Friday, August 25, 2023

Tucker Carlson's Interview Of President Donald Trump On August 23, 2023

I'm providing the interview above for a few reasons. First and foremost, I support President Trump. I like what President Trump did for us when he was President. And, because of that, I want to provide my readers with what I consider is a very substantive interview. 

Second, as sad as it is, there are people today who still believe the lies that the Democrats accused President Trump of doing. Those lies have been proven to have been nothing less than an attempted Coup De Tat to unseat an American President. They were lies used to attack our President, an innocent man, and put him through two Impeachment Trials over things we now know did not happen. 

In fact, the people on the Left, including those people working within our government, who were part of the criminal hoax that led to the Impeachment Trials of President Trump, committed criminal acts that they have not yet been held accountable for carrying out. To me, that is something that our nation needs to see happen. 

As for comments attacking Tucker Carlson's interview with President Trump, I refuse to allow such maliciousness, such nastiness, to be posted here. Frankly, I see that sort of out-and-out nastiness as just a way to distract people from focusing on what's being said in the interview. And really, I'm not going to allow such diversions on here.  

There are horrible people on the Left who use distractions like attacking Tucker Carlson to take the focus off of the subject that we should be focused on. Besides the Left's ploy of redirecting the focus, on here hate speech is something that gets flagged in the comment section. And when it gets flagged, I won't override it to allow it on here. 
If you sent a comment and don't see it posted. It was flagged and was stopped.

Tom Correa


  1. I see a disturbance in thee force. LOL (Tom please reply soon, I'm running out of jokes).

    1. I don't like how Biden is using the power and influence of the federal government to go after a political opponent. As far as Tucker asking the questions that he does, I think they are pertinent to what's going on these days.

      Sadly, the biggest joke these days is in the White House with a shadow government in charge.

      Best regards, Tom


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