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2023 Ends With Americans Very Angry -- Part Two

At the end of Part One, I asked you to check out where this piece is going. Like I said, I'm taking on Biden sending Billions of American taxpayer dollars to Ukraine, spending American tax dollars on the Climate Change Scam, the Invasion of America on our Southern Border, and more. 

Before, we start let me explain to you exactly how I see things at the start of 2024. 

We have the highest taxes ever since Biden and the Democrat Congress enacted the Five Trillion Dollar Tax hike in March of 2023. With the largest tax hike in United States History and Joe Biden's war on American Oil which he started on the very first day in the Oval Office, Americans have had to endure pain and suffering that we have not seen since the Jimmy Carter years. 

Americans today deal with high inflation, high-interest rates, higher food prices, some groceries completely unavailable, some everyday products gone from the shelves, high gas, diesel, and electricity costs, shipping and trucking costs through the roof, and more and more regulations upon regulations upon regulations coming out of the Oval Office. 

Law-abiding citizens are being forbidden from protecting themselves. On the other hand, criminals are going scott-free with "No Bail" and all of the "Defund the police" policies from Democrat-controlled cities and states. The accumulative effect is chaos. But frankly, Democrats don't give a damn. 

If you think Democrats do, you are following yourself in a big way. And you now think I'm over-exaggerating the situation. Well, ask the folks who are victims today. Let them tell you about what crime has done to reduce our cities to war zones. Crime is at the highest point ever in our history. 

And while a lot of our crime problem is "Home Grown" thug crap that's born out of our cities being infested with a thug mentality, we have Illegal Aliens, drugs like fentanyl, child sex trafficking, and all sorts of evil flooding across our Southern border. And what is the answer to this from Joe Biden? They are doing nothing but fight efforts by the states having to deal directly with the problem firsthand. 

As for Biden sending the FBI to investigate Catholics and other Christians going to church, I'm sure they would rather do that instead of actually investigating crime at the highest parts of the Biden Administration. Let's be frank here, we all know it's a lot easier and "politically wise" to investigate Catholics going to confession -- than it is to look into Hunter Biden's laptop, the Biden's burner phones, their off-shore accounts, their 22 shell companies, and the 170 reports of suspicious activities that we now know for fact has taken place. How do we know these things? It's because of FBI whistle-blowers who are coming forward to risk their careers to make the truth known. 

But hey, Joe Biden and his Circus performer, his administration of every type of mentally ill individual that anyone can roundup, are telling us that everything is better than under President Trump. Biden is saying, forget about it.

Biden and his crew have created the situation that we are in, and now they're saying it wasn't them. They are saying it was them that created the highest crime rate in our history. They created the record of drug deaths that we see in 2024. They are responsible for the more than 6 Million Illegal Aliens pouring into our nation, and the Third World Country diseases that they are bringing in with them. Of course, isn't it interesting how the Mayors of Democrat-controlled "Sanctuary Cities" are now changing their tune and don't want Illegals there? It's fascinating to watch how people change their political stance when reality becomes real to those in denial. 

Biden would love it if the American people would simply forget about how Public Schools are being controlled by the Democrat LGBQT Queer agenda. It is destructive. And what it destroys is our children. And frankly, I don't how those schools haven't been sued and closed down. 

And for the whole WOKE Movement that Joe Biden and the Democrats have been pushing? It is about taking our freedoms away and dividing America. It is about eliminating the freedoms granted to us by God and our Bill of Rights. It is the Democrat's tool to divide our nation by race, color, religion, status, and politics.  

Yes, politically, including attempting to imprison their Political Opponents. And please don't kid yourself, that's the reason that Democrat Prosecutors across the country are working so hard to hit President Trump with anything, fabricated or not. And then the Biden administration wonders why Americans have lost trust in our Government. 

Nothing is worse than to trust someone and then be used and lied to by that person. No one likes it when someone has lied to you or taken advantage of you. Yet, that's the situation that we the American people find ourselves in today. That's what's happening at the start of 2024. And yes, that's why we are so angry. 

