Sunday, April 11, 2021

No Amendment To The Constitution Is Absolute To Dictators

The most frightening statement ever made by a sitting American President in the history of the United States was made by Joe Biden when he said, "No Amendment to the Constitution is absolute."

But, before we get into what Biden is doing, let's take a minute or two to talk about America and my getting a bit of hate mail that I really want to address here. Don't worry. I will tie it in with what Biden is doing in a few moments. 

Over the years, I've gotten a lot of hate mail. And, while I haven't let them get to me, there are those times when someone comes up with something that you know you just can't let slide. 

As most of you know, I'm just a writer. I'm a Conservative, a blogger, a Veteran, an old Marine who volunteers a lot of my time to make my small community a better place. I'm just a man who takes care of a few horses who would have otherwise been put down. I'm just a man who loves America, most of my fellow Americans, certainly not all of them, and sees the world in a lot more ways than simply as black and white -- thanks to great parents and grandparents and other mentors. 

I was brought up to appreciate our nation's fundamental principles and values, including equality, the rule of law, limited government, and the greatness of representative democracy. I was taught to appreciate why our "Founding Principles," sometimes referred to as "America's First Principles," are the foundation of our great nation. 

Among those principles is that we have Rights that come from God, not the government. While the government might make laws governing civil behavior, our Rights come from God. That's a big difference which seems to be forgotten these days. Of course, where's the shock in that since we have a government these days that really sees itself as being God-like. 

As for being forgetful, there's a lot that many of us have forgotten these days. For example, in America, as Americans, we all have the right to be happy and kind, sad, mean, and miserable, a Christian, Jewish, an Atheist, a Conservative, a Liberal, narrow-minded, completely understanding, charitable, and miserly. Yes, we have the right to be all of that in the exact same way that we have the right to be bigots, racists, prejudice, homophobic, xenophobic, or anything else that others might not like. 

It's the luxury that we have of living in a free society. We can be who we want to be. And more so, as Americans, we can be who we want to be without needing the approval of others. You can dislike who you want to dislike. You can love who you want to love. You can despise the political policies of your choice. You can despise the Mainstream Media if you want. You can even hate people for whatever reason that you come up with. If you believe that character matters and not skin color, or that thugs and criminals should be dealt with as harshly as possible, that's your Right.  

No, you do not have to be understanding of jerks and jackasses. You do not have to be understanding of people who commit horrendous crimes just because they are a certain color. And while we are on that subject, you have the right to accept the fact that color is not a race. 

As for other political correctness today, as a free American, you don't have to pretend that a man is a woman when you know full well that they are not what they pretend to be. And really, the government cannot force you to pretend that some gay man is a woman. The government can't because we all have the right to think for ourselves. Yes, you have that right. It's really okay to think for yourself.

Because we're Americans, we don't need anyone's approval to think and feel the way we chose because we have the right to think for ourselves. Even if our opinions are what some may consider offensive to someone's sensitivities and "politically incorrect," we are free to have them. No one can tell you how to think. 

And here's something more, in case you have not been reminded lately, allow me to remind you that whether some people like it or not, the government has absolutely no say in how we view life. It's true. The cold hard fact of life is that no matter how much it makes some on the Left crazy, the government cannot make demands on us other than for us to observe the law. Believe it or not, if you don't have a job, the government can't even force you to pay taxes. So yes, the only thing the government can do is to demand that we be law-abiding citizens. 

The government cannot tell us how to think and feel or act other than demanding that we obey the law. I know that I keep repeating that, but it's essential to remember. Please understand what that means. The government cannot tell you to shut up and conform to its demands to act and think in ways contrary to how you feel about things. No, this is not Nazi Germany of the 1930s. At least, not yet. 

As for political power, we have a "Social Contract" with the government. Our contract with the government states that the will of the governed, we steer our government. This means the American people are boss, not politicians. Somehow we forget to remind them of that fact, and they think the opposite is true. To me, when they start thinking that they are our boss, that's when they need to be shown the door and kicked out of government.

And yes, we have a limited representative republic for a reason. Simply put, historically, Americans distrust a direct democracy because that means "Mob Rule." To protect us against "Mob Rule" and government oppression, our Founders believed that the government's power should be divided with a system of checks. That system of checks is built into the system to ensure that no one branch of government gets so strong that it becomes tyrannical. 

After all of the current events, some wonder if our system of checks is failing. Why? It's because the Presidency is now looking more like a dictatorship issuing edicts than that of a branch of government working to enact legislation for the good of the American people. 

Our Constitution is designed to limit the government's powers, not control the people. Our Constitution limits the power to the government and is only changed through the Amendment process. We should all understand that no sitting President can alter an Amendment of the Constitution. 

Recently, a Leftist jerk who read my article A True American Western Icon - Ward Bond took the time to write just to tell me that Western actor Ward Bond was "a grotesque fascist piece of shit," and then went on to say, "sounds like you are too." 

