Thursday, January 11, 2024

Americans Need To Wake Up

Story by Terry McGahey

Opinions are like fingers and toes, we all have them. So, I have decided to give mine on what I believe the Democrats objective for this country is all about. In the first place lets just call them what they truly are, Socialists and Communists. 

I will not deny that we had a problem with the Covid strain a short time ago, but this strain of flu like symptom was no different in ways than in the past with the bird flu, swine flu and others. Yes, people perished during this time period of Covid, but people also perished during the bird flu and swine flu. Odd, I don’t remember those two being labeled as a pandemic. People die every year from the flu or flu like symptoms.

It’s just my opinion that Covid was a test ran by the Democrats to see just how far they could go in an experiment of population control. And in my opinion, the major herd of sheep believed the lies and disinformation the government put out. Now I understand, if people wanted to wear masks and if businesses asked their customers to wear masks then that’s their choice and I have no problem with that.

The problem I have is that the feds and state governments began forcing people to wear masks. As I stated, that’s control people, WAKE UP! 

I know several people including myself who picked up the Covid strain, was sick with flu like symptoms for about three to five days and recovered from it, no different than most any other flu unless their immune systems were weakened for the most part. People die of the flu every year and if you noticed, no one died from the regular flu that year, it was always Covid. 

Control, control, control. If these Democrat Communists find the want or need to control the population again, now they have the perfect play book on how to get it done.

Again, these are only my opinions and with our open border policies I believe the Democrat Communists are all in with the New World Order. And in order to complete this agenda, they must completely disrupt our way of life, which they are doing. 

Think about it, some states like California and others are issuing drivers licenses to illegals, and the feds are actually giving them money, our money!

Maybe the Democrat Communists are looking down the road at getting these illegals a citizenship status believing that the millions of now illegals will eventually get to vote and will vote for them which could turn the tide completely their way in the future. Ten to twenty million votes or more could easily turn the tide in their direction to complete their agenda of control.

Nikita Khrushchev, the leader of the Soviet Communist Party from 1953 to 1964 once stated that the United States will fall from within. Doesn’t this statement seem to go along with what is happening right now in our country? 

Tie the hands of the police, allow for open borders, ruin the economy by breaking the middle class, making it so the older retirees have to decide between medication or food, try to delete or teach disinformation of our history in schools and colleges, This only mentions a few of the problems we as Americans are facing today. 

What about the global warming movement? Now the government is trying to force us into electric vehicles. Think about it, in California the illustrious governor, Gruesome Newsom had already asked people who own electric vehicles not to charge these vehicles during the peak of electric usage. 

So, how do they gain more control? They gain more control by forcing us into electric cars then declaring an electric grid emergency disallowing the people from charging their cars which restricts the movement of the American people. If you can restrict the movement of people you now have even more control which I believe is their goal in the future using the electrical grid as their hammer.

I only hope the American people will wake up to this Communist movement before it’s to late and we the people become helpless through the loss of power by the people to the Communist Democrats who want total control of our country, our people, and the death of our Constitution.

Just my opinion. 

Terry McGahey
Associate Writer/ Old West Historian

Terry has been a working cowboy, writer, and historian. He is best known for the fight that he waged against the City of Tombstone and their historic City Ordinance Number 9. He was instrumental in getting the famous Tombstone City Ordinance Number 9 repealed while at the same time forcing the City of Tombstone to fall in line and comply with the laws of the State of Arizona.

If you care to read how he fought Tombstone's City Hall and won, check out:

The Last Gun Fight -- The Death of Ordinance Number 9 (Chapter One)     

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