We know that even after all of the social ills are taken into consideration, it's the cost of everything today that's making Americans very angry. Let's be really clear on this. There are a lot of folks out there who are struggling to make ends meet. It doesn't matter what color you are, a lot of folks are barely keeping their heads above water. While this is going on, some folks are doing okay -- not great, but okay. 

So what is life like for Americans at the start of 2024? 

How has the government, specifically Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, broken our trust? What have they done to destroy our trust in America, our government, those working in our government bureaucracy, and those in authority who have official power to make important decisions? How have they tried to play the American people? 

For one thing, everything that we are going through today is a result of needless policies that only inflict pain and suffering on Americans. You don't think that's correct? Do you think I'm over-exaggerating what's going on?

Well, let me repeat myself, needlessly, Americans are suffering from the highest grocery prices seen in a lifetime, high gas and fuel prices, higher taxes, high inflation, and high interest rates. Americans today have the least amount of personal buying power since the 1930s. The American dollar seems worthless and stretching it to make ends meet is a full-time worry. 

What does it mean when someone says they are trying to make ends meet? It means they are trying to earn enough money to live without getting into too much debt. I was brought up to understand how hard it was to make ends meet since it was hard to pay for the things that we needed to live when we had little money coming in because times were tough. 

Of course, while Americans are struggling to get by, Americans are also taking note of the way Joe Biden and Congress are spending American taxpayer dollars. As far as most folks can see, our Government spends our tax dollars frivolously while wanting higher and higher taxes taken from Americans. 

Have you ever wondered what sort of nation we would have if we didn't have a government that gave away as much of our money as it does? Can you imagine our roads without potholes? Can you imagine the Homeless in shelters for the Winter instead of allies and doorways? How much would we have for cancer patients and the medical needs of seniors? How much could be cut in taxes so that Americans would be able to afford more of everything -- including food and medications?

Ever wonder what would happen if American politicians decided to worry about Americans like they do people in other countries? Maybe our poverty level would go down instead of climbing as it is right now? Maybe we would be able to live a little less stressed and a lot less angry at our Government?

I think Americans having a hard time getting by while watching our Government spend our money extravagantly is a big part of why Americans are so angry these days.  Americans are seeing our Government spending our money on political agendas instead of on what Americans need. 

For example, the Lend-Lease Act was enacted on March 11, 1941. Lend-Lease enabled the United States to supply Great Britain, the Soviet Union, France, the Republic of China, and about 26 other Allied nations with military equipment, construction materials, food, and oil between 1941 and 1945 during their fight against Germany, Italy, and Japan during World War II. 

If we sent military equipment to help Ukraine just like how we did through the Lend-Lease Program in World War II, then I don't think American taxpayers would be angry about sending that sort of help to Ukraine in its war against Russia. But that's not the case, while we have Americans who are struggling to make it -- all while getting hit with higher taxes -- we have recently learned that Joe Biden is funding Ukrainian small businesses, Ukarinian retirement programs, Ukarinian fire departments, their hospitals, their social services programs, their city governments, and much more. In fact, believe it or not, American taxpayers are paying Ukaine's energy producers to provide Ukrainians with free electricity. Joe Biden is doing this, and yet we know that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in Europe. 

Of course, Americans are not happy with this. But, that doesn't seem to matter to Joe Biden and the small group of people who have total control of our Government. In fact, to add insult to injury, Joe Biden and a small group of Democrats have made aid to Ukraine an essential budget item. What that means is that the money going to Ukraine will take place even if there's a Federal Government shutdown. So while Ukraine will get its Billions from our Federal Government, Americans will not receive their Social Security checks. 

And no, let's not talk about how the Biden administration gave zero help to Maui after the devastating fire there. That didn't stop Biden and his crew from finding Billions of our taxpayer dollars for Ukraine. Why is this supposedly taking place? We are told that Ukraine is important because Russia invaded that country. 

