trump contacted Nancy Pelosi to offer her assistance by calling in the National Guard to protect the Capitol. We have a video of people who are alive during the time when the January 6th Committee said they were dead. We have videos of Capitol Police opening doors and showing the January 6th intruders around the offices and down hallways. We have pictures of January 6th intruders being escorted around as they stay within the robes while moving from one room to another. And yes, we have a key video that was withheld which shows that FBI agents were inciting the crowd that day.

We now have a video that's been made available to the public of President Trump telling his supporters that day to "Go home." We now know that that video of President Trump was on Instagram and Twitter but was immediately suppressed and taken down. It's true. By the way, Democrats are saying he didn't do that. Of course, it's inconvenient for them that we can all see that President Trump did in fact tell those rioters to "Go home."

With evidence like being exposed about what really happened on January 6th, and lies coming from the Biden Administration about Climate Change and Ukraine and Biden's open-border policy on our Southern Border, it's no wonder Americans are outraged these days. 

Sure, Americans are angry about food and gas prices. Sure, Americans are pissed off over having such a hard time making ends meet. But the issues of race relations which are at a horrible stage today, the issue of how politics in our schools is purposely dumbing down our children, the fact that crime is soaring, that criminals are going free, that the police are under attack more than ever, all lend to make Americans very angry at what's going on these days.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are telling lie after lie while trying to justify sending Billions of American taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, trying to justify ignoring the plight of Americans and the invasion that taking place on our Southern Border, and trying to justify attacking Americans with more regulations because of the Climate Change Hoax. None of this is healthy for America.

The bottom line of why we are so angry? It's because these problems are being created by the Left and the Biden Administration -- and not being corrected or solved. And frankly, people can see that. 

End of Part One -- In Part Two, I'm taking on sending Billions of American taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, the Climate Change Scam, the Invasion of America on our Southern Border, and more.

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