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White Americans Are Not Enlisting To Defend America

A few of my readers wanted to know how I feel about "white Americans not enlisting" in our military? White enlistment being down is something that's been going on for a few years, but it has really hit home lately because of its consequences. 

Frankly, it’s not really a surprise that this is happening. Let's keep in mind that we've all seen our Society bash white Americans over the heads for years.  White Americans have been relentlessly assaulted and accused of being responsible for all of the ills of the World. Today, young white men have become less willing to defend America or risk their lives for a Society that discriminates against them and blames them for all the evils of history – evils which they themselves had nothing to do with.

In January 2024, The Telegraph stated:

It was reported in this newspaper recently how the US Army has seen a dramatic fall in the number of white recruits, as the website found that the Army fell 10,000 short of its 65,000 enlistment target.

Underpinning this drop was a dramatic decrease in white recruits from 44,042 in 2018, to just 25,070 in 2023, leading to the proportion of white recruits falling from 56.4 percent of all recruits in 2018, to just 44 percent. According to the US Census from 2022, around 59 percent of all US citizens were from white backgrounds. The US military is 17 percent women, so the recruiting crisis is primarily one among white men.

Clearly, something inside the US Army’s recruitment system is failing, both in terms of targets being drastically missed and a failure to recruit effectively among the nation’s largest ethnic group. 

In February 2023, in an article titled "What the Data Says About the Military's Recruiting Crisis" written by Kevin Wallsten, he stated:

The U.S. military is facing an “unprecedented” recruitment crisis, with most branches of the armed forces failing to meet their enlistment goals in 2022. This recruitment crisis is partly a function of the fact that so few young people are now able to serve due to obesity, educational deficiencies, mental health problems, or criminal records. In fact, “only 23% [of American youth] are physically, mentally, and morally qualified to serve without receiving some type of waiver.”

The recruitment crisis is not entirely a consequence of these metastasizing physical, mental, and moral problems, however. It is also a direct result young people’s growing unwillingness to serve. The most recent estimates “show that only 9% [of America’s youth] are even interested in military service.”

Why are so few young people willing to serve in the military? According to some conservatives, the Pentagon’s increasingly “woke” diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies are alienating the groups most inclined to serve in the armed forces (namely, Conservative, Southern, and rural Whites).

Consider, for example, Jimmy Byrn’s recent article in the Wall Street Journal. Byrn writes, the Pentagon’s “woke” policies “have amounted to a form of antirecruitment for prospective enlistees. The Pentagon is appealing to activists at the expense of those most likely to serve. The military has historically drawn an outsize proportion of recruits from conservative Southern states.”

Similarly, Thomas Spoehr argues that: “Wokeness in the military…acts as a disincentive for many young Americans in terms of enlistment...Is anyone surprised that potential recruits—many of whom come from rural or poor areas of the country—don’t want to spend their time being lectured about white privilege?”

Further in that article, I found it interesting that it states how while "wokeness" is responsible for the drop in enlisting white Republicans, in general, the political attitudes of young people today show an unwillingness to defend our country. While "wokeness" is keeping white Conservatives from enlisting, what's keeping white Democrats from signing up? 

The answer to that question has to do with how young white Democrats are being raised to hate law enforcement and our military. The hateful attitude of young white Democrats toward America, our way of life, our history, our police, and the military today is extremely obvious. The attitude of hate for America really stinks. 

Patriotism goes hand-in-hand with a good attitude in the military. The attitude of young white Democrats shows that they view America, our culture, and our military with contempt. 

In 2023, Gallup polls found pride in being American had fallen more than 20% among Democrats since 2015. Gallup also found that the views of Democrats and Republicans are inverted in that while only a mere 21% of Democrats say "America is the greatest country," polls show 64% say "other nations are as great or greater." 

In contrast, 62% of Republicans believe that "America is the greatest" with only 24% saying "other nations are as great or greater." The same 2023 poll also found that a third of all Democrats believe they are "less patriotic" than their parents.

What does all of this mean? 

For white Republicans, those who have been raised very patriotic, raised to love America and respect our military and police, they see our Society as blaming them and subsequently hating them for things that happened long before they were ever born. As for "wokeness" in America's military, they see "wokeness" as something that they don't want to deal with. Because of that, the military's desire to be political and embrace the Left's ideas of "wokeness" stops them from enlisting.  

People need to realize that many of the young people growing up in America today have been through the Public School system and have had to endure its "wokeness blame game" that targets whites. And frankly, young white Republicans see it as something that should be avoided if they can. Sadly, that limits their options in joining our military because most branches are embracing that horrible social experiment.   

For white Democrats, those who have been raised to be less patriotic, have disdain for America and actually hate America's military the same way they hate law enforcement, having to voluntarily "serve" in the military is completely out of the question. To them, as I'm reminded in their hate mail to me, our military is seen as something for others -- but not them. They see themselves as better than those who serve. 

The consequence of both cases is that there's now a growing disinterest in defending America while serving in our military. Of course, an ongoing decline in enlistment might mean the end of the "Volunteer" military service that was ushered in in the late 1970s. It might also mean the return of the Draft. And if that happens, I guarantee you that a lot of people won't be happy.

Tom Correa

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