Thursday, March 7, 2024

Democrat Lies, Lies, Lies!

Story by Terry McGahey

With every yes or no question asked to the members of the so-called Democrat Party, all you get is stonewalling and out-and-out lies. The Democrat Party is so far gone that the only way it can be changed is by the party itself with members who actually believe in our great Constitution. The problem with this statement is that the Democrat party has been hijacked by the Socialists and Communists who only want to regulate and control our country with an iron fist. All they care about is control, power, money, and tearing down our laws and Constitution for their own benefit.

This party has even turned its back on Robert F Kennedy Jr. who does believe in our Constitution and country. Reason why? Kennedy does not fall within the Socialist Agenda of the far left. Kennedy was a true Democrat of the time when the party was not controlled by the Socialists. Yes, there have always been Socialists within that party but the party was not fully controlled by that faction as it is now.

I am not suggesting that we as Republicans vote for Kennedy, but I am suggesting that the only way the true Democrats of that party can bring that party back to what it was many Years ago is to make the voting Democrats understand just how far that party has sunk into the Socialist septic tank of politics.

Years ago the two parties always had policy differences, but I remember a time when you could actually talk to a Liberal and agree or disagree on different subjects without screaming, hollering, and actually hating each other. We did that by respecting each other's opinions, no matter if you believed in their opinion or not. There is no respect or decency among the Democrat Party as it is today.

What I find hard to believe is that people who are from my generation who remember this country before this takeover by the far left can not see how this party has turned against the rule of law and truly against the people of our great nation.

Illegal immigration, trying to de-fund police, and destroying our economy along with many other outright disgusting rulings made by appointed far-left judges. For some time now we have allowed our education facilities such as colleges and even grade school all the way through high school to be hijacked by Ssocialist teachers, school boards, and college professors.

In my opinion, these people should be fired and never allowed to teach again their Socialist values to our young people. The only way to change the Socialist Party of America (Far Left Dems) is for the voting Democrats of our country to wake up to the far-left agenda and start voting for a better class of politicians within that party -- people who truly care about our country and laws as well as what’s best for our people. The Socialist faction that is running the Democrat Party will never change unless the voting public makes that change.

Rapping up this article it’s my opinion that many members of the Socialist Party of America, which is today's Democrat Party, should be tried for treason and publicly hung, just as our forefathers probably would have done.

Terry McGahey
Associate Writer/ Old West Historian

Terry has been a working cowboy, writer, and historian. He is best known for the fight that he waged against the City of Tombstone and their historic City Ordinance Number 9. He was instrumental in getting the famous Tombstone City Ordinance Number 9 repealed while at the same time forcing the City of Tombstone to fall in line and comply with the laws of the State of Arizona.

If you care to read how he fought Tombstone's City Hall and won, check out:

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