But wait, how about the invasion that's been taking place right now on our Southern Border? Americans are mad as hell that this is been going on unimpeded since Joe Biden took office in 2021. In 2023, the numbers of Illegal Aliens coming into our country from Mexico, Central America, South America, China, and the Middle East are staggering. 

Joe Biden and the Federal Government are doing nothing to stop the Invasion of the United States. Absolutely nothing. And again, as an insult to the American people, the Biden Administration is taking Texas and Arizona to court to stop them from doing anything to stop the influx of Illegals. 

For me, I have gotten a lot of mail from ranchers and farmers living along the border. Their stories of being attacked and their concerns for their safety are real. It is criminal that our Federal Government will not protect them or the rest of America. Many of them asked me to write this to tell people how bad things are and how the Democrats don't give a shit! And yes, it's really that simple, Biden and the Democrat Party simply don't give a shit about the American people.

To me, Biden's failure to protect America and stop the Invasion on our Southern Border is grounds for Impeachment. The whole concept of Joe Biden and the Democrats sending military aid to Ukraine -- while we are being invaded should make everyone angry. Of course, while Biden is concerned about Ukraine, many of those coming in with the surge are Drug Cartel members who have increased the amount of illegal drugs coming into our country by more than 1000 times what it was in 2020. Others coming in are terrorists. 

And here's something that might surprise you, Biden's open-door border policy has had an effect on the average life-span of Americans. Believe it or not, Biden's open-door border policy has resulted in the average life span of U.S. citizens actually dropping to 76.1 years. That's the shortest it has been since 1996. It is a fact that, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the decline in the average life-span of Americans has to do with the increase in overdose deaths -- as a result of Biden's border policy. 

The increase in overdose deaths of Americans is a direct result of Biden and the Democrat Party's refusal to stop the flood of illegal aliens, put a halt to the deluge of illegal drugs coming in by drug traffickers, and bring an end to the child sex traffickers who are dropping children they are smuggling into our country. 

Along with the surge of illegals coming across the border, Americans have seen a rise in crime across the nation that we have never experienced in our nation's history. Carjacking, armed robberies, assaults, murders, rapes, arsons, looting, drug trafficking, and child sex trafficking, are in the news every day.

The Democrats who wanted to defund law enforcement have gotten their way and now the animals are running rampant -- almost completely out of control in most big cities. So much so that businesses are leaving those cities with the hopes of finding a safer place to do business. 

In 2023, American cities have become sewers. Our cities have human feces everywhere, they're rat infested, with drugs everywhere, homeless everywhere, and the city's authorities refuse to do anything about cleaning things up. As for visiting American cities, it's best to stay out of them to avoid becoming a victim. It's recommended that you stay home. 

Actually, you can keep your face out of the obituary section of a newspaper if you just stay away and don't visit those crime-ridden places. And sadly, in 2023, all of our cities have become crime-ridden. Of course, that's because Democrats cannot run cities or states or the nation. Democrats have turned once great cities into sewers with no redeeming qualities. 

And yes, if you were wondering when I was going to get to it, Americans are very angry at all of the many Climate Change regulations that have come from Joe Biden. In all honestly, Biden is such a failure that nothing that he does to screw Americans surprises anyone anymore. And really, where do we start when talking about Biden implementing disastrous policies aimed at hurting Americans? From increasing energy costs and overreaching into our homes which used to be free of government regulations and mandates, to his making the World less safe, what do we talk about first? 

Let's first look at how Joe Biden repealed the Trump-era EPA regulations and instead signed off on Obama Era Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations regarding ponds, ditches, small streams, wetlands, and other waterways on private property. 

President Trump's EPA regulations actually benefited property owners, including farmers, ranchers, builders, and oil producers, who were concerned about the Federal Government coming in to regulate private property owners. Trump's EPA regulations stopped the practice of the EPA imposing massive fines designed to force American landowners into court or having to file bankruptcy. 

