Friday, October 28, 2011

Do Liberals Want To Suspend The U.S. Constitution?

Yes, it's true. Like Forest Gump's Mom said, "Stupid is as stupid does!"

In this case it's what North Carolina's Democrat Governor Beverly Perdue said that may garner her the Forest Gump award for stupidity. 

Unless of course it wasn't stupidity, and in reality it was actually a slip pertaining to her real desire?  Maybe she let slip the real Liberal agenda?  Either way slip or stupidity, her way of thinking should bother Americans everywhere.

On September 28th, she actually suggested that Congress suspend elections for two years so lawmakers can get to work stimulating the economy unencumbered by anxiety about what voters think.  In essence saying that Congress should suspend the U.S. Constitution.

Her exact words were, ""I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,"

Then she went on to say, "I really hope that someone can agree with me on that. You want people who don't worry about the next election."

The North Carolina's Governor's office later tried writing it off by saying that she was only joking. But a lot of Americans weren't really happy with Governor Perdue, especially when many folks realized that she was talking about suspending our rights and privileges under the United States Constitution.

It bothered me a lot that someone elected to office would say such a thing.  It wasn't only the fact that she isn't very smart when it comes to one of the most pivotal moments in American History, but also the fact that she was advocating suspending the United States Constitution for no reason at all.  That, my friends, is scary!

I personally believe that she's no real student of American History at all, if she was then maybe she would know how horrible her suggestion really was.

My friends, in the middle of the Civil War when President Abraham Lincoln had already declared Martial Law in many parts of our country - many of his advisers wanted him to suspend and postpone the upcoming Presidential Election of 1864.

The Presidential Election of 1864 became one of the most important moments in American History.

It was, first of all, remarkable that it even took place because we were a nation at war.  Washington D.C. was an armed camp and rebel victories were mounting. There were huge riots and anti-Lincoln sentiment was high.  If the election would be held, it was believed that Lincoln would surely lose the White House.

But the election took place. It took place in the Union States, bloody civil war or not, with no precedent for voting in a divided nation, and with seemingly ample justification for postponement.  Yes, it took place. 

President Lincoln believed that it had to take place because it spoke to the heart of who we were as a nation.

Yes, their was spirited debate but all in all it was an orderly process. Surprisingly Chicago style Politics was even alive and well back then, but there was really little corruption and negligible violence.  The election became, as one writer put it, "a sterling example and vindication of the democratic process itself."

And more, the Election of 1864 was an election in which voters cast ballots to determine crucial questions about the direction of the war, about their government, and about American society.  The questions that Americans had to look at were huge to say the least.

Should the war which had already been fought since 1861 go on?   Should, as Lincoln's Democrat opponent argued, there be a settlement sought with the South?   It's true that the Democrat Party wanted peace at any price.  But Americans were being asked what they wanted, and not what the Democrat Party want. 

Voters were asked to think about the future and ask themselves if America should be color-blind?  They were asked to vote knowing that a vote against Lincoln would mean the continuation of slavery in the South for certain.  They were asked what role did they think blacks, former slaves, would play in the war and in a post-war American society? 

Those and similar questions raised some of the most fundamental issues to be considered since the founding of the republic. It was a pivotal moment in American History.

At the time, Americans everywhere in the Northern States, the baker, the merchant, the candlestick maker, the soldier in the field of battle who probably wanted the war to end more than anyone, all knew what was at stake.  Their votes would decide, most likely forever, if Americans would forever be part of two nations.  Their votes for the defeatist Democrats would mean an America to be split in two, and a South with its slavery still intact would win the war. 

Contrary to the pols and the Newspapers who hated him and tried to gin up resentment against him, Abraham Lincoln won.  He heard loud and clear what Americans in the North wanted.  Contrary to what the Democrat Party said, Americans did not want Slavery or a divided United States of America. 

Just as today, Americans are tired of being slaves to Federal and State regulations.  Many Americans today see the federal government as the oppressor instead of working for us.   Many Americans today believe the Democrat Party is a Political Party with a set objective to divide and change our Republic.  Liberals who have consistantly demonstrated a desire to destroy our basic American values, have also shown a real desire to turn our America into a Socialist State with the power belonging to the state instead of the people. 

One way of meeting their objective of changing our Republic is to weaken the American voter. And the best way to weaken the American voter, yes, it is to suspend our rights and privileges under our Constitution. Why want a nation where the government rules the people instead of what we have now where the people rule the government?  It is beyond me as to why because I simply don't understand the Liberal thinking enough to understand their basic hatred of America.    

Many believe that it's for personal and political gain that the Liberals create division and dessension, conflict and strife.  It fits into their plan by creating instability and a need for Federal action.  Crisis gives Liberal Democrats a reason to act without authority.  And yes, one way to act without authority is to suspend the Constitution of the United States and especially the Bill of Rights - our fundamental protections.  

As for Governor Perdue, well her office tried to say she was joking. But a joke without sense or thought is brainless blather, not even a joke at all.  Usually humor has some grain of truth in it, especially if it wants to be funny.  This is especially true in satire and sarcasm. 

So maybe she wasn't joking at all, after all, as a famous writer once said, "there's truth in jest." Maybe she was just tipping her hand about what she and other Liberals want in the future?

As for her idea of suspending the elections of 2012 so that it can give the Democrats time and an edge to repair their Political Party's weak leadership in Washington?  Well, my friends, they should rethink messing with our Constitution. 

And honestly, if their leadership is their problem then the Democrat Party should work on it without violating the rights of all Americans and destroying the Constitution of the United States in the process. 

Story by Tom Correa


  1. Wait a minute. Liberals want to suspend the U.S. Constitution? What is this high school? It's a document not a rowdy student.

  2. Wait a minute. Liberals want to suspend the U.S. Constitution? What is this high school? It's a document not a rowdy student.


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