Monday, November 7, 2022

Biden Sinks To An All Time Low -- Calls Republican Voters America's Enemies

Sinking to an all-time low, Joe Biden now says if we vote our free will and do as we see best for America and vote for Republicans, then we are traitors who are putting our nation at risk. He is saying that if we vote for Republicans, then WE are a threat to the United States, that WE are the enemy.

He's not saying that we as citizens should look at our options and fix things by replacing those in government that should not have made a career of being in office. He's dividing Americans while trying to make Republicans the enemies. His personal attacks on Republican voters have been taking place for months, and I see it as a safe bet to say that he will keep saying horribly shameful things about the millions of Americans who refuse to support his disastrous policies. 

We should not be demonized for voting for someone other than who some career politician wants us to. Americans voting as we see fit, according to what we want, is our right. That does not make us "enemies of democracy" -- that makes us a free people. 

Tom Correa


  1. Is it just me or does almost everybody think there's something wrong with Joe Biden? And why is he calling Republicans America's enemies? Does not realize what, or for the matter even who, he's talking about? You never saw Donald Trump doing this so why should he? Don't get me wrong. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but this is over the top and getting out of hand. Joe Biden is not bad as a person. But in my opinion, he's just a bad president. For those of you that like him, I apologize. For those of you that don't, more power to ya. He's just one of many reasons why I don't vote. That and having to deal with all the drama. I'm not about to vote for a candidate who promises one thing and then goes right around and does another. That's not how it should be. But say what you will about Biden. I just think he's nuts. Enough said.

  2. I left out the part where Hunter Biden did drugs. Damn it! LOL


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