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Was An "Assault Rifle" Even Used At Sandy Hook

Many are saying there was no AR-15 "assault rifle" ever there. And yes, some are questioning if an "assault rifle" was ever used at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

That's right, let's talk truth for a while and state the fact that this whole discussion on a ban on guns because they were supposedly used at Sandy Hook Elementary School may be nothing but a sham, a scam, a hoax, all just a lie.

Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance, speaking at an afternoon news conference just before President Obama was to arrive, said "the weapon that was utilized most of the time during the crime was a [.223 caliber] Bushmaster rifle."

The killer, Adam Lanza, also "carried a 9mm Sig Sauer and a 10mm Glock, both handguns," he said, adding that "one of the handguns had been used by the assailant to take his own life."

Vance said the death of the shooter's mother, Nancy Lanza, had officially been ruled a homicide. She was shot and killed by her son at her suburban home before his rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Vance said "all weapons had multiple magazines and ammunition," adding that "each of the magazines had a capacity of approximately 30 rounds."

When asked by reporters how many rounds there were in total, Vance replied: "hundreds."

But there seems to be a problem here, on January 18th, NBC News released information that four handguns were found inside the school at Sandy Hook.

NBC News went on to quote Federal investigators who said the only rifle found was in the shooter’s car. As one writer put it, "In other words, this entire tragedy had nothing to do with assault-style, military-style, or any other style rifle."

So what is going on here?

FACT: Only two pistols were found with Adam Lanza after he was found dead. Both are semi-automatic handguns.

But then NBC News reported that 4 pistols were retrieved from inside the school. It's true, in a video of the NBC News coverage regarding the massacre, NBC News expert reported that 4 handguns were found inside the school.

FACT: No "assault rifle" or "assault weapon" was ever used at the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 

Like millions of others, I heard a reporter say that the police who arrived on scene that morning reported that they found an AR-15 in the shooter's car. Later that evening, I watch as the police opened up the trunk to the shooter's car and their found a Saiga 12 Tactical Shotgun in the trunk of the car.

The public has not seen any pictures of an AR-15 "assault weapon" that was supposedly found in the killer's car.

But a video on YouTube shows an NBC News report where an officer is ejecting the shells out of what appears to be a black Saiga 12 Tactical Shotgun. 

In the video, everyone can plainly see that he is extracting the shells from the shotgun using the bolt handle.

Since AR-15 rifles do not have bolt handles, and instead have a charging handle on top, those are shotgun shells he is ejecting.

FACT: No one has seen the AR-15 that was supposedly taken from both the backseat of the killers car and the inside of the school.

No, that wasn't an error. You see the AR-15 "assault rifle" that they keep saying they found in the school was initially reported to have been in the killer's car. So how could that one gun be in two places, found in the car and found in the school at the same time?

The problem here is two fold: First, while there is a lot of evidence that a Saiga 12 Tactical Shotgun was indeed found on the scene, there isn't any proof that a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle was even there at all.

Second, how can a gun be in two places at once? How can it be what the police say they retrieved from the shooter's car, and yet still be the same gun used by the shooter inside the school?

And honestly, since anyone can see that there was a Saiga 12 Tactical Shotgun from the trunk, why hasn't anyone seen the mysterious Bushmaster AR-15 that was supposedly taken from the car or the school - wherever they want to say it was?

For me, I can only wonder if someone reported the Saiga 12 Tactical Shotgun as being a Bushmaster AR-15? It is possible, but really unprobable.

But then again how can they report that they find an AR-15 in a car - but also report it with the shooter who had supposedly shot all of his victims in the school multiple times with an "assault rifle"?

In spite of the Sandy Hook shootings being the catalyst for liberals going off the deep end, we only know for certain that as was reported by The Washington Post, that the Sandy Hook shooter, Adam Lanza, never used a rifle of any type during his assault on the school's staff and students.

Buried towards the end of the rather lengthy article:

"He had two semi-automatic pistols and a .223-caliber rifle," law enforcement officials said. "He apparently used only the handguns, which were later found in the school. The rifle was found in the vehicle."

And by the way, after you watch that video, ask yourself how is it possible to do what that Medical Examiner is claiming?

He says that the victims were all shot multiple times ( 4 to 6 times each) with .223 caliber bullets from an AR-15 rifle.

Friends, not to be gross here, but really, with as much physical damage that that would do at close range to even a full size man, how can that Medical Examiner actually say with certainty that sort of thing? Especially, without any medical autopsies being preformed?

It just seems fishy. It is horribly fishy that a Medical Examiner would make that sort of quick judgement call without any other evidence other than what was seen in the carnage of the crime scene.

For me, I would love some real answers and not just knee jerk assertions.

I want to know why the rush to judgement be the Medical Examiner. With 29 victims, I would think he's still investigating what took place. But hey, maybe the guy is quick at his job - though I doubt it.

I want to know what sort of medications the killer was on, and why he was taking it? I want to know if any medication that he was on propelled him to act out this horror? And yes, if tests say that his meds can contribute to this behavior, then I want to know why the law doesn't ban using it?

I want to what really happen there? I would like to know how he entered? And no, not just speculation? I read where some guy said that he thought that the killer shot the entry door to pieces and charged in, and others believed it.

And yes, I want to know what anyone is doing to solve school security so that this can't happen again?

It is ironic that there was an attack on Elementary School children in China that very same day that the attack in Newtown Connecticut too place.

The attacker there used a knife to slash at kindergarten kids. Soon after that, China put Security Guards at all of its schools to stop that sort of thing from happening again. And yes, they have a great deal more schools to guard than we do.

So really, since I haven't heard of too move movement in the way of security for our children, I would really love to know what they - those who are so quick to just ban guns - are doing about real and positive actions right now?

I really can't help but wonder if the so-called Progressives, i.e. Liberals, are just using this terrible tragedy to further their Socialist Big Government Anti-Gun agenda?

The way I see it, there should be an investigation conducted by Congress as to what really took place at that school, including finding out exactly what guns were used during the crime?

Since I don't trust the Justice Department under Attorney General Eric Holder who has been convicted of contempt of Congress for withholding information of the Federal Gun Trafficking Operation Fast and Furious, and since he has a stake in furthering the Liberal agenda, I believe Congress would be more diligent about getting to the truth of what took place at that school.

A fair and non-partisan investigation may yield answers as to how to fix the problem of crazies entering and doing such horrible acts? 

We really need to find real long range solutions to help protect society from nutcases who are inspired to act out their fantasies of murder and carnage.

We need to ban extremely graphic Hollywood movies and video games. And yes, for those who have a unquenchable lust for blood on film, we need to take away their venues to which they use to expose the public to such unrealistic crap.

We need solutions, not knee jerk reactions. Especially not from people who live by the philosophy of "not letting a tragedy go to waste" to further a political agenda.

We need to find answers while ensuring that our Civil Rights provided to us by way of the Bill of Rights are not compromised. Yes, something that liberals know nothing about. 

Story by Tom Correa

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  1. I don't give a damn if somebody attacks a school with a cannon I still say it's wrong. And no, Adam Lanza did not technically use an assault rifle at Sandy Hook. He did however use an AR-15 which is often considered an assault rifle but really it's not. So in my opinion, I'll say that he DIDN'T use an assault rifle on that day. But you can feel free to disagree. Any suggestion is open. And while we're at it, let's offer up some counseling for all the others that are thinking about attacking schools. Because I think they're gonna need it. Remember. Even if it only LOOKS like a gun, you're done.


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