The jerk apparently took offense to the fact that actor Ward Bond was "a dyed-in-the-wool social and political Conservative, a perfect expression of the American West," as one writer described him. In that article, I state how I believe Ward Bond played many facets of himself when playing a First Sgt, a Cop, and more. I also said that he was "his own man."
So, knowing that, let's make a couple of things clear. First, I was surprised that the jerk knew how to spell "fascist" since he obviously doesn't know what the term means. He's probably some Leftist who really doesn't know that a fascist is defined as "a person who believes in or sympathizes with fascism." 

He probably also doesn't know that "fascism" is defined as "a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism." 

Think about that. While that jerk called "Conservatives" like actor Ward Bond and myself "fascists," that fool is probably too stupid to notice that the definition of fascism describes Joe Biden in the White House at this very moment in history. 

Fascism is what the Biden/Harris Administration and the Democrat Party are today. While the jerk who wrote me is attacking Conservatives, even a dead Conservative actor like Ward Bond and a blogger like me, he is knowingly supporting a fascist regime in the White House at this very moment. 

Joe Biden's recent comment that "No Amendment to the Constitution is absolute" is something we should all be worried about. That is an incredible statement coming from a U.S. president. And make no mistake about it, the most frightening statement ever made by a sitting President in the history of the United States was made by Joe Biden when he said, "No Amendment to the Constitution is absolute." 

Joe Biden has signed more than 50 Executive Actions. These are edicts to make laws and bypass the legislative process. He is making changes to laws and now wants to make changes to the Amendments of the Constitution. You think that I'm overreacting? Think again! 

On April 8, 2021, Joe Biden said, "No amendment to the Constitution is absolute." While he was talking about the 2nd Amendment, his statement should be taken as a warning to all of us about who the real fascist is at this time. But more than that, his statement should be taken as a threat to our nation and our Constitution as a whole.  

Think of this, since Congress is applauding him and the Supreme Court is too impotent to act, who stops him if Biden decides that other Amendments can be tampered with? What's at stake if Biden decides that the 1st Amendment is no longer absolute and decides to issue Executive Actions as laws regarding religion or prohibiting the freedom of speech, or limiting the press's rights?

What if Biden issues an Executive Order violating the 4th Amendment and creates a society where we have searches without Warrants? How about his issuing an Executive Order to scrape the 5th Amendment and get rid of protections against self-incrimination? How would the Left feel if Biden issues an Executive Order to abolish the 10th Amendment to restrict the States from having any rights? 

If, as Joe Biden said, "No Amendment of the Constitution is absolute," shouldn't we be concerned that he will issue an Executive Order to abolish the 13th Amendment and reinstitute slavery? Will Biden see the 14th Amendment as unnecessary and remove our rights to due process of law and equal protection of the laws? How about if he decides to abolish the voting laws as set by the 15th Amendment? Will he issue an Executive Order to do away with the 21st Amendment that gives women the right to vote?

Where does it end when a President is allowed to tinker with the Amendments of the United States Constitution because he feels that "No amendment to the Constitution is absolute"? 

As for those of you who just read this and said, "That will never happen." Ask yourself when was the last time you heard a President say that "No amendment to the Constitution is absolute"? When was the last time that an American President decided to openly attack the Bill of Rights with the support of Democrats in Congress? When was the last time the Left had such an opportunity to dismantle our system and create a Socialist/Communist government with a totalitarian oligarchy in charge? 

While such a belief as "no Amendment to the Constitution is absolute" is that of this White House and the Democrat Party, those Amendments are what I believe we will end up going to war over. And no, it is not hard to see how a real "armed rebellion" may take place specifically to reestablish our Rights from an oppressive federal government. 

No, it's not hard to believe that such a thing may occur in our future -- especially if Biden and others on the Left see the path to their achieving their dream of an America ruled by a totalitarian oligarchy being accomplished by abolishing our Constitutional Rights. Remember, they have proven themselves to be a ruthless bunch who have zero loyalty to the American people. 

The federal government ruling instead of governing is something that we should be frightened of. Power in the hands of some can be used wisely and for great good. Power in the hands of others means destruction and the elimination of our freedoms. We are seeing the latter in action today.

Tom Correa


  1. Thank you. Very well said.

  2. Dictators don't understand the Constitution. They only understand power.

  3. Does this jerk by any chance have a name? And does he even know who Ward Bond is? If no to both answers, then I will call him Dick Ed (Dickhead) Nelson. And by my best estimates, Mr. Dick Ed Nelson has been smoking that "jerk weed" that all the other jerks like him have been smoking. On the dope again. Ya just can't wait to get on the dope again. The life you love is getting high with all your friends. And you can't wait to get on the dope again. LOL But seriously, fascist? Not in MY house!


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