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Democrats Consciously Planned The Border Crisis

A scam is a scam, and con artists are everywhere these days. Some call on the phone, others use emails, and so on and so on with all sorts of confidence tricks meant to defraud us. Defraud means to illegally obtain money or some specific thing of value from someone by deception. Stay with me here, and you'll understand my point about how this applies to what's taking place on our Southern Border.

To defraud someone, scammers, swindlers, and con artists, all by any other name are the same, they have to do one important thing first: They need to gain your trust first. Once that happens, then and only then can a confidence game be successfully played on the victim.

How? By using a combination of the victim's credulity, naïveté, confidence, irresponsibility, vanity, greed, and compassion. Confidence games, scams, and swindles are intended to appear "mutually beneficial." But in reality, scams, con games, swindles, and other such trickery only "benefit" the con artist at the expense of their victims.

About now, you've started to wonder where I'm going with this. And it's no wonder because you, like myself, know full well that we're being scammed by the Biden Administration when it comes to the security of the border.

First, let's look at the language of the scam. Remember, a con artist has to first win over your trust. So how does he start that? By changing the language to make it more acceptable to your senses while appealing to your compassion as a human being.

For what's going on at the border, instead of calling a spade "a spade" and using the legal designation of someone who enters our country illegally as an "Illegal Alien" -- the con artist instead appeals to your compassion by relabeling the Alien as an "Immigrant."

According to our federal law, 8 U.S. Code § 1325 states the following:

Improper Entry By Alien: Any alien is someone who (1) enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place other than as designated by immigration officers, or (2) eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers, or (3) attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a material fact.

Knowing that's the definition of an "Illegal Alien," why would the Democrat Party, specifically the Biden Administration and its surrogates in the Mainstream Media, try to misrepresent people breaking the law, criminals, not as lawbreakers but instead as "Immigrants" who are simply people who come to live permanently in a country other than the one they are from? 

It's because calling "Illegal Aliens" merely "Illegal Immigrants" is softer and gets rid of the pesky fact that the person is breaking the law and is subsequently a criminal. He tried to do that on the very first day that he was in office on January 20, 2021, when he submitted his The U.S. Citizenship Act of 2021 to Congress. Among many other things such as Joe Biden promising Illegals money, government benefits, protection, and citizenship, the bill states:
  • The bill further recognizes America as a nation of immigrants by changing the word “alien” to “noncitizen” in our immigration laws.
By changing the language from "Alien" to "Noncitizen," a con artist plays on one's tendency to be too ready to believe that something is real or true while also appealing to one's sense of compassion. The con artist knows that no "freedom-loving American" would really be against someone immigrating to the United States and wanting to become an American. After all, most of our Great-Grandparents did the same thing. This is meant to fool Americans into thinking that Illegals coming here are simply a part of the "Immigration Process" when they are not.

The con artist wants to turn the focus on that, and away from the fact that the person we're talking about is not going through the Immigration Process the way our Great-Grandparents did. That's because the con artist wants you to accept the lie. They want you to think that accepting "Illegal Aliens" into the United States as "Illegal Immigrants" is "mutually beneficial." But in reality, as with all scams, con games, swindles, and other such trickery, this only "benefits" the con artist at the expense of their victims.

Selling the scam to Americans gets tough to do when we all see the Invasion taking place on our South Border. And that's when the con game changes tactics!

Instead of making it palatable and easy to swallow while they try to shove it down our throats, they change tact and attempt to lie to appeal to your sense of naïveté of the facts as to why this is happening.

And then we have the lies. First, Biden, his administration, and the Democrat Party who control the Mainstream Media said for over 3 years "The border is secure." Of course, what Americans are seeing for ourselves tells us that that's a lie. When that wasn't working, the con changed and Biden tried to shift the blame to Republicans in Congress by saying that "it is an Immigration Problem and the Republicans aren't doing their job." But frankly, Americans weren't paying that either.

The latest lie in the con game came out recently when Joe Biden said, "I've done all that I can do to stop the crisis." Of course, to help him sell this is the idea that he's just an old man too senile and inept to do anything to fix the problem. But the border problem is the creation of him and the Democrat Party. 

And yes, I believe he and the Democrat Party created this situation for a reason. That reason is that it benefits them to allow all of the 8 Million Illegals into our country. And frankly, it doesn't benefit anyone else but them. It may even result in innocent Americans being killed in the process of the Democrats succeeding with their plan, but that doesn't matter to them. And before you write me to say that that's harsh, let's remember that this is the same political party that sees nothing wrong with killing the unborn or targeting Trump supporters.

Of course, the biggest problem for such con artists is when their victims, those they call "Suckers," aren't accepting their scam or any of their lies. In fact, Americans knowing the truth is the last thing a con artist like Joe Biden wants. Educated Americans who are enlightened about the truth of what's really going on is a threat to them.

What's the truth? Upon entering office, Americans know full well that Joe Biden did the following:
  • He stopped construction of the border wall which I think should be called what it is, "A security barrier." 
  • He ended President Trump's "Wait in Mexico" policy. 
  • Biden ended President Trump's Title 42 pandemic-era policy that allows Border Patrol agents to expel Illegal Aliens immediately. 
  • Biden Indefinitely ordered that deportations be stopped. 
  • He then narrowed the categories that Illegal Aliens can be deported. 
  • He made it a lot more difficult to deport Illegals, no matter if the Border Patrol learns that they are terrorists, murderers, rapists, or known Drug Cartel members. 
  • He revised restrictions about giving Public Benefits to Illegals making it into our country. 
  • Then to add insult to injury, Biden authorized even more government benefits to be granted to Illegals getting here, criminals or not, it didn't matter.
We know he has done these things and has lied about doing all that he can do. We know this since he has not tried to reinstate Trump's effective policies, policies he stopped on his first day in office. 

