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The Wrong Impression Of Today's America

Dear Readers,

As many of you who are my regular readers know, I love getting email from folks around the world.

One reader who is an Old West enthusiast lives in India, and has wrote me a great letter with questions concerning today's America.

While this is a subject that I am very interested in, his letter touches on a few things that I believe is taking place around the world.

All in all, I believe the world is seeing what is presented to them by those wanting to change America.

I don't believe that they see how the majority in America is fighting to stop this dominance and distortion.

Back in 2008, we all heard Barack Obama and the Left talk about the need for change!

Change is defined as: 1) to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone; 2) to transform or convert; 3) to substitute another or others for; exchange for something else, usually of the same kind; 4) to give and take reciprocally; interchange: to change places with someone.

"Change" in itself is inert. In itself it is neither good or bad, better or worse. The word "change" means nothing by itself but is determined on actions.

The merits of change is determined by different factors, but mostly by good or bad, better or worse. What "sort or change" is being introduced.

To make a form, nature, content, future course, different from what it is to make it better, into something useful, good, honest, more free, self-reliant, self-sufficient, is not the Liberal concept of change.

America is a louder example of what I see going on around the world in respect to society being manipulated by those who want to see it changed into something they want -- what they see as good change is not good change to everyone.

As we have learned in the last ten years since the Liberals have come to power in America, their idea of change means more Government ownership and control, threats of fines, confiscation and/or imprisonment, and the loss of freedom and liberties.

While they see this as good change, to them control is positive change because they see people as unable to govern ourselves. Liberals see positive change enacted with more and more regulation and a forced acceptance of how they see the world.

As for what I mean by "louder example"?  I mean louder because of America's 24 Hour News and Movies and Television, more people around the world see it how we are being manipulated.

Manipulated? To some, for example those on the Political Left who want to see America less masculine, less driven, not as strong, not religious, anti-democracy, anti-family, and they use movies, television, and other liberal media outlets such as the New York Times or magazines to spread their ideas of what they think America should be like.

They don't like the determination, the drive, the yearning to be free of the yolk of oppression, that emboldened American pioneers to come West.

They see that sort of behavior as going against the behavior that makes Americans more dependent on the government. The Left likes the idea of the government caring for the people in the same way that ranchers care for cattle or farmers care for sheep and hogs.

Rugged individualism, a sense of purpose and drive, being deliberate in your motives to care for your family all go against what the Left wants in Americans -- especially American men.

There's the battle!

The world sees us mainly as Liberals depict us!

And yes, Los Angeles (Hollywood) and New York, call the shots when it comes to forcing their Liberal agenda on television and film.

Just like those who are the majority the movie industry, people who identify themselves with the Democrat Party who are Liberals Leftists Socialist Communists and Gay apparently make up the majority of what we see coming out of Hollywood.

Because the movies are mostly crap these days, I refuse to go see what they are trying to pass off as entertainment.

But besides supposedly being "entertainment," in reality they are trying to change America by making Americans look anti-Christian, anti-military, anti-democracy, against American principles and all very effeminate or out and out gay wimps who have no drive to accomplish anything.

Frankly, Americans just ain't going for it.

Americans aren't buying it. Americans are angry and fighting back, and in reality doing the opposite of what the Political Left wants.

Since I know many readers of my blog come here for my articles on the Old West, let's look at this in Western Movie terms.

Let's say the Political Left is the greedy land baron who forces everyone to bow to his wishes.

Let's say the Obama Administration is the crooked sheriff who makes demands on the townsfolk to pay him and meet his demands or meet the consequences. If they don't do as he says, they will meet the power of his gun.

Let's say the Democratic Party's propaganda machine, Hollywood and the Mainstream Liberal Media, is the Slave Masters who demands their slaves remain in chains and refuse them freedom and uses implausible arguments for keeping his slavery.

And by the way, that's not fiction. Remember that the Democrat Party is the Party Of Slavery, Slave Masters, and that they established the Ku Klux Klan.

Now let's take the majority of Americans today, 98% claim to be Religious, 79% claim to be Christian/Catholic, the divorce rate is at the lowest its been since the 1970s.

Besides all of that, Americans who start a business and fail are 90% more apt to start another, Americans who volunteer for the All Volunteer Military do so willingly and in fact at numbers to where standards for recruits are higher today than ever before including demands on educational requirements that America's military has never seen in its history, and yes, there are those like myself who remain armed to resist the spread of violence and we are not ready to submit to tyranny.

There is statistical proof that shows how as the availability of concealed carry permits for Americans has risen, crime has come down to where violent crimes in America is actually at its lowest is almost 40 years.

And yes, the number of Cop killings by guns is at the lowest since 1887 when the population of the United States was 1/5th what it is today.

Because of technology, a great many consumer produces are more efficient and available to more people than ever before. While the Liberal Left sees consumerism as the enemy of Socialism, the vast majority of Americans see it as making society better and life easier.

On the overall, in America food production and inspection is better today than it ever has been in spite of Liberal roadblocks to gut the family farm on behalf of wealthy Socialists in Environmentalist groups.

As someone interested in agriculture and the Old West, understand that today there are forest where there never was, farms with crop yields far beyond anything seen in the old days -- and on less land with healthier cattle, pigs, sheep and poultry.

