Monday, January 22, 2024

Introducing Terry McGahey

I have never truly introduced myself to the readers of The American Cowboy Chronicles, so at this time I thought I should do so. Number one, if anyone looking to read my articles and looking for some kind of flowering or perfect writing skills you are in the wrong place, I write just as I speak and will not be politically correct at any time. Tom and I came together as like-minded people who are sick and tired of watching our beloved country being torn apart by the radical left. 

As an American Patriot who believes in our constitution which is the law of the land, the far left has been working tirelessly at bastardizing our constitution and our way of life through lies and disinformation. I will always remember what Nancy Pelosi said before the 2020 election, not in her exact words but close enough. I remember when she stated, "We will stop Trump from becoming president by any means!" Yes, "By any means!" Doesn’t this tell you how rotten and crooked these people are?

Anyway, I was raised in an area close to a little town called Glen Avon, in believe it or not, Southern California during the fifties and sixties when the Bravo Cattle Ranch was still in operation and when California was still a good place to live. So I've always been around the cowboy-type lifestyle, I always wanted to be one. 

Back in the 1970s and through the mid-80s, I was an Ironworker building high-rise buildings and others out of Las Vegas Nevada and California. I was injured on the job pretty badly around 1986 or so. I just don't remember the exact year anymore because it no longer matters.

After being medically retired by 1988 a year and a half later I began to realize just how bad California was getting with regulations on business and with the average people being over-taxed. In 1990 I had enough of California’s bullshit. I moved on to Tombstone, Arizona, looking for a more relaxed and better way of life without the traffic and hoards of people as well as most everything else that was going wrong in that state in my opinion.

Funny, only after a year of enjoying that more relaxed style of life I ended up in a battle with Tombstone over their old Earp Ordinance disallowing the carry of firearms within the city limits. I won’t go any further with this because the whole story is on Tom’s blog. 

By the time this battle had taken place, I had met the local cowhands. And, being the same type of people I was used to as an Ironworker, I naturally fell in with them and began working cows by 1991 at forty years old. I rode my first bull at 42. I figured my body was already tore-up, so what the hell. 

Yes, cowboying is hard work but it was not quite as demanding on the body as wearing a 35 to 40-pound tool belt and climbing steel columns for much of the day.

Again, this is who I am and I won’t skirt my feelings or beliefs for anyone. We have been under attack by the far left for many years now and I want to thank Tom Correa for giving me the chance to express my feelings, thoughts, and hatred for what the Left is doing to our great nation. If we have any chance to save our country in the future I believe that Trump is the man to lead us back to our American way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Just my opinion. Trump 2024

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