But now the question becomes, how would his allowing 8 Million Illegal Aliens into the United States benefit Joe Biden and the Democrat Party? Remember, a con artist is only concerned about what benefits he and his associates can get out of the scam.

In this case, because more Black Americans, Hispanics, and Asian Americans are flocking to the Republican Party, Joe Biden and his Democrat Party see the 8 Million Illegals that have recently been allowed to enter the United States as an increase to their voter base. And frankly, it might work for them. 

In recent interviews with Illegals, when asked who they would vote for for President in 2024 if they could vote, they unanimously answered "Biden." Many know that the Democrat Party doesn't care that only "United States Citizens have the right to vote." As for the Illegals, they see their loyalty to Biden as a way to repay him -- especially since they see Joe Biden as the man who invited them, encouraged them to come, and allowed them to enter without being turned back. 

So all in all, even though it's never been an Immigration Problem as Joe Biden and his administration have tried to paint it, all the while knowing that it is a Border Problem of their creation. And thus, Biden and the Democrats have succeeded in getting what they wanted -- the benefit of more voters. Which, as we all know, is something of great value to a political party that Americans know very well is Ultra-Left and pandering to the Climate Change Globalists. 

The fact that the Democrat Party is seen as completely out of touch with Americans. The fact that Democrats have created schools that attempt to confuse children, and increase racial division; the fact that Democrats have created chaos and crime in our street to an extent as never seen before, and that their desire to defund the police has only made things a thousand times worse; the fact that their war on Americans Oil and American Jobs has put Americans in a position of not being able to afford gas and food; the fact that the Biden administration's obsession with Climate Change is, in reality, attacking Americans' standard of living; and that the Democrats are literally inciting World War III with Russia and China; it's no wonder Democrats feel Americans won't vote for them.

Instead of changing their Leftist policies and putting a stop to their open hatred for America, Democrats consciously planned the border crisis that we are experiencing today. If you don't think so, please look at the record.

President Trump pushed some very effective measures to secure the border including tougher border and interior enforcement, restricting asylum, rolling back Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), slashing refugee visas, streamlining immigration courts, and creating his "Remain in Mexico" policy. In 2020, the Democrats made it their mission to reverse course and open the border.

For example, here is a 2020 statement from Omar Jadwat, director of the ACLU's Immigrants' Rights Project, "What the Trump administration has sought to do is to simply turn off immigration and to do it unilaterally by presidential edict, without the approval of Congress or the consent of the American people. That project should be reversed."

Let's remember that in September of 2020 while still campaigning from his basement, NPR reported that Joe Biden announced that he would implement a wide range of border policy changes including "not another mile of border wall, no more separating families, no more prolonged detentions or deportations of peaceable, hardworking migrants."

NPR, which spews Democrat Party talking points, also stated that Biden "would restore the asylum system and support alternatives to immigrant detention, such as case management, that allow an applicant to live and work in the community while their case works its way through the hearing process. Trump has derisively called this 'catch and release.'"

Again, keep in mind, that in 2020, Joe Biden said during his virtual acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, "If I'm elected president, we're going to immediately end Trump's assault on the dignity of immigrant communities. We're going to restore our moral standing in the world and our historic role as a safe haven for refugees and asylum-seekers." That was all rhetoric for the sake of his audience. Yes, exactly as a con artist would do to make "Suckers" think he's on the level.

Here's another piece of evidence to prove that this invasion of over 8 Million Illegal Aliens has been engineered by Democrats to boost the voting base of the Democrat Party? This piece of evidence has to do with what happened just a few days ago when Democrats in the Senate stopped a Republican move to keep the Democrats from making the invasion of Illegals a part of the census for the purposes of Apportionment for House seats and the Electoral College.

On March 9th, 2024, the following was reported:

"In an effort by Senate Republicans to stop non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, from being counted on the census for the purposes of apportionment for House seats and the Electoral College was shot down later Friday after the measure failed to gain the support of a single Democrat."

Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., moved to include an amendment, attached to the $460 billion spending package, that would require the Census Bureau to include a citizenship question in any future census, and then bar anyone who isn't a U.S. citizen from being counted for purposes of Congressional District and Electoral College apportionment.

While the bill would also exclude legal immigrants on temporary visas and green cards from the census, the move has been undertaken explicitly to stop illegal immigrants from being counted amid millions of new arrivals at the Southern Border. It's similar to a Trump-era effort to include a citizenship question on the 2020 census. Trump's effort sparked widespread criticism and condemnation from Democrats and left-wing immigration groups who argued that a citizenship question was unlawful and was designed to help Republicans in future elections."

Sen. Bill Hagerty said, "Democrats in sanctuary cities and elsewhere are accepting of the effects of the migrant surge because they are hoping to gain greater representation in the House of Representatives and Electoral College by redistricting."

Sen. Bill Hagerty went on to say, "Democrats are seeing people leave their state. They're seeing the potential of the next census to lose congressional districts and electoral votes. I think most people in America are shocked to find out that we count the presence of illegal immigrants in determining the allocation of congressional districts and electoral votes.

But if you think about the motives for the crime that's taking place at our southern border, that is it. That's what the Democrats are trying to do. And it’s a sheer power grab. It's cynical as hell, and it's actually the most straightforward explanation of why they would tolerate this carnage and mayhem. It's in order to retain and gain power."

All of the evidence points to the fact that the border crisis we have in 2024 was created and engineered by Biden and the Democrat Party. They did this willingly while knowing that it would have horrendous effects on America. By their own statements of support to open the border, we know that besides pandering to Leftist immigration organizations, the primary reason for doing this is that Biden and the Democrat Party want to increase their voter base with Illegals Aliens. All of the evidence points that way.

Tom Correa

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