And think about this, over the last 30 years, State and Federal Government regulations are the number one cause of American farmers and ranchers going under and losing everything. They simply could not afford to comply. Big corporate farmers and ranchers have had it easier, but family farmers and ranchers have lost the battle against our Government. And yes my friends, that is the reason that family farmers and ranchers are at their lowest number in our history. American agriculture has been under attack by Administrations, like the Biden Admin, who are unfriendly to agriculture and small businesses.

Joe Biden's repeal of Trump's EPA regulations and reimposing the Obama Era EPA regulations again pits the Federal Government against private property owners who in the past lost everything they owned while fighting to keep it. It is a battle that should not be waged. But sadly, it is ongoing. And today with Biden's focus on anti-agriculture Climate Change policies -- small American family farms and ranches don't stand a chance.  

While I know that I'm repeating myself, people need to know that while I'm talking about how Joe Biden is waging a war on American farmers and ranchers, we should also recognize how Biden is attacking the way we live and what types of appliances we use in our homes. Even though it's none of his business and he should keep his nose out of our homes, Biden is banning dishwashers, air conditioners, gas stoves, and other appliances.

He says it's all in the name of Climate Change. But in reality, Biden is attacking American manufacturing. He is overregulating our manufacturers and sending more manufacturing appliances to the Chinese Communist. Should that piss you off? Yes, it should because he's attacking American jobs and our future.  

Here's more, Joe Biden has agreed to pay what the Left is calling "Climate Change Reparations." It's true. In January 2023, Biden promised the world that Americans would pay poor countries what the Democrats are calling "Climate Reparations." In fact, President Biden agreed to commit up to One Billion American Taxpayer Dollars to pay for what "Climate Experts" like John Kerry are calling damage caused by the use of fossil fuels. Biden has agreed to this while China is required to pay nothing. 

So yes, Biden has agreed to pay poor countries One Billion American Dollars as "Climate Change Reparations." And yes, more Americans are finding out about such lunacy. And again, it's just more to be angry about these days.

As for making the World unsafe, Joe Biden has said that the sole threat to humanity’s existence is Climate Change and that not even Nuclear War poses a similar danger. Just imagine the sort of insanity that it takes to think such a thing. But it's sadly true, Joe Biden says Climate Change poses a greater threat to mankind than Nuclear War. 

Let's put this in perspective for a moment, China is talking about invading Taiwan while Russia is now again preparing for a Nuclear War with the United States, Europe, and Ukraine. We are talking about being closer to a Nuclear War today than we have been in 40 years thanks to Joe Biden. And if that happens, we are talking about creating a "Nuclear Winter" and the destruction of our society as we know it. This is staring us in the face, and to downplay the real threats to our allies and the world as a whole, Biden says Climate Change is the real threat to the world. 

Yes, Americans are facing Nuclear War with Russia and China, all while we are being screwed by our Federal Government -- all because of a small group of people who care more about what they think will happen to the Earth 10,000 years in the future because of Climate Change, than Nuclear War. 

Frankly, many of us see "Climate Change" as the greatest scam ever perpetrated. To me, the overload of regulations and huge spending just to address Climate Change is simply more Government overreach. In reality, for all intents and purposes, it looks like our Government wants control of our lives. And frankly, Americans are very angry about this.

There are people on the Left who are psychotic about Climate Change. Their psychosis is demonstrated by them being overly concerned, abnormally concerned, extremely unnecessarily, and totally unreasonably concerned about Climate Change. And while I think it's all about government overreach and government control of our lives, there are a lot of people profiting from this scam. 

Let's be clear here, people profit in different ways. In the case of "green energy" companies like Solyndra, many get a lot of taxpayer dollars before declaring bankruptcy. 

And here's more, of those defunct "green energy" companies that took Millions of American taxpayer dollars from the Federal Government "to fight Climate Change"-- none have to give back the taxpayer dollars that they were given by their friends in Washington. That's quite a scam. Yes, quite a scam -- especially when we find out that politicians are getting paid from kickbacks and campaign contributions. 



Tom Correa  

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