Monday, October 24, 2011

Foreign Aid To Buy Influence Is Dumb!

So is Washington finally getting a clue that there is something very stupid about giving Foreign Aid money as a way of gaining influence in that country - especially when that country is one of the top 3 economic powers in the world?

It was in the News today that a few Democrat Senators are outraged that the U.S. is giving Millions of Dollars in Foreign Aid to China - while we are borrowing Billions of Dollars from China.

No shit! Well, it's about time!

China is one of the biggest economies in the world, if not The Biggest, and it grew at more than 9% over the last year while our economy only grew at 2%.

China has loaned us, the United States, more than One Trillion Dollars to fund our Politicians need for deficit-spending.  Deficit-spending. That sounds sort of clinical doesn't it? 

If I spend what I don't have coming in, its not called "Deficit-spending."  It's called selfish, stupid, callus behavior. Washington calls it "poor fiscal management."  My wife would call it, "dumb!"

So how has a couple of Democrats come to realize that while we in the U.S. borrow from Communist China that we turn around and send Foreign Aid to the same Communist that we keep borrowing from?

I have no idea.  Maybe they attended a Tea Party rally and found out that that's the sort of thing we talk about at the rallies?  Maybe they are seeing the light? Maybe they are seeing their time Representing us as coming to a close because of their stupidity. Who knows?

Is it just plain nuts?  Of course it is!  Is it borderline insanity to repeat the same action over and over again when you know it's crazy to do so?  Of course it is!

"Why in the world would we be borrowing money and then turn around and giving it back to the countries that we're borrowing it from?" Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma said. "If they have enough of a surplus to loan us money, they have enough of a surplus to take care of their own needs."

Democratic Sen. Jim Webb of Virginia asked the same question in a recent appearance on Fox News, "Hey, in the crisis that we're in right now, should we really be continuing to send American taxpayer dollars over to China for these purposes?"

And I love the way this was reported, quote "It isn't a lot of aid -- tens of millions in bilateral aid, much more through international institutions to which the U.S. contributes."

That's not a lot of money to who?  It sure the Hell is a lot of money to Americans! China shouldn't be getting any Foreign Aid at all! 

It's the same with a lot of the countries that we give Foreign Aid to, including the United Nations.  Why allow the United Nations to stay in New York?  Why not have them relocate to somewhere more appropriate to their problem?  They should relocate to Somalia so that they can see for themselves what their policies have wrought.

Why pay the U.N. a single dime?  The U.N. is nothing but a place that breeds Anti-Americanism, spreads Islamic terrorism, and gorges itself on greed! 

Why pay any Foreign Aid to any one?  First thing is that the money only goes to making Dictators rich.  The money never ever trickles down to those in need.  Besides, we have starving children here in America.  We have many of the problem that many in other countries have, right here.  Why can't we take care of us first, before we concentrate on the problems of others. 

As for the Chinese, well friends, we buy Chinese goods galore.  They are everywhere!  Wal-Mart, which I used to buy more from, has an inventory made up almost entirely of merchandise made in China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Chili, and many other countries. 

Yes, merchandise from many countries, but not merchandise from the United States.  If you think I'm kidding, please check where all of Wal-Mart's stuff comes from.  Clothing, tools, picture frames, you just about name it.  And yes, it's enough to make a man angry!

Fords are made overseas just like General Motors are, while Toyota's and Honda's are made here.  And yes, those foreign auto-makers are employing Americans while American auto-makers are sending our jobs overseas. 

So who do you buy from?  American Companies get Taxpayer Bailouts and build more factories overseas to use cheap foreign labor, while at the same time Foreign Companies are hiring American workers in factories here. 

I know where I stand.  If it were me, I'd stripe the Tax and Tariff Breaks that American Companies are getting while building anything overseas.  If it were me, I'd penalize General Motors and Ford for building cars and trucks in foreign countries.  Maybe we should give tax breaks to companies that hire Americans? 

America can use the Foreign Aid if Congress or Obama wants to send it our way?  Maybe we can use the money for our own children, and in places around our own country where our people are living in poverty and despair.

So why should a nation like China that's competing with the U.S. economically and politically in every corner of the globe get any money from the U.S.?  They shouldn't.

"I think the Chinese are just laughing whenever they receive a check," said Dan Ikenson, a trade economist at the CATO Institute. "How silly this is of the United States to be subsidizing the faster-growing, second-largest economy in the world."

On the other side, we have people like Dan Runde of the Center for Strategic and International Studies who say, "The hope and the operating assumption is that to the extent that we engage them in a variety of ways, that we can stay influential. And we can influence them." Although he does admit that the Foreign Aid that we send China has little positive impact.

No kidding! He's probably a highly educated man.  To bad he doesn't have the common sense that everyday Americans have.  Everyday Americans can probably explain to people like Dan Runde, that just because we give money to a nation - that that in itself does not guarantee that we will have any influence on those people.

Heck, if that were the case, than a whole lot of countries would have been influences by American money.  We have put out $ Trillions upon Trillions of Dollars with hardly anything to show for it.  It is just a stupid idea and a dumb policy. 

Our government should have learned a long time ago that no matter how much money we put out to other countries, friends they are just going to do what is in their best interest - and if that means taking our money and laughing at us while they promise us their allegiance - than so be it.

The whole matter leaves Republican Sen. Tom Coburn of Oklahoma completely disgusted. "You know, it's stupidity. There's no other explanation for it, other than we're stupid in Washington to continue to do that."

While the Senate had recently passed a bill to punish Chinese currency manipulation, the House is about to examine Chinese trade policy across the board. But all in all, while lawmakers debate the issue, it is good that at least a few Senators and Congressman are asking the simple question, "Why do we keep sending money to countries that obviously shouldn't get it?"

So is Washington finally getting a clue that there is something very wrong with the way that they do business on our behave?  I can only hope so.

If you're curious where your elected Representative stands on giving away taxpayer money to people who obviously shouldn't be getting it - maybe it's time to call or write them to find out where they stand?

Story by Tom Correa

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