Technology and a drive to improve America has made many fight against over-regulation and interference while trying to help feed the world. 

Americans today are fighting the greedy Political Left, the power of the gun of the Obama Administration, and the slave owner mentality of the Democrat Party.

Yes, these are the Americans that are in the majority today and are who are not very different from the pioneers who came West and fought the odds.

Of course, a man like reader in India would never know this.

Fact is that the Left's effeminate male, the gay boy, the atheist, the wimpy boy, the lesbian, all who are depicted with psychological problems, self-centered, and who has his head up his ass and can't make a decision to save his soul, all of those freaks are today being heralded by Hollywood and the Political Left as what Americans should all be.

But they are simply not the norm.

They are freaks among us. They are today's side-show freaks, attractions no different than the bearded woman and the wild man of Borneo.

They are exhibitions of biological rarities, human oddities, "freaks of nature," typically featured as physically and mentally unusual humans such as those uncommonly large or small, or those with both male and female secondary sexual characteristics, or people with other extraordinary diseases and conditions, or performances that are expected to be shocking to the viewers.

Yes, besides Leftist Politicians, Liberal movie makers and television producers with a Socialist agenda are the real culprits who are responsible for spreading the impression that the normal American is someone ignorant, heavily tattooed, pierced, a self-centered drug user who can't complete a sentence without using foul language.

Fact is, while they exist, they are not the majority of the American population.

No matter how hard the Liberal Socialist Communists in charge of Hollywood's movie industry and the majority of television programming try, no matter how many articles Liberal Newsmen and women write about the how the atheist and queer is today's "norm" -- fact is, they are are not.

The fact is, those people who write crap like that don't know America.

Because of grants and programs to help even the poorest American kids, today America had a glut of College Graduates in a time when we need Skilled Labor and Engineers.

Today the lazy and the unmotivated musician type of doper, truly stick out like a sore thumb because they are freaks who most Americans see as being strange -- queer to the norm.

While some see our schools are being taken over by Liberal Leftist demands, fact is more and more Americans are turning away from those schools which are no more than Liberal Indoctrination Camps -- and instead are putting their kids in Charter Schools or simply Home Schooling them.

As for violence in America, while television makes it look like we are all shooting each other at every turn, as stated earlier fact is that violence in the Untied States is at the lowest point than it has been in 40 years.

And yes, no matter what Hollywood wants to depict these days, 2013 will go down as the year where America experienced the lowest rate of Cop killings by shootings since 1887.

As for violence in schools and school shootings in America? I don't see how society stops a crazy person bent of doing destruction if he or she wants to do it.

While everyone should be repulsed at one taking place, in every society on every continent in the world, massacres have taken place.

Whether it was by one American Indian tribe upon another, or a maniac who enters a theater to reenact what he saw in a Hollywood movie such as what took place in Aurora Colorado, those sorts of horrid events take place. 

And yes, part of living in a free society that does not resemble prison conditions is living a life where such horrid things take place.

Yes, there are costs to being free -- and one is putting up with crazies.

And by the way, at an elementary school in China, on the very same day that the Newtown Connecticut elementary school tragedy was taking place, a Chinese man entered a school there and stabbed over 22 children.

For the Chinese, it was the fifth or sixth such attack on innocent children in China in just two years.

No motive was given for the attack in China, which resembled a string of similar assaults against Chinese schoolchildren in 2010 that killed nearly 20 and wounded more than 50.

Of course, no one heard about that because the "World" News was preoccupied with the Newtown Connecticut tragedy in America.

Am I saying that violence doesn't happen in American schools? No, but I'm sorry to say that it does take place in other countries as well.

The bottom line to this is that the America that Hollywood, or that television, or that which liberal writers try to pass of as real -- is not.

Is it present in America? Are there wimpy gay boys and lesbians? Are there Communists and Socialists?

Are there Atheists and those who want to deny others their religious freedoms? Is there incredible violence in places like Chicago where citizens are prevented from defending themselves by the government -- because Liberals running the government believe that they can best protect the individual citizen better than the individual can?

Sadly, all is true -- but none of that is the majority of what America is made of.

And yes, I find it sad that people are being lead to believe that the freaks and the Communists, the lazy and strange, the violent and deranged, is today's America when it is not.

The Obama administration, the Democrat Party, Hollywood, the Liberal Mainstream Media, and the Liberal Left are all responsible for celebrating deviant behavior and anti-American attitudes -- but in reality, they are only a very tiny minority.

Transgender students, gays in the military, school shootings, dysfunctional families, drug users, America haters, all of these oddities are simply not as prevalent in America as Liberals want the world to think.

The Political Left, Liberals, are the people responsible for giving others the wrong impression of today's America.

And yes, that's the way I see it.

Tom Correa

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  1. The biggest misconception about America is that all Americans are a bunch of gun-toting, beer-drinking, violent group of men and women whose kids, if any, will grow up to one day break the law. And surprisingly enough, people DO think this. But just because they do doesn't make it true. Heck, only half of America thinks it's okay to own a gun. And I'm one of them. But I think the misconception comes from the fact that foreigners to this country think that we are all evil and are out to hurt them. That's not true at all. And for anybody to say that is just awful. But we ARE proud to be Americans. And at least that's